NUFC 1909/10 - Season Diary

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02/06 - Aston Villa want £486 compensation for the cancelled game last season; United are only prepared to give them £450.

08/06 - Newcastle are presented with the Championship Cup at the Football League AGM in London's Imperial Hotel.

09/06 - At the League Council meeting the club are allowed to add players to their list for transfer, but are fined a guinea for their transgression of the rules. A claim is not entertained.

11/06 - United announce their financial results which show that despite gross revenue reaching £21,519 they only made a modest profit of £1258 2s 6d due to their heavy outlaws which included £5,020 on transfers and bonuses.

17/06 - It is confirmed that Colin Veitch has now re-signed.

18/06 - The AGM is held. A 5% dividend is awarded and - after a contested election - Cameron, Oliver, McKenzie and Graham are all re-elected to the Board.

30/06 - The first meeting of the new Board of Directors takes place. Councillor James Lunn, who has acted as chairman since the death of Mr Bell, is unanimously elected as Chairman. The Fall River Rovers, an American team who are due in England later this year, were offered a £50 guarantee for a match at Newcastle on September 2. However they also wanted expenses and the club have refused to accede to their request. The League Management Committee will hold their next meeting at Newcastle on Friday, July 16, and it is decided to entertain them to dinner at the Old Assembly Rooms in commemoration of this being the League's majority year and Newcastle United having again won the championship.


02/07 - The Wellesey Training Ship band will be re-engaged to provide musical entertainment for this season.

05/07 - Following the diktat from the authorities it is believed that the vast majority of players will resign from the Players Union. However it is rumoured that a few prominent players will not comply; and that players of Newcastle and Manchester United are amongst those who still hold aloof.

05/07 - Hearts have signed "Dicky" Harker. Hibernians don't want him to move, but the matter really rests with Newcastle who are happy to let him go.

The Authorities state that players who refuse to resign from the Players Union will be suspended and will have their summer wages stopped. Up to 800 have allegedly resigned so far and it is expected that figure will soon rise to 1,000. But there are still believed to be recalcitrants at some clubs including Newcastle.

12/07 - Despite the ongoing rumours, Newcastle state that - as far as they know - all their players have resigned from the Union.

16/07 - The Football League Management Committee is entertained by the club at the Old Assembly Rooms.

18/07 - In the early hours of the morning two men break into secretary Frank Watt's house and steal money, gold and a diamond ring.

19/07 - Rumours that McWilliam (who is yet to re-sign for the club) is to take up an American appointment are refuted.

20/07 - Two Gosforth men - Percy Taylor and Joseph Spoor - receive short prison sentences after admitting theft. Watt had been away on holiday and the valuables were left in an open cash-box in an unfastened wardrobe. Taylor had been alerted to their whereabouts by two boys who had been in the house to feed the dogs. The Bench criticised Watt for being "almost criminally negligent". Watt stated that he kept them in the house instead of at a bank for private purposes; "betting" he added hesitantly.

26/07 - Carr scores 133-not-out for Hendon in a cricket match against Boldon.


02/08 - Eighteen thousand people witness the annual athletic meeting of the Newcastle City Police at St. James'.

04/08 - A meeting of the Directors is held at the clubhouse and it is reported that twenty-seven of the players have already arrived and begun training for the season; including Low and Finlay, the only new Scottish importations. The first practice match has been fixed for Monday week. The United players will take part in a cricket match in Morpeth on Thursday, August 26th.

08/08 - Willis, whilst cycling near Kingskerswell (Torquay) is run into by a motor bicycle and rendered insensible. At Torbay Hospital he is found to have a slight concussion of the brain, besides having sustained severe cuts about the face. His bicycle was considerably damaged.

10/08 - Aberdeen are negotiating for the transfer Peter McWilliam, the noted Newcastle United Internationalist.

11/08 - The secretary of the Players Union, Mr Broomfield, meets with 27 Newcastle players and the Newcastle men unanimously decide to stand by the Manchester United players who have remained loyal to the Union in their efforts to prove that professional football players are entitled to the same rights as other workers. They also accorded them a hearty vote of thanks for the stand they have made on behalf of professional football players.

12/08 - The Sunderland and Middlesbrough players also agree to support the Union.

14/08 - Newcastle United and McWilliam have come to terms. Aberdeen, Celtic, and other League clubs were desirous of the services of the Inverness man, but a tremendous transfer fee was put on his head, and it would have taken an Andrew Carnegie to buy him. The only thing open for Peter, therefore, was to remain with Newcastle. Had he appealed to the English Association, he would doubtless have got the reply: " We see no reason for you shifting from Newcastle." Such is the injustice of football!

18/08 - The adjourned conference between representatives of the Football Association and the General Federation of Trade Unions (acting on behalf of the Players' Union) is held in Manchester. Matters have been considerably precipitated by the fact that Newcastle United, Sunderland, Middlesbrough, and the two Liverpool clubs have thrown in their lot in with the Manchester United players in their stand against the Football Association. A meeting will be held next Tuesday (in Birmingham) between the F.A. and the Players' Union with a view to reaching a settlement.

23/08 - At the Grand Assembly Rooms, in recognition of the signal services rendered to the club in their capacity as directors, George Archibald and Mr. J. Oliver will be the recipients of silver tea services.

31/08 - With the threat of a strike still looming large, a meeting is held between the FA and players at The Grand Hotel in Birmingham. Chairman of the FA, Clegg, gives a long speech explaining why they cannot accede to the players' demands and suggests the players form a new organisation to look after their rights. United’s Colin Veitch stands up in his brown knickerbocker suit and voices the player’s arguments with discretion and eloquence. He makes it clear that the players want the current Union to continue and be recognised, the suspensions to be lifted and the arrears to be paid. He also makes it clear that, if the arrears are paid, he believes that the Union will lift the threat of a strike. Clegg sees this as a reasonable compromise and asks Veitch to get the agreement of the Union.

31/08 - The Newcastle directors receive a post informing them that 25 of the players have rejoined the Union. Another 11 players are not union members. As a result, two reserve fixtures have been cancelled but the club expect the opening League match to go ahead tomorrow.


The Players Union - represented by Manchester United captain Roberts and Newcastle players Veitch and Lawrence - meet with FA Chairman Clegg and agree on a set of proposals (based on what was discussed at yesterday's meeting) to take to the players and the FA.

United are on top for most of a splendidly contested game and outclass their opponents in all departments except defence. They play lots of pretty football, but although they attack hotly they lack fire in front of goal and have to wait until fifteen minutes from time to make the breakthrough.

D1: Newcastle 1 Bolton 0 - 25,000

Blake, McCracken, Whitson, Jobey, Low, McWilliam, Rutherford, Howie, Shepherd, Wilson, Anderson

Scorers: Rutherford

Lawrence and Veitch (who are both involved in the ongoing negotiations with the FA) are replaced by Blake and Low.

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Bolton 0.

Owen, who was injured in the first half, does not re-appear.

RUTHERFORD hits a fine, rising shot which leaves Edmonson hopeless [1-0].

Full-time: Newcastle 1 Bolton 0

Newcastle make numerous changes and never really get going on the heavy surface at Ewood Park.

D1: Blackburn 2 Newcastle 0 - 16,000

Lawrence, McCracken, Whitson, Jobey, Veitch, Finlay, Rutherford, Howie, Shepherd, Stewart, Wilson

Scorers: Latheron, Davies

07m - LATHERON's hard shot hits Lawrence on its way into the net [0-1].

Half-time: Blackburn 1 Newcastle 0

89m - DAVIES [0-2].

Full-time: Blackburn 2 Newcastle 0

Position: 10th

With the benefit of a high wind United take control early on, but allow the home side to pull one back. Despite facing the elements after the break Newcastle continue to be the better side and coast home.

D1: Everton 1 Newcastle 4 - 16,000

Lawrence, McCracken, Whitson, Jobey, Veitch, Low, Rutherford, Howie, Stewart, Wilson, Gosnell

Scorers: Stewart, Howie, Wilson, Rutherford - Freeman

With the games coming thick and fast for all teams (five games in the first 11 days of the season) Newcastle continue to shuffle their pack to allow their players to rest. United have a high wind in their favour in the first-half.

United start well and STEWART gives them an early lead [1-0].

HOWIE [2-0].

FREEMAN [2-1].

Half-time: Everton 1 Newcastle 2

WILSON [3-1].

RUTHERFORD after a fine run [4-1].

Full-time: Everton 1 Newcastle 4

Position: 5th

Despite facing a very strong wind United build up a three goal lead before the break and Shepherd completes his hat-trick against his old club in the second forty-five.

D1: Bolton 0 Newcastle 4 - 18,000

Lawrence, McCracken, Whitson, Jobey, Veitch, Low, Rutherford, Howie, Shepherd, Wilson, Gosnell

Scorers: Shepherd (3), Rutherford

Shepherd is recalled against his old club who have lost all their first three games. Bolton have a great wind behind them.

10m - Veitch's 20-yarder is punched out by Edmondson and RUTHERFORD races in to score with a glorious shot [1-0].

38m - SHEPHERD'S brilliant rising shot goes in off the underside of the bar [2-0].

43m - Rutherford's centre is headed in by SHEPHERD [3-0].

Half-time: Bolton 0 Newcastle 3

53m - With the home defence hesitating SHEPHERD fires home as Edmondson advances towards him [4-0].

Full-time: Bolton 0 Newcastle 4

Position: 2nd

United retain the same side and perhaps it is a mistake as after a promising start their second-half performance is incredibly mediocre and lethargic. Newcastle are utterly disorganised and ineffective.

D1: Newcastle 1 Nottm. F. 2 - 25,000

Lawrence, McCracken, Whitson, Jobey, Veitch, Low, Rutherford, Howie, Shepherd, Wilson, Gosnell

Scorers: Shepherd - West (2)

20m - McCracken's free-kick is hit with terrific force but slams against the post.

23m - SHEPHERD thrusts a passage between the backs and nets with an oblique shot [1-0].

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Nottm. F. 0

82m - Dudley's free-kick is driven in by WEST [1-1].

WEST [1-2].

Howie's rising shot hits the corner of the post.

Full-time; Newcastle 1 Nottm. F. 2

Position: 4th

17/09 - Dodds moves to Reading.

United record a deserved victory in an exciting and often rough game but it is the crowd that makes the headlines.

Half-way through the first-half the crowd starts to encroach onto the playing pitch and the referee stops the game. He along with club officials and both captains ineffectually endeavour to persuade the crowd to get back. The police are no more successful.

A burly man starts to cause a disturbance and two officers drag him out and escort him towards the reserved side of the ground. In the middle of the field he starts to struggle violently and strikes one of the officers. Soon they are rolling around on the ground together as the players gather around. Secretary Kyle appears on the scene and he takes the troublesome one arm-in-arm and leads him to the half-crown seats.

The crowd are enjoying the spectacle and they surge irresistibly on to the field in their thousands. Two mounted police are requisitioned and they manage to force the crowd back.

Unfortunately one of the horses is stabbed causing it to rear and plunge about just in front of the spectators, and the wonder is that no one is hurt. Twice also it gallops among the players during the game fortunately without injuring anyone, and thereafter the mounted officers station themselves at the corners.

D1: Sunderland 0 Newcastle 2 -

Lawrence, McCracken, Whitson, Jobey, Veitch, Low, Rutherford, Stewart, Shepherd, Wilson, Gosnell

Scorers: Shepherd, Stewart

The stands are bursting and the whole ash track round the playing pitch is covered in spectators who have climbed the rails.

15m - Milton badly misses the ball leaving STEWART with an open goal [1-0] and the game becomes rough.

22m - With the crowd starting to encroach onto the playing pitch the referee stops the game. It takes a couple of mounted police and over fifteen minutes for order to be restored.

Half-time: Sunderland 0 Newcastle 1

Just on time SHEPHERD beats Roose at close quarters [2-0].

Full-time: Sunderland 0 Newcastle 2

Position: 1st

The FA refuse to sanction Manchester United's request for the home match against Newcastle to be a benefit for captain Roberts. Their argument is that the players who remain members of the Union are still under suspension and therefore, cannot be entitled to a benefit.

Everton win a League game for the first time on Tyneside as United once again lose their way after an excellent start in which they take the lead. The first-half is very eventful but it is very dull after the break when Newcastle are completely disorganised.

D1: Newcastle 1 Everton 2 - 35,000

Lawrence, McCracken, Whitson, Jobey, Veitch, Low, Rutherford, Stewart, Shepherd, Wilson, Gosnell

Scorers: Shepherd - Mountford, Freeman

02m - SHEPHERD craftily eludes two Evertonians and volleys in like a flash [1-0].

24m - Freeman's shot is fisted out by Lawrence who is then involved with a tussle for possession which MOUNTFORD wins [1-1].

42m - FREEMAN gains possession in midfield and is as swift as a greyhound as he storms forward and manoeuvres past the backs before netting [1-2].

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Everton 2

Full-time: Newcastle 1 Everton 2

Position: 2nd


01/10 - Veitch represents the players in a meeting with the FA and takes the opportunity to unsuccessfully plead the case for Manchester United captain Roberts.

02/10 - The Manchester players meet to discuss the FA's refusal to sanction Roberts' benefit and several of them threaten not to turn out for today's game. A conference is held at the Players union offices in Manchester and Veitch and secretary Broomfield persuade them to play.

A very sportsmanlike game between the two sets of Union allies in which the home side dominate the first-half and United overplay them in the second.

D1: Man. United 1 Newcastle 1 -40 ;66o

Lawrence, McCracken, Whitson, Howie, Veitch, McWilliam. Rutherford, Stewart, Shepherd, Wilson, Gosnell

Scorers: Duckworth og - Wall

02m - Turnbull gets through and although his huge drive strikes an upright it rebounds to WALL [0-1].

Half-time: Man. United 1 Newcastle 0

75m - Following a scramble DUCKWORTH kicks through his own posts [1-1].

Full-time: Man. United 1 Newcastle 1

Position: 3rd

United score five times in the first-half in an easy victory.

Fr: Fife 0 Newcastle 5 - 2,000

Sinclair, Waugh, Whitson, Willis, Low, Finlay, Duncan, Howie, Metcalfe. Wilson, Anderson

Scorers: Whitson, Anderson, Metcalfe (2), Howie

15m - WHITSON works his way past numerous opponents with some superb diddling and although Ewing gets his hands to the shot he can't stop it going through [1-0].

16m - ANDERSON beats Ewing to the World with a beautiful cross-shot [2-0].


HOWIE [4-0].


Half-time: Fife 0 Newcastle 5

Full-time: Fife 0 Newcastle 5

Veitch had sent a letter to the FA with his proposals for a settlement to the dispute and their reply indicates that if the Players Union agree then the FA believe it will be acceptable to its members.

A dire, hard game in which the visitors show indomitable spirit in playing with ten men for the last hour of the game. Bradford are guilty of a number of bad misses.

D1: Newcastle 1 Bradford C 0 - 25,000

Lawrence, McCracken, Whitson, Howie, Veitch, McWilliam, Rutherford, Higgins, Shepherd. Wilson, Anderson

Scorers: Wilson

Stewart is playing in the Inter-League match against the Irish and is replaced by Higgins. Anderson has recovered from his indisposition and displaces Gosnell.

30m - Hardman falls under challenge from McCracken and appears to injure his wrist very badly leaving the visitors with ten men.

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Bradford C 0

63m - Shepherd's shot is fielded by Spendiff but comes out to WILSON who volleys into the top of the net [1-0].

Bond hits the upright with a cross-drive.


Full-time: Newcastle 1 Bradford C 0

Position: 2nd

Facing the sun in the first period United are very poor against the Blades and although the second-half is more even and Shepherd pulls one back they cannot claw back the deficit in a stirring struggle. McCracken regularly catches the home forwards offside and the supporters did not relish the scheme. United were poor and lacked craft.

D1: Sheff. Wed. 3 Newcastle 1 - 15,000

Lawrence, McCracken, Whitson, Willis, Veitch, McWilliam, Rutherford, Stewart. Shepherd, Wilson, Anderson

scorers: Shepherd (pen) - Rollinson (2), Wilson

Willis and Stewart oust Howie and Higgins.

32m - ROLLINSON pounces on Kirkman's cross [0-1]

43m - Lawrence comes out to clear but Rollinson gets there first to push the ball past him allowing WILSON to score into an empty net [0-2].

Half-time: Sheff. Wed. 2 Newcastle 0

69m - SHEPHERD scores a penalty after Holbem handles [1-2].

90m - ROLLINSON [1-3].

Full-time: Sheff. Wed. 3 Newcastle 1

Position: 4th

Players union secretary Broomfield meets with the key players and Veitch reports back on his discussions with FA Officials.

Persistent rain means there are less than 5,000 present at the start of the game and the bad light and terrible turf make for a poor game of football. United win because of their immense superiority in stamina.

D1: Newcastle 3 Bristol C. 1- 10,000

Lawrence, McCracken, Carr, Jobey, Liddell, McWilliam, Rutherford, Stewart, Shepherd, Wilson, Anderson

Scorers: Shepherd (2) Anderson - Cowell

11 m - Rutherford's centre is well converted by SHEPHERD [1-0].

28m - COWELL [1-1].

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Bristol C. 1

Shepherd sets up an easy chance for ANDERSON [2-1].

SHEPHERD charges Clay over the line but he is penalised.

70m - SHEPHERD heads in Stewart's centre [3-1].

Full-time: Newcastle 3 Bristol C. 1

Position: 4th

26/10 - Peacock moves to Birmingham.

27/10 - It is the prevailing opinion that the club's principal players have voted unanimously in favour of the Players Union continuing its affiliation to the Trades Union Federation. It is almost inevitable that this will lead to the suspension of the players and a potential strike. The club makes it clear that they are prepared for any emergency as they have a set of smart young players ready to fill the gaps.

A very mediocre game.

D1: Bury 1 Newcastle 2 - 14,000

Lawrence, McCracken, Whitson, Jobey, Veitch, McWilliam, Duncan, Stewart, Shepherd, Wilson. Anderson

Scorers: Shepherd (2)

KAY weaves his sinuous way towards goal and calmly lifts the ball over Lawrence's head [0-1].

Raeside saves Wilson's magnificent drive but SHEPHERD dashes up and places the sphere into the other extremity of the net [1-1].

Half-time: Bury 1 Newcastle 1

46m - A free-kick finds SHEPHERD with only the custodian to beat and he doesn't disappoint [2-1].

Full-time: Bury 1 Newcastle 2

Position: 3rd


02/01 - There is a good attendance at the Players Union meeting at Charterhouse Hotel in London and about two-thirds of the players vote to withdraw from the Trades Union Federation.

Another very moderate display against the promotees with United's football once again utterly unworthy of League Champions. Their play is often listless and scrappy and they seem to be performing better away from Tyneside.

D1: Newcastle 1 Tottenham 0 - 26,000

Lawrence, McCracken, Whitson, Jobey, Veitch, McWilliam, Duncan, Stewart, Shepherd, Wilson, Anderson

Scorers: Duncan

15m - At the end of an excellent move DUNCAN’s shot flies from his toe into the top of the netting [1-0].

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Tottenham 0

Full-time: Newcastle 1 Tottenham 0

Position: 2nd

The home forwards are by far the more dangerous, United's attack being very unconvincing.

D1: Preston 4 Newcastle 0 - 16,000

Lawrence, McCracken, Whitson, Willis, McWilliam, Finlay, Duncan, Stewart. Shepherd, Wilson. Anderson


Jobey is having trouble with his throat and is replaced by Willis and Finlay comes in for the rested Veitch.

10m - Lawrence is bundled over and BANNISTER scores from close-quarters [0-1].

Haff-Bme: Preston 1 Newcastle 0

50m - Lawrence fists out a comer but BANNISTER heads the sphere home [0-2].

87m - McCracken and Lawrence get in a mess allowing teenage debutant MCLEAN to score into an empty net [0-3].

90m - MCLEAN hits a good low shot from a Danson centre [0-4].

Full-time: Preston 4 Newcastle 0

Position: 5th

Injuries to both Anderson and Finlay (who has to retire) in the first quarter of the game mean that United are effectively playing with nine men for most of the game; however, they are also disappointing and their play towards the end of the game is utterly hopeless.

D1: Newcastle 1 Notts. County 3 - 18,000

Lawrence, McCracken, Whitson, Finlay, Veitch, McWilliam, Rutherford, Allan, Shepherd, Higgins, Anderson

Scorers: Rutherford

Due to the recent unsatisfactory form of the forwards there are numerous changes. Rutherford (now fit again), Allan and Higgins replace Duncan, Stewart and Wilson. Veitch also returns.

10m - Anderson is injured, he leaves the field temporarily and although he returns he is clearly lame.

22m - Finlay breaks his nose in a collision with Walker and leaves the field with his face covered in blood.

Shepherd is tripped just outside the penalty area, but battles on to score. Unfortunately, the official has already blown for a free-kick.

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Notts. County 0

48m - RUTHERFORD scores a smart goal from a Higgins centre [1-0].

63m - Dean centres to JONES who scores easily [1-1].

CANTRELL appears to be in an offside position when he receives the ball and sends in a hard drive which goes in off an upright [1-2].

Iremonger palms a Shepherd shot onto the bar.

Lawrence misjudges a swerving centre allowing DEAN to put the ball into the untenanted goal [1-3].

Full-time: Newcastle 1 Notts. County 3

Position: 8th

23/11 - The FA sanction benefits for Liddell, McCracken, Lawrence and Gosnell.

A spirited battle on a heavy ground in which United delight their supporters by playing with all their wonted brilliancy of action. Their clever but withal useless tip-tapping is replaced by a long, swinging game which exhibits fast, lusty and ingeniously conceived manoeuvres.

D1: Newcastle 2 Middlesbrough 0 - 28,000

Lawrence, McCracken, Whitson, Veiteh, Low, McWilliam, Rutherford, Howie, Shepherd, Higgins, Wilson

Scorers: Shepherd, Howie

31 m - Wilson sets up HOWIE and although his header comes back off the bar he is on hand to neatly tip the ball in [1-0].

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Middlesbrough 0

52m - Higgins mis-kicks but SHEPHERD is on to the loose ball in a flash and sweeps it in [2-0].

Higgins is unlucky to see two efforts hit the crossbar.

Full-time: Newcastle 2 Middlesbrough 0

Position: 6th

A truly thrilling encounter where all but one of the goals is stamped with the hall-mark of excellence. Newcastle utterly swamp the Lancastrians in the first period and lead 5-2 at the break. But then there is a complete reversal of fortunes as Liverpool storm back to win.

D1: Liverpool 6 Newcastle 5 - 20,000

Lawrence, McCracken, Whitson, Veitch, Low, McWilliam, Rutherford, Howie, Shepherd, Higgins, Wilson

Scorers: Howie, Shepherd (4) - Stewart, Parkinson (2)

01m - HOWIE heads Veitch’s cross into the Liverpool netting [1-0].

02m - Straight from the kick-off Liverpool attack and STEWART scores after Lawrence falls as he tries to clear [1-1].

Howie sets up SHEPHERD who leaves Hardy helpless [2-1].

A minute later SHEPHERD scores from Rutherford's cross [3-1].


SHEPHERD gets clean through and although his shot is saved Liverpool cannot clear and the sturdy centre completes his hat-trick [4-2].

SHEPHERD gets away again and scores his best goal of the game [5-2].

Half-time: Liverpool 2 Newcastle 5

Whitson messes up his clearance and PARKINSON leaves Lawrence lamenting [5-3].

Stewart strikes an upright.

ORR's low ground shot from 20-yards glances in off an upright [5-4].

78m - After a scrimmage and a tremendous tussle ORR scores [5-5]

McDonald crosses for GODDARD to net with a beautiful header [5-6]

Full-time: Liverpool 6 Newcastle 5

Position: 7th

07/12 - Albert Gosnell's house has been burgled and amongst the things stolen were his Championship and Cup Winner medals.

A constant drizzle falls making the ground treacherous and the crowd is less than 10,000 at the start of the game. Although both teams try their best it is a poor game and the crowd request that Newcastle bestir themselves a little more. It is a triumph of stamina and persistence rather than skill.

D1: Newcastle 1 Aston Villa 0 - 19,000

Lawrence, Waugh, Whitson, Howie, Low, McWilliam, Rutherford, Higgins, Shepherd, Wilson, Ridley

Scorers: Higgins

McCracken is rested and replaced by Waugh. Veitch drops out at the last minute suffering from chilblains, requiring Wilson to play despite the fact he too is unwell.

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Aston Villa 0

70m - Rutherford passes to HIGGINS who gives Cartlidge no chance [1-0].

Full-time: Newcastle 1 Aston Villa 0

Position: 5th

15/12 - The Fall River Club of the United States have asked United if they would like to send a team to America in May. The club toured England last season and tried to arrange a fixture with United earlier this year. As there is no detail of the proposal the matter will be left under consideration.

lt is a fairly even first-half but United fall away badly in Act II and are well-beaten by the end. At the start of the second-half the players "mixed it" in a rather bad fashion at times.

D1: Sheff. Utd. 4 Newcastle 0 - 20,000

Lawrence, Carr, Whitson, Jobey, Low, McWilliam, Rutherford, Howie, Shepherd, Higgins, Ridley

Scorers: Evans (2), Kitchin, Hardinge.

McCracken sprained a limb in training and Carr (who is made captain) is drafted in.

Sturgess "arms" the ball from a free-kick, but Shepherd drives his penalty hard against an upright and, from the rebound, Howie hits the ball into the side netting.

A high centre from Walton is headed home by EVANS [0-1].

Half-time: Sheff. Utd. 1 Newcastle 0

60m - An offside-looking KITCHIN heads in Simmons' centre [0-2].

72m - Former United player HARDINGE sails through and shoots past the advancing Lawrence [0-3].

76m - EVANS drives hard into the net from the edge of the area [0-4].

Full-time: Sheff. Utd. 4 Newcastle 0

Position: 8th

20/12 - United made Stoke a "good" offer to play their Cup game on Tyneside, but The Potters have decided to retain home advantage.

United exhibit some of their best form for a long time as they storm into a three-goal lead in the first quarter of the game. Despite the quagmire of a pitch it is United who adapt their play better and are the strongest team in every department.

D1: Woolwich Arsenal 0 Newcastle 3 - 25,000

Lawrence, McCracken, Whitson, Howie, Low, Veitch, Rutherford, Higgins, Shepherd, Stewart, Anderson

Scorers: Shepherd (2), Rutherford

McCracken, Veitch, Stewart and Anderson all return; McWilliam has gone down with influenza.

10m - SHEPHERD bounds forward from inside his own half and despite a sturdy challenge from McDonald he hits in a sharp, low shot [1-0].

Buckenham's shot comes back off an upright.

20m - Stewart sets up SHEPHERD whose rocket-like shot flashes into the net [2-0].

23m - RUTHERFORD breaks down the right and sends in a beauty of a shot which - in a twinkling - reposes in the net [3-0].

Half-time: Woolwich 0 Newcastle 3

Full-time: Woolwich 0 Newcastle 3

Position: 7th

The gates are closed 15 minutes before kick-off and the official attendance is given as 65,000. But there is no doubt that many more have got into the ground without paying with the gates being rushed at one point and some people finding alternative routes in. In a splendid game Chelsea's miss a number of easy chances at the beginning of the game but still go on to win.

D1: Chelsea 2 Newcastle 1 - 70,000

Lawrence, McCracken, Whitson, Veitch, Low, Finlay, Higgins, Stewart, Shepherd, Wilson, Anderson

Scorers: Veitch - Brawn, Woodward

Jones hits the upright on two occasions where he is presented with an open goal.

Chelsea's Birnie is injured and has to retire.

28m - From a Higgins centre VEITCH works a point very cleverly [1-0].

BRAWN converts Windridge's centre [1-1].

Half-time: Chelsea 1 Newcastle 1

70m - Brawn centres and WOODWARD heads in splendidly [1-2].

Futl-time: Chelsea 2 Newcastle 1

Position: 8th

Bill McCracken's benefit match sees United's fine, aggressive football repelled by The Pensioners strong defence until Shepherd grabs a late winner.

D1: Newcastle 1 Chelsea 0 - 30,000

Lawrence, McCracken, Whitson, Veitch, Low, McWilliam, Rutherford, Howie, Shepherd, Wilson, Anderson

Scorers: Shepherd

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Chelsea 0

84m - SHEPHERD [1-0].

Full-time: Newcastle 1 Chelsea 0

Position: 7th

Reserve captain Liddle is the beneficiary of today's game although he is not selected. It is an exciting game, but a difficult crosswind makes scientific football very difficult. Shepherd's four goals mean he has broken Jock Peddie's club record for most goals in a season.

D1: Newcastle 5 Preston 2 - 26,000

Lawrence, McCracken, Thompson, Veiteh, Low, McWilliam, Rutherford, Howie, Shepherd, Wilson, Anderson

Scorers: Shepherd (4 - 1 pen), Winchester og - McLean (2)

35m - SHEPHERD [1-0].

Shepherd pressurises WINCHESTER into kicking through his own net [2-0].

Half-time: Newcastle 2 Preston 0

46m - SHEPHERD hits a fast rising shot [3-0].

56m - MCLEAN [3-1].

66m - MCLEAN [3-2].

SHEPHERD scores with a left-footed drive [4-2].

Winchester handles in the area and SHEPHERD converts the penalty [5-2].

Full-time: Newcastle 5 Preston 2

Position: 7th

04/01 - The Irish FA meet and one of the items on the agenda is a proposal to reinstate Bill McCracken who has made it clear he would be happy to represent Ireland again. However, members of the Council vote 21 - 4 against, apparently on the grounds that he has not expressed his regret at the action he took.

05/01 - At the weekly meeting the directors decide to suspend James Stewart sine die for making disrespectful remarks about them and refusing to withdraw the remarks when he was given the opportunity to do so.

The match is designated as Lawrence's benefit and he is made captain for the day. Table-toppers Rovers have a number of players out through injury and lose Davies within the first ten minutes. United - who are playing with the wind in the first-half - are in no mood for mercy and score four in the first half-hour.

D1: Newcastle 4 Blackburn 1 - 35,000

Lawrence, McCracken, Thompson, Willis, Low, McWilliam, Duncan, Howie, Shepherd, Higgins, Anderson

Scorers: Higgins, Shepherd (2), Howie - Cameron

06m - A wild shot from Higgins is pounced upon by HOWIE who nets with a quick volley [1-0].

07m - Davies - who is returning after six weeks out -goes off in agony leaving Rovers to play with ten men.

20m - SHEPHERD dashes between the backs to score [2-0].

30m - From a corner, SHEPHERD drives home left-footed [3-0].

31m - Duncan sets off on a dashing dribble then sets up HIGGINS who lifts the ball over Ashcroft's shoulder with an ingenious high kick [4-0].

Half-time: Newcastle 4 Blackburn 0

Higgins strikes the bar.

58m - CAMERON pulls one back with a brilliant goal [4-1].

Full-time: Newcastle 4 Blackburn 1

Position: 6th

08/01 - "Tadger" Stewart agrees to withdraw his "disrespectful remarks" and his short suspension is lifted.

12/01 - Robert Blanthorne - who has been sidelined since breaking his leg in the first match of last season - scores a hat-trick in his comeback game for the reserves; a 3-1 win over Blyth Spartans in the Newcastle Infirmary Cup.

Howie gives United the perfect start but Stoke’s bustling tactics and stubborn resistance enables them to fight back. Heavy rain results in a heavy ball and ground making it hard work for both sides. Newcastle persist in playing their short-passing game which is utterly unsuited to the swampy conditions; drawing room football is out of place on a morass.

FAC R1: Stoke 1 Newcastle 1 - 18,080

Lawrence, McCracken, Whitson, Willis, Low, McWilliam, Rutherford, Howie, Stewart, Higgins, Wilson

Scorers: Howie - Baddeley

Veitch and Shepherd both miss the game through illness.

03m - From a free-kick the unmarked HOWIE shoots past veteran Robinson. [1-0].

BADDELEY's shot is caught but then fumbled by Lawrence [1-1].

Half-time: Stoke 1 Newcastle 1

Full-time: Stoke 1 Newcastle 1

17/01 - Shepherd is picked for the International Trial game.

Despite the sadden ground and a strong cross-wind it is a fast (but poor) game which United win fairly comfortably.

FAC R1r: Newcastle 2 Stoke 1 -14,545

Lawrence, McCracken, Whitson, Willis, Low, McWilliam, Rutherford, Howie, Stewart, Higgins, Wilson

Scorers: Higgins, Howie - Griffiths

Rutherford is captain.

Baddeley beats Lawrence but his shot strikes the bar.

18m - From a free-kick HIGGINS dashes up and bangs the leather into the net from point-blank range [1-0].

A long shot from Willis is mis-fisted onto the top of the bar.

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Stoke 0

78m - Having made two great stops Robinson falls allowing HOWIE to put through the undefended goal [2-0].

GRIFFITHS dashes past the backs and shoots over Lawrence's head [2-1].

Full-time: Newcastle 2 Stoke 1

20/01 - Shepherd pulls out of the Trial match. His father is seriously ill and the player issuffering from inflammation of the bladder.

United are all-together the better team however their play is often too dilettante and they waste chances.

D1: Nottm. F. 0 Newcastle 1 - 8,000

Lawrence, McCracken, Carr, Willis, Low, McWilliam, Rutherford, Howie, Allan, Higgins, Wilson

Scorers: McWilliam

33m - A free-kick is played to MCWILLIAM who shoots over a crowd of players [1-0].

Half-time: Nottm. F. 0 Newcastle 1

Full-time: Nottm. F. 0 Newcastle 1

Position: 3rd

26/01 - Shepherd is invited to join the FA team touring South Africa in the summer.

29/01 - The ground is covered in nine inches of snow so today's match is cancelled.


05/02 - Jobey has been suffering from appendicitis and has a successful operation at Dr. Martin's hospital in Jesmond.

Higgins is superb as the Magpies dispense with their short-passing and play a powerful, thrusting game on what is a swamp-like pitch.

FAC R2: Newcastle 4 Fulham 0 - 35,846

Lawrence, McCracken, Carr, Willis, Low, McWilliam, Rutherford, Howie, Higgins, Wilson, Gosnell

Scorers: Higgins (2), McCracken (pen), Rutherford,

The weather is beautiful but the pitch is waterlogged (a result of the melted snow) and referee Mr Eccles has to clean his coin before he puts it back in his pocket.

08m - HIGGINS picks the ball up in midfield, outwits a couple of defenders and places the ball out of Fryer's reach [1-0].

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Fulham 0

53m - Howie is fouled in the penalty are and MCCRACKEN ceremoniously wipes lumps of mud from his boots before driving the penalty home with deadly accuracy [2-0].

65m - Carr is injured and although he is bandaged up he soon has to leave the field.

Following good work from Wilson HIGGINS scores his second [3-0].

Higgins storms down the left and RUTHERFORD gets to the ball before Fryer [4-0].

90m - Brown's shot beats Lawrence only for McCracken to stop the ball with his hands. Dalrymple hits his penalty against the bar and then nets the rebound. It is the last kick of the game and many of the departing crowd and some pressmen think it is a goal, but as nobody else touched the ball the effort did not count.

Full-time: Newcastle 4 Fulham 0

AII United's leading players (with the exception of Howie) travel to Saltburn with a view to fitting themselves for the hard task against Blackburn in the Cup. Although Shepherd has resumed training he has been advised to take another week's rest.

With Rutherford in brilliant form United are far superior in the first-half and deservedly lead 3-0 at the interval. However, the second forty-five brings a total reversal in fortunes and McCracken passes up the chance of a late equaliser when he misses a penalty.

D1: Newcastle 3 Man. United 4 - 30,000

Lawrence, McCracken, Whitson, Willis, Low, McWilliam, Rutherford, Howie, Higgins, Wilson, Gosnell

Scorers: Wilson, Higgins 2 - Turnbull (2), Roberts, Blott

The game has been designated as Gosnell's benefit. The weather is fine but the ground is still terribly heavy.

04m - HIGGINS drives a magnificent shot into the top corner of the net before Moger can move [1-0].

Gosnell's great volley crashes against the bar.

Rutherford centres and HIGGINS steers the ball home [2-0].

WILSON scores with a low shot from a good range [3-0].

Half-time: Newcastle 3 Man. United 0

49m - Following a ruck ROBERTS scores with a low drive [3-1].

TURNBULL daintily heads home a comer [3-2].

Lawrence is well out-of-position when BLOTT equalises [3-3].

78m - Meredith sets up TURNBULL who finds the netted haven for the second time [3-4].

After a foul on Rutherford, McCracken has a chance to equal the spoils but his penalty is straight at Moger.

Full-time: Newcastle 3 Man. United 4

Position: 5th

As in the previous Round the Magpies don't waste time with a short-passing game and they swing the ball about with strong, accurate kicks. Despite facing a strong wind in the first period United go 2-0 ahead and although Rovers pull one back Howie nets a third.

FAC R3: Newcastle 3 Blackburn 1- 35,846

Lawrence, McCracken, Whitson, Veitch, Low, McWilliam, Rutherford, Howie, Shepherd, Higgins, Wilson

Scorers: Higgins, Howie, Rutherford - Anthony

01 m - Rovers fail to clear the early danger and HOWIE shoots through from twenty-yards [1-0].

23m - RUTHERFORD hits a grand shot from just outside the penalty line [2-0].

24m - ANTHONY'S curling shot goes in off the far post [2-1].

Half-time: Newcastle 2 Blackburn 1

70m - HOWIE hits a lightning shot from a Rutherford centre [3-1].

Full-time: Newcastle 3 Blackburn 1

21/02 - Rutherford (who has been in such wonderful form of late) is called-up for Saturday’s match between the English League and the Scottish League.

22/02 - McCracken suffered a broken rib early on during the Blackburn match and although he bravely carried on he is likely to be out for a month.

Newcastle are back in Saltburn for special training and they play a fundraiser against the local club; they don't take the game too seriously.

Fr: Saltburn 2 Newcastle 4 - 500

Side TBC - Lawrence, Waugh, Carr, Veitch, Low, tbc, McWilliam, Howie, Shepherd, Higgins, Wilson

Scorers: Shepherd (2), Stewart (2) - Fellowes, Pattison

08m - SHEPHERD nets with a fast, low shot [1-0].

FELLOWES following a free-kick [1-1].

Half-time: Saltburn 1 Newcastle 1

STEWART gets through [2-1].

STEWART breaks through once more [3-1].



Full-time: Saltburn 2 Newcastle 4

24/02 - Rutherford breaks down in training and joins Liddell, Jobey, McCracken and Blanthorne on the injured list.

Worse conditions could not possibly be conceived; a fierce blizzard sweeps across the ground and although scores of men have been employed to clear the pitch it is a fearful mud heap. The game should probably have been postponed but United - whose postponements have been mounting up - are desperate to play. There are roars of laughter from the sparse crowd as players regularly somersault involuntarily, but both sets of players deserve credit for managing to play in the conditions at all. Newcastle deserve the victory as they move faster, are the most daring and have more strategy. Whitson takes his benefit and luckily he is guaranteed £500 as the crowd was (not surprisingly) well down.

D1: Newcastle 3 Sheff. Wed. 1 - 8,000

Lawrence, Waugh, Whitson, Veitch, Low, McWilliam, Duncan, Howie, Shepherd, Higgins, Wilson

Scorers: Shepherd, Howie, McWilliam

Waugh and Duncan stand-in for McCracken and Rutherford. In the first-half United face the blinding snow showers.

08m - Holbeam handles just outside the line and from the free-kick MCWILLIAM hits a high, dropping shot which completely deceives Davison [1-0].

10m - Despite being fouled just outside the area Shepherd battles through to score; however the referee has already blown for a penalty. Three efforts are required to try and locate the previous situation of the cross and then Shepherd smacks the ball against the bar.

A slip from Whitson allows Chapman through and he sets up STRINGFELLOW for a fast volley [1-1].

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Sheff. Wed. 1

Both sides turn out in a different set of jerseys after the break. Wednesday dispense with their white shirts and turn out in their own colours and United come out in white shirts.

50m - SHOULDER scores with a sharp drive [2-1].

From a corner HOWIE heads through [3-1].

Full-time: Newcastle 3 Sheff. Wed. 1

Position: 5th


Former United players Aitken and Pudan get a warm reception from the assembled throng. The ground is still very heavy and treacherous; particularly in the centre of the pitch. It is a hard, open game of football. Newcastle are in top form and there is no club in the country playing better at the moment.

FAC R4: Newcastle 3 Leicester 0 - 52,544

Lawrence, Veitch, Whitson, Willis, Low, McWilliam, Duncan, Howie, Shepherd, Higgins, Wilson

Scorers: Wilson, Shepherd, Howie

25m - Duncan's corner is headed by Higgins to WILSON who rushes forward with all the pace at his command and - with a flying kick - he guides the ball in off the far post [1-0].

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Leicester 0

85m - SHEPHERD heads through [2-0].

88m - HOWIE heads in from a corner [3-0].

Shepherd has his legs taken away in the area but hits an upright with his penalty.

Full-time: Newcastle 3 Leicester 0

03/03 - United sign promising young right full back Frank Hudspeth from North Shields Athletic. He belongs to Scotswood; joining from Newburn Northern Alliance at the latter end of last season. He has been distinguishing himself in the North-Eastern League. He is twenty in April and is about 5' 9" and 11st 8lb. A fee has not been stated but is believed to run into three figures.

06/03 - Newcastle complete negotiations for the transfer of amateur centre-half G Hedley from Knaresborough. He is the brother of former United Player W. Hedley. He will play as an amateur.

07/03 - Higgins is rewarded for his excellent form with a Scotland call-up for the match against Ireland on 19th March. He is also included in the Anglo-Scots side along with McWilliam, Duncan and Howie - to take on the Scots in a trial game two days later.

07/03 - The directors vote a sum of ten guineas to the widow of Scott; a Newcastle tailor who died suddenly during the Leicester Cup tie. The club will also contribute twenty-five guineas to W. Tiffen's testimonial.

Newcastle's much-changed side are lucky to secure a draw with the home side ending the match with only nine fit men. Bond runs riot down Newcastle's left and sets up all three goals for O'Rourke.

D1: Bradford C. 3 Newcastle 3 - 10,000

Lawrence, Waugh, Carr, Willis, Veitch, Finlay, Duncan, Metcalfe, Shepherd, Stewart, Anderson

Scorers: Stewart (2), Shepherd - O'Rourke (3)

With a number of players carrying knocks there are numerous personnel changes for the visit to Yorkshire.

01m - O'ROURKE heads in from a pass by Bond [0-1].

15m - STEWART equalises from a scrimmage [1-1]

SHEPHERD scores with a splendid long and high shot [2-1].

Both Robinson and Whittingham strike the bar for the home side.

Bond centres for O'ROURKE [2-2].

O’ROURKE completes his hat-trick with Bond once again the supplier [2-3].

Half-time: Bradford C. 3 Newcastle 2

48m - Logan suffers an injury and is lame for the rest of the game.

65m - Duncan centres and STEWART scores after his first effort is saved [3-3].

68m - Chaplin is carried off leaving Bradford with nine fit players for the last quarter.

Full-time: Bradford C. 3 Newcastle 3

Position: 5th

The Shakers have never won on Tyneside but they surprise United with their pace and footwork, take the lead twice and are well-worth the point. Newcastle do not play with the wonted fire and cohesion.

D1: Newcastle 2 Bury 2 - 10,000

Lawrence, Waugh, Whitson, Veitch, Low, McWilliam, Duncan, Howie, Shepherd, Stewart, Wilson

Scorers: Wilson, Waugh (pen) - Hibbert, Currie

Bury hit the bar following a scrimmage.

32m - HIBBERT runs onto the ball and scores with a brilliant 20-yard volley [0-1].

40m -WILSON nets in a very similar fashion [1-1].

CURRIE heads home a corner kick [1-2].

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Bury 2

The referee controversially judges a challenge on Shepherd to be a foul and WAUGH successfully converts the resultant penalty [2-2].

Full-time: Newcastle 2 Bury 2

Position: 3rd

Due to the proximity of the Semi-Final Newcastle officials withdraw McWilliam and Howie from the Anglo-Scots team.

After starting well the Cockerels are overplayed by a United side who demonstrate impressive coolness in front of goal.

D1: Tottenham 0 Newcastle 4 - 10,000

Lawrence, McCracken, Whitson, Veitch, Low, McWilliam, Rutherford, Howie, Stewart, Wilson, Anderson

Scorers: Rutherford, Stewart 2, Howie

30m - Rutherford picks the ball up in the centre, rounds Darnell and goes straight for goal. Joyce saves but cannot hold on to the ball and RUTHERFORD rushes up to score [1-0].

A few minutes later STEWART dribbles past three defenders and the goalkeeper [2-0].

Just before half-time a mistake by Darnell gives STEWART a clear run on goal [3-0].

Half-time: Tottenham 0 Newcastle 3

HOWIE meets Anderson's centre and drives the ball home with lightning speed [4-0].

Full-time: Tottenham 0 Newcastle 4

Position: 3rd

19/03 - Higgins plays for Scotland against Ireland.

19/03 - Higgins is the star performer (and scores twice) as the AngloScots beat the Scots 4-0. Duncan also plays.

With United playing their Semi-Final tomorrow it is no surprise that they risk a fine by putting out a reserve side in this Good Friday match However, there is one name on the team-sheet which is unexpected; Albert Shepherd. Play is of a very poor character; slow and without any pretence at combination. Nine minutes from time Shepherd walks off the field. Referee, Mr Pellowe, calls Shepherd and asks him why he retired without permission. He informs that it is a protest against the barracking that he has been receiving from the crowd. Mr Pellowe informs Shepherd that he has no right to ignore him and intimates that he will report the matter to the League authorities.

D1; Newcastle 1 Woolwich Arsenal 1- 10,000

Sinclair, Waugh, Carr, Willis, Liddell, Finlay, Duncan, Metcalfe, Shepherd, Allan, Anderson

Scorers: Finlay - Lewis

20m - Greenaway centres and LEWIS hits a rising shot [1-0].

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Woolwich Arsenal 1

81 m - Shepherd - apparently fed up with barracking from the crowd - starts to walk off and- although the referee orders him back he leaves the field.

FINLAY [1-1].

Full-time: Newcastle 1 Woolwich Arsenal 1

Position: 2nd

Both sides struggle early on with the hard ground and lively ball but as the game settles United master their opponents in what is a game of bustle against science. United are physically stronger and make better use of the ball and are vastly superior to their opponents. Veitch is the star artiste and when the game finishes one of the opposition presents him with the ball.

FAC SF: Newcastle 2 Swindon 0 - 33,000

Lawrence, McCracken, Whitson, Veitch, Low, McWilliam, Rutherford, Howie, Stewart, Higgins, Wilson

Scorers: Stewart, Rutherford

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Swindon 0

67m - Stewart feints to shoot then lays off to RUTHERFORD whose shot goes in off the underside of the bar [1-0].

69m - Higgins plays in STEWART who has a clear run through to score from close-in [2-0].

Full-time: Newcastle 2 Swindon 0

28/03 - McWilliam and Higgins are selected for the Scotland team to play England on the 28th March.


United give a delightful exhibition of close play although they are occasionally guilty of passing rather than shooting and have to come back from two goals down.

D1: Notts. County 2 Newcastle 2 - 8,000

Lawrence, McCracken, Whitson, Veitch, Liddell, Finlay, Duncan, Howie, Shepherd, Stewart, Anderson

Scorers: Shepherd, Liddell - tbc (pen), Matthews

01m - Liddell fouls Matthews and ??? scores the penalty [0-1].

Half-time: Notts. County 1 Newcastle 0

57m - MATTHEWS heads in a Waterall centre [0-2].

69m - LIDDELL's shot cannons in off a defender [1-2].

83m - Duncan's screw-shot is saved by Iremonger but SHEPHERD is on hand to put the ball through [2-2].

Full-time: Notts. County 2 Newcastle 2

Position: 6th

04/04 - The United party return to Saltburn.

Although there are mitigating circumstances, in that the ball and surface are both sliddery, it is a poor exhibition. Struggling Middlesbrough give their worst performance of the season and their wretched shooting is jeered by their own fans. And although the Magpies display superb manipulation of the ball they overdo the finessing.

D1: Middlesbrough 1 Newcastle 1 - 8,000

Lawrence, Waugh, . McCombie, Veitch, Low, McWilliam, Duncan, Howie, Shepherd, Higgins, Wilson

Scorers: Duncan - Cail

30m - Watson goes off injured.

Half-time: Middlesbrough 0 Newcastle 0

46m - DUNCAN runs through and shoots; his effort hits an upright then rebounds into the net off goalkeeper Williamson [1-0].

Watson comes back onto the field.

80m - CAIL heads home [1-1].

Full-time: Middlesbrough 1 Newcastle 1

Position: 5th

11/04 - Newcastle are mulcted £20 and £25 for fielding weakened sides. They are also fined £5 5s for not playing eleven players for the full match against Woolwich. The League Committee hold the view that Shepherd had no right to leave the pitch and that the Directors should have ordered him to return.

12/04 - The club report that the official who refereed Saturday's game (the experienced Mr. Alfred Green) called United chairman Mr. Oliver and Middlesbrough Chairman Col. Poole to his room after the game. He then made certain statements alleging that an arrangement had been made between the teams as to the issue. Both Chairman challenged the referee's remarks and United plan to report him to the League.

13/04 - Referee Mr. Green has reported Newcastle and Middlesbrough to both the FA and the Football League on the grounds that "play was not of a character which the Officials and the onlookers had a right to expect".

14/04 - Barnsley's appeal to have the Cup Final referee changed is rejected by the FA. They argued that because Mr. Ibbotsen used to live in Barnsley and his parents came from there he might subconsciously favour Newcastle in an effort to appear fair.

Colin Veitch takes his benefit in a hotly contested game. After an even first-half United dominate, but the issue is not settled until five minutes before time.

D1: Newcastle 1 Sunderland 0 - 40,000

Lawrence, McCracken, Carr, Veitch, Low, Finlay, Duncan, Howie, Shepherd, Higgins, Wilson

Scorers: Higgins

A fine, oblique shot from Higgins hits the crossbar and rebounds back into play.

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Sunderland 0

Shoulder and Forster tussle for the ball near the goal-line. Forster seems to take a step back allowing Shepherd to pass across to HIGGINS who plants the ball well out of the reach of Allan [1-0].

Full-time: Newcastle 1 Sunderland 0

Position: 3rd

Despite a torrential downpour making the pitch a morass it is a spirited game in which United are beaten despite overplaying the visitors for long periods. The Magpies are undone by a mixture of bad luck, superb goalkeeping from Hardy and ruthless efficiency from the Liverpudlians in front of goal. They are the only team to have beaten United home and away. Despite the defeat, United's display is remarkable for the accuracy of combination, robustness and stamina on show. The match is a benefit for Alex Gardner.

D1: Newcastle 1 Liverpool 3 - 22,000

Lawrence, McCracken, Whitson, Veitch, Low, McWilliam, Rutherford, Howie, Shepherd, Higgins, Wilson

Scorers: Rutherford - Goddard, Stewart (2-1 pen)

14m - A cross from Orr finds the unmarked GODDARD whose fast, rising shot cannons in off the upright [0-1].

21m - Although Lawrence arrests the flight of Bowyer's hard drive STEWART dashes forward to net [0-2].

44m - McCracken is penalised for pushing Bowyer and STEWART hits a terrific shot from the penalty [0-3].

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Liverpool 3

RUTHERFORD deceives Hardy with a header from a well-placed free-kick from McCracken [1-3].

Both Veitch and Higgins hit the framework of the goal.

Full-time: Newcastle 1 Liverpool 3

Position: 4th

18/04 - Shepherd is fined £5 for leaving the field without permission in the home game against Woolwich.

22/04 - The United party leave for London and are given a hearty send-off; a large number of local enthusiasts travel in the same train. Veitch proclaims that "every man is fit and ready to fight for a kingdom". Meanwhile, the steamship "Richard Welford" sets sail from Tyneside to take another set of supporters to London.

22/04 - At the FA Council meeting it is stated that it has come to the knowledge of the Council that 75 Ring Seats for the Final (supplied to the club in December) had been advertised for sale. United had replied to state that the tickets were given to one of their players in good faith and that the club regretted the result. The Council find United's explanation unsatisfactory and rule that the club should be censured. In other business a joint FA/Football League Commission is to be set up to look into the Middlesbrough verses Newcastle match.

23/04 - Seven special trains set off for London. In all, 5,000 Novocastrians are expected to be at the Palace.

Despite having the advantage of a strong wind in the first-half United create little of note and it is Barnsley who go ahead just before the break. Although United adopt a more open style on the restart their attack continues to be woefully weak and it is Barnsley who create the better chances. They are saved when Rutherford pierces the netted haven seven minutes from time.

FAC Final: Barnsley 1 Newcastle 1 - 76,980

Lawrence, McCracken, Whitson, Veitch, Low, McWilliam, Rutherford, Howie, Shepherd, Higgins, Wilson

Scorers: Rutherford - Tufnell

Veitch wins the toss and United have the advantage of a strong wind and a sun behind them.

37m - Bartram hits a lightning centre which Lillycrop (deliberately or not) misses and TUFNELL hits a hard shot - which may take a deflection of Veitch - that goes in off the foot of the post [0-1]

Half-time: Barnsley 1 Newcastle 0

Shepherd nets with an excellent shot and a supporter breaks onto the field in an effort to shake him by the hand; however, he is ruled offside.

83m - Wilson sends in a splendidly accurate centre from the left and RUTHERFORD rushes in to head home [1-1].

Full-time: Barnsley 1 Newcastle 1

25/04 - The Newcastle party travels to the Queens Hotel at Southport where they will be based until the replay. Whitson had a poor game in the Final and it is revealed that early in the game he received a kick on his thigh muscle which resurrected an old injury. Carr will replace him in the side. McWilliam is also a doubt as he was suffering from ague on Saturday.

United play a complete "reserve" eleven against the Bristolians who still need another point to secure safety. In stormy weather City give their worst performance of the season and are well beaten.

D1: Bristol City 0 Newcastle 3 - 4,000

Blake, Waugh, Carr, Willis, Liddell, Finlay, Duncan, Metcalfe, Stewart; Randall, Anderson

Scorers: Randall, Stewart (2)

Every player in the Cup Final team is rested.

15m - A fine centre from Duncan is headed through by RANDALL [1-0].

Half-time: Bristol City 0 Newcastle 1

STEWART converts from a corner [2-0].

Metcalfe sets up STEWART [3-0].

Full-time: Bristol City 0 Newcastle 3

Position: 4th

Although the game is fitful and spasmodic, champions Villa are infinitely better in their footwork and finesse and win very comfortably. United privately hand over the League Championship Cup to their successors. After the game it is revealed that ten of the United players (plus the secretary and a couple of directors) have been suffering from ptomaine poisoning and were "all in the grips in the morning". They all turned out but were far from well.

D1: Aston Villa 4 Newcastle 0 - 12,000

Blake, Waugh, McCombie, Willis, Liddell, Finlay, Duncan, Metcalfe, Allan, Randall, Anderson

Scorers: Bachelor, Wallace, Eyre, Hampton

Carr and Stewart are sent to Southport so Allan and McCombie are drafted in. Former captain Gardner (who will not be signed-on next season) travelled down as back-up but is not given the chance of a final game. Reserve captain Liddell gets to lead the first-team.

18m - BACHE scores after a smart dribble [0-1].

30m - Eyre is pushed by Waugh in the area and WALLACE nets the penalty [0-2].

Half-time: Aston Villa 2 Newcastle 0

A melee ends with Blake flat-out injured and a goal from EYRE [0-3].

HAMPTON makes it four in his benefit game [0-4].

Full-time: Aston Villa 4 Newcastle 0

Position: 4th

Heavy rain has left the ground in a fearful state and at the start there are pools of water in the centre and in front of the goals. The crush of the crowd and a desire to move into covered accommodation sees hundreds pour onto the side-lines and mounted police are required to get them back into the stands. This time United are in total control from start to finish. They play glorious football which combines craft, pace and robustness and (considering the state of the ground) display a control of the ball that is remarkable. Barnsley defend bravely but are no match for the Magpies' masterful machinations.

D1: Barnsley 0 Newcastle 2 - 55,364

Lawrence, McCracken, Carr, Veitch, Low, McWilliam, Rutherford, Howie, Wilson

Scorers: Shepherd 2 (1 pen)

Carr replaces the unlucky Whitson.

Half-time: Barnsley 0 Newcastle 0

50m - Higgins plays a low accurate ball through to Shepherd and he goes through the backs in a flash. He stumbles and the advancing Mears appears to be favourite to reach the ball first, but with a superhuman effort SHEPHERD gets there and his sharp shot reaches its billet [1-0].

Shepherd's run through is ended prematurely by Glendinning. There is a consultation about who should take the penalty and once decided SHEPHERD confidently dispatches the sphere [2-0].

Full-time: Barnsley 0 Newcastle 2

The team travel back from Southport and they get a hearty reception at each station they visit. The party stop-off at Carlisle where they are entertained by the Carlisle United directors.

Their approach to Newcastle is announced by a succession of fog signals and they steam into the station at nine minutes past six. Thousands have descended on Central Station and although barricades have been erected crowds swarm onto the platforms.

Colin Veitch alights holding the cup. The Lord Major (along with other civic dignitaries and politicians) is there to greet the team and he gives a short congratulatory speech. Veitch responds but it is impossible to hear him above the enthusiastic cheering. The Veterans' Highland Pipers' band.

The party make their way to the station portico where landaus are waiting. They proceed along Newgate Street, Collingwood Street, Grey Street, Market Street, Grainger Street to the Pavilion Theatre on Westgate Road. A tramcar decorated with the team's colours and banners reading "Here's to ye" and "Bravo United" is also in the procession.

Hundreds are locked out of the theatre and inside various congratulatory speeches are made performance at Pavilion theatre and Empire theatre - carried the cup with them gaily decorated with black and white colours

Both sides struggle to get to grips with a lively ball and United are clearly showing signs of tiredness. But it is a good performance and only a lack of finishing prevents a victory being achieved.

D1: Newcastle 0 Sheff. Utd 0 - 40,000

Lawrence, McCracken, Carr, Veitch, Willis, Finlay, Rutherford, Howie, Shepherd, Higgins, Wilson

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Sheff. Utd 0

Full-time: Newcastle 0 Sheff. Utd 0

Position: 4th

02/05 - The joint FA/Football League Commission set up to investigate Newcastle's fixture at Middlesbrough meets privately in Darlington. They find that there is no ground of any arrangement between the clubs or players with a view to influencing the result of the match. However, they also state that it was correct that Mr Green had reported it as "play generally was not at all satisfactory".

03/05 - United receive congratulations from many quarters including a telegram from Canada's Governor General Grey which reads "Ottawa May 3 - captain of Newcastle United, Newcastle, England - Hearty Congratulations - 'Weel may the keel row'. Grey Governor General.

04/05 - The directors agree to ask the FA permission to award all United's Cup winning players a £50 bonus, they will also ask for a medal for Whitson.

05/05 - United sign outside-left J Scott (20) from Wallsend slipway for whom he showed some smart form last season. He is 5' 8" and about 11st.

11/05 - Left-half-back S. Beattor signs for Huddersfield.

13/05 - United are fined £100 in total for fielding weakened sides against Aston Villa and Bristol City. A club representative hands over the money immediately. Bradford made a claim for the postponement of their home match with United (due to Cup commitments) and United have to pay them £198.

20/05 - There are reports that Peter McWilliam is to become player-manager at Middlesbrough.

21/05 - Frank Watt signs Nicholas Higgins who is the younger brother of United forward Sandy. He comes from a Kilmarnock junior team and can play either inside-forward or centre-forward. He is just over 5' 7" and over 11 stone.

23/05 - Rumours that McWilliam is off to Middlesbrough have been refuted.