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NUFC 1970/71 Match Details

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SUPER JIM PUTS DUNDEE IN A SPIN - Mitchell is made skipper for the game against his previous employers. Smith is the star in a poor game. Frank Clark damages the ligament in his right knee and Mitchell also hurts his ankle.

Dundee Utd - Tannadice Park - 7,000

McFaul, Craig, Clark, Gibb, McNamee, Moncur, Robson, Dyson, Davies, Smith, Mitchell

Scorers: Smith, Davies - Reid

09m - A great move which ends in SMITH diving to head home Dyson's cross (1-0).

Half-time: Dundee Utd 0 Newcastle 1

52m - Davies flicks the ball over the keeper and DYSON nets (2-0).

66m - REID climbs above McNamee to head home (2-1).

Full-time: Dundee Utd 1 Newcastle 2

BARROWCLOUGH PUTS ON THE PRESSURE - With McFaul and Hope carrying slight knocks Martin Burleigh gets his first call-up. Stewart Barrowclough is also given his first start. Smith is once again the best player and Newcastle should have won by a lot more.

Dundee Utd - SJP - 15.000

Burleigh, Craig, Guthrie, Gibb, McNamee, Moncur, Dyson, Robson, Davies, Smith, Barrowclough - subs Craggs, Thompson and Foggon.

Scorers: Davies

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Dundee Utd 0

McKay can only parry Robson's long-distance shot and DAVIES stabs the ball home (1-0).

Full-time: Newcastle 1 Dundee Utd 0

FOGGON PEPS UP UNITED ATTACK - United dominate in an easy win in sweltering conditions against Second Division Bolton. Wyn Davies is made captain against his old team.

Bolton - SJP - 9,900

Burleigh, Craig, Guthrie, Gibb, McNamee, Moncur, Dyson, Robson, Davies, Arentoft, Foggon - subs Craggs, Thompson and Foggon.

Scorers: Gibb, Moncur, Foggon

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Bolton 0

47m - Foggon's astute pass sets up GIBB (1-0).

58m - MONCUR heads in Craig's free-kick (2-0).

80m - Craig crosses and FOGGON squeezes the ball home (3-0).

Full-time: Newcastle 3 Bolton 0

MAGNIFICENT SMITH TAMES THE WOLVES - With Jimmy Smith in superb form United storm into a three goal lead, but a brace of headers from corners in the last few minutes ensures an unnecessarily nervy ending. After the game Harvey bemoans the "diabolical" defending which almost handed the visitors a point.

Wolves - SJP - 38,346

McFaul, Craig, Guthrie, Gibb, McNamee, Moncur, Dyson, Robson, Davies, Smith, Foggon

Scorers: Smith, Foggon, Gibb - Dougan, Curran

45m - SMITH (1-0).

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Wolves 0

52m - FOGGON (2-0).

68m - GIBB (3-0).

87m - DOUGAN (3-1).

90m - CURRAN (3-2).

Full-time: Newcastle 3 Wolves 2

Position 3rd

STOKE CASH IN ON UNITED BLUNDERS - A black and white comedy of errors brings down United against the Potters. The game is lost in the first-half and it is damage limitation after that.

Stoke (20th) - Victoria Ground - 15,197

McFaul, Craig, Guthrie, Gibb, McNamee, Moncur, Dyson, Robson, Davies, Smith, Foggon

Scorers: Burrows, Ritchie, Smith (og)

24m - BURROWS hits a tremendous knee-high volley which deflects off a United defender to wrong-foot McFaul (0-1).

39m - Moncur, who is on the edge of the area - takes a short goal-kick from McFaul, but with Ritchie breathing down his neck he attempts to play it back to the keeper. But his pass is under hit and RITCHIE nips in to score (0-2).

Half-time: Stoke 2 Newcastle 0

In the dying minutes SMITH lays the ball back to McFaul from inside the area but Ritchie’s movement distracts McFaul and the ball ends up in the net (0-3).

Full-time: Stoke 3 Newcastle 0

Position 14th

UNITED SCORING TOUCH IS MISSING - United's promising start soon evaporates and Palace take the lead with their first decent shot. The home side are content to protect their lead and the ponderous Magpies lack the guile to break down their defence.

Crystal Palace (19th) - Selhurst Park - 27,287

McFaul, Craig, Guthrie, Gibb, McNamee, Moncur, Dyson, Robson, Davies, Arentoft, Foggon

Scorers: Birchenall

Arentoft replaces Smith (calf knock).

27m - BIRCHENALL puts the finishing touch to a Palace move (0-1).

Half-time: Crystal Palace 1 Newcastle 0

Full-time: Crystal Palace 1 Newcastle 0

Position: 18th

MAC FOILS ROBBER BARRON - McNamee saves United with a late equaliser in a game which they would have won had it not been for an excellent performance by Forest 'keeper Jim Barron.

Nottm. Forest (6th) - SJP - 35,132

McFaul, Craig, Guthrie, Gibb, McNamee, Moncur, Dyson, Robson, Davies, Smith, Hindson

Scorers: McNamee - Storey-Moore

Gordon Hindson makes his home debut.

12m - Barron parries Robson’s terrific half-volley onto the bar.

From all of thirty yards STOREY-MOORE cracks a superb drive into the top corner (0-1).

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Nottm. Forest 1

MCNAMEE emerges from tight knot of players disputing a Smith free-kick to score (1-1).

Full-time: Newcastle 1 Nottm. Forest 1

Position: 15th

UNITED THROW AWAY TWO VITAL POINTS - After Hindson's early goal it is all United as they batter newly promoted Blackpool. But once the visitors reply they plunge into another lethargic performance and it is the Tangerines that demonstrate the spirit and effort which has been United's trademark in recent years. The crowd chorus "we want our money back" and Harvey is fuming. “We were disgusting. It’s the worst Newcastle display I've seen in years. I can forgive individual players having an indifferent match, but this was a terrible team effort. Heads will roll after this!"

McFaul, Craig, Guthrie, Gibb, McNamee, Moncur, Dyson (Barrowclough 63), Robson, Davies, Smith, Hindson

Scorers: Hindson - Craven (2)

02m - HINDSON plays a 1-2 with Robson before hitting a low shot from 18-yards (1-0).

19m - Rowe turns the ball into the path of CRAVEN who makes no mistake (1-1).

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Blackpool 1

50m - Hutchinson is allowed to run far too far without challenge and although McFaul saves his shot CRAVEN follows up (1-2).

Full-time: Newcastle 1 Blackpool 2

Position: 19th

The Magpies revert to 4-3-3 and display their old authority and confidence. But it takes a gift own-goal just before time to secure the first away win of the season.

West Brom (10th) - The Hawthorns - 25,183

McFaul, Craig, Clark, Gibb, Burton, Moncur, Robson, Dyson, Davies, Smith, Young

Scorers: Dyson, Wilson (og) - Astle

Frank Clark and Ollie Burton return from injury to strengthen the defence and Young is drafted in for Hindson to stiffen up the midfield.

15m - McVitie's cross is headed in by ASTLE from close-range (0-1).

30m - Davies heads Young's centre back across goal and DYSON hooks the ball home (1-1).

Half-time: West Brom 1 Newcastle 1

87m - Ray WILSON is under little pressure, but his pass-back is well wide of 'keeper Cumbes who slips as he tries to turn (2-1).

Full-time: West Brom 1 Newcastle 2

Position: 15th

DEADLY DYSON SETS THE RAMS UP FOR THE KILL - United are in tremendous form during the first 30 minutes and take a two-goal lead. Derby pull one back just before the break, but Newcastle settle into their well-worn defensive style in a subdued second period to claim maximum points. A Close-circuit television system provided by the Home Office is used to monitor fans inside the ground.

McFaul, Craig, Clark, Gibb, Burton, Moncur, Robson, Dyson, Davies, Smith, Young

Scorers: Dyson, Young - O'Hare

05m - DYSON intercepts a back-pass and rounds the keeper to score (1-0).

14m - YOUNG smashes in a great volley from 25 yards out (2-0).

40m - O'HARE heads in (2-1).

Half-time: Derby 1 Newcastle 2

Full-time: Derby 1 Newcastle 2

Position: 14th

OH UNITED, THIS WAS A SHOCKER - A fortnight before Newcastle travel to the San Siro they visit the humbler surroundings of Eastville, the home of Third Division Bristol Rovers. United are really poor and concede just before and just after the break; both goals a result of defensive indecisiveness. Dyson gets scant consolation with virtually the last kick of the match. United have fallen at the first hurdle in the League Cup for the 9th time in its 11-year existence. Joe Harvey storms out of the ground without talking to the press.

McFaul, Craig, Clark, Gibb, Burton, Moncur, Robson, Dyson, Davies, Smith (Foggon), Young

Scorers: Dyson - Jones (2)

45m - As the United defence hesitates JONES steals around the back to head in (0-1).

Half-time: Bristol Rovers 1 Newcastle 0

52m - A half-hit back-pass from Burton is intercepted by JONES who beats McFaul with an angled drive (0-2).

90m - DYSON (1-2).

Full-time: Bristol Rovers 2 Newcastle 1

NOT FAIRS CUP FORM, UNITED! - A drab draw with United failing to threaten a transitional Liverpool side who are happy with nils-each. United struggle to string more than a couple of passes together and are guilty of giving the ball away far too easily.

McFaul, Craig, Clark, Gibb, Burton, Moncur, Robson, Dyson, Davies, Arentoft, Young

Smith's lacklustre performance in the League Cup costs him his place, the hard working Arentoft replacing him.

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Liverpool 0

Full-time: Newcastle 0 Liverpool 0

Position: 12th

YOUNG’S PUNCH BRINGS THAT OLD POWER - An excellent win at sultry Upton Park in front of the TV cameras in which Pop Robson notches a cracking brace; his first goals of the season. The Magpies produce a scintillating attacking display in the First Half and a beaming Harvey states "Our football was both progressive and entertaining".

McFaul, Craig, Clark, Gibb, Burton, Moncur, Robson, Dyson, Davies, Arentoft, Young

Scorers: Robson (2)

41m - ROBSON scores with vicious right foot volley (1-0).

Half-time: West Ham 0 Newcastle 1

53m - ROBSON heads home (2-0).

Full-time: West Ham 0 Newcastle 2

Position: 8th

SUPER UNITED ROCK ITALIANS - Inter beat Juventus 4-0 on Saturday and include five members of the national side that performed so well in the World Cup, but Newcastle come very close to pulling off a fantastic victory. Marked very tightly and with their space closed down, the Italians threat is brilliantly nullified and they only equalise six minutes from time. By their own admission Milan underestimated how organised United would be. Despite the late equaliser Harvey is "over the moon"

McFaul, Craig, Clark, Gibb, Burton, Moncur, Robson, Dyson, Davies, Arentoft, Young

Scorers: Davies - Celia

43m - Robson sends in a free-kick and DAVIES' header from 8-yards whizzes over Vieri (1-0).

Half-time: Inter Milan 0 Newcastle 1

84m - Sweeper Celia hits a low drive which goes just inside the post (1-1).

Full-time: Inter Milan 1 Newcastle 1

UNITED SLEEP UNDER A COVENTRY BLANKET - Another awful scoreless match has the supporters clapping very slowly. United’s play is unimaginative and sloppy and even when the Sky Blues are reduced to ten men with fourteen minutes left they still cannot conjure up a goal.

McFaul, Craig, Clark, Gibb, Burton, Moncur, Robson, Dyson (Ford), Davies, Arentoft, Young

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Coventry 0

76m - Machin is dismissed.

Full-time: Newcastle 0 Coventry 0

Position: 10th

UNITED HEAVE OUT INTER BRAWLERS - In his program notes Harvey praises the Italians for "the sporting way in which they conducted themselves (in the first-leg) ...they never resorted to dirty tactics and we appreciated that". Once again United's direct football causes the Milan defence all sorts of problems and Moncur puts the Black and Whites ahead on the half hour. A couple of minutes later Davies challenges the Italian keeper Vieri as he prepares to clear. Davies drops his shoulder as if he is going to challenge the keeper and that is enough for him to wedge an elbow into Davies' chest. Referee Minnoy awards Newcastle an indirect free-kick on the edge of the six-yard box. The irate Italians swarm around the referee and the crazy custodian decks him with a left-hook. Vieri is sent-off which is the cue for more mayhem and it takes the intervention of the local constabulary to regain control. The rest of the match sees the Italians resort to all sorts of disgraceful behaviour with Davies singled out for the heaviest punishment, Moncur has two touchline conferences with Harvey, once to suggest that Davies should be taken off before he was either carried off or sent off for retaliation. And once to request police protection for the players at the end of the game. To their credit the Newcastle players keep their heads and Davies has the last laugh when he heads a second.

McFaul, Craig, Clark, Gibb, Burton, Moncur, Robson, Dyson (Ford), Davies, Arentoft, Young

Scorers: Moncur, Davies

30m - With the Milan defence distracted by Davies MONCUR steal in to glance in a header header from a corner (1-0).

31m - Milan goalkeeper Vieri is sent-off after punching the referee.

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Inter Milan 0

54m - A rising drive from Arentoft clips the top of the bar.

70m - Davies is blatantly body-checked as he goes for Gibb’s cross but Dyson meets it. His header smacks against the bar and DAVIES recovers to head in (2-0).

Boninsegna punches Davies in the face but is not punished.

Full-time: Newcastle 2 Inter Milan 0

UNITED TAKE THE WRAPS OFF THE NEW “FORD" - The returning Ford is the star player and he gives United a deserved lead on the hour. The goal awakens slumbering City and they fight back to equalise.

McFaul, Craig, Clark, Gibb, Burton, Moncur, Robson, Dyson (Guthrie), Davies, Arentoft, Ford

Scorers: Ford - Doyle

David Ford returns from a lengthy injury absence to replace the injured Young.

United get a penalty, but ROBSON misses from the spot.

Half-time: Man. City 0 Newcastle 0

60m Davies heads across the box and the ball is calmly volleyed home by FORD (1-0).

75m DOYLE rises unchallenged to head home (1-1).

Full-time: Man. City 1 Newcastle 1

Position: 8th

BURTON BLUNDER UPSETS UNITED - Robson puts United ahead, but with The Gunners snuffing out the threat of Davies they begin to get back in the game and equalise.

McFaul, Craig, Clark, Gibb, Burton, Moncur, Robson, Dyson, Davies, Arentoft, Ford

Scorers: Robson - Graham

05m - Robson is unlucky to have a free kick controversially disallowed.

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Arsenal 0

53m - Davies heads down Clark’s free-kick and ROBSON heads home (1-0).

69m - Burton is caught in possession and GRAHAM scores (1-1).

Full-time: Newcastle 1 Arsenal 1

Position: 10th

UNITED COLLAPSE IN SEVEN MINUTE SPELL - The Magpies dominate the first half with their cool, composed and methodical soccer but have to wait until just before the break to take the lead. Wolves equalise and then comes a crazy seven-minute spell in which three goals are scored and Davies strikes the bar. It is United's first League defeat in eight games.

McFaul, Craig, Clark, Gibb, Burton (Young), Moncur, Robson, Dyson, Davies, Arentoft, Ford

Scorers: Davies, Holsgrove og - Bailey, Gould, Wagstaffe

43m - DAVIES scores from close-range (1-0).

Half-time: Wolves 0 Newcastle 1

50m - BAILEY hammers a low shot into the comer (1-1).

63m - GOULD converts a cross with McFaul out of position (1-2).

Davies rattles the bar and Burton limps off with a recurrence of his ankle injury.

68m - HOLSGROVE chases a long through ball and - with Dyson in pursuit - inexplicably heads It past his own keeper (2-2).

70m - McFaul completely misjudges a high, hopeful cross from WAGSTAFFE and the ball sails over his head and goes in off the far upright. (2-3).

Full-time: Wolves 3 Newcastle 2

Position: 11th

WYN THE GOAL KING COLLECTS HIS CROWN - The "unknown" Hungarians Pecsi Dozsa are all over the place in the second-half as they struggle to cope with the high crosses and thunderous aerial play of the Magpies; the slim two-nil score-line reflects a host of missed opportunities and borderline decisions. They are very unlucky not to be awarded a penalty for a crude challenge on Gibb; a decision Moncur describes as "diabolical". Harvey confidently states "I think we will be appearing in the Third Round". Four youngsters climbed onto the roof of Leazes Terrace for a free view but one of them - Johnny Johnson of Newburn - was so stricken by fear when he gets there that he has to be rescued by firemen.

McFaul, Craig, Clark, Gibb, Young, Moncur, Robson, Dyson, Davies, Smith, Ford

Scorers: Davies (2)

Young comes in for the injured Burton and Smith is recalled.

43m - Smith crosses and DAVIES heads powerfully over Rapp into the far corner (1-0).

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Pesci Dozsa 0

59m - Ford delivers a great cross on-the-run and DAVIES finishes with his trusty head once more (2-0).

76m - Gibb is taken out when he breaks into the box, but the referee says no penalty.

Full-time: Newcastle 2 Pecsi Dozsa 0

COSTLY UNITED ERRORS - It is fairly even for the first half-hour but two mistakes in six minutes allow the Toffees to take control.

McFaul, Craig, Clark, Gibb, Young, Moncur, Robson, Dyson, Davies, Smith, Ford

Scorers: Wright (og) - Royle, Whittle, Kendall

With Burton injured and McNamee not ready to return, Young partners Moncur.

28m - Smith is guilty of dallying on the ball deep in his own half and he is dispossessed leading to ROYLE scoring (0-1).

34m - A slip by Ford allows WHITTLE to attack and - after an unchallenged run - he crashes in a vicious dipping shot (0-2).

Half-time: Everton 2 Newcastle 0

53m - KENDALL sweeps in a Royle knock down (0-3).

54m - WRIGHT back-heads a Clark free-kick into his own net (1-3).

Full-time: Everton 3 Newcastle 1

Position: 13th

WYN SLOTS HOME FAIRS CUP BOOSTER - A first home League win since the opening day in a cracking match brimful of incidents. In the first-half Manchester are much the better side and it is only goalless at the break because of a wonderful performance from McFaul and a fractional offside decision which led to a "goal" being chalked off. United improve after the break and Davies scores the winner.

McFaul, Craig, Clark, Gibb, McNamee, Moncur, Robson, Dyson, Davies, Young, Ford

Scorers: Davies

McNamee returns from injury and Young replaces the dropped Smith.

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Man. United 0

61m - DAVIES pokes home after Rimmer fumbles a Craig shot (1-0).

Full-time: Newcastle 1 Man. United 0

Position: 11th

UNITED PAY THE PENALTY - Throughout the game United are chased and harried by the part-timers and they perform atrociously. Pecsi level the aggregate scores with a late penalty and 30 minutes of extra time produces no more goals. So in the first year of operation in Europe penalties decide the tie. Robson steps up to take the first penalty, but as he runs up to take it the Swiss referee Marendaz stops him and orders Pesci keeper Rapp to stay on his line. The interruption unnerves Robson who hits the bar. Mitchell and Gibb also fail from the spot whilst Pecsi score their first three to go through. The disbelieving Hungarian supporters pour onto the pitch and chair the victorious team to the dressing room. To further rub salt into the wounds, the rules state that both teams have to complete five penalties each. Therefore, 15 minutes later the penalty competition resumes with McFaul and Clark scoring the nugatory spot kicks while Pesci complete their "nap".

McFaul, Craig, Clark, Gibb, McNamee, Moncur, Robson, Dyson (Mitchell), Davies, Young, Ford (Hindson)

Scorers: Moncur og, Mate (pen)

18m - McNamee is penalised for a foul on the half-way line and then loses sight of the free-kick in the sun; the ball deflects off Clark and Mate pounces to rifle in off MONCUR (0-1).

Half-time: Pecsi Dozsa 1 Newcastle 0

70m - Davies' goal-bound header is cleared off the line by Kornard.

82m - McNamee appears to pull Maurer down outside the box, but the referee awards a penalty. MATE converts (0-2).

Full-time: Pecsi Dozsa 2 Newcastle 0

Extra-time: Pecsi Dozsa 2 Newcastle 0

Penalties: Pecsi Dozsa 5 Newcastle 2

NO NEWCASTLE FAIRS CUP HANGOVER- Comedian Frankie Howard is staying at the same hotel as United, but there aren't many laughs at The Dell. It is a much better performance and slick United match their hosts for the first hour before falling apart once they go behind.

McFaul, Craig, Clark, Gibb, McNamee, Moncur, Robson, Cassidy (Dyson), Davies, Arentoft, Ford

Scorers: Channon, Gabriel

Half-time: Southampton 0 Newcastle 0

62m - CHANNON converts a Paine corner-kick (0-1).

77m - Paine misses a penalty after Moncur fells Channon.

Gabriel hits a post.

87m - GABRIEL strokes the ball home (0-2).

McNamee rattles the bar.

Full-time: Southampton 2 Newcastle 0

Position: 13th

RAGGED UNITED FADE OUT - An uninventive and uncertain performance with the players demonstrating a total lack of confidence. The team as a whole are barracked, but the unfortunate Tommy Gibb receives the most abuse, being booed continually throughout the game. After the match Frank Clark slams the fans; "it's disgraceful that they should pick out one player like this and subject him to the sort of treatment Tommy was given".

McFaul, Craig, Clark, Gibb, McNamee, Moncur, Robson, Cassidy (Foggon), Davies, Elliott, Ford

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Ipswich 0

Full-time: Newcastle 0 Ipswich 0

Position: 14th

UNITED SLUMP TO THE PART-TIMERS - A Friendly match to celebrate the opening of Ayr's new £25,000 floodlight system. The Scots dominate the game throughout.

McFaul, Craggs, Clark, Elliot (Foggon), tbc, Moncur, Robson, Hindson (Barrowclough), Dyson, Smith (Ford), Nattrass

Scorers: Young, McLean

05m- MacFadyen hits the bar from 20-yards.

Half-time: Ayr 0 Newcastle 0

53m - Craig concedes a penalty. McFaul tips YOUNG'S penalty on the post, but he follows up to score from the rebound (0-1).

67m - MCLEAN punishes Moncur after a poor clearance (0-2).

Full-time: Ayr 2 Newcastle 0

UNITED CRACK IN THUNDERBOLTS - United get some pride back with an excellent victory in a magnificent game against second-placed Spurs. Newcastle take a two-goal lead and although Spurs pull one back a brave defensive display in the last thirty minutes prevents the Cockerels getting back on level terms.

McFaul, Craig, Clark, Gibb, McNamee, Moncur, Robson, Dyson, Davies, Arentoft, Ford

Scorers: Craig, Gibb - Chivers

17m - CRAIG hits a 25-yard screamer into the top of the net (1-0).

Half-time: Tottenham 0 Newcastle 1

56m - GIBB scores with a diving header (2-0).

59m - CHIVERS (2-1).

Full-time: Tottenham 1 Newcastle 2

Posltion: 11th

ROBSON USES HIS HEAD TO END THE GOAL AGONY - In his programme notes Harvey admits that the players confidence is low. "It has reached the stage where some of them are concerned about playing at St. James' Park". Burnley are currently at the foot of the table and after an even first forty-five United are clearly stronger and deservedly take both points. After the match Robson confirms "I still want to leave".

McFaul, Craig, Clark, Gibb, McNamee, Moncur, Robson, Dyson (Mitchell), Davies, Arentoft, Ford

Scorers: Moncur, Ford, Robson - Probert

06m - MONCUR slams in whilst Burnley only have nine men on the field; Merrington and Dobson are receiving treatment after they accidentally crashed into each other (1-0).

28m - PROBERT heads home (1-1).

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Burnley 1

FORD drills in (2-1).

90m - Mellor lets Gibb's corner-kick slip through his grasp giving ROBSON the easiest of chances. (3-1).

Full-time: Newcastle 3 Burnley 1

Position: 11th

"PROFESSIONAL TACTICS" KILL AIM OF THE GAME - The match becomes Increasingly bad tempered and Newcastle are controversially denied a penalty when Davies is floored by Boyle. Once again, the approach work is decent enough, but the finishing is not.

McFaul, Craig, Clark, Gibb, McNamee, Moncur, Robson, Dyson, Davies, Arentoft, Ford

Scorers: Weller

37m - WELLER lashes a vicious volley past McFaul (0-1).

Half-time: Chelsea 1 Newcastle 0

Full-time: Chelsea 1 Newcastle 0

Position: 11th

BOBBY MONCUR IN THE DRIVER’S SEAT - The match kicks off at 2.00 pm because the club are wary of a power breakdown during the game due to the energy shortages. United struggle against the lively but punch-less promotees and only take the lead just before the break. Inspired by Worthlngton's skilful play the visitors remain in the game until Dyson lashes in a screamer just before the end.

McFaul, Craig, Clark, Gibb, McNamee, Moncur, Robson (Burton), Dyson, Davies, Arentoft, Ford

Scorers: Robson, Dyson

45m - ROBSON (buffeted throughout) shoots into the top of the goal from the edge of the area (1-0).

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Huddersfield 0

86m - DYSON lashes in a screamer (2-0).

Full-time; Newcastle 2 Huddersfield 0

Position: 11th

ROBSON GOALS SHATTER THE PALACE GUARDS - Palace's defensive approach and United's lack of flair results in precious little entertainment in a game where Davies (with his constant movement) and Robson prove the difference . Once again United score at the end of each half.

McFaul, Clark, Guthrie, Gibb, McNamee, Moncur, Robson, Dyson, Davies, Arentoft, Ford

Scorers: Robson (2)

38m - Davies' header is pushed against the angle of post and bar and from the resultant corner the Welshman once again heads towards goal. McCormick handles and ROBSON scores from the spot. (1-0).

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Crystal Palace 0

89m - ROBSON scores after Palace 'keeper Jackson blocks a Dyson shot (2-0).

Full-time: Newcastle 2 Crystal Palace 0

Position: 10th

GILES SHOW TORMENTS NEWCASTLE - A comprehensive three goal defeat against the leaders in which Giles torments United and Frank Clark concedes two penalties on a snow-covered pitch. United seem to be just about weathering the storm until Clark upends Cooper and from then on it is a case of damage limitation. There are sixty arrests made with trouble occurring in the city-centre before and after the match.

Alan Clarke Goal

Burleigh, Craig, Clark, Gibb, McNamee, Moncur, Robson, Dyson, Davies, Young, Ford

Scorers: Giles (2 pens), Clarke

Debutant Martin Burleigh is called up in preference to John Hope and Craig is back after recovering from flu.

40m - Clark upends Cooper and GILES scores from the spot (0-1).

Half-time: Leeds 1 Newcastle 0

69m - CLARKE (0-2).

88m - GILES converts from the spot again (0-3).

Full-time: Leeds 3 Newcastle 0

Position: 10th

CONROY’S CLASS SHAMES UNITED - The Potters have not won away this season and are decimated by injuries, but they leave with a well-deserved victory. It is an abject performance and the crowd let their feelings be known and Tommy Gibb - who is once again the main target of the fans' abuse - "gestures" towards a section of the fans. After the game a furious Harvey refuses to comment and orders the players in for an extra training session tomorrow. Newcastle forget to supply their players with black armbands in respect of the 66 victims of the Ibrox disaster.

McFaul, Craig, Clark, Gibb, McNamee, Moncur, Robson, Dyson, Davies, Mitchell, Young

Scorers: Greenhoff, Burrows

01m - Burrows intercepts a Gibb pass and crosses to GREENHOFF who hits a rising shot from the edge of the area (0-1).

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Stoke 1

65m - BURROWS nets after great interplay with man-of-the-match Conroy (0-2).

Full-time: Newcastle 0 Stoke 2

Position: 12th

NEWCASTLE SENT PACKING - In the first-half United give their best home display of the season, but after the break they are guilty of losing concentration and confidence and fifteen minutes from time Ipswich equalise after a mistake from McFaul

McFaul, Craig, Clark, Gibb, McNamee, Moncur, Smith, Robson, Davies, Arentoft, Mitchell Ford

Scorers: Mitchell - Mills

44m - Sivell fists out under challenge from Davies and the ball comes to MITCHELL who hammers in an unstoppable volley. (1-0).

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Ipswich 0

Mitchell is unlucky to have an effort disallowed for a foul on the Ipswich keeper.

75m - McFaul inexplicably lets in MILLS' long-range shot. (1-1).

Full-time: Newcastle 1 Ipswich 1

IPSWICH KICK UNITED OUT INTO THE COLD - Newcastle take the lead and seem to be in control until two unforced errors In seven minutes brings their downfall.

Ipswich (D1 - 16th) - Portman Road - 21,449

McFaul, Craig, Clark, Gibb, McNamee, Moncur, Smith (Guthrie), Robson, Davies, Arentoft, Foggon

Scorers: Robson - Viljoen, Hill

26m - ROBSON deflects in Davies' cross-shot (1-0).

Half-time: Ipswich 0 Newcastle 1

65m - VILJOEN’s flicked effort bounces embarrassingly between McFaul and Craig as both wait for the other to clear (1-1).

72m - HILL scores with an unmarked header following a free kick. (1-2).

Full-time: Ipswich 2 Newcastle 1

UNITED FLOP TO SHAKY FOREST - Another poor performance and another defeat against struggling Forest where United have plenty of the ball, but do nothing with it; Davies in particular is well off form. As with the Cup games against Ipswich cheap goals are given away.

McFaul, Craig, Clark, Gibb, McNamee, Moncur, Dyson, Robson, Davies, Arentoft, Foggon

Scorers: Robson - Moore (2)

05m - A free-kick is flicked-on to MOORE who is allowed far too much time to control and finish (0-1).

40m - The unmarked MOORE heads in at the near post from another free-kick (0-2).

Half-time: Nottm. Forest 2 Newcastle 0

85m - Moncur tries his luck from thirty yards, Barron fails to hold on, Arentoft's follow-up is blocked and ROBSON pounces. (1-2).

Full-time: Nottm. Forest 2 Newcastle 1

Position: 13th

HATCHET FOUND ON FAN AT ‘DERBY’ - A drab, meaningless derby which only bursts into life in the last fifteen minutes, unfortunately off the field things are much livelier. There are fights before, during and after the match and 26 people (including three girls) are arrested. The police confiscate a number of weapons including a hatchet and a lead-weighted chain. Many fans had already left by the time things heated up.

McFaul, Craig, Guthrie, Young, McNamee, Moncur, Barrowclough, Robson, Davies (Hindson), Smith, Foggon (Nattrass)

Scorers: Moncur - Hughes

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Sunderland 0

75m - Moncur heads a Harris effort off the line.

77m - McFaul saves a penalty from Harris.

82m - HUGHES shoots in low from a Craig clearance (0-1).

87m - MONCUR bullets a header home from a corner (1-1).

Full-time: Newcastle 1 Sunderland 1

WAITERS THWARTS UNITED’S FIRE - Harvey hands debuts to new arrival John Tudor and Stewart Barrowclough whilst Jimmy Smith is also recalled. The struggling Lancastrians take the lead and are hanging on despite incessant pressure from the Magpies in the second period until debutant Barrowclough lashes in with six minutes left on the clock, it is a considerable improvement on recent performances. Gibb has an excellent game and Harvey confirms that the situation is “all over now". He also appeals to the fans to treat him better. “Tommy gets so involved in the game that he really takes criticism from the fans to heart. Encouragement is the best way to get the best out of him".

McFaul, Craig, Guthrie, Gibb, Burton, Moncur, Robson, Davies, Tudor, Smith, Barrowclough

Scorers: Barrowclough - Probert

19m - PROBERT scores with a spanking twenty-yarder which gives McFaul no chance (0-1).

Half-time: Burnley 1 Newcastle 0

84m - BARROWCLOUGH lashes in (1-1).

Full-time: Burnley 1 Newcastle 1

Position: 12th

SPIRIT NO ANSWER TO CLASS, UNITED - Fourth placed Chelsea are too good for United with Cooke and Hudson tearing United apart and It is the latter who scores the winner.

McFaul, Craig, Guthrie, Gibb, Burton, Moncur, Robson, Tudor, Davies, Smith, Young

Scorers: Hudson

HUDSON scores from an acute angle at McFaul's near post. (0-1).

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Chelsea 1

Full-time: Newcastle 0 Chelsea 1

Position: 14th

Smith puts United ahead and United - with Moncur a colossus - beat back all attempts from The Terriers until defensive indecision allows them to equalise fifteen minutes from time. It's now nine games without a win. Robson is watched by West Ham Manager Greenwood.

Huddersfield (17th) - Leeds Road - 15,580

McFaul, Craig, Guthrie, Gibb, Barton, Moncur, Robson, Tudor, Davies, Smith, Young

Scorers: Smith - Cherry

17m - Robson powers into the box and lays it back to SMITH who nets with a low shot from fifteen yards (1-0).

HaIf-time: Huddersfield 0 Newcastle 1

75m - A host of players misjudge a cross from Hutt which allows CHERRY to tap Into an empty net at the far post. (1-1).

Full-time: Huddersfield 1 Newcastle 1

Position: 13th

ROBSON’S PARTING GIFT - United record their first win of the year in a drab encounter. The match is very low-key which at least gives Smith the time and space to display his skills.

McFaul, Craig, Guthrie, Gibb, Burton, Moncur, Robson, Tudor, Davies, Smith, Young

Scorers: Robson

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Tottenham 0

76m - An unmarked ROBSON heads In the winner from a Gibb cross (1-0).

Full-time: Newcastle 1 Tottenham 0

Position: 14th

KIDD’S GOAL ROBBED US SAYS ANGRY BURTON - A knife is thrown onto the pitch during the match (which narrowly misses McFaul), but there is no cutting edge to United's forward play. Although a stout defensive performance keeps United in the game, a single goal is enough for the Mancunians.

McFaul, Craig, Guthrie, Gibb, Burton, Moncur, Mitchell, Tudor, Davies, Smith, Young

Scorers: Kidd

43m - KIDD scores after shots from Charlton and Aston are blocked (0-1); Burton is furious claiming he was pushed over by Kidd in the build-up.

Half-time: Man. United 1 Newcastle 0

Full-time: Man. United 1 Newcastle 0

Position: 15th

I WAS FOULED CLAIMS MCFAUL - The two sides meet for the fourth time this season and it is another scrappy, drab game settled by an embarrassing goal.

McFaul, Craig, Guthrie, Gibb, Burton, Moncur, Cassidy, Tudor, Davies, Smith, Young

Scorers: Burton (og)

Half-time: Ipswich 0 Newcastle 0

72m - Robertson's shot balloons off BURTON and with Mills appearing to impede McFaul the ball drops apologetically in (0-1). it is tough on the Irishman who has an excellent game.

Full-time: Ipswich 1 Newcastle 0

Position: 16th

TUDOR CROWNS GREAT WIN FOR UNITED - A great performance with John Tudor - much to his relief - grabbing his first goal. Harvey is delighted with the players: "they did it with pure football, and on the night, they outclassed the League Champions". Guthrie suffers a hamstring injury.

McFaul, Craggs, Guthrie (Cassidy), Gibb, McNamee, Moncur, Dyson, Tudor, Davies, Smith, Young

Scorers: Tudor, Moncur - Royle

13m - Davies bullets in a header from Smith's comer and although it is cleared off the line the ball hits MONCUR and rebounds in (1-0).

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Everton 0

Newton's free-kick is headed high and wide of McFaul by ROYLE (1-1).

70m - Smith's beautifully chipped free-kick is superbly lofted over Everton's keeper by TUDOR (2-1 ).

Full-time: Newcastle 2 Everton 1

Position: 15th

CLASSY KEITH EXPLODES A BIG MYTH - Workmen fork the waterlogged turf from daybreak and they get their reward when the match is declared on after an inspection. Tudor and Dyson combine superbly and with Foggon also recalled the side has more pace and mobility. United are on their way to victory but a flurry of goals at the end of the match results in a draw.

McFaul, Craggs, Clark, Gibb, McNamee, Moncur, Foggon, Tudor, Dyson, Smith, Young

Scorers: Dyson (2) - McGrath, Gabriel

Foggon replaces the injured Davies.

30m - DYSON runs onto a Smith cross and heads in (1-0).

Tudor hits the post and the bar.

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Southampton 0

Hollywood clears a McNamee header off the line.

78m - MCGRATH heads in a Paine free-kick (1-1).

81m - DYSON heads in Gibb's excellent cross (2-1).

82m - GABRIEL scores from close in (2-2).

Full-time: Newcastle 2 Southampton 2

Position: 15th

DYSON AND CO. EARN UNITED A DOUBLE - United are full of purposeful running against an uncharacteristically charitable Derby side. Nattrass makes his debut as a substitute and impresses everyone.

McFaul, Craggs (Nattrass), Clark, Gibb, McNamee, Moncur, Foggon, Tudor, Dyson, Smith, Young

Scorers: Dyson, Webster og, Foggon - Hector

Mackay can only turn DYSON's shot into his own net (1-0).

WEBSTER scores an own goal after Boulton parries a Foggon shot (2-0)

Half-time: Newcastle 2 Derby 0

McFarland's header comes back off the bar and HECTOR scores from the rebound (3-1).

Full-time: Newcastle 3 Derby 1

Position: 12th

GO-GO FOGGON LEADS BLACKPOOL A DANCE - United deservedly beat Bob Stokoe's relegation bound Blackpool with Foggon’s graft and craft stealing the show in what is otherwise a forgettable match.

McFaul, Craggs, Clark, Gibb, McNamee, Moncur, Foggon, Tudor, Dyson, Smith (Nattrass), Young

Scorers: Foggon

Half-time; Blackpool 0 Newcastle 0

52m - Clark's free-kick is nodded down by McNamee for FOGGON to finish (1-0)

Full-time: Blackpool 0 Newcastle 1

Position: 9th

NEWCASTLE POINT TO EUROPE - United are ahead after 90 seconds and more than match their opponents in the first-half. Liverpool equalise just before the break and United need desperate defence and some excellent saves by McFaul to preserve the point.

McFaul, Craggs, Clark, Gibb, McNamee, Moncur, Foggon, Tudor, Dyson, Smith, Young

Scorers: Tudor - Lawler

02m - Dyson threads a lightning pass into the area and TUDOR pounces on the ball before Clemence can leave his line and scores with a flashing drive (1-0).

43m - The ball breaks to LAWLER who volleys high into the net from 18-yards (1-1).

Half-tlme: Liverpool 1 Newcastle 1

Full-time: Liverpool 1 Newcastle 1

Position: 9th

ARE REVIE’S ACES AMBITIOUS ENOUGH TO BE CHAMPS? - Table tappers Leeds provide pulsating Easter entertainment on Tyneside and the Magpies are only denied a winner by a controversial late goal In which Charlton blocks McFaul from reaching Lorimer's corner which goes straight in. A massive police operation prevents any major trouble.

McFaul, Craggs, Clark, Gibb, McNamee, Moncur, Foggon, Tudor, Dyson, Smith, Young

Scorers: Tudor - Lorimer

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Leeds 0

59m TUDOR makes sure Dyson's cross-shot makes it over the line (1-0).

82m - LORIMER scores direct from a comer with Jackie Charlton blocking McFaul's progress (1-1).

Full-time: Newcastle 1 Leeds 1

Position: 9th

AGONY FOR CITY - The rock-hard pitch certainly does not help, but it is a very dull game. Although it is not an abnormally rough match, injury-hit City have two players carried off and lose their keeper for 13 minutes.

McFaul, Craggs, Clark, Gibb, McNamee, Moncur, Foggon, Tudor, Dyson, Smith, Young


13m - Tudor collides with City keeper Corrigan who has to retire for 13 minutes for treatment. Doyle takes over in goal.

42m - Doyle is carried off after a strong, but fair challenge from Young.

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Manchester City 0

70m - Bell is carried off after an awkward fall.

Full-time: Newcastle 0 Manchester City 0

Position: 9th

CHARLIE IS GUNNERS’ DARLING - Arsenal have won their last 7 games and Harvey opts for all out defence which results in a dour game. The defence - superbly marshalled by Moncur - perform heroically, but are eventually beaten by a Charlie George thunderbolt. George is also booked after grabbing Dyson (who is cautioned as well for his reaction) around the neck.

McFaul, Craggs, Clark, Gibb, McNamee, Moncur, Foggon, Tudor, Dyson, Smith, Young

Half-time: Arsenal 0 Newcastle 0

71m - GEORGE unleashes a 20-yard screamer (0-1).

Full-time: Arsenal 1 Newcastle 0

Position; 11th

HAMMERS FLATTEN EURO HOPES AS REFEREE FACES WIND HEAD ON - A non-event of a game played in a gusty wind which makes life difficult for both the players and the referee who is forced to dispense with his hairpiece. Goals on youtube

McFaul, Craggs, Clark, Gibb, McNamee, Moncur, Foggon, Tudor, Dyson, Smith, Young

Scorers: Tudor - Hurst

38m - TUDOR stabs in when Clark knocks down a Gibb cross (1-0).

43m - HURST runs the ball in after excellent work by Redknapp (1-1).

Half-time: Newcastle 1 West Ham 1

Full-time: Newcastle 1 West Ham 1

Position: 11th

UNITED TAKE A BOW AS THE CURTAIN FALLS - A boring, mediocre game which only comes alive in an exhilarating 3-minute spell.

McFaul, Craggs, Clark, Gibb, McNamee, Moncur, Davies, Tudor, Dyson, Smith, Young

Scorers: Smith, Young, Tudor

Half-time: Newcastle 0 West Brom. 0

73m - SMITH glides around Hughes into the area and smashes a shot past Cumbes (1-0).

75m -YOUNG rises well to head home Davies' free-kick (2-0).

76m - Smith's free-kick is headed by Davies to TUDOR who nods the ball home (3-0).

Full-time: Newcastle 3 West Brom. 0

Position: 9th

NO EXCUSES: THIS WAS RUBBISH - The season ends with a typical non-event at Coventry where both teams know it is the Texaco Cup and not the Continent which lies in store for the following season. United's experimental line-up includes Nattrass making his full League debut.

McFaul, Craggs, Clark, Gibb, McNamee, Moncur, Foggon, Tudor, Dyson, Smith, Young

Scorers: Hunt, Blockley

Youngster Irving Nattrass makes his full debut in place of the injured Moncur.

36m - As United's defence pushout the ball is played through to HUNT (0-1).

Half-time: Coventry 1 Newcastle 0

66m - BLOCKLEY powerfully heads home from Clements' corner (0-2).

Full-time: Coventry 2 Newcastle 0

Position: 12th

Geoff Allen’s testimonial game is a light-hearted frolic which is of great amusement to the fans.

Scorers: McNamee 2, Craggs 2, Dyson, Craig - Hutchinson, Green, Suddick, Hickton, Lindsay

Half-time: Newcastle 1 All Star XI

Full-time: Newcastle 6 All Star XI 5