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NUFC 1908/09-Squad

All images are copyright Piotr Jozefowicz
J Allan: 9-5
A Anderson: 24-5
B Blanthorne: 1-0
J Carr: 11-0
A Duncan: 17-2
A Gardner: 14-0
A Gosnell: 5-0
S Higgins: 31-5
J Howie: 32-7
G Jobey: 10-1
J Lawrence: 45-0
R Liddell: 5-1
A McCombie: 2-0
B McCracken: 36-1
P McWilliam: 34-0
D Pudan: 3-0
C Randall: 1-0
J Ridley: 5-1
J Rutherford: 29-7
A Shepherd: 21-15
J Stewart: 27-8
C Veitch: 41-9
T Whitson: 37-0
D Willis: 21-1
G Wilson: 35-10
KEY: [Appearances-Goals] [Age at 31/12/98] [Positions Played]


James Lawrence [46] [23] [1]

Now in his fifth season at the club James was an ever present for the second season in a row.


Bill McCracken [37-1] [25] [2]

With McCombie barely appearing McCracken had the right-full-back position to himself and only missed the odd game. The Irish Selection Committee continued to ignore him due to his previous “misdemeanours”.

Whitson [38] [23] [3]

A number of players had been tried at left-full-back as United looked for a successor to Hudspeth and it was Whitson who established himself during the season. Trainer McPherson had been building him up because he was quite small and lightweight but there was no doubting his considerable talent with his neat and scientific play. A teetotaller he also eschewed tobacco.

Jack Carr [11] [30] [3, 2]

Jack was injured in the first match of the season which allowed Whitson to establish himself and he only made the odd appearance (on either flank) after that.

Albert Pudan [3] [27] [3]

Ruled out for the first few matches due to a threatened attack of pleurisy and found himself third in line for the left-full-back slot. On the rare occasion he played he was poor and his performance in his last appearance (home match against Middlesbrough) was far from satisfactory. Sold to Leicester in May.

Andy McCombie [2] [32] [2]

A leading member of the Players Union, the home match against Sheffield United was allocated as his benefit after five years’ yeoman service. Although still a serviceable defender he was rarely used.

Half backs

Alec Gardner [14] [30] [4]

Injured at the start of October he was out until the New Year. Soon after his return he was injured against Blackpool and missed the rest of the season.

Colin Veitch [42-9] [27] [5, 2]

In excellent form throughout the season he had firmly established himself at centre-half. Veitch only missed a couple of games and was selected for the North v South trial game in January.

Peter McWilliam [35] [29] [6]

McWilliam was in his sixth season at the club and continued as the first-choice left-half.

D Willis [22-1] [27] [4, 6, 5]

Mainly played at right-half (deputising for Gardner) but was utilised across the half-back line.

George Jobey [10-1] [23] [4, 6]

Capably deputised at both right and left half-back; displaying a clever and robust style.

Robert Liddell [5 -1] [31] [4, 5, 6]

Another player who helped cover the half-back positions.


George Wilson [36-10] [24] [10, 11]

At the start of the season "Smiler" was used in the outside-left berth but he was ill-suited to this position as he lacked pace and was slow to centre. The arrival of Shepherd allowed him to move to his favoured inside left slot.

James Howie [33-7] [30] [8, 4, 5]

A Benefit in the Manchester City home match in October earned him over £300 but he lost his place in the side when Albert Shepherd was signed. Later in the season he was used mainly as a half-back. Captained the side when Veitch was not available.

Alex Higgins [31-10] [23] [9, 8, 10]

He was given his chance in the first-team (at centre-forward) after scoring four against Rangers in a friendly. He did really well and even when Shepherd was signed he was preferred to Howie at inside right. A neat and tricky player although his play sometimes lacked an end product. Selected for a Scottish trial match but had to withdraw due to injury.

Jock Rutherford [30-8] [24] [7]

Outside-right Rutherford was selected for the FA Team which toured Austria during the summer.

James Stewart [27-8] [25] [10, 9, 8]

James early season form was disappointing; he exhibited too much tip tapping and was a shadow of the player he was at Sheffield Wednesday. In his defence he was occasionally asked to play as pivot which he most certainly was not suited too. His performances gradually improved as the season progressed.

Andrew Anderson [25-5] [23] [11]

Signed from St Mirren and made his debut in the away victory at Arsenal in September but did not prove a success at first. When Wilson was moved inside he was reinstated and exhibited better form. Selected for a Scottish trial match but had to withdraw due to injury.

Albert Shepherd [21-15] [23] [9]

Signed in November from Bolton he was a player whose powers of combination were limited, but was a dashing player with a deadly shot and a great goal scoring record. He certainly added thrust to the attack and scored on a regular base including scoring all four goals in the victory at Notts County.

Adam Duncan [16-2] [20] [7]

Signed from Dumbarton in June with reputation for being fast and having the best shot in Dumbartonshire. He provided excellent competition for Rutherford in the outside-right berth.

Stanley Allan [10-6] [22] [9]

Sunderland's reserve centre-forward signed for United during the summer. He made his debut in the second game against Leicester (following Blanthorne’s injury).

Albert Gosnell [5] [28] [11]

With competition from Wilson, Anderson and Ridley; Gosnell found his opportunities severely limited.

James Ridley [5-1] [19] [11]

The speedy youngster got a couple of short runs in the side.

Charles Randall [1] [24] [10]

Joined at the end of last season and made his debut in the win at Bradford in March.

Robert Blanthorne [1] [] [9]

New pivot Blanthorne had impressed in the practice games but on his debut he broke his leg in two places and was ruled out for the rest of the season.

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