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Newcastle United Miscellany


  • 1951 Cup Final Special

    A fully featured special covering all the build up and celebrations as well as the match against Blackpool ARTICLE

  • Gone for a Burton

    Burton Wanderers were were three players short of a team when the match kicked off in 1894/95. ARTICLE

  • Absolutely Diabolical

    Jackie Charlton was not best impressed with his players when they drew 5-5 at Loftus Road. ARTICLE

Strange But Toon

  • Strange but Toon #1

    Eleven strange tales featuring "Hen Night Horror", "The Pear and Buttocks Incident" and many more. ARTICLE

  • Rick and Mortification

    Why was ref Ricky Nicholson so embarassed? The answer is blowing in the wind. ARTICLE

  • Kenny and the mad Hatters

    Shirt hosiery is nothing new as demonstrated by Blakelaw's finest in 1988 ARTICLE