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NUFC 1928/29-Squad

All images are copyright Piotr Jozefowicz

J Boyd: 28-7

M Burns: 30-0

W Carlton: 3-1

W Chalmers: 19-8

B Chandler: 4-0


T Curry: 1-0

T Evans: 1-0

D Fairhurst: 1-0

H Gallagher: 34-24

W Gibson: 6-0

W Gillespie: 2-0

J Harris: 40-1

J Hill: 26-0

F Hudspeth: 6-3

T Lang: 39-10

A Maitland: 41-0

G Mathison: 1-0

J McCurley: 26-4

T McDonald: 30-1

B McKay: 5-0

R McKenzie: 24-2

O Park: 12-0

S Seymour: 3-0

B Thomson: 30-0

T Urwin: 23-3

M Wilkinson: 11-2

W Wilson: 13-0

E Wood: 5-0

KEY: [Appearances-Goals] [Age at 31/12/98] [Positions Played]


Walter Wilson [13] [??] [1]

Wilson had been United's first choice custodian for the last three seasons and was still Number 1. But United shipped goals in the first few months and he was palpably losing his nerve. Walter was dropped after the 5-2 defeat at Roker Park at the end of October and was transfer-listed in March.

Michael Burns [30] [20] [1]

The young custodian had struggled in his ten appearances last season, but he regained his place following Wilson's loss of form. He won lots of plaudits for his coolness and sense of anticipation and stayed in the team throughout the rest of the campaign. He was even tipped for future international honours.


Alf Maitland [41-0] [34] [2]

After a shaky start-during which he played alongside a succession of partners-the arrival of Thomson saw him display much improved form and he only missed a couple of games.

Bob Thomson [30-0] [25] [3]

A reserve at Sunderland, Thomson was signed in October in exchange for McKay. He made an impressive start- demonstrating good judgement and turn of speed-and retained his position.

Frank Hudspeth [6-3] [38] [3]

Third Lanark made enquiries in the summer for the veteran back who had lost his place towards the end of last season, but they were informed that he was not for sale. He had a short run in the side before Thomson replaced him. Played his last game in the 5-0 defeat at Manchester United and moved to Stockport in January ending a nineteen-year association with the club.

William Gillespie [2-0] [25] [3]

Played in the first two games, but had a nightmare in the 7-2 home defeat by Burnley which proved to be his last game. Transfer-listed in February, he moved to Bristol Rovers in the summer.

John Thomas Evans [1-0] [25] [3]

The Welsh international played in the third game of the season, a 3-1 defeat at Sheffield United but injured his knee during the game and required a cartilage operation. He was transfer-listed in March but was forced to retire at the end of the season.

David Fairhurst [1-0] [22] [3]

The Blyth born left-back had a trial at United in 1924 but was not retained. He joined from Walsall in March for 1,750 and made his debut in the 2-1 win at Derby; the penultimate game of the season.


Joseph Harris [40-1] [32] [6, 4, 2, 3]

The hard-working and constructive Scot reluctantly took over as skipper at the start of the season before Hill took the responsibility off him. Rested for 3 games after the home defeat by Arsenal, but played in every other game. Played at both half-back and full-back.

Jack Hill [26-0] [31] [5]

Famous England international centre-half whose battles with Gallacher had been one of the talking points of recent seasons. He signed from Burnley at the end of October and took over the captaincy. A natural leader and a master of strategy he played a large part in the revival of fortunes.

Rod McKenzie [24-2] [27] [4]

Played at right-half when Harris was engaged elsewhere in the team.

Oswald Park [12-0] [23] [5]

Regular centre-half at the start of the season but although speedy and resourceful he had limitations as a pivot and lost his place when Jack Hill arrived. He was transfer-listed in February.

William Gibson [6-0] [32] [6]

The experienced Scot was given a short run in the side during December but was transfer-listed in February. He moved to Birmingham City in May where he took over as trainer.

Edmund Wood [5-0] [25] [5]

Centre-half signed from Rhyl in the summer for 1,000. Although he showed some promise he did not have the experience to open out the game and was used sparingly before being transfer-listed in February.

William Carlton [3-1] [21] [4]

Played in three consecutive games in January before being dropped. Moved to Merthyr Town at the end of the season.

Tom Curry [1-0] [34] [6]

Recalled for the 5-0 thrashing at Manchester United. Moved-with Hudspeth-to Stockport in January after seventeen years with the club.

David Flannigan [3-0] [22] [6]

The much sought after and sturdy young half-back was signed from Third Lanark in June. He made a promising debut in the 1-1 draw at Villa in September and played in the next two games. However, he was transfer-listed in February and moved to East Stirlingshire on loan at the end of the season.

George Mathison [1-0] [19] [4]

The Walker youngster made his debut in the defeat at Bury in January when he tackled with remarkable determination before tiring.


Hughie Gallacher [34-24] [25] [9]

Stripped of the captaincy in the summer it was rumoured that some directors were tiring of his antics and wanted him out. There was also rumours (denied by the club) that he had asked for a transfer. His ex-wife also took out legal action against him for non-payment of maintenance for their child. With all this going on it is perhaps not surprising that he struggled at the start of the season, but the arrival of Hill inspired boost and he scored nearly a goal a game after that. There were many Hughie happenings: he attempted to walk off during the Burnley home game, got into arguments with spectators at Villa Park and was censured by the FA for bad language.

Tommy Lang [39-10] [22] [11]

Got a chance early on as Seymour was indisposed and after a number of sterling displays he established himself as first choice He exhibited flashing wing play, direct and powerful shooting and delightful centering. His ten goals made him second top scorer.

Tom McDonald [30-1] [33] [10, 6]

Started at inside-left before being tried out (with only partial success) at half-back. Injured in the match at Man City in November he was out of the side until his return at Number 10 in February.

lames Boyd [28-7] [21] [7, 9, 8]

An injury to Urwin gave the speedy young Scot a chance in the side and he played outside-right until the New Year. However, Urwin was recalled and he rarely appeared after that; although he returned as an emergency centre-forward towards the end of the campaign.

John McCurley [26-4] [22] [10, 6]

After receiving high encomiums in the reserves the crafty and clever forward was given a four month run in the side at inside-left (replacing the injured McDonald) and returned at left-half in the last few weeks of the season.

Tommy Urwin [23-3] [32] [7, 11]

Injured at the start of the season and only made a couple of appearances up until Christmas but played in every match (at outside-right) in the New Year.

William Chalmers [19-8] [24] [8, 9]

The dashing young forward was a disciple of direct action methods. He performed well, played in half the games and was the third top scorer.

Jonathon Wilkinson [11-2] [20] [8, 9]

The thrust and dash of last season was often missing as he struggled to find his form.

Andy Cunningham [10-2] [37] [8]

Signed from Rangers in February just before his 38th birthday. Although a veteran he was still a masterful schemer and added cohesion, balance and shooting power to the forward line.

Robert McKay [5-0] [28] [8]

Struggled badly at the start of season and moved to Sunderland in exchange for Thomson in October. He scored twice against United in the Wear-Tyne derby a couple of weeks later.

Stan Seymour [3-0] [35] [11]

Injured at the start of the season and with Lang impressing in his stead he was unable to regain his place. Although he was now 35 it was still a shock when he was transfer-listed in March.