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NUFC 1928/29 - Season Match Details

In glorious weather, reluctant new captain Harris leads out the side; the new Leazes Stand is open for business although it is still without a roof at present. In a brisk but undistinguished game Gallacher gives United an early lead and the visitors equalise from a second-half penalty.

Cardiff - SJP -

Wilson, Maitland, Gillespie, McKenzie, Park, Harris, Urwin, McKay, Gallacher, McDonald, Seymour.

Scorers: Gallacher - Ferguson (pen)

12m - Seymour's centre is mis-headed down to GALLACHER who scores with a firm shot as the keeper advances (1-0). The football is brisk without much to distinguish it.

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Cardiff 0.

Davies hits a terrific drive which is too fast for Wilson to hold; the ball spoons off his arm towards goal and right back Maitland blocks it with his hand. FERGUSON equalises from the spot (1-1).

Full-time: Newcastle 1 Cardiff 1.

Position: 13th

Burnley, who are a revelation in football craft, are 6-1 ahead at the interval and have Newcastle floundering from start to finish. There are warnings galore as the game degenerates into "rough and tumble" with the focal point being the (regular) duel between Jack Hill and Gallacher which sees Hughie attempt to walk-off ten minutes from time. There is a storm of hooting at the final whistle; with Hill the main object of disapprobation.

Burnley (4th) - SJP - 35,000

Wilson, Maitland, Gillespie, McKenzie, Wood, Harris, Boyd, Chalmers, Gallacher, McDonald, Seymour.

Scorers: Chalmers (2) - Beel (3), Bruton (2), Page (2),

07m - The visitors attack from the start and Page sweeps the ball across for BRUTON to open the scoring (0-1).

10m - Bruton returns the compliment and PAGE scores (0-2). The Magpies simply cannot cope with the balance and speed of the Burnley forwards.

19m - BEEL's shot strikes the inside of the post, rebounds along the line and goes in off the other post (0-3).

22m - BRUTON expertly controls a cross before shooting across for a great goal (0-4).

25m - Newcastle rally a bit and CHALMERS scores a good goal (1-4).

Soon after Hill fells Gallacher in the box but McDonald's penalty is saved.

37m - Mis-kicking by the United defence gives BEEL an opportunity and Wilson fails to hold the ball at the second attempt (1-5).

45m - PAGE dashes up after Wilson had fisted away from Beel (1-6).

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Burnley 6.

Burnley ease off after the break and the game becomes more even.

59m - CHALMERS scores his second (2-6).

It is now raining constantly and the light is poor. The game is degenerating into "rough and tumble" with the referee issuing warnings galore.

74m - BEEL takes advantage of more poor United defending to complete his hat-trick (2-7).

Hill and Gallacher are having their usual duel and ten minutes before the end Gallacher starts to walk towards the dressing room. United trainer McPherson rushes up to him and after a little discussion Gallacher returns to the pitch and the referee orders the trainer back to the dressing room entrance.

Full-time: Newcastle 2 Burnley 7

Position: 15th

Johnson scores his first of three

Although both sides struggle with the lively ball in an even half, the Magpies could easily have been three or four ahead at half-time and take the lead soon after the interval. However, famous centre-forward Johnson scores three goals in fifteen minutes to turn the game around.

Sheff. United (22nd) - Bramall Lane - 30,000

Wilson, Maitland, Evans, McKenzie, Park, Harris, Boyd, McKay, Chalmers, McDonald, Urwin.

Scorers: Chalmers - Johnson (3)

Gallacher is out injured, Seymour has a cold, Park returns in place of Wood and Evans comes in for Gillespie who had a nightmare against Burnley. The home side include four former United players. The kick-off is delayed until 3.15 pm to suit the convenience of Newcastle United supporters, who will not arrive on the excursion train until 2.45 p.m.

Half-time: Sheff. United 0 Newcastle 0

56m - A corner is not successfully cleared and McKay crosses to CHALMERS who bangs the ball high into the net (1-0).

58m - A high cross into the area is headed by JOHNSON and although Wilson parries the former uses his head again to equalise (1-1).

60m - Tunstall plays it through to Harry. The United defenders call to Wilson to come and collect the ball; but HOWARD nips in, taps it round the keeper and passes into the empty net (1-2).

73m - Blair has to retire, but a couple of minutes later Wilson falls when trying to to hold Partridge's shot and JOHNSON smacks the ball into the rigging (1-3).

Left-back Evans has to retire with a knee injury.

Full-time: Sheff. United 3 Newcastle 1

Position: 20th

Despite dominating the game against bottom-placed Bury, United have to come from behind and need two goals in the last fourteen minutes to secure their first victory of the season.

Bury (22nd) - SJP - 20,000

Wilson, Maitland, Hudspeth, McKenzie, Park, Harris, Urwin, Chalmers, Gallacher, McDonald, Lang.

Scorers: Gallacher (2) - Smith

Gallacher is back, Hudspeth replaces the injured Evans and Lang (after some sterling displays in the reserves) comes in for Boyd. Bury have lost all their games so far. There was a heavy downpour in the morning and it is dull and oppressively warm with drizzling rain.

The Magpies do all the attacking but they are thwarted by a mixture of near misses and an excellent display by keeper Richardson. Gallacher is once again receiving some rough treatment and there are shouts of "play the game!"

36m - In only their second dangerous raid, SMITH gives the visitors a shock lead when he heads through a centre by Robbie (0-1).

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Bury 1

Gallacher and Chalmers swop positions and McDonald picks up an injury. United up the pace even more although their attacks have more vigour than polish.

76m - Lang crosses and GALLACHER kicks it in (1-1).

87m - In a goalmouth scramble GALLACHER rushes the ball through (2-1)

Full-time: Newcastle 2 Bury 1

Position: 19th

Another goal-fest with Burnley in which all the goals come after the break. United are leading with only fifteen minutes left, but once again are hit by a quick goal burst which sees them concede three goals in a disastrous six minutes.

Burnley (4th) - Turf Moor - 20,000

Wilson, Maitland, Hudspeth, McKenzie, Park, Harris, Urwin, Chalmers, Gallacher, McDonald, Lang.

Scorers: Hudspeth (2 pens), Lang - Beel (2), Mantle, Page

The Turfmen dominate the first-half and although United defend reasonably well Burnley are also guilty of missing some sitters.

Half-time: Burnley 0 Newcastle 0

47m - Urwin is fouled by Parkin and HUDSPETH scores from the penalty spot (1-0).

52m - BEEL almost loses the ball but recovers to equalise (1-1).

67m - It is starting to rain quite heavily and this certainly contributes to LANG's goal as his centre slips through Down's hands and crosses the line before the custodian can recover (2-1).

75m - BEEL turns and swings the ball out of Wilson's reach and into the net (2-2).

76m - MANTLE dashes through The Magpies' spread-eagled defence and sends in a pile driver (2-3).

81m - PAGE heads in Bruton's cross (2-4).

Page appears to win the ball from Urwin cleanly enough but the referee controversially awards another penalty and HUDSPETH does the business again (3-4).

Full-time: Burnley 4 Newcastle 3

Position: 18th

Two teams that have been known historically for the quality of their football play out a sternly contested game in which both sides play with a dour determination. Villa take the lead midway through the first period but United equalise within minutes. An out of sorts Gallacher gets involved with some of the crowd during the match and the referee has to call a policeman across.

Aston Villa (19th) - Villa Park - 35,000

Wilson, Maitland, Hudspeth, Harris, Park, Flannigan, Boyd, Chalmers, Gallacher, McDonald, Lang.

Scorers: Chalmers - Chester

New signing Flannigan makes his debut replacing McKenzie and Boyd returns at outside-right. Villa have not made a great start to the season either.

19m - CHESTER converts York's centre to give Villa the lead (0-1).

26m - Lang forces an opening for CHALMERS who heads the ball out of Olney's reach (1-1).

Half-time: Aston Villa 1 Newcastle 1

Full-time: Aston Villa 1 Newcastle 1

Position: 19th

The Leazes stand is almost fully covered now and lots of spectators are starting to occupy that end. It is a hard fought game decided by Hudspeth’s powerful free-kick.

Leicester (12th) - SJP - 31,000

Wilson, Maitland, Hudspeth, Harris, Park, Flannigan, Boyd, McKay, Gallacher, McDonald, Lang.

Scorers: Hudspeth

Leicester have only lost once in eight games against Newcastle since the war. Chalmers has a foot injury and is replaced by McKay.

Harris wins the toss and takes advantage of the wind. The half is full of hard, keen football. Gallacher has a goal disallowed for offside and also hits the bar.

Backs Hudspeth and Maitland are struggling against the speedy Leicester forwards and the latter has to retire just before the interval.

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Leicester 0

Maitland returns but is handicapped and the visitors are looking the stronger side. Gallacher remonstrates with the referee when he is pulled up for a shoulder charge.

76m - A needless handball by Osborne gives United a free-kick just outside the penalty-area and HUDSPETH hits a great drive which beats the unsighted McLaren (1-0).

Full-time: Newcastle 1 Leicester 0

Position: 17th

The Lancastrians are unbeaten at home and United are a shade unfortunate not to get something out the game although weak finishing is the main cause of their downfall. It's a bad day for Hudspeth who misses a penalty and scores an own goal.

Blackburn (9th) - Ewood Park

Wilson, Maitland, Hudspeth, Harris, Park, Flannigan, Boyd, McKay, Gallacher, McDonald, Lang.

Scorers: Hudspeth og, Roscamp

United are playing the more methodical football and are a shade unlucky not to score.

30m - HUDSPETH tries to head clear a Puddefoot centre but can only put it into his own net (0-1).

Half-time: Blackburn 1 Newcastle 0

Hands against Roxborough gives Hudspeth the chance to equalise but Crawford saves his penalty.

Gallacher and McKay go close before ROSCAMP scores a second for the Lancastrians (0-2).

Full-time: Blackburn 2 Newcastle 0

Position: 17th

A disastrous defeat against a side which is not overburdened with footballing ability and had thus far failed to win. The defence struggles badly and all the goals are preventable whilst the forwards are woefully weak. Of all the teams in the Scottish and English Leagues, only Second Division Swansea have conceded more goals than Newcastle.

Man. United (18th) - Old Trafford - 35,000

Wilson, Maitland, Hudspeth, Harris, Park, Curry, Boyd, McKay, Gallacher, McDonald, Lang.

Scorers: Rawlings (2), Hanson, Spence, Johnston

15m - The game starts at a lightning pace and RAWLINGS slams the ball past Wilson after dashing between Hudspeth and Maitland as they claim for offside (0-1).

19m - A mistake by Hudspeth lets in HANSON who slots the ball through Wilson's legs (0-2).

22m - SPENCE volleys in after Wilson could only parry Rawlings' shot (0-3). Newcastle try and fight back but they have more spirit than method.

Half-time: Man. United 3 Newcastle 0

62m - The game is still just as fast and the Magpies start to take control. But against the run of play the home side score again. Wilson catches a high bouncing shot by Spence but before he can kick clear RAWLINGS forces him to turn the ball into the goal (0-4).

88m - JOHNSTON dribbles through the defence and Wilson before walking the ball into the empty net (0-5).

Full-time: Man. United 5 Newcastle 0

Position: 20th

Although the visitors play the more scientific football, United's pluck and enthusiasm wins over in the end. The Magpies twice come from behind and then McDonald scores a fluky winner with a shot from fifty yards out. In all the excitement a couple of spectators invade the field; one remonstrates with the referee whilst the other seems to have completely lost his head.

Leeds (6th) - SJP - 39,000

Wilson, Maitland, Thomson, Harris, Wood, McDonald, Boyd, Chalmers, Gallacher, McCurley, Lang.

Scorers: Lang, Boyd, McDonald - Wainscoat, Jennings

Leeds were promoted last season and it is fine and warm. Thomson makes his debut following his arrival from Sunderland and Wood replaces the indisposed (severe cold) Park. Chalmers has recovered from injury and with McCurley, following high economium for his performances in the reserves, drafted in for the first time United field a team of ten Scots and one Welshman.

United play against the wind in the first-half and although they are defending well they are only attacking spasmodically. Gallacher and Chalmers miss good chances.

30m - Jennings shoots and Wilson's fisted clearance is ineffective allowing WAINSCOAT to open the scoring (0-1).

35m - LANG's shot from close in goes in off a post (1-1).

38m - JENNINGS nods in to restore Leeds’s advantage (1-2).

39m - Gallacher misses an open goal.

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Leeds 2

The Magpies start to take control, but Gallacher misses another open goal. Some of the referee's decisions raise a storm of protest in the crowd.

65m - BOYD heads in to equalise (2-2).

It is end-to-end now and there is intense excitement. There are also a number of fouls and Maitland and Turnbull are both cautioned. A Harris shot is cleared by Menzies; the United players appealing unsuccessfully that the ball had already crossed the line.

There are two spectators on the pitch. One of them is trying to prove the referee wrong and the other appears to have lost his head completely.

77/87m - United win a free-kick near the centre-line and just off the touch-line (some fifty yards out). MCDONALD lobs it into the box and Potts (apparently deceived by the flight of the ball) cannot stop it sailing straight in (3-2).

Full-time: Newcastle 3 Leeds 2

Position: 17th

In a game to celebrate today's opening of the Tyne Bridge by the King, the Scots deservedly win.

Hearts - SJP - 12,000

Wilson, Maitland, Thomson, Harris, Wood, McDonald, Urwin, Boyd, Gallacher, McCurley, Lang.

Scorers: Battles

In an even first-half both teams play clever football but the keepers are in fine form and there is no score.

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Hearts 0

70m - Hearts take control and BATTLES nets (0-1). The Scots should have scored more but their shooting was inaccurate.

Full-time: Newcastle 0 Hearts 1

Boyd gives Newcastle the lead within five minutes but Liverpool end up winning with a goal two minutes from time following a controversial free-kick decision.

Liverpool (11th) - Anfield - 35,000

Wilson, Maitland, Thomson, Harris, Wood, McDonald, Boyd, Chalmers, Gallacher, McCurley, Lang.

Scorers: Boyd - Hodgson, McDougall

The weather is glorious at Anfield.

05m - United start well and BOYD screws in a ball that Scott fails to hold (1-0).

The Magpies retain control but Wilson is the most worked keeper.

Half-time: Liverpool 0 Newcastle 1

McCurley shoots straight at Scott when he is right through and almost immediately HODGSON heads through when Wilson misjudges a centre (1-1).

The game is becoming of the needling variety and Liverpool are reduced to ten men on the hour mark when Hopkin has to retire.

88m - Ten-man Liverpool are the better team and MCDOUGALL heads the winner from a controversially awarded free-kick (1-2).

Full-time: Liverpool 2 Newcastle 1

Position: 18th

The visitors give a debut to their new (transfer record) signing David Jack and on a windy day United are comfortably beaten. It is Gallacher's eighth game without scoring and United are now one off the bottom.

Arsenal (19th) - SJP - 30,000

Wilson, Maitland, Thomson, McKenzie, Park, Harris, Boyd, Chalmers, Gallacher, McDonald, Seymour.

Scorers: Thompson (2 - 1 pen), Brain

There is a strong wind. It is a game which is full of interest but with few clear-cut chances.

35m - THOMPSON puts Arsenal ahead and Newcastle seem unsettled (0-1).

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Arsenal 1

United make a brisk start but their finishing is lacking.

60m - BRAIN scores a second as United's appeals for offside are dismissed (0-2).

71m - Boyd concedes a penalty which THOMPSON converts (0-3).

The home crowd are becoming more and more agitated and there are signs that the crowd are incensed at McKenzie's play.

Full-time: Newcastle 0 Arsenal 3

Position: 21st

Jack Hill makes his debut at Roker Park but he looks nervous and there is no instant fix. Former player McKay scores twice and Newcastle have now conceded 36 goals in only 13 games. Gallacher scores a hat-trick for Scotland against Wales.

D1: Sunderland (13th) - 50,519

Wilson, Maitland, Thomson, McKenzie, Hill, McDonald, Boyd, Chalmers, Wilkinson, McCurley, Lang.

Scorers: Boyd, McKenzie - McKay (2), Halliday (2), Hargreaves

Jack Hill makes his debut. Gallacher is playing for Scotland and Wilkinson (who has been out injured) replaces him. Captain Harris is dropped with McDonald dropping back into the half-back line and taking over as skipper. The weather is dull and chilly.

The Magpies start well but fail to take a couple of good chances in the first ten minutes although Lang is unlucky to hit the woodwork.

12m - MCKAY moves across to the opposite wing and shoots in with his left foot (0-1).

15m - HALLIDAY (looking suspiciously offside) rounds Maitland and cleverly flashes the ball past Wilson (0-2).

20m - Wilkinson shoots against the upright and the ball rebounds to BOYD who strikes from close range (1-2).

25m - United’s claims for offside are again ignored as HARGREAVES nets (1-3).

United press hard but cannot break through the strong home defence.

Half-time: Sunderland 3 Newcastle 1

48m - To the crowd's amazement; MCKENZIE - with a flying kick - strikes a low shot from 25-yards which curls just inside the post (2-3).

Sunderland are in control and tempers start to fray; McInally and McKenzie are anything but the best of friends. Clunas hits the bar.

80m - HALLIDAY (2-4).

82m - Hargreaves heads against the bar and MCKAY adds a fifth (2-5).

Full-time: Sunderland 5 Newcastle 2

Position: 21st

Shell-shocked custodian Wilson is replaced by Burns and Hill takes over as captain. And it is the new skipper who inspires United to a comfortable victory in a scrappy game which Gallacher at last nets (twice).

Huddersfield (15th) - SJP - 38,000

Burns, Maitland, Thomson, McKenzie, Hill, McDonald, Boyd, Wilkinson, Gallacher, McCurley, Lang.

Scorers: Boyd, Gallacher (2), Lang - Goodall (pen)

Custodian Wilson - having palpably lost his nerve - is replaced by Burns; Chalmers is injured. Hill takes over as Captain.

The visitors do most of the attacking at the start but Thomson is excellent in nullifying their threat. With Hill cleverly engineering the play, United gradually assume control and Gallacher is guilty of two bad misses (one of the haystack variety).

31m - BOYD heads past Turner (1-0).

35m - GALLAGHER collects a pass, turns away from his marker and strikes a fine long drive into the corner of the net before the Huddersfield defence know what’s happened (2-0).

Right on half-time Lang's corner-kick deflects off a defender and is sailing into the net but the referee blows his whistle for half-time whilst it is in mid-flight.

Half-time: Newcastle 2 Huddersfield 0

47m - LANG finishes after the Huddersfield custodian fails to hold a Boyd shot (3-0).

51m - Boyd makes an excellent run down the right and centres to Lang who sets up GALLACHER to head the ball beyond Turner's reach (4-0).

United take it easy after that and midway through the half Thomson handles in the area and GOODALL converts the penalty (4-1).

Full-time: Newcastle 4 Huddersfield 1

Position: 21st

The home side have two-thirds of the game but the Novocastrians are infinitely the better team and fully deserve their first away victory. Hill's arrival has imbued the side with confidence and they combine individual artistry with great team-work and combination. Gallacher scores a hat-trick in the first thirty minutes.

Man. City (8th) - Maine Road - 15,000

Burns, Maitland, Thomson, McKenzie, Hill, McDonald, Boyd, Wilkinson, Gallacher, McCurley, Lang.

Scorers: Gallacher (3), Lang - Johnson (2)

The home side have faded after a good start to the season. Heavy rain has left the pitch in a treacherous state but the game is entertaining from the commencement.

05m - Boyd misses an excellent chance but then sets up GALLACHER who beats Ridley before giving Gray no chance (1-0).

15m - Burns repels two shots but JOHNSON scores with a third (1-1).

26m - Although Manchester are doing most of the attacking, Newcastle are dangerous on the counter and GALLACHER scores when Barras fails in an attempt to dispossess him (2-1).

28m - The City defence is all at sea and GALLACHER completes his hat-trick (3-1).

Half-time: Man City 1 Newcastle 3

47m - Poor defence lets in LANG (4-1).

90m - JOHNSON scores a consolation (4-2).

Full-time: Man City 2 Newcastle 4

Position: 18th

A strong wind - which reaches gale-force at times - spoils a game in which the visitors are left aggrieved. They believe that they have a legitimate goal disallowed and that their keeper is clearly impeded by Gallacher when Wilkinson scores the only goal.

Birmingham (15th) - SJP - 30,000

Burns, Maitland, Thomson, McKenzie, Hill, Harris, Boyd, Wilkinson, Gallacher, McCurley, Lang.

Scorers: Wilkinson

McDonald (who is injured) is replaced by Harris. Injury and illness have caused Blackburn to significantly re-arrange their forward line.

The Magpies are playing into the strong wind. Briggs has an effort disallowed and Maitland clears off the line. It is an even game, both defences are playing well and Burns is brilliant for United.

When Gallacher challenges custodian Gibbs one of the Blackburn backs squares up to him and Gallacher is not slow to adopt the retort courteous. The referee intervenes before the situation develops further.

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Birmingham 0

60m - With Hill sweeping balls out to the wings United are in the ascendancy and WILKINSON heads in (1-0). The visitors are furious because Gallagher appears to impede keeper Gibbs.

65m - Birmingham's Curtis has to retire and the visitors concentrate on defending for the rest of the game.

Full-time: Newcastle 1 Birmingham 0

Position: 14th

It is very windy on the South coast and when the ball is in the air it is as lively as a Portsmouth blue-jacket on leave. Despite losing Thomson after only twenty minutes United's ten men battle bravely and Harris fires in a terrific winner.

Portsmouth (15th) - Fratton Park - 18,000

Burns, Maitland, Thomson, McKenzie, Hill, Harris, Boyd, Wilkinson, Gallacher, McCurley, Lang.

Scorers: Harris

Pompey have won six out of their seven home games so far. With McPhail having broken his arm Lewis makes his debut in goal.

After only twenty minutes Thomson has to go off with a severely bruised hip after a collision with Forward. Harris and McCurley both drop back.

With only ten men and playing into the wind it is tough for United but they defend bravely and and Burns excels himself between the sticks.

Half-time: Portsmouth 0 Newcastle 0

A foul on Gallacher gives United a free-kick on the edge of the area and HARRIS fires in a terrific shot which completely beats Lewis (1-0).

Gallacher has a rare old tussle with Irvine and is barracked by the crowd after he commits a number of fouls.

Full-time: Portsmouth 0 Newcastle 1

Position: 13th

Bolton are also in excellent form having won five of their last six. United are bubbling over with enthusiasm in a game brimful with incident, but the scoreline flatters them with Magpies custodian Burns thrilling the crowd with an amazingly polished display. They become the first club to record five successive victories in Division 1 this season. Tragically, a spectator collapses and dies during the game.

Bolton (15th) - SJP - 30,000

Burns, Maitland, Harris, McKenzie, Hill, Gibson, Boyd, Wilkinson, Gallacher, McCurley, Lang.

Scorers: McCurley, McKenzie, Wilkinson, Boyd - McClelland

16m - United are full of confidence and MCCURLEY flashes the ball in with his head (1-0).

21m - MCKENZIE runs onto the ball and without breaking stride hits an unstoppable 35-yard drive past Pym (2-0).

44m - WILKINSON nets an easy chance (3-0).

Half-time: Newcastle 3 Bolton 0

49m - Burns is unsighted by Maitland and MCCLELLAND heads in (3-1).

57m - BOYD scores a fourth (4-1).

Full-time: Newcastle 4 Bolton 1

Position: 12th

Both sides line up before the game as the Band plays God Save the King in respect of the ill King George. An entertaining game, despite the treacherous surface, is heading for a draw until the home side score twice in three minutes towards the end. It is a tremendous game full of sparkling football in which league leaders Wednesday's more robust methods triumphed over United's artistry

Sheff. Wed. (1st) - Hillsborough - 25,000

Burns, Maitland, Harris, McKenzie, Hill, Gibson, Boyd, Wilkinson, Gallacher, McCurley, Lang.

Scorers: Gallacher (pen) - Allen (2), Hooper

Wednesday have won 8 and drawn 1 of their 9 home games. It is sunny but cold and the frosty ground has been liberally covered with sand; half the pitch is frostbound and the half which has received the sun is very soft.

The players start gingerly and Wilkinson gets through twice but fails to score with only the keeper to beat. Hooper hits the post for the Blades and despite the conditions it is a rousing match.

26m - ALLEN turns past Hill and beats Burns with a grand drive (0-1).

A section of the crowd is involved in some "back-chat" with Gallacher after he complains to the referee when he believes he has been fouled on the touchline by Leach.

Half-time: Sheff. Wed 1 Newcastle United 0

The home side are more and more on top and a first-time drive from Wilson crashes against the bar.

65m - During a goalmouth scramble Blenkinsop handles and GALLACHER hits the penalty into the bottom corner (1-1). The crowd are getting annoyed with United's time-wasting at throw ins.

Boyd shoots from distance, custodian Brown runs out to collect the ball but it sails over his head. However, Gallacher had impeded his movement and the effort is disallowed.

76m - Burns - under pressure - fumbles a high ball and ALLEN dashes in to scramble the ball over the line (1-2).

79m - Burns is in trouble again when he runs out to intercept a ball but is beaten to it by HOOPER who finishes with a sharp cross drive (1-3).

Full-time: Sheff. Wed 3 Newcastle United 1

Position: 13th

Once again, the teams line up for the National Anthem amid an impressive silence within the ground. There’s a couple inches of snow on the pitch and the fog is too dense to risk an interval. It is a splendid exhibition of attacking football with United eventually asserting their superiority, but it needs another excellent performance from Burns when the second-placed visitors are on top in the first-half.

D1: Derby (2nd) - SJP - 28,000

Burns, Harris, Thomson, McKenzie, Hill, Gibson, Boyd, Chalmers, Gallacher, McCurley, Lang.

Scorers: McCurley, Chalmers, Boyd, Gallacher - Ruddy

It is foggy and the snowfall last night has left the frozen pitch with a couple of inches on top. Maitland is out with influenza.

17m - MCCURLEY gets to a through ball before Wilkes and scores with a slow shot (1-0).

Derby are creating the better chances but Burns pulls off some excellent saves.

45m - RUDDY hits a shot of the unstoppable order from close-range (1-1).

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Derby 1

The fog is so dense that the referee decides to have no interval.

47m - CHALMERS puts United back in front and then misses another great chance (2-1).

74m - BOYD races on to a long pass by Hill and crashes the ball in (3-1).

Newcastle are in control now and GALLACHER links up well with Boyd to head in (4-1).

Full-time: Newcastle 4 Derby 1

Position: 10th

A rousing struggle in which both teams contribute, but whereas much of the old United artistry is apparent there is little end result. Chalmers gives United an early lead before the returning Dean scores a hat-trick for the reigning Champions.

Everton (9th) - Goodison Park - 20,000

Burns, Harris, Thomson, McKenzie, Hill, Gibson, Boyd, Chalmers, Gallacher, McCurley, Lang.

Scorers: Chalmers, Lang - Dean (3), Martin, Ritchie

It is wet and the ground is heavy; Dixie Dean returns for the home side.

03m - Gallacher lays it to CHALMERS who outwits the defence before netting. (1-0).

15m - DEAN equalises with a fizzing grounder (1-1).

33m - Play is fast and even and MARTIN scores with a lightning shot (1-2).

From the re-start Gallacher does not play the ball forward (as per the rules) and the referee orders him to retake it. Again he fails to restart correctly and the referee again orders a retake. Gallacher then walks away from the ball, but Hill has words and brings him back. Gallacher then tries to get McCurley to kick-off but the captain insists that he should take the kick.

Half-time: Everton 2 Newcastle United 1

53m - Newcastle open the second-half in great style and Davies twice has to save splendidly, but Dunn back-heels the ball for DEAN to score (1-3).

75m - LANG goes right through (2-3).

80m - RITCHIE (2-4).

83m - DEAN (2-5).

Full-time: Everton 5 Newcastle United 2

Position: 11th

Newcastle are unlucky not to get a point.

West Ham (13th) - Boleyn Ground - 15,000

Burns, Maitland, Harris, McKenzie, Hill, Gibson, Boyd, Wilkinson, Gallacher, McCurley, Lang.

Scorers: Gibbins

Half-time: West Ham Newcastle

Full-time: West Ham 1 Newcastle 0

Position: 14th

Although some players are rested United dominate the return fixture and would have won by more than McCurley's header if England international custodian Hufton had not been in such fine form.

West Ham (11th) - SJP - 43,000

Burns, Maitland, Thomson, McKenzie, Park, Harris, Boyd, Chalmers, Gallacher, McCurley, Lang.

Scorers: McCurley

The weather is fine but the ground is soft. Some of the players are rested including Hill

13m - United started aggressively and from Lang's corner-kick MCCURLEY heads through in a flash to score at the near post (1-0).

United dominate but Hufton is in superb form.

Half-time: Newcastle 1 West Ham 0

The Magpies continue to dominate but the visitors defend well.

Full-time: Newcastle 1 West Ham 0

Position: 13th

A fourth successive away defeat as the Welshman's more direct tactics are better suited to the heavy ground than United's short passing style.

Cardiff (20th) - Ninian Park - 10,000

Burns, Maitland, Thomson, McKenzie, Hill, Harris, Boyd, Chalmers, Gallacher, McCurley, Lang.

Scorers: Thirlaway, Wake

The Magpies start well but the soft and heavy ground starts to cut-up and their short-passing style starts to become less and less effective. They fail to adopt their tactics and Cardiff’s more direct approach starts to pay dividends.

Half-time: Cardiff 0 Newcastle 0

Warren races around Maitland (who is very unhappy today) and finds THIRLAWAY who has time and space to score easily (0-1).

Warren tricks his way past United's right-back again before setting up WAKE (0-2).

Full-time: Cardiff 2 Newcastle 0

Position: 14th

Hutton clears

Although the pitch is a mix of sand, frost and ice, second placed Blackburn are a class above. Playing fast, open football they are strongest in all departments and fully deserve their win. United's attack is far too small and lightweight to disrupt the Lancastrians sturdy defence.

D1: Blackburn (2nd) - SJP - 40,000

Burns, Maitland, Thomson, Carlton, Hill, Harris, Urwin, Chalmers, Gallacher, McCurley, Lang.

Scorers: Roscamp, Bourton

Carlton replaces the injured McKenzie and Urwin replaces Boyd.

It is a fast, fairly even game, but shooting is difficult owing to the uncertain foothold. Burns makes a couple of great saves and Carlton hits an upright for United.

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Blackburn 0.

64m - Bourton finds ROSCAMP quite unmarked; he bursts past a Newcastle trio and scores a fine goal (0-1).

65m - The roles are reversed as Roscamp passes to BOURTON who pivots and scores with a hard shot (0-2). The visitors take control.

Full-time: Newcastle 0 Blackburn 2

Position: 14th

Unbounded determination and a will to win are the main attributes which bring victory. The forwards are more enterprising and dashing than in any other game this season, but United also have to withstand some severe and sustained pressure in the first-half.

Sheffield United (17th) - SJP - 20,000

Burns, Maitland, Thomson, Carlton, Hill, Harris, Urwin, Boyd, Gallacher, McCurley, Lang.

Scorers: Carlton, McCurley, Boyd, Webster og - Pickering, Johnson

Urwin is recalled and United experiment with Boyd at inside-right in place of the rested Chalmers. Consistent rain over the last 24 hours has left the pitch in a sodden and muddy state.

12m - The visitors start well and - after Boyd strikes a post - PICKERING scores with a fine drive (0-1).

United hit back and Gallacher hits the post from an acute angle.

17m - From a corner CARLTON shoots powerfully through a clutch of players (1-1).

19m - A perfect pass from Gallacher sets up MCCURLEY for the easiest of chances (2-1).

30m - Hill is injured and limping.

37m - JOHNSON sharply converts a centre from Gibson (2-2).

45m - Cawthorne is knocked-out whilst heading the ball but play continues and when custodian Wharton comes out to collect he is heavily charged by McCurley and sent for yards. He loses the ball and three United forwards are in attendance to walk the ball in, BOYD the one finishing things off (3-2).

Newcastle lead at the break despite some fierce and well-sustained attacking from the visitors.

Half-time: Newcastle 3 Sheff. United 2

Hill is clearly lame and is put out on the wing as United reshuffle. But it is Newcastle - with McCurley and Thomson excellent - who start to take control. Play also becomes tougher with humps being freely administered.

Hill hits the post and when the ball bounces back to Gallacher (who is only two-yards out) he amazingly blasts it over the bar. Hill then hits the post when presented with an open goal.

74m - LANG shot on the turf and Webster, in trying to divert the ball away, merely puts it in his own net (4-2).

82m - Hill retires.

Full-time: Newcastle 4 Sheff. United 2

Despite the fact that it soon becomes apparent that United's short-passing tactics or not going to work on the hard ground they persist and are beaten by a Swindon side which does not need to raise its game.

Swindon - 17,869

Burns, Maitland, Thomson, Carlton, Park, Harris, Urwin, Boyd, Gallacher, McCurley, Lang.

Scorers: Morris (2)

Park is drafted in for the injured Hill.

Swindon (without playing particularly well) are the better side and United make no headway against the home side's resolute and dour defence.

30m - A long ball is punted up the middle, MORRIS takes it in his stride and lifts the ball over Burns' head from a difficult angle in brilliant fashion (0-1). The goal boosts Swindon's confidence and the Magpie's play becomes dispirited and disjointed.

Half-time: Swindon 1 Newcastle 0

62m - Denyer beats Thomson easily and shoots the ball into the goalmouth, it is partially repelled but MORRIS has no trouble finding the net (0-2). In the last fifteen minutes United rally themselves, but to no avail.

Full-time: Swindon 2 Newcastle 0

United lose for the sixth time in succession away from Tyneside. They play plenty of pretty, constructive football, but bottom placed Bury's open methods are much more suited to the conditions and once again the small, lightweight attack fails to make much impression on a heavy ground and against a hefty set of defenders who don't stand on ceremony.

Bury (22nd) - Gigg Lane - 12,000

Burns, Maitland, Thomson, Mathison, Wood, Harris, Urwin, Gallacher, Wilkinson, McCurley, Lang.

Scorers: Smith (2 - 1 pen)

Carlton, Park and Wilkinson are all dropped and Mathison comes in for his first game since being signed from Walker Welbeck in 1926.

The heavy thaw after a prolonged frost has made the ground sodden and muddy. United stick with their standard short-passing game but Bury opt for a more open and expansive approach which is better suited to the conditions. Burns makes clever saves from Pratt and Amos.

27m - Thomson is harshly penalised for handball and SMITH scores from the spot (0-1).

Half-time: Bury 1 Newcastle 0

73m - Maintaining the pressure, the home forwards fully extend the Newcastle defence, and after the ball comes back off an upright SMITH scores (0-2).

Full-time: Bury 2 Newcastle 0

Position: 14th

Cunningham makes his debut and helps United end their away day blues in a keen and exciting game on another quagmire of a pitch. Gallacher equalises after the home side take the lead.

Leicester (7th) - 19,000

Burns, Maitland, Thomson, McKenzie, Hill, Harris, Urwin, Cunningham, Gallacher, McDonald, Lang.

Scorers: Gallacher - Adcock

Leicester are unbeaten at home but two of their forwards have succumbed to the influenza epidemic. Andy Cunningham becomes the club's oldest ever debutant at 38 years of age. It is raining heavily and the ground is very soft.

15m - ADCOCK puts the finishing touch to excellent dribbling by Chandler (0-1).

32m - From a corner, Osborne messes up with a headed clearance and an unmarked GALLACHER accepts the gift and beats McLaren all the way (1-1).

Although the persistent rain is turning into a quagmire, both teams are playing remarkably well considering the conditions.

Half-time: Leicester 1 Newcastle 1

United are unlucky when a wonderful ball from Cunningham puts Lang through to score only for it to be disallowed for a marginal offside.

But Leicester create most of the chances in the second-half and Burns makes some wonderful saves particularly during a terrific bombardment in the later stages of the game which ends with four players laid out on the terra (not so) firma.

Full-time: Leicester 1 Newcastle 1

Position: 14th

Gallacher scores a hat-trick against the wooden spoonists who have custodian Staward to thank for preventing a rout. That the Mancunians are in a sad pickle is beyond question.

Man. United (22nd) - SJP - 40,000

Burns, Maitland, Thomson, McKenzie, Hill, Harris, Urwin, Cunningham, Gallacher, McDonald, Lang.

Scorers: Gallacher (3 - 1 pen), Urwin, Lang

08m - GALLACHER (1-0).

19m - URWIN (2-0).

44m - GALLACHER (3-0).

Half-time: Newcastle 3 Man. United 0

65m - LANG (4-0).

67m - GALLACHER penalty (5-0).

Full-time: Newcastle 5 Man. United 0

Position: 14th

More awful conditions as the frostbound pitch is covered in an inch of snow. Both sides put in the required effort but there are precious few clear chances as both defences are on top. At one point the referee gets in the way of a free-kick by Lang and is knocked out; the kick is retaken and the official gets in the way once more.

Leeds (7th) - 20,000

Burns, Maitland, Thomson, McKenzie, Hill, Harris, Urwin, Cunningham, Gallacher, McDonald, Lang.

Due to the conditions both sides start cautiously but gradually the homesters do most of the attacking.

Half-time: Leeds 0 Newcastle 0

There is plenty of vigorous play but no goals.

Full-time: Leeds 0 Newcastle 0

Position: 10th

Lang scores twice in the first half-hour but Liverpool pull one back just before half-time and Maitland heads into his own net ten minutes after the break

Liverpool (12th) - SJP - 45,000

Burns, Maitland, Thomson, McKenzie, Park, Harris, Urwin, Cunningham, Wilkinson, McDonald, Lang.

Scorers: Lang (2) - Edmed, Maitland og

The ground is once again heavy.

13m - Jackson fails to effectively head clear and LANG pounces (1-0).

Within the space of a couple of minutes Hodgson thrice forces Burns to brilliantly save from his headers.

20/30m - Cunningham sets up LANG (2-0).

41m - EDMED glances the ball in off a post (2-1).

Half-time: Newcastle 2 Liverpool 1

55m - Newcastle are slow to settle and Clarke's shot is headed into his own net by MAITLAND (2-2). The play of both teams subsequently falls away.

Full-time: Newcastle 2 Liverpool 2

Position: 12th

A bus driver carrying supporters to the match takes a wrong turning when they are passing through Sunderland and lands his passengers in a cemetery. The club raise the minimum admission price to 1 shilling. Half an hour before the start the massive crowd spills on to the pitch and mounted police are requisitioned to clear the arena. In a thrilling game Sunderland equalise thrice, but Gallacher scores again two minutes from time with Sunderland down to ten men.

Sunderland (2nd) - SJP - 66,275

Burns, Maitland, Thomson, McKenzie, Hill, Harris, Urwin, Cunningham, Gallacher, McDonald, Lang.

Scorers: Urwin, Gallacher (2 -1 pen), Allan og - Robinson, McKay, McLean

08m - The game starts in a stirring fashion and URWIN scores with a coolly-taken goal following a centre by Lang (1-0).

17m - McInally sets up ROBINSON who slams in from point-blank range (1-1).

Sunderland are unlucky not to get a penalty when Hill blocks Robinson and also claim twice for handball.

28m - England is judged to have handled whilst on the ground and GALLACHER restores the lead (2-1).

36m - MCKAY hits a terrific drive which hits the underside of the bar and goes through (2-2),

Half-time: Newcastle 2 Sunderland 2

Tempers become rather frayed in the heat.

60m - Hill and ALLAN go up for a corner and the latter named heads into his own net (3-2).

70m - MCLEAN cuts inside Maitland and strikes a stunning shot (3-3).

75m - Sunderland's Andrews retires injured.

88m - McDonald and Lang combine to set up GALLACHER who darts forward and heads through the narrowest gap (4-3).

Full-time: Newcastle 4 Sunderland 3

Position: 10th

Olney punches away

Newcastle recover from a shaky start in which Villa take an early lead and Gallacher scores another brace as United play fast, dashing football. Villa are unlucky to hit the bar twice.

Aston Villa (6th) - SJP - 35,000

Burns, Maitland, Thomson, Harris, Hill, Gibson, Urwin, Cunningham, Gallacher, McDonald, Lang.

Scorers: Gallacher (2) - Yorke

11m - Villa play cleverly and YORKE puts them in front (0-1).

37m - Mort fails to trap a high through ball and GALLACHER nips in to push the ball into the net (1-1).

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Aston Villa 1

The Magpies improve greatly; playing dashing, combined football at a great pace.

57m - A fine pass from Cunningham sets GALLACHER up to score with an excellent cross-shot (2-1).

Full-time: Newcastle 2 Aston Villa 1

Position: 8th

Huddersfield have not won at home this year and Cunningham's penalty puts Newcastle in front. But they are guilty of persisting with pattern-weaving tactics when a more direct method is called for and the homesters bounce back to win.

Huddersfield (12th) - 12,000

Burns, Maitland, Thomson, Harris, Hill, McCurley, Urwin, Cunningham, Wilkinson, McDonald, Lang.

Scorers: Cunningham (pen) - Brown, Dent

28m - United are playing much the better football and get a break when Goodall accidentally handles in the area and the referee gives a penalty which CUNNINGHAM scores easily (1-0).

Just before the interval BROWN drives the ball home with great force (1-1).

Half-time: Huddersfield 1 Newcastle 1

65m - Sheer thrustfulness sees DENT run from the centre-line holding off the challenges of three United players before thumping the ball into the corner of the net (1-2).

Keen football follows and a spice of roughness creeps into the play.

Full-time: Huddersfield 2 Newcastle 1

Position: 10th

Although Gallacher scores two penalties in a comprehensive victory, he also picks up an injury.

Man City (15th) - SJP - 25,000

Burns, Maitland, Thomson, .Harris, Hill, McCurley, Urwin, Cunningham, Gallacher, McDonald, Lang.

Scorers: Gallacher (2 -1 pen), Urwin, Lang

01m - Felton handles and GALLACHER converts the penalty (1-0).

The Citizens are playing the better football but the Newcastle defence is sound, especially Burns. Gallacher is injured and he swops places with Urwin.

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Man. City 0

47m - URWIN scores (2-0).

LANG heads in (3-0).

Gallacher scores from a penalty (4-0).

Full-time: Newcastle 4 Man. City 0

Position: 10th

United are the more artistic side but the Birmingham men have the clearer chances and are unlucky not to win; Briggs twice hitting a post and Hicks shooting straight at Burns when clean through.

Birmingham (15th) - 30,000

Burns, Maitland, Thomson, McKenzie, Hill, Harris, Urwin, Cunningham, Boyd, McDonald, Lang.

Boyd is brought in to lead the attack in place of the injured Gallacher. It is very hot and sunny.

Boyd misses a splendid chance, shooting over from a range of a few yards.

Half-time: Birmingham 0 Newcastle 0

Birmingham resume briskly; Briggs twice hits a post and Hicks shoots tamely at Burns when clean through.

Bradford leaves the field injured, and in the closing stages United attack strongly.

Full-time: Birmingham 0 Newcastle 0

Position: 9th

Arsenal (7th) - Highbury - 25,000

Burns, Maitland, Thomson, Harris, Hill, McCurley, Urwin, Cunningham, Boyd, McDonald, Lang.

Scorers: Lang, Cunningham - Jack

10m - From an Urwin centre LANG scores with a clever low shot (1-0).

Half-time: Arsenal 0 Newcastle 1

47m - United's only defensive slip-up sees an unimpeded JACK head in when the ball is lofted into the box (1-1).

Urwin passes square to CUNNINGHAM who turns and beats Lewis from twenty-yards out with a particular fine left-footed shot (2-1).

Arsenal make desperate efforts to equalise but Newcastle defend superbly.

Full-time: Arsenal 1 Newcastle 2

Position: 9th

Newcastle are guilty of too much short passing as struggling Portsmouth earn a surprise victory on Tyneside with the only goal coming direct from a corner-kick.

Portsmouth (21st) - SJP - 25,000

Burns, Maitland, Thomson, Harris, Hill, McCurley, Urwin, Chalmers, Boyd, McDonald, Lang.

Scorers: Forward

Gallacher and Cunningham are both ruled out for the visit of struggling Pompey.

It is a poor first-half with United guilty of playing it too close. Just before the break they make a spirited rally but Gilfillan is excellent in the visitor's goal and they are unlucky to hit the bar twice.

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Portsmouth 0

55m - FORWARD takes a corner. Burns - who has the sun in his eyes and is distracted by the movements of a couple of players - loses track of the ball as it catches the wind and sails under the crossbar (0-1).

Full-time: Newcastle 0 Portsmouth 1

Position: 12th

A capital game in benefit of Heart's player Johnston.

Hearts - 6,000

Burns, Maitland, Gillespie, Harris, Wood, McCurley, Boyd, Chalmers, Urwin, McDonald, Lang.

Scorers: Chalmers (2), Boyd - Battles (2), Murray.

06m - CHALMERS gives United an early lead (1-0).

18m - BATTLES equalises at the end of a splendid move. (1-1).

Half-time: Hearts 1 Newcastle 1

52m - BOYD scores with a solo effort (2-1).

72m - CHALMERS scores his second (3-1).

73m - BATTLES pulls one back (3-2).

MURRAY heads in an equaliser (3-3).

Full-time: Hearts 3 Newcastle 3

Cup finalists Bolton are without a number of players in a game delayed until the evening so as not to clash with the local point-to-point races.

Bolton (18th) - 10,000

Burns, Maitland, Thomson, Harris, Hill, McCurley, Boyd, Chalmers, Urwin, McDonald, Lang.

Scorers: Blackmore

04m - Burns gets a hand to BLACKMORE's fine effort but he can't keep it out (0-1).

Half-time: Bolton 1 Newcastle 0

Full-time: Bolton 1 Newcastle 0

Position: 12th

A win for Wednesday will secure them the League title but in a bruising encounter on a bone-hard pitch it is United who secure the spoils with a couple of goals in the first thirty minutes from the returning Gallacher.

Sheff. Wed (1st) - SJP - 20,000

Burns, Maitland, Thomson, Harris, Wood, McCurley, Urwin, Chalmers, Gallacher, McDonald, Lang.

Scorers Gallacher (2 - 1 pen) - Allen

It is sunny but there is very little grass on what is a bonehard pitch. Gallacher is back but Cunningham (injury) and Hill (chill) are both missing.

02m - Lang is felled in the area and GALLACHER hits the spot-kick into the roof of the net (1-0).

Wednesday try to repond but United are defending resolutely.

29m - Against the run of play McCurley finds Gallacher in the penalty area with a great pass. A typical piece of GALLACHER magic sees him feit then beat his man with sheer footcraft of the highest order before finishing with a crisp ground shot from close in (2-0).

The referee misses Maitland handle in the area as the game becomes increasingly rough.

Half-time: Newcastle 2 Sheff. Wed 0

67m - Strange's long shot comes back off the angle of post and crossbar, the defence fails to clear and ALLEN scores (2-1).

Full-time: Newcastle 2 Sheff. Wed 1

Position: 10th

Chalmers gets both goals on Cup Final day.

Derby (6th) - 13,355

Burns, Maitland, Fairhurst, Harris, Hill, McCurley, Urwin, Chalmers, Boyd, McDonald, Lang.

Scorers: Chalmers (2) - Bedford

Fairhurst makes his debut in place of Thomson who, along with Cunningham and Gallacher, is injured.

21m - The home side start in poor fashion and CHALMERS supplies a grand finish to a finely worked goal (1-0).

Half-time: Derby 0 Newcastle 1

48m - BEDFORD drives home a hard shot from close-range (1-1).

55m - United break away; Urwin's shot is saved but CHALMERS scores with the keeper out of position (2-1).

Full-time: Derby 1 Newcastle 2

Position: 10th

United struggle before the break and are indebted to Burns for keeping them in the game; after half-time they play with more purpose and slack defending allows Gallacher to score twice.

Everton (18th) - SJP - 20,000

Burns, Maitland, Thomson, Harris, Hill, McCurley, Urwin, Chalmers, Gallacher, McDonald, Lang.

Scorers: Gallacher (2)

Everton are well on top and have the United defence running hither and thither and they need Burns to be at his best to keep them out.

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Everton 0

United begin to play with good purpose.

61m - McDonald crashes a beauty against the upright; the ball rebounds across the goal and a remarkably quick GALLACHER heads home (1-0). Newcastle take control.

90m - Hill lobs the ball forward; Gallacher and Chalmers are glaringly offside and most players stop, but the referee does not toot and GALLACHER smacks the ball into the roof of the net (2-0).

Full-time: Newcastle 2 Everton 0

Position: 10th


Scorers: Chalmers

Sunderland Echo reporter Argus received a sensational account of Sunday's game in Milan from Tommy Urwin and Bob Thomson and the paper reported it in their own words (written in the hotel on the evening after the game).

"We witnessed some of the most amazing scenes to-day. We were one up in the first ten minutes, scored by Chalmers, our inside right. Then it began to get rough, but we were still in front at half-time.

After changing over things got worse on account of the referee being very weak. He allowed the worst fouls imaginable and this at last led to Tommy Lang our outside left and their right back being sent off.

Things went from bad to worse. They were given a penalty, what for nobody knows! Anyhow, the player deliberately missed the goal. After many more stoppages the game finished with the United still leading 1-0.

All the boys played well, and our opponents were quite a good side, but the crowd was full of excitement and bitter against us. Well when we had to leave the stadium fully 5,000 awaited us, and we had to be escorted by the Army and the police, for our bus windows were smashed by the missiles thrown.

Several players were hit. Burns, our goalkeeper, was cut about the face, and we were all lucky to escape. After being in the hotel a few minutes we were visited again by the mob, still strong, and flashing knives, and they are at this moment still outside giving us our "Sunday names".

We have had orders not to leave the hotel tonight, and I can assure you we won't leave until train-time tomorrow (Monday)".

Milan newspaper "Corriere della Sera" flatly contradicted the claims against the Italian crowds. It claimed that the United players lost their tempers when they perceived that the Italian team was tougher than they thought and they resorted to brutal methods in an attempt to disable their adversaries.

They also claimed that when the penalty was awarded the English players attacked the referee, kicking and bruising him. As a protest the Milan team refused to take the kick.

Finally they say "we are astonished at the Newcastle United team's unchivalrous and unsportsmanlike behaviour, rendered worse by their attempt to throw the blame on the Italians".

24/05 - Austrian newspaper Sporttagblatt criticised United's outdated tactics and pondered "poor Newcastle, what has become of you! The scientists without science". They also lambasted the team's approach suggesting that they think they are on a pleasure cruise.

The President of the Vienna FA (Herr Alexander Neumann) and the manager of the Rapid club (Herr Dionys Schoenecker) also criticise United's "conservative, old-fashioned, machine-like safety first and unimaginative methods". They go on to say that "the British are perfect gentlemen, but they play as if their primary reason was to earn a day's wage instead of putting their heart into the game". They also suggest that the United players did not enter the field as fresh as they might have done.

The "Sportagblatt" later called upon the Austrian FA to prohibit visits from English clubs in the future as "teachers who have nothing to teach, fighters who don't fight, and players who have no ambition to play are unwelcome visitors here."

Local officials enlarged the ground and built new grandstands in anticipation of the game but only 3,500 turn up. Although it is only 2-1 to Bratislava at the break they score five times in the first twenty minutes of the second-half. With fifteen minutes left Priboj gets injured and retires; Newcastle do not permit a substitute. At the conclusion of the game the crowd whistles vociferously in complaint. "Der Morgen" describes United's performance as the "peak of indolence" and argues that "this complete failure of the English" proves that "the gentlemen make only pleasure trips" and are not interested in providing "sporting value". "Reichspost" calls it "almost a scandal... without parable in the history of international football life".

05m - Uher

30m - Macdonald (1-1).

44m - Priboj (1-2). After the break Bratislava through Uher (48m), Bulla (53m), Cambal (54m and 60m) and Uher (65m). But the home side stay in control and Uher scores his fourth in the last minute with a fine solo effort.


Scorers: Chalmers - tbc (pen)

United suffer another defeat. Gallacher scores a penalty in the first half but he and Maitland are given their marching orders after the break as the play assumes a very rough character. After the game the Hungarian FA officials refuse to pay Newcastle the sum of money agreed when the match was arranged; £165. It is believed that a part of the amount is paid after a strong protest by the United officials.

Newcastle's display in Budapest results in very strong adverse comment in the Hungarian Press. It is claimed that the Hungarian FA are considering the advisability of refusing to arrange further tours and that they have refused to pay the sum of £165 due Newcastle United for the match. The money will be sent to the English FA, who will be asked to exercise their discretion as to whether Newcastle United should receive it or whether it should be refunded to the Hungarian authorities.

The "Magyar Hirlap" says the English players did not play and claims they boxed, struck, and kicked the Hungarian players.

"Ujsag" remarks that the Hungarian public will be represented by its enemies abroad as lacking in self-control and being too temperamental. Would the London public, it asks, have taken it calmly if the foreign players had been guilty of brutal conduct? It also claims that the spectators remained calm and preserved their dignity.

The" Pesti Naplo" says Hill and Burns alone were above criticism.

The " Budapest Hirlap" and the " Magyarsag" express the opinion that British professional football has spoilt itself in Budapest for years to come.