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NUFC 1971/72 - Season Match Details

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Macdonald scores his first goal for the club, but the French champions play with verve and aggression and win very comfortably.

Scorers: Macdonald - Sarramagna, Craig og

St. Etienne - SJP - 8,000

10m - SARRAMAGNA curls his free-kick around the wall (0-1).

22m - Larque's pass hits CRAIG’s foot and goes into the net via the underside of the bar (0-2).

62m - MACDONALD volleys in Clark's cross (1-2).

EUSEBIO SAVES THE SHOW - A tame and disappointing victory against Portuguese giants Benfica is only enlivened by the skill and shooting power of Eusebio. The great man hits the post with an incredible free-kick (taken from a spot six yards from the goal-line and half-way between the penalty-area and the touchline) and has numerous other pots at goal.

Benfica - SJP - 27,630

McFaul, Craggs, Clark, Gibb, Burton, Nattrass, Cassidy, Tudor, Macdonald, Young, Arentoft

Scorers: Gibb

16m - Clark takes a free-kick from out wide and GIBB is given time to control the ball and put it through the goalkeeper’s legs (1-0).

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Benfica 0

Full-time: Newcastle 1 Benfica 0

Burton suffers an ankle injury after 28 minutes in a competitive friendly.

Aberdeen - Pittodrie - 17,000

McFaul, Craig, Clark, Gibb, Burton, Nattrass, Cassidy, Tudor, Macdonald, Guthrie, Hibbitt

Scorers: Tudor, Cassidy

UNITED HAND OUT TWO GIFT GOALS - The Magpies are the better side for long periods of the game, but gift Palace two goals. Whilst Macdonald struggles to adapt to the pace, Hibbitt is tremendous.

Crystal Palace - Selhurst Park - 25,281

McFaul, Craig, Clark, Gibb, McNamee, Nattrass, Dyson (Cassidy), Tudor, Macdonald, Young, Hibbitt

Scorers: Tambling, Taylor

McFaul drops a weak Birchenall header allowing TAMBLING to force the ball over the line (0-1).

Half-time: C Palace 1 Newcastle 0

United are throwing everything into attack, but a clearance catches Clark way out of position and TAYLOR slots past the advancing McFaul (0-2).

Hibbitt is unlucky when a whiplash shot from twenty-five yards hits the angle of post and bar.

Full-time: C Palace 2 Newcastle 0

Position: 21st

FIVE GO IN THE BOOK IN SPURS FIASCO - Another blank day in the Smoke in a match that reaches the headlines for all the wrong reasons. McFaul, Macdonald and Hibbitt are all hit by staples fired from a catapult (by two 14-year-old boys) at the start of the second half. As the new disciplinary code is enforced (an unheard of) five players are cautioned in a game which is far from dirty. "It's crazy. The game seems to be going to the dogs" is Harvey's opinion.

Tottenham (12th) - White Hart Lane - 42,715

McFaul, Craig, Clark, Gibb, Burton, Moncur, Dyson, Tudor, Macdonald, Young, Hibbitt

Moncur returns from injury and Burton is back to partner him.

Half-time: Tottenham 0 Newcastle 0

Full-time: Tottenham 0 Newcastle 0

Position: 19th

HAT-TRICK HAILS A SHOOTING STAR - Macdonald scores a brilliant hat-trick on his home debut before staggering off to a standing ovation after a brutal challenge from Liverpool 'keeper Clemence. It is a thoroughly entertaining game in which both teams play their part. Rookie ref Terry Farley is drafted in as the allocated official Maurice Fussey ricked his neck on the train journey north. Harvey also misses the game as he is back on his travels scouting for a new young centre-half to partner Moncur. He is also still in search of a midfielder. Youtube highlights

Liverpool (3rd) - SJP - 39,736

McFaul, Craig, Clark, Gibb, Burton, Moncur, Dyson, Tudor, Macdonald (Cassidy), Young, Hibbitt

Scorers: Macdonald (3-1 pen) - Hughes, Keegan

11m - HUGHES volleys the visitors ahead (0-1)

24m - Keegan collides with Young and the referee points to the spot. Macdonald lashes the kick into the top of the net (1-1).

McFaul brilliantly saves a Smith penalty.

44m - MACDONALD flashes a rocket-like cross shot past Clemence (2-1).

Half-time: Newcastle 2 Liverpool 1

Liverpool start brilliantly, but MACDONALD breaks away to grab his hat-trick (3-1).

78m - KEEGAN pulls a goal back (3-2).

85m - MACDONALD has to be assisted from the pitch after a brutal challenge from keeper Clemence.

Position: 13th

IAN TOOK STOCK ON MAC - Terriers manager Ian Greaves phoned Macdonald’s former boss Alec Stock for advice on how to stop him scoring and it seems to do the trick. It is a poor game in which the visitors pack the middle of the park and United fade alarmingly after the break much to the disappointment of the big midweek crowd. Macdonald comes closest when he hits a post.

Huddersfield (20th) - SJP - 40,989

McFaul, Craig, Clark, Gibb, Burton, Moncur, Dyson, Tudor, Macdonald, Young, Hibbitt

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Huddersfield 0

Macdonald hits the post.

Full-time: Newcastle 0 Huddersfield 0

Position: 12th

UNITED SUNK BY BLOCKLEY - United are reasonably comfortable for the first hour, but after they take the lead the Sky Blues dominate.

Coventry (15th) - Highfield Road - 22,638

McFaul, Craig, Clark, Gibb, Burton, Moncur, Cassidy, Tudor, Macdonald, Young, Hibbitt

Scorers: Blockley

Cassidy comes in for Dyson.

Half-time: Coventry 0 Newcastle 0

57m - United fail to dear a third successive corner and centre-back BLOCKLEY heads in (0-1).

Full-time: Coventry 1 Newcastle 0

Position: 15th

UNITED CRUSHED AS LEEDS ROAR BACK - The match is played at Hillsborough due to Elland Road being closed following the disturbances at the West Brom game last season and after a powerful second-half performance from the Yorkshireman Newcastle are on the end of a thrashing.

Leeds (10th) - Hillsborough - 18,623

McFaul, Craig, Clark, Gibb, McNamee, Moncur, Cassidy, Tudor, Macdonald, Guthrie R, Hibbitt

Scorers: Hunter (og) - Charlton, Lorimer, Giles (pen), Madeley, Yorath

With Burton and Young both injured, McNamee and Guthrie are drafted in.

03m - CHARLTON diverts in Reaney's shot (0-1).

United don't crumble and Macdonald's powerful strike hits the post.

45m - A wayward pass from Cassidy gifts the ball to LORIMER who dispatches from 25-yards (0-2).

Half-time: Leeds 2 Newcastle 0

59m - Bobby Moncur is adjudged to have fouled Billy Bremner in the area and GILES sends McFaul the wrong way from the penalty (0-3).

Newcastle fail to clear a Lorimer corner and MADELEY scores (0-4).

75m - Gibb's shot strikes HUNTER leaving Sprake helpless (1-4).

Sub YORATH blasts in from close-range after a flowing move (1-5).

Full-time: Leeds 5 Newcastle 1

Position: 19th

ROBSON’S SMILE TELLS A TALE - United struggle creatively and the fans sing the praises of Jimmy Smith, but he is not yet match fit.

West Ham (12th) - SJP - 31,972

McFaul, Craig, Clark, Gibb, Burton, Moncur (Cassidy), Hindson, Tudor, Macdonald, Guthrie R, Hibbitt

Scorers: Tudor, Cassidy - Hurst, Robson

Burton returns and Hindson is recalled for the first time in a year.

11m - TUDOR heads in a Hibbitt corner (1-0).

12m - HURST drives home (1-1).

32m - ROBSON nets after Hurst miss-kicks (1-2).

Half-time: Newcastle 1 West Ham 2.

Moncur was injured early on and makes way for Cassidy at the break.

66m - CASSIDY equalises with a brave diving header (2-2)

Full-time: Newcastle 2 West Ham 2.

Position: 18th

UNITED LAY THAT BOGEY - The Magpies start as if they mean business and score twice in the first 17 minutes. But complacency sets in and the Third Division side should have scored twice before they grab a consolation. It is only United's fourth victory in the competition in the twelve years of its existence.

Halifax (D3: 10th) - SJP - 19,930

McFaul, Craig, Guthrie R, Gibb, Burton, Clark, Cassidy, Hindson, Tudor, Macdonald, Nattrass, Hibbitt

Scorers: Macdonald, Cassidy - Lennard

With Moncur out, Nattrass is drafted in and the side is rejigged.

15m MACDONALD drives home a loose ball with his left boot (1-0).

17m CASSIDY dives in to head home GIbb’s cross (2-0).

Half-time: Newcastle 2 Halifax 0

85m - LENNARD hooks home (2-1).

Full-time: Newcastle 2 Halifax 1

Although it is a much improved performance and Macdonald gives them the lead United slump to another defeat. Meanwhile back on Tyneside Jimmy Smith doubles the usual reserve attendance as he returns from injury.

Man. City (6th) - Maine Road - 32,710

McFaul, Craig, Guthrie R, Gibb, Burton, Clark, Cassidy, Tudor, Macdonald, Nattrass, Hibbitt

Scorers: Macdonald - Bell, Lee

MACDONALD strides onto a peach of a pass from Gibb and rounds City keeper Corrigan before slotting home (1-0).

45m - BELL shoots across McFaul (1-1).

Half-time: Man. City 1 Newcastle 1

LEE drives hard and low across McFaul (1-2).

Full-time: Man. City 2 Newcastle 1

Position: 21st

ANDY HEADER “LYNCHES” UNITED - United are by far the better team in the first-half but are toothless upfront once more and have no response to falling behind. Nattrass has to drop into defence following an early injury to Burton and is United's star.

Hearts - Easter Road - 18,000

McFaul, Craig, Guthrie R, Gibb, Burton (Dyson 5m), Clark, Barrowclough, Tudor, Macdonald, Nattrass, Hibbitt.

Scorers: Lynch

Barrowclough replaces Cassidy.

Half-time: Hearts 0 Newcastle 0

57m - LYNCH heads a good goal (0-1)

Full-Time: Hearts 1 Newcastle 0


Wolves (6th) - SJP - 29,347

McFaul, Craig, Guthrie R, Gibb, Howard, Clark, Barrowclough, Tudor, Macdonald, tbc, Hibbitt

Scorers: Tudor, Hibbitt

With Burton joining the injured list there is an immediate debut for new signing Howard.

The visitors exert the early pressure and are unlucky to see a Bailey effort disallowed.

36m - Macdonald crosses for TUDOR to guide the ball home (1-0).

41m - HIBBITT unleashes a blistering 20-yard volley which screams in just under the angle (2-0).

Half-time: Newcastle 2 Wolves 0.

Full-time: Newcastle 2 Wolves 0.

Position: 16th

NATTRASS THE STAR IN NEWCASTLE DEADLOCK - Macdonald again struggles to make any impact in a close-fought and generally tedious game.

Ipswich (13th) - Portman Road - 18,724

McFaul, Craig, Guthrie R, Gibb, Howard, Clark, Barrowclough, Tudor, Macdonald, Nattrass, Hibbitt

Half-time: Ipswich 0 Newcastle 0

Full-time: Ipswich 0 Newcastle 0

Position: 17th

Newcastle win 4-3 on penalties) - UNITED SCRAPE WIN AFTER A HEART-STOPPER - Macdonald levels the aggregate scores five minutes from time with the Scots players’ protests being followed by bottles from the visiting supporters. Both sides score in extra-time and United win on penalties.

Hearts - SJP - 24,380

McFaul, Craig, Guthrie R (Dyson 20m), Gibb, Howard, Clark, Barrowclough, Tudor, Macdonald, Nattrass, Hibbitt

Scorers: Macdonald (2) - Anderson

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Hearts 0.

85m - MACDONALD level the aggregate scores (1-0). The Hearts players appeal for offside and visiting fans spill onto the pitch and hurl bottles; but the goal stands.

Full-time: Newcastle 1 Hearts 0.

96m - MACDONALD (2-0)

117m - ANDERSON (2-1).

Extra-time: Newcastle 2 Hearts 1.

Newcastle win the penalty shoot-out; Barrowclough, Tudor, Macdonald and Nattrass all score and Hibbitt misses.

NEWCASTLE IN A DAZE - With Colin Todd completely subduing Macdonald, Derby could easily have won by five as they dominate from start to finish.

Derby (3rd) - SJP - 31,972

McFaul, Craig, Ellison, Gibb, Howard, Clark, Barrowclough, Tudor, Macdonald, Nattrass, Hibbitt

Scorers: Hinton

Ellison makes his debut in place of the injured Guthrie. Tudor and Macdonald come off their sick beds to play.

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Derby 0.

62m - United increase their work levels but Derby keep them penned back and HINTON thrashes a powerful shot past McFaul (0-1).

Full-time: Newcastle 0 Derby 1.

Position: 18th

NIGHTMARE FOR CRAIG AS UNITED SLUMP - United's makeshift defence somehow keeps the Gunners out for fifty minutes with three shots cleared off the line and one striking the bar. But Arsenal's four second half goals see United crashing out of the League Cup and to make matters worse Jimmy Smith suffers an injury to his opposite (left) knee in his much-awaited return game.

Arsenal (D1: 6th) - Highbury - 34,071

McFaul, Craig, Ellison, Nattrass, Craig De, Clark, Smith (Dyson 69), Tudor, Macdonald, Young, Hibbitt

Scorers: Radford (2), Kennedy, Graham

Gibb is dropped for the first time since arriving on Tyneside and replaced by Young. With Howard cup-tied and Burton and McNamee both out, Derek Craig makes his debut in a makeshift defence.

Half-time: Arsenal 0 Newcastle 0

50m - RADFORD hammers home a Kennedy flick (0-1).

69m - Smith has to go off after suffering a knee injury.

74m - KENNEDY (0-2).

87m - GRAHAM header (0-3).

90m - RADFORD (0-4).

Full-time: Arsenal 4 Newcastle 0

MAC’S GOALS BRIDGE THE GAP - The Gunners score within a couple of minutes and lead 4-0 with six minutes left. Macdonald (who was annoyed by pre-match comments from Arsenal goalkeeper Wilson who said most of their players didn't rate him) struggles to make an impression and suffers constant barracking from The Gunners fans. But he gets some revenge by grabbing a late brace.

Arsenal (6th) - Highbury - 40,509

McFaul, Nattrass, Ellison, Tudor, Howard, Clark, Hindson, Dyson, Macdonald, Young, Hibbitt

Scorers: Macdonald (2) - Graham, Kennedy, Armstrong, Kelly

Hindson (who had talks with Luton during the week) comes in for the injured Smith and with Craig adding to the ever-growing defensive crisis the omens are not good.

02m - Clark miss-heads a cross forcing McFaul to punch out and allowing GRAHAM to score (0-1).

15m - Ellison fails to cut out a through ball and KENNEDY blasts in (0-2).

Half-time: Arsenal 2 Newcastle 0

52m - ARMSTRONG hits a first timer (0-3).

83m - After another weak McFaul punch KELLY lobs into an empty net (0-4).

84m - MACDONALD scores with a vicious left-footer at the near post (1-4).

86m - MACDONALD's bullet header reduces the arrears again before Wilson denies Tudor with a great save.

Full-time: Arsenal 4 Newcastle 2

Position: 19th

TWO-GOAL TAMBLING RAPS OUT A RELEGATION WARNING - Bottom of the table Palace have lost five and drawn one of their six away games so far. Bobby Moncur declares pre-match that United are "too strong" to go down and in the programme Harvey ridicules rumours that there is "serious discontent" in the dressing room and slams press speculation that fans could start boycotting games as "cheap sensationalism". The Magpies are terrible and some of the crowd call for Harvey to be sacked and after the game he admits "we are in serious trouble now". Blackpool officials are at the game watching Dyson and it is thought that United may be about to go back in for Green.

Crystal Palace (22nd) - SJP - 20,711

McFaul, Ellison, Clark, Gibb, Howard, Young, Cassidy, Dyson, Macdonald, Tudor, Hibbitt

Scorers: Dyson - Tambling (2)

17m - McFaul cannot hold a 25-yarder from Kellard and TAMBLING squeezes home the rebound (0-1).

Cassidy heads against the bar just before the break.

Half-time: Newcastle 0 C Palace 1

54m - Palace dominate the play and TAMBLING shoots high into the net (0-2).

Ellison sets up DYSON for a consolation (1-2).

Full-time: Newcastle 1 C Palace 2

Position: 20th

HOWARD LIFTS UNITED HOPES - Howard scores with the last kick of the match to equalise. Macdonald hits the bar twice and Guthrie has a goal controversially disallowed.

Coventry (D1: 12th) - Highfield Road - 12,311

McFaul, Ellison, Clark, Guthrie C, Burton, Howard, Gibb, Tudor, Macdonald, Nattrass, Hibbitt

Scorers: Howard - tbc

HaIf-time: Coventry 0 Newcastle 0

70m - BLOCKLEY (0-1).

90m - HOWARD lopes in to connect with Macdonald’s Long throw (1-1).

Full-time: Coventry 1 Newcastle 1

NEWCASTLE BRAVES BATTLE IN VAIN - The men in blue keep a very close eye on George Best following death threats from the IRA. Unfortunately, the Black and Whites are less attentive allowing the Ulsterman to secure a single goal victory for the League leaders. It is an unlucky day for Tudor who sees a magnificent header come back off the bar then suffers concussion after another goal bound effort is blocked and the ball whacks him in the face, United play with a lot of heart and Chris Guthrie makes a promising debut. Clashes between rival fans lead to 13 arrests and 31 requiring treatment.

Man. United (1st) - SJP - 55,603

McFaul, Ellison, Clark, Guthrie C, Burton, Howard, Gibb, Tudor (Barrowclough), Macdonald, Nattrass, Hibbitt

Scorers: Best

Just before the break Tudor's magnificent header comes back off the bar.

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Man. United 0

46m - BEST lifts the ball in (0-1) The Newcastle players allege that the Irishman cheated by shouting "leave it", but the referee waves away their protests.

Full-time: Newcastle 0 Man. United 1

Position: 21st

newcastle everton
Highlights H

BALL’S CANNONBALL SINKS NEWCASTLE - Green has an excellent debut despite only meeting his team-mates for the first time thirty minutes before kick-off. It is a scrappy game between the two struggling sides and United are now rock bottom. Despite this, a re-energised Harvey remains upbeat: "all we need now is a few goals and a couple of wins and we can be on the way back".

Everton (19th) - Goodison Park - 38,811

McFaul, Ellison (Nattrass), Clark, Guthrie C, Burton, Howard, Barrowclough, Green, Macdonald, Tudor, Hibbitt

Scorers: Ball

Tony Green makes his debut and Barrowclough is recalled.

Half-time: Everton 0 Newcastle 0

BALL (0-1).

Full-time: Everton 1 Newcastle 0

Position: 22nd

CONJURER TONY BOOSTS HOPES - Green is the inspiration for an excellent all-round team performance and Harvey is full of praise for his embattled troops: “the fighting spirit has never died despite all the misery and torture of defeat after defeat".

Coventry (D1: 12th) - SJP - 25.230

McFaul, Craig, Clark, Nattrass, Burton, Howard, Barrowclough, Green, Macdonald, Tudor, Hibbitt

Scorers: Tudor (2), Macdonald, Nattrass, Blockley og - tbc

David Craig is fit to return and replaces Ellison, Nattrass is preferred to Chris Guthrie.

Half-time: Newcastle 2 Coventry 1

Full-time: Newcastle 5 Coventry 1

GO-GO GREEN GREAT! - Another man-of-the-match performance from Green who also scores his first goal for the club. "We're off the bottom and I don't think we'll be back there again" bravely predicts a confident Harvey.

Southampton (15th) - SJP - 32,677

McFaul, Craig. Clark, Nattrass, Burton. Howard, Barrowclough, Green, Macdonald, Tudor, Hibbitt

Scorers: Macdonald (2), Green - O'Neill

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Southampton 0

48m - Green smashes a 20-yarder against the bar within seconds of the restart and soon after MACDONALD nods in a Hibbitt corner (1-0).

54m - MACDONALD scores again after a typical jinking run from Green (2-0).

68m - GREEN scores with a cracking cross-shot (3-0).

89m - O’Neill grabs a consolation (3-1).

Full-time: Newcastle 3 Southampton 1

Position: 20th

FREE-KICK CLANGER GIVES IAM THE BLUES - United’s weakness in dealing with dead ball situations is cruelly exposed again. Despite conceding early United compete well until the Foxes grab a second just before the break.

Leicester (16th) - Filbert Street - 28,792

McFaul. Craig. Clark, Nattrass (Gibb), Burton, Howard, Barrowclough, Green, Macdonald, Tudor, Hibbitt

Scorers: Brown, Sammels, Fern

02m - A long throw from Weller finds its way through to an unmarked BROWN who turns it in smartly (0-1).

United compete well for the rest of the half and Nattrass is unlucky when his superb dipping shot hits the bar.

43m - Leicester get a free-kick 25-yards out and with United’s wall breaking SAMMELS’ vicious low shot goes just inside the post (0-2).

Half-time: Leicester 2 Newcastle 0

70m - The Foxes dominate and FERN adds a third with a diving header (0-3).

Full-time: Leicester 3 Newcastle 0

Position: 21st

MAC SHATTERS FOREST - On a snow-covered pitch Macdonald grabs a brace as United recover from a shaky start to win. Alex Reid has a quiet debut.

Nottm. Forest (19th) - SJP - 24,583

McFaul, Craig, Clark, Reid, Howard, Nattrass, Barrowclough, Green, Macdonald, Tudor, Hibbitt

Scorers: Macdonald (2) - Cormack

Burton is out and is replaced by debutant Alex Reid

38m - Tudor heads down and MACDONALD bursts past two defenders to hit a fierce left-footed drive (1-0).

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Nottm. Forest 0

66m - CORMACK (1-1).

MACDONALD controls a delightful chipped pass from Hibbitt on his chest before turning to score (2-1).

Full-time: Newcastle 2 Nottm. Forest 1

Position: 19th

BRAVE UNITED HAND DERBY A POSER - Despite conceding early United fight with great heart.

Derby (D1: 2nd) - Baseball Ground - 20,021

McFaul, Craig, Clark, Howard, Burton, Nattrass, Barrowclough, Green or Gibb, Macdonald, Tudor, Hibbitt

Scorers: O’Hare

McFaul is put under pressure when kicking out and only finds Gemmill thirty yards out who sets up O’HARE (0-1).

Half-time: Derby 1 Newcastle 0

Full-time: Derby 1 Newcastle 0

UNITED’S FIGHT EARNS GLORY - Two goals in the last ten minutes salvages a well-earned point as United avoid an away defeat for the first time in two months.

Stoke (11th) - Victoria Ground - 16,855

McFaul, Craig, Clark, Nattrass, Burton, Howard, Barrowclough (Reid), Green, Macdonald, Tudor, Hibbitt

Scorers: Macdonald (2), Craig - Conroy (2), Ritchie

15m - A superb header from MACDONALD (1-0).

22m - RITCHIE hits a rising shot from a low cross from Pejic (1-1).

Half-time: Stoke 1 Newcastle 1

68m - CONROY hits a low shot just inside the post (1-2).

74m - McFaul is flat on his face after punching out and CONROY whacks the ball in (1-3).

80m - MACDONALD scores off the inside of the post from close in (2-3).

83m - CRAIG rifles in a stinging shot from the edge of the area (3-3).

The referee awards Stoke a penalty, but changes it to a free-kick after consulting his linesman.

Position: 19th

BRAVE UNITED LACK HIBBITT’S CLASS - United miss the skill and guile of the injured Terry Hibbitt and make little impact against the Blues in the fourth goalless draw of the season.

Chelsea (9th) - SJP - 37,586

McFaul, Craig, Clark, Nattrass, Burton, Howard, Reid, Green, Macdonald, Tudor, Barrowclough

Reid comes in for the injured Hibbitt.

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Chelsea 0

Full-time: Newcastle 0 Chelsea 0

Position: 19th

DERBY SMASH AND GRAB STUNS UNITED - Newcastle take a two-goal lead but the Rams pull one back to equal the aggregate score and take the tie into extra-time. And it is Clough’s men who get the goals to reach the Final.

Derby (D1: 2nd) - SJP - 37,000

McFaul, Craig, Clark, Nattrass, Burton, tbc, Barrowclough, Green, Macdonald, Coulson, Hibbitt.

Scorers: Macdonald, Barrowclough - Walker, McGovern, Todd

Hibbitt is back and Barrowclough and Coulson replace Reid and Tudor.

UNITED LAND BARGAIN IN BASEMENT - Debutant Busby scores as United record their first away victory of the season against the bottom-placed Throstles. It is their sixth defeat in a row and all the three goals are headers which come in a 14-minute spell.

West Brom (22nd) - Hawthorns - 18,036

McFaul, Craig, Clark. Nattrass. Burton, Howard, Reid, Green (Barrowclough), Macdonald, Busby, Hibbitt

Scorers: Macdonald (2), Busby,

Reid returns in place of Barrowclough and loanee Viv Busby comes in for Coulson.

Half-time: West Brom 0 Newcastle 0

55m - BUSBY back-header from a Hibbitt corner (1-0).

64m - MACDONALD leaps high to head in Green’s centre (2-0).

69m - MACDONALD repeats the treatment from a Reid cross (3-0).

Full-time: West Brom 0 Newcastle 3

Position: 16th

VIV-A BUSBY! - The Magpies are outplayed for most of the match and it requires a resilient defensive performance - with Howard in particular excellent - to secure the points.

West Ham (12th) - Upton Park - 21,991

McFaul, Clark, Guthrie R, Nattrass, Burton, Howard, Barrowclough (Gibb), Busby, Macdonald, Reid, Hibbitt

Guthrie and Barrowclough come in for the injured Craig and Green.

05m - BUSBY with a clever back-header at the near-post from a Barrowclough corner, a virtual replica of his goal at the Hawthorns (1-0).

Half-time: West Ham 0 Newcastle 1

Full-time: West Ham 0 Newcastle 1

Position: 16th

UNITED LICKED BY OLD BOY’S NETWORK - Over 53,000 turn up on a bitterly cold day to see United take on the fifth placed Blades. The visitors are ahead after only 20 seconds and - despite dominating - United cannot find a goal before the break. Sheffield score again and although Hibbitt pulls one back the visitors hold on with former 'keeper Hope performing confidently between the sticks. Frank Clark needs twenty-five stitches after receiving a boot to the face (and - as he could not shave above his mouth - his distinctive moustache was born.)

Sheff. United (5th) - SJP - 53.079

McFaul, Clark, Guthrie R, Nattrass, Burton, Howard, Reid, Green, Macdonald, Busby, Hibbitt

Scorers: Hibbitt - Scullion, Currie

01m - SCULLION heads in a Currie cross after only 20 seconds (0-1).

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Sheffield United 1

CURRIE puts the visitors further ahead (0-2).

HIBBITT pulls one back (1-2).

Full-time: Newcastle 1 Sheffield United 2

Position: 18th

UNITED MAKE IT SO EASY FOR WOLVES - McFaul is badly at fault for the first when he allows a long distance shot to slip through his raised hands. United are very poor and Harvey admits that the pressure is back on.

Wolves (9th) - Molineux - 26.571

McFaul, Clark, Guthrie R, Nattrass, Burton, Howard, Reid, Green, Macdonald, Tudor, Hibbitt

Scorers: Parkin, Richards

Craig is back and Tudor replaces Busby who has the flu.

29m - PARKIN hits a powerful shot from distance and although McFaul reaches up for the ball it slips through his hands. He chases after it, but it ends up in the net and he ends up on his knees (0-1).

Half-time: Wolves 1 Newcastle 0

61m - RICHARDS notches an excellent second (0-2).

Half-time: Wolves 2 Newcastle 0

Position: 18th

TWO-GOAL TUDOR HAS THE PERFECT ANSWER - John Tudor scores his first goals since September in a scrappy but entertaining victory.

Coventry (13th) - SJP - 25,875

Burleigh, Craig, Clark, Nattrass (Reid), Burton, Howard, Barrowclough, Green, Macdonald, Tudor, Hibbitt

Scorers: Tudor (2), Hibbitt, Macdonald (pen) - Rafferty, Mortimer

McFaul is injured (thigh) so Burleigh gets a rare chance to shine. Barrowclough is preferred to Reid.

04m - RAFFERTY opens the scoring after Burleigh is caught out at his near post (0-1).

05m - HIBBITT slides in an equaliser (1-1).

08m - TUDOR crashes in a classic volley (2-1).

Half-time: Newcastle 2 Coventry 1

Blockley hauls down Nattrass and MACDONALD converts the penalty (3-1).

TUDOR heads in (4-1)

MORTIMER pulls one back (4-2).

Full-time: Newcastle 4 Coventry 2

Position: 17th

MAC SWITCHES ON NEWCASTLE POWER - United steamroller their tired looking opponents. The game has extra significance as the Popular Side is being used for the final time.

Tottenham (7th) - SJP - 30,113

McFaul, Craig, Clark, Nattrass, Burton, Howard, Barrowclough, Green (Reid), Macdonald, Tudor, Hibbitt

Scorers: Nattrass, Tudor, Macdonald, - Gilzean

Burton flicks on Macdonald’s long-throw and NATTRASS volleys home his first goal (1-0).

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Spurs 0

GILZEAN converts Peters’ low cross (1-1).

72m - Burton is the provider again as MACDONALD latches on to his diagonal pass and blasts the ball home from the edge of the area (2-1).

A mistake from Knowles is a gift for TUDOR (3-1).

Full-time: Newcastle 3 Spurs 1

Position: 16th

HEREFORD BULL-DOZE UNITED SUPERSTARS - Both Jimmy Smith and Bobby Moncur are now fit, but Harvey decides not to change a winning side as United take on Southern League side Hereford. The visitors stun the crowd by taking the lead within seventeen seconds and although the Magpies fight back to lead they concede a 30-yard equaliser from player-manager Colin Addison, all this within the first half-hour.

Hereford (SL) - SJP - 39,381

McFaul, Craig, Clark, Nattrass, Burton, Howard, Barrowclough (Reid), Green, Macdonald, Tudor, Hibbitt

Scorers: Macdonald (pen), Tudor - Owen, Addison

01m - Within seventeen seconds a long ball forward is blasted in by OWEN and the home crowd are stunned into silence (0-1).

04m - MACDONALD is brought down in the area and he dispatches the penalty with arrogant ease (1-1).

24m - After incessant pressure TUDOR converts Macdonald’s long cross (2-1).

27m - Player-manager ADDISON scores from 20-yards (2-2).

Half-time: Newcastle 2 Hereford 2

Full-time: Newcastle 2 Hereford 2

NEWCASTLE SPLIT LEVEL CUP BID - United dominate the game against a poor Huddersfield side but an amazing miss by Tudor in the last few seconds sums up United's finishing and the game in general. Burton falls over a prostrate McFaul and injures himself.

Huddersfield (19th) - Leeds Road - 12,829

McFaul, Craig, Clark, Nattrass, Burton (Reid), Howard, Busby, Green, Macdonald, Tudor, Hibbitt

Half-time: Huddersfield 0 Newcastle 0

Full-time: Huddersfield 0 Newcastle 0

Position: 16th

newcastle hereford
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DAY OF SHAME - At the fifth time of asking the FA Cup Replay goes ahead although Hereford's compact Edgar Road ground resembles a swamp. United are unlucky in that they hit the bar twice, but they are also guilty of missing loads of good chances. Macdonald scores with only eight minutes left, but Radford equalises almost immediately prompting a mass invasion of the pitch by Hereford fans (all of them seemingly wearing parkas). The game goes into extra time and United should be the fitter team, but it is Hereford who finish stronger and get their reward when substitute Ricky George nets. Despite desperate attacking from the Magpies Hereford held out to become the first non-league club to defeat a First Division side since Yeovil Town's 2-1 win over Sunderland in 1949. Macdonald is rather less effusive than usual stating "I am too sick to speak". Moncur simply says: “we have no excuse at all. We made chances and missed them".

Hereford (SL) - Edgar Street - 14,313

McFaul, Craig, Clark, Nattrass, Howard, Moncur, Busby, Green, Macdonald, Tudor, Hibbitt

Scorers: Macdonald - Radford, George

Moncur comes in for his first game for five months.

Half-time: Hereford 0 Newcastle 0

82m - Just after missing an open goal MACDONALD scores (1-0).

85m - RADFORD picks up the ball near the half way line and advances before unleashing a thirty-yard screamer into the top of McFaul’s goal (1-1).

Full-time: Hereford 1 Newcastle 1

103m - Substitute GEORGE scores with a cross-shot (1-2).

Extra-time: Hereford 2 Newcastle 1

newcastle man united
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SUPER GREEN ENDS NEWCASTLE AGONY - United restore some pride with a brilliant performance and a deserved 2-0 victory at Old Trafford. The whole team are on top form, but the best player on the pitch is Tony Green who gives a mesmerising performance.

Man. United (4th) - Old Trafford - 44,983

McFaul, Craig, Clark, Gibb, Howard, Moncur, Barrowclough (Nattrass), Green, Macdonald, Tudor, Hibbitt

Scorers: Tudor, Barrowclough

Gibb and Barrowclough are recalled in place of (the departed) Busby and Nattrass.

36m - TUDOR blasts a Barrowclough cross into the roof of the net (1-0).

Half-time: Man. United 0 Newcastle 1

71m - BARROWCLOUGH grabs the second after a great set-up by Green (2-0).

Full-time: Man. United 0 Newcastle 2

Position: 12th

GREEN IS ONLY STAR - There is a 2.30 kick off for the visit of Everton due to the power restrictions in force. The Toffees haven't won away from home for seventeen months and their all-out defensive approach makes for a very poor game. Terry Hibbitt blasts Everton's tactics as "disgraceful".

Everton (16th) - SJP - 29,584

McFaul, Craig, Guthrie R, Gibb, Howard, Moncur, Barrowclough, Green, Macdonald, Tudor, Hibbitt (Nattrass)

Guthrie replaces the injured Clark.

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Everton 0

Full-time: Newcastle 0 Everton 0

Position: 12th

NEWCASTLE TURN ON THE STYLE - United’s fluid football throughout the game results in one of their best performances for many a day. Southampton captain Paine (with 15 seasons experience) says “this was the best display I have ever seen from any Newcastle side”. Although David Craig scores an unfortunate own goal to give Southampton the lead, the Magpies deservedly hit back to win.

Southampton (18th) - The Dell - 18,884

McFaul, Craig, Guthrie R, Gibb, Howard, Moncur, Barrowclough, Green, Macdonald, Tudor, Hibbitt

Scorers: Macdonald, Barrowclough - Craig (og)

Half-time: Southampton 0 Newcastle 0

60m - CRAIG scores an unfortunate own goal (0-1).

65m - MACDONALD blasts in a penalty (1-1).

72m - BARROWCLOUGH scores with a thunderous shot (2-1).

Full-time: Southampton 1 Newcastle 2

Position: 11th

EXPENSIVE MAC GOAL - Macdonald scores his 20th of the season and triggers a clause which means United have to pay Luton another £1,000. The crowd are also delighted to see Jimmy Smith return to first team action for the first time in five months.

Leicester (16th) - SJP - 25,256

McFaul, Craig, Clark, Gibb, Howard, Moncur, Barrowclough, Green, Macdonald, Tudor, Hibbitt (Smith)

Scorers: Gibb, Macdonald

Clark is back from injury.

05m - Hibbitt hits an in-swinging cross which GIBB turns smartly into the corner to give United an early lead (1-0).

42m - The Magpies are well in control and MACDONALD whips in a second from twenty yards (2-0).

Half-time: Newcastle 2 Leicester 0

Full-time: Newcastle 2 Leicester 0

Position: 11th

SMITH CROWNS SUPER SHOW - Arsenal seem to be distracted by their upcoming European Cup tie and United - who play with a verve reminiscent of their Fairs Cup days - are well worth the victory.

Arsenal (6th) - SJP - 33,907

McFaul, Craig, Clark, Gibb, Howard, Moncur, Barrowclough, Green, Macdonald, Tudor (Smith), Hibbitt

Scorers: Macdonald, Smith

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Arsenal 0

70m - Barrowclough crosses and MACDONALD scores with a bullet header (1-0).

The winger then sets up SMITH (2-0) prompting the biggest cheer of the afternoon.

Full-time: Newcastle 2 Arsenal 0

Position: 11th

EUROPE? NOT NOW, UNITED - United’s unbeaten League run has seen some of the more optimistic fans dreaming of a European return, but a thrashing at Anfield dampens spirits. Liverpool are not five goals better, but it is a poor defensive performance from United. Macdonald is booked after a hefty challenge on Clemence; retribution for the 'keepers’ assault on him on his home debut.

Liverpool (4th) - Anfield - 43,899

McFaul, Craig, Clark, Gibb, Howard, Moncur, Barrowclough, Green, Macdonald, Smith (Tudor), Hibbitt

Scorers: Lawler, Keegan, Toshack, Hughes, Heighway/McFaul og

Smith comes in for Tudor.

09m - LAWLER volleys in at the far post (0-1).

21m - KEEGAN outpaces Moncur before blasting past the onrushing McFaul (0-2).

39m - TOSHACK nets after two attempts are blocked (0-3).

Half-time: Liverpool 3 Newcastle 0

McFaul should have done better with HUGHES' thirty-yard shot (0-4).

The Irishman was again at fault when he could only push HEIGHWAY's cross over the line at the near post.

Position: 11th

NEWCASTLE HOLD TITLE-CHASERS - Newcastle take the game to the League leaders in a match played in an electric atmosphere, but despite attacking almost continuously they cannot find a way through.

Man. City (1st) - SJP - 37,506

McFaul, Craig, Clark, Gibb, Howard, Moncur (Reid), Barrowclough, Green, Macdonald, Tudor, Hibbitt

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Man. City 0

Full-time: Newcastle 0 Man. City 0

Position: 11th

FORD ROBS UNITED - Newcastle are undone by two former Magpies in a game they should have won comfortably. Keeper John Hope produces some excellent saves and David Ford volleys a late winner.

Sheff. United (10th) - Bramall Lane - 28,103

McFaul, Craig, Clark, Gibb, Howard, Moncur, Barrowclough, Green, Macdonald, Tudor, Reid

Scorers: Ford

Reid comes in for Hibbitt.

Half-time: Sheff. United 0 Newcastle 0

86m - Just after coming on, FORD volleys home for his first goal of the season (0-1).

Full-time: Sheff. United 1 Newcastle 0

Position: 12th

UNITED BRAVES START TITLE EARTHQUAKE - Substitute Cassidy (playing for the first time in five months) scores the only goal against leaders Derby who had been unbeaten on their home mud for over a year. United have to withstand a lot of pressure, but stand firm and Green plays a blinder.

Derby (1st) - Baseball Ground - 38,119

McFaul, Craig, Clark, Gibb (Cassidy), Howard, Moncur, Barrowclough, Green, Macdonald, Tudor, Reid

Scorers: Cassidy

Gemmil shoots against an upright.

Half-time: Derby 0 Newcastle 0

75m - CASSIDY drives past Boulton after shots from Macdonald and Green are blocked (1-0).

Full-time: Derby 0 Newcastle 1

Position: 11th

WHAT A FIASCO! UNITED HIT ROCK BOTTOM - There is a sustained spell of slow-hand clapping and chants of “we want football” from the Leazes End. Unfortunately it is to no avail as the fans have their pants bored off them in a dire game.

Ipswich (16th) - SJP - 22,979

McFaul, Craig, Clark, Reid, Howard, Moncur, Barrowclough, Green, Macdonald, Tudor, Cassidy

Scorers: Whymark.

WHYMARK with a diving header (0-1).

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Ipswich 1

Full-time: Newcastle 0 Ipswich 1

Position: 11th

IT’S TOUGH ON UNITED’S BOYS - An inexperienced United side rarely trouble the bottom-of-the-table Midlanders in a game spoilt by a strong wind.

Nottm. Forest (22nd) - City Ground - 12,470

McFaul, Craig, Kennedy, Nattrass, Howard, Moncur, Barrowclough, Green, Macdonald, Guthrie C, Hodgson

Scorers: Cormack

Clark is injured and Harvey drops Reid, Tudor and Cassidy; Keith Kennedy and Gordon Hodgson are handed their debuts whilst Chris Guthrie plays for only the third time.

03m - A high cross gets caught in the wind and CORMACK volleys in (0-1).

Half-time: Nottm. Forest 1 Newcastle 0

Full-time: Nottm. Forest 1 Newcastle 0

Position: 12th

MACS SUPER GOAL SHATTERS LEEDS - In a cup-tie atmosphere United once again shake one of the championship contenders, a spectacular header from Macdonald is the only goal. Barrowclough and Green are the stars.

Leeds (4th) - SJP - 42,160

McFaul, Craig, Clark, Gibb, Howard, Moncur, Barrowclough, Green, Macdonald, Tudor, Reid

Scorers: Macdonald

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Leeds 0

81m - Craig crosses and MACDONALD nets with a fantastic running, twisting header (1-0).

Full-time: Newcastle 1 Leeds 0

Position: 12th

newcastle chelsea

SIX-SHOOTERS - An entertaining and error-strewn match at Stamford Bridge that could easily have ended up being 6-6.

Chelsea (7th) - Stamford Bridge - 33,000

McFaul, Craig, Clark, Gibb, Howard, Moncur, Barrowclough, Green, Macdonald, Tudor, Reid

Scorers: Tudor (2), Macdonald - Baldwin (2), Kember

07m - TUDOR climbs high to head in Barrowclough’s corner (1-0).

08m - Barrowclough and Gibb combine to set up TUDOR to net from close-in (2-0).

10m - HOLLINS (2-1).

BALDWIN (2-2).

MACDONALD neatly heads in Barrowclough’s cross (3-2).

GARLAND (3-3).

Half-time: Chelsea 3 Newcastle 3

Full-time: Chelsea 3 Newcastle 3

Position: 12th

Before the game four youngsters take part in the Evening Chronicle penalty-kick competition final.

West Brom. (16th) - SJP - 18,927

McFaul, Craig, Clark, Gibb, Howard, Moncur, Barrowclough (Reid), Green, Macdonald, Tudor, Reid

Scorers: Wile (og), Macdonald (2), Green -

Half-time: Newcastle 4 West Brom. 2

Full-time: Newcastle 4 West Brom. 2

Position: 11th

UNITED LIMP INTO TEXACO - The campaign ends in disappointing style with the eighth goalless draw of the campaign, five of which have been at home. It is likely to be enough to qualify the Magpies for next year’s Texaco Cup.

Stoke (17th) - SJP - 21,264

McFaul, Craig, Clark, Gibb, Howard, Moncur, Reid (Nattrass), Green, Macdonald, Tudor. Reid

Reid replaces Barrowclough

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Stoke 0

Full-time: Newcastle 0 Stoke 0

Position: 11th