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07/06 - The meeting of the shareholders of the United Football Club passes off successfully There are one or two changes made on the directorate with former player John Auld joining the Committee. Owing to the fact that the club finished the season with an adverse balance of £15 6s 10d (receipts £4,476 9s 8d and expenditure £4,491 16s 1d) the directorate have been compelled to apply for an overdraft at the bank to enable them to pay the summer wages to the team.

11/06 - It is reported that W Miller, “the Killie marvel”, has transferred his affections to Jarrow.

18/06 - The club have retained 28 and are willing to transfer 25.

28/06 - The following players have been signed on for next season, up to date:- C. Watts and E. Kinnear (goalkeepers), C. Stewart, J. White, J. Lockie, and J. Warburton (backs), T. Ghee (Paisley St. Mirren), J. Ostler, H. Jackson (Glasgow Rangers), J. Stott, L. Dixon, J. Foster (Shankhouse), and J. R. Carr (half-backs), D. Allen (Dundee), J. Harvey and J. M. Campbell (Sunderland). M. Lennox, A. Aitken, W. Wardrope, W. Watson (Jarrow), T. Hume (Shankhouse), W. Milne, T. Bartlett, R. Hedley, and T. Gillespie (forwards).

Foyer has gone to Clyde, Billie Bell, H Jeffrey and Joe Ryder to South Shields,

George Adams has moved to Hebburn Argyle.

W Graham has followed Miller to Jarrow.


04/08 - Former Sunderland trainer Tom Dodds commences work for his new employees this week.

09/08 - Training commences

17/08 - The first practice match is held in front of 7,000 onlookers. The half-back line are all big and weighty men.


01/09 - Fr: Newcastle 1 Sunderland 3 - The weather turns wet and there are about 10,000 in attendance. Although the first-half is fairly even the visitors lead at the break and have decidedly the best of matters after the interval.

04/09 - D2: Newcastle 4 Woolwich Arsenal 1 - Both sides have undergone a massive overhaul in playing staff since last season. Newcastle play down the hill In the first-half and dominate; scoring thrice without reply. They are coasting; but the crowd want more: "Come on United". The game is more even after the break and the crowd, who are frantic with excitement at times, urge them on with a fusillade of cheers. McAvoy needs treatment and the trainer administers the usual remedies in the way of rubbing.

06/09 - Fr: Newcastle 1 Hibernian 1 - Newcastle lead at the break after Stott rushes the ball through, Raisbech equalises.

11/09 - D2: Walsall 2 Newcastle 3 - On a fine summer's day Campbell has to withdraw late due to the death of his mother, Allen replacing him. United take the field with ten men as Stewart is unwell, but he makes an appearance before play commences. All three Newcastle goals are gifts, including two own-goals.

18/09 - D2: Newcastle 3 Burton Swifts 1 - The Swifts have lost both their games so far. Although played in fine weather it is a tough and disappointing game and the crowd are not satisfied.. Newcastle’s play falls far below expectations and at one stage it looked like the representatives of the beer town might get a draw.

The local authorities have granted Newcastle permission to build a large stand in their enclosure housing 2,000 people.

25/09 - D2: Lincoln 2 Newcastle 3 - With a stiff breeze and the sun in their favour the Lincolnites have more of the play in the first forty-five, but Newcastle’s weakened team are solid at the back and retire on equal footing. Although the wind drops considerably United are by far the better team in the second period and deservedly win.


02/10 - D2: Burnley 3 Newcastle 0 - Both sides are unbeaten and a well-contested match is expected, however it turns out to be surprisingly one-sided. Witty Watty Walton kicks off on behalf of United and inadvertently helps the home side score. The well known music hall artist hits the ball long towards the Burnley goal. Back Reynolds returns the ball and sets up a quick attack from which Place scores. Burnley go at United hammer and tongs throughout the first half. The Turfites are awarded a penalty for handball. Ross converts the penalty, but the referee hadn’t blown his whistle and orders it to be retaken. For some reason Ross entrusts the second take to McClintock and he hits it straight at Watts’ chest and he clears. But the official wants it retaken again. Ross has another go and his shot is also straight at Watts. Not to be denied the Turfites net twice more. Although the second period is more even with plenty of give and take there is no further scoring.

09/10 - D2: Newcastle 2 Newton Heath 0 - The gates are opened ninety minutes before kick-off in expectation of a big attendance which duly materialises. The match kicks off five minutes early and United make a blistering start, scoring twice within the first fifteen minutes. The crowd cheer, shout and wave hats, sticks and umbrellas in their jubilation. From then on it is an even game and the crowd reacts to the changing fortunes with either deathly silence or with a roar that is sufficient to break the clouds overhead. The match also becomes very rough at times. Some amusement Is caused when Stott performs his old trick of using his lengthy leg around Bryant to take the ball off him when standing quite still.

16/10 - D2: Woolwich A 0 Newcastle 0 - The play is fast, exciting and even on a beautifully bright fine day at Plumstead. Both sides attack well and defend grandly and a draw is a fair result. Some of the London press refer to Newcastle as “the coalies”.

23/10 - D2: Newcastle 2 Blackpool 0 - A momentous day as United's new stand is partially opened for the first time, indeed builders were still working on it during the morning. Both sides take to the pitch in light blue shirts so there is then a twelve minute delay as new tops are found for the visitors. Although United do not play that well they dominate throughout. Erratic shooting and a fine display by the visiting custodian means the points are not guaranteed until just before the end.

30/10 - FA QR3: Newcastle 6 Willington 0 - United are still not exempt from the Qualifying Rounds although a rule change means they are, at least, exempt from the first two rounds. Willlngton forgo their home advantage in hope of a big pay day. They are a sturdy lot and are expected to give the Tynesiders a good game. The new grandstand at the Town End is very imposing in appearance. The game starts in a very scrappy fashion and there are a lot of fouls; the visitors playing a hard game without finesse. Gradually United take control and it is eventually a very easy win. Aitken scores four. The visiting supporters make the most of their day out and yell and gesticulate out of all proportion to the performance of their club.


An effort is being made to induce the Celtic a team to play Newcastle United at St. James’ on a Wednesday afternoon, with the proceeds going to the aid of the locked-out engineers and allied trades. Gold and silver medals have been promised to the teams by a local tradesman.

06/11 - D2: Grimsby 2 Newcastle 0 - The home side have earned themselves an unenviable reputation for roughness this season. A small trip arrived from Newcastle at 11.30. It was a wet morning making for a slippery pitch and it is a fast, scrappy and sometimes exciting game, Fletcher scores twice for the Fishermen in the first-half. It's end to end in the second period without any further scoring. Jackson and Mountain are cautioned after they get at loggerheads.

10/11 - Jock Peddie signs - Peddie, of the Third Lanark, who has desired a change for some time, left Glasgow yesterday afternoon for Newcastle to play for the United. The terms are £10 down and £3 a week. The papers were signed at a special meeting held yesterday, when the Third Lanark Committee agreed to part with Peddie for £100. Amongst those present was J. Auld, a former captain of Third Lanark. So anxious was Peddie to leave that he departed within an hour or so of signing.

12/11 - It is claimed that the Peddie fee was not £100 as has been reported, however the real fee cannot be revealed.

13/11 - D2: Newton Heath 0 Newcastle 1 - A MERITOUS VICTORY - New signing Jock Peddie makes his debut at the Clayton enclosure against the Heathens. It is an even, well contested match with both sides taking it in turn to try and pass it through. Wardrope scores the only goal in the second-half. At one point play is stopped from a singular cause. A hole is discovered in the middle of the field, quite a foot deep, and some amusement is created by the appearance of the groundsman with a wheelbarrow and a bucketful of soil wherewithal to fill the void.

20/11 - FA QR4: Stockton 1 Newcastle 4 - VICTORY OF UNITED - United's match against the Stocktonians, who are doing very well In the Northern League, attracts a huge crowd. United have superior dash and combination and win very easily. A mixture of bad luck and poor shooting, once more, prevents United scoring more.

27/11 - D2: Newcastle 4 Small Heath 0 - GREAT GAME AT ST. JAMES’S - Both sides have an identical record in the League so the match is keenly anticipated; the new stand is well populated and a large crowd is in attendance. Despite playing up the hill United are fully in control and score four times in the first-half. They also have a couple of shots blocked by their own players and another by the referee.

30/11 - United's custodian, Charlie Watts, is the recipient of a handsome present in honour of him having won a local billiard handicap. The presentation takes place at the Oak Leaf Hotel On Northumberland Street.


04/12 - D2: Gainsborough Trinity 1 Newcastle 3 - In wet and miserable conditions United are much the better side and are 2-0 ahead at the break. It is more even in the second half and Trinity pull one back before Ostler converts in the last minute. United are now second.

11/12 - FA Cup QR5: Middlesbrough 0 Newcastle 2 - GREAT MATCH ON TEESSIDE - The United team leave by a special excursion train at 10.00am and an excursion for supporters leaves at 12.15pm. Middlesbrough are a strong side and have only lost once so far this season. The homesters do most of the pressing in the first half, but United up the pace in the second period as the amateurs begin to tire, scoring twice in the last fifteen minutes. United benefit to the extent of £98.

18/12 - D2: Burton Swifts 3 Newcastle 1 - SERIOUS DEFEAT FOR UNITED - United travelled down yesterday evening. The Swifts are propping up the table, but in very foggy conditions which make it difficult to see the players, United lose their way early on. They concede twice within the first ten minutes and although the men from the Tyne battle back well they concede again before pulling one back.

25/12 - D2: Blackpool 2 Newcastle 3 - CREDITABLE VICTORY FOR NEWCASTLE - Against bottom club Blackpool, United dominate before the break. With the forwards passing and re-passing with astonishing accuracy they score thrice before the Seasiders pull one back from a penalty . The home side improve in the second chapter and score again. There is a large number of United supporters present who sing and have the accompaniment of a concertina and horn. They also spend the break singing “ditties”.

27/12 - D2: Newcastle 0 Burnley 1 - EXCITING GAME IN NEWCASTLE - On a remarkably mild day table-toppers Burnley attract a massive crowd of 24,959. Ladies consequently assemble in strong numbers and brace the crush with a nonchalance which says much for their interest In the proceedings. Even the press box roof is occupied. It is a tense, but exciting game, in which there is almost as much action off the pitch as there is on, with the excitement reaching fever pitch. When Wardrope shoots against the post the pressure of the crowd is so great on and in front of the new stand that the dividing rail gives way and the crowd drops through. Play is suspended as the pitch is cleared, but the crowd are particularly well behaved and those who involuntarily broke through, as soon as ever practicable, get outside the fence again. Then slightly later, at the West side of the field, at the low corner, the rails again give way and a man appears to have suffered somewhat severely. His condition necessitates immediate attention from the policeman present on the ground, who brings a stretcher into requisition, and a couple of minutes later a press-man is requested to telephone for a police ambulance. The interval is extended to allow the high pitched excitement to cool. Unfortunately with the crowd growing impatient the feverish expectations of the spectators become intensified. A near miss from the visitors rises the spectators on the Stand to such excitement that a very considerable number of them are pushed off through the pressure behind. As the match wears on the play becomes more nervy and scrappy and just as it looks like it is heading for a deserved draw, Burnley grab a winner.


01/01 - D2: Newcastle 2 Walsall 1 - Following a very even start, United begin to get the upper-hand and deservedly take the lead through Allan. It is a closer game in the second period and both sides score.

03/01 - D2: Newcastle 3 Loughborough 1 - Rain falls throughout the game and as the ground is very wet there are several mis-kickings. Although the Luggs start down the hill and take an early lead, United are ahead by the break. Newcastle dominate the second-half and score again.

04/01 - Fr: South Shields 2 Newcastle 6 - Peddie scores four at Mowbray Road in a pleasant game.

08/01 - D2: Man. City 1 Newcastle 1 - An excursion leaves Newcastle in the morning for the game at Hyde Road against United’s promotion rivals. The game is fast and interesting. United think they've scored, but the referee gives offside and the decision is freely commented upon with the Newcastle men expressing great dissatisfaction. Newcastle then take the lead only for City to equalise just before the break. Although the Mancunians are the better side in the second period, there is no further scoring.

15/01 - D2: Newcastle 1 Darwen 0 - Stott, Ostler and Aitken are all missing which causes a deal of reorganisation. It is an uninteresting match and United cannot get their game going. Just before the break Leach puts through his own net for the only goal. Debutant Allen, an amateur from Bishop Auckland, struggles.

22/01 - D2: Newcastle 4 Leicester Fosse 2 - United have the wind and slope in their favour in the first period and carrying all before them, score thrice before the break. It could have been more with the Fossils relying on their custodian and foul play to try and keep them in the game. Peddie completes his hat-trick before United ease off completely allowing the visitors to score twice.

28/01 - One hundred and fifty enthusiasts travel down from Newcastle on an excursion train along with the players which arrives at around 6 O’clock.

29/01 - FA R1: Preston 1 Newcastle 2 - The ground is brimful of excitement and the trippers make their presence felt. . A Novocastrian cornet welcomes the players onto the field. In a hard and fast game it is 1-1 early on after defensive mistakes at both ends. The Prestonians are reduced to ten men and the Tynesiders urge "Play Up Newcastle". Peddie scores just before time.


05/02 - Fr: Newcastle 4 Derby 4 - Although the ground is thickly covered with snow it is a fast and interesting game. Bloomer scores twice as the visitors lead 4-2 at the break.

12/02 - FA R2 - Southampton 1 Newcastle 0 - Special trains run from all over Hampshire ensuring a record gate for the amateurs. It is a fine day but there is a strong wind blowing from goal to goal and the homesters win the toss and play with the wind. It is an exciting but tough game In which there are numerous fouls. Buchanan scores the only goal.

W Smith, the old Edinburgh Hibernians player arrives on trial.

18/02 - The Newcastle team travel down to London and stay at the Midland Hotel.

19/02 - D2: Luton 3 Newcastle 1 - This is Newcastle's first ever game in the "straw town" against Luton who are doing surprisingly well In their first season in the League, especially at Dunstable Road. The weather is brilliantly fine but there Is a keen wind. Smith does well on his debut in an exciting game, brimful of interest.

21/02 - In the match against Darwen on January 15th United played amateur Allan from British Auckland without receiving the requisite permission from his club. Although they did this in error, Auckland reported the matter to the English Association, with the result that United have been fined £10, and secretary Mr F. G. Watt, has been suspended from taking part in club management for one month commencing to-day.

United secure, at a big cost, Bill Lindsay, the clever back of Grimsby who has for many years been the mainstay of the Fishermen's team. His departure is much regretted. He is a native of Teesside.

26/02 - D2: Newcastle 3 Lincoln 0 - The game is regarded in sporting parlance as a soft snip as the visitors are having a bad season. The kick-off is brought forward by ten minutes so that the Lincolnites can get the train home. Although United play uphill and against a strong wind in the first period, they play well in a ding-dong battle and score twice. A sharp snow shower just before the break sees the new stand largely vacated. The weather deteriorates, it is raw and miserable in the extreme and heavy snow and strong winds are now making play almost impossible. Just before the hour the referee stops the game and takes the players off. Many of the spectators leave whilst the arena is soon filled by sundry small boys. Occupants of the cheaper seats seem inclined to secure a better position. Five minutes later the officials and the players return despite the fact that the conditions have deteriorated further. Smith grabs a third but the game is spoilt by this sudden sample of the most execrable weather. Manchester City are beaten by Gainsboro’ and United move up to second.


05/03 - D2: Darwen 1 Newcastle 3 - The Barley Bank pitch was frost bound during the night and although it has thawed it is very soft and slippery which makes play difficult. Darwen occupy a very lowly position and start with ten men as Blake does not appear until the fifteenth minute. Peddie’s second hat-trick secures the points.

12/03 - D2: Newcastle 4 Luton 1 - United play with the wind and hill in the first-half and lead 3-1 at the break. For a five minute spell United bombard the Lutonites goal in one of the most sensational episodes seen at the ground. It culminates in the bewildered visitor’s custodian sending through his own goal. Hats are thrown and sticks are waved in the air, but the referee gives offside. The visitors are much the heavier team and they don’t forget to use their weight. Consequently the game becomes a bit rough, some of the charging is on the vigorous side and there are also numerous unintentional fouls. A clash of heads results in Ghee and Gallacher having to leave the field and the latter (bleeding profusely) is attended to by the enthusiastic Dr Vlckery. United are now five points ahead of third placed Manchester City although they have two games in hand.

16/03 - D2: Newcastle 2 Man. City 0 - City have strengthened their side with some loanees but United open up a seven point gap over their promotion rivals after a fair and square victory. It is a fast game throughout and although United have to face a puzzling cross wind Peddie opens the scoring. Play in the second half is all in favour of Newcastle who have dreadfully hard lines whilst Watts does not have a shot to save. Newcastle won 18 corners against 1 for the visitors. Receipts for this Wednesday night fixture total an impressive £485.

19/03 - Fr: Newcastle 1 Sunderland 1 - The “Championship of the North” game is played at a leisurely place, particularly by the Wearsiders. The Sunderland goal comes when Watts races out twenty-yards to challenge Wilson who simply lays it off to Brown to place the sphere into the empty net. One reporter proclaims that it is “one of the easiest goals ever recorded in the history of football”. Both sides also hit the upright and the moderately interesting game ends in a draw. The crowd is upwards of 15,000 and accrues another £465 in receipts. Lincoln beat Manchester City to make second place virtually assured for United.

26/03 - D2: Newcastle 4 Grimsby 0 - United are now attracting far better crowds than any other team in the Division, but the weather still has a major impact and the paltry crowd today is largely a result of the fact that winter is paying back her arrears in grim earnest. It is an unpropitious a day for playing or watching football as can be imagined . United score twice in the first fifteen minutes and there is no doubt to their superiority over the plodding Mariners. Campbell surprises the crowd by rolling back the years and displaying some of his old-time excellent dodging powers and there are hearty cries of "good old Campbell" as the teams leave for their break. Campbell and Mountain are cautioned after an unpleasant incident.

26/03 - Aitken is ill with inflammation of the bowels.


02/04 - D2: Newcastle 5 Gainsborough Trinity 2 - Trinity have been doing capital work of late therefore the Magpies have no “snip” on. The weather is not a great deal better than last week, but the home fans are soon warmed up as their pets put in a performance which gives them the utmost satisfaction. Soon after the start Peddie scores and - despite the rough tactics of the visitors - United dominate the first half and score three more times. Peddie completes his third hat-trick and Smith scores the other. For the second Peddie trapped a centre from Harvey and hit a fast, low shot which must be one of the finest long-range drives ever seen on a football field. United, playing against the strong wind in the second period, start to get a bit casual and Trinity pull two back before Smith add a fifth.

04/04 - United sign outside left forward Niblo from Linthouse for £90. He will get £2 10s a week and £2 in the off season and have guaranteed him a situation as a boiler maker so he can complete his apprenticeship.

09/04 - D2: Leicester Fosse 1 Newcastle 1 - Heavy showers suppress the crowd at the start but it is greatly augmented as the game goes on. It Is an open and vigorous game though remarkably free from foul play. United play with plenty of dash. The Fossils dominate the second period and deservedly equalise with fifteen minutes left.

11/04 - D2: Loughborough 0 Newcastle 1 - Campbell scores the only goal in a poor game. United are the better side and deserve their victory. NibIo makes his debut

12/04 - D2: Small Heath 1 Newcastle 0 - Both sides are at full strength at Coventry Road and it is a very even game against two well-matched sides. Higgins scores the only goal in the first period.

16/04 - Fr: Newcastle 1 West Brom 1 - A number of second-teamer’s are drafted in and It is not a great game. The visitors are in front of United's posts before the proverbial Jack Robinson could be said and are unlucky to see the ball come back off the upright. United are the better team and score through Blyth but have to rest content with a draw. Blyth is also on the end of a ball thrown at him by the West Brom custodian which amuses the spectators..

20/04 - Test Match - Newcastle 2 Stoke 1 - The first-half is pretty even, United take the lead from a scrimmage. Stoke strive for an equaliser and United defend grandly. Peddie and Lindsay are both limping at the start of the second-half and virtually useless at times. However, United start to gain the upper hand and Peddie and Smith both have efforts ruled “offside” before Harvey scores a second and the Potters pull one back a couple of minutes later.

22/04 - NEW PLAYER FOR NEWCASTLE UNITED - Arrangements have been concluded for the transfer at the end of the season to Newcastle United of J. Rodgers, outside right for Grimsby, the price to be paid being over £100. Rodgers is not only swift, but one of the best shots Grimsby has ever possessed, his ability to centre being marvellous.

23/04 - Test Match - Stoke 1 Newcastle 0 - Campbell and Lockey are drafted in for the injured Peddie and Lindsay in a game dominated by the defences. It is still a keenly contested game with both sides taking it in turn to attack. Jackson and Stott both pick-up injuries.

28/04 - Test Match - Blackburn 4 Newcastle 3 - A dirty, drizzling rain means it is very wet and the ground is extremely heavy. United play into the wind and rain in the first-half. Although the Blackburnians play four reserves in the forward line they make a great start and lead 3-0 after only 21 minutes. Aitken pulls one back and it is 3-1 at the break. Wardrope gets a second soon after the restart and both sides notch a further goal. Killean breaks a leg in a scrimmage.

30/04 - TM: Newcastle 4 Blackburn Rovers 0 - To stand a chance of being promoted United need to win by as many goals as possible and hope for a winner in the Stoke v Burnley tie. If that match ends in a draw both those sides will be admitted to Division 1 and there are some suggestions that a draw is therefore inevitable. The crowd of 13,324 is made up of all sorts and condition of men and women. Youngsters, too, are conspicuous around the stands. Newcastle play into the wind but down the hill in the first-half. A near miss from Campbell causes the crowd in the low end stand to press forward and the railing gives way . A little boy is Injured and the referee temporarily halts the game. Doctor's Slater and Vickery rush from the grandstand and administer first aid whilst the press are asked to call for an ambulance. The incident could have been very much worse, considering the crowd of people that were thrown off their feet, and for a while carried on top of one another. Many supporters move to the other side of the ground whilst play is suspended. It is a very even game but Newcastle are magnificently earnest and take the lead when Ghee scores on the half hour. The scene of excitement all around the ground is almost indescribable and the multitudinous roar that goes up is almost ear splitting. In the second half Newcastle have the wind in their favour, press pertinaciously and score three more . Rarely have United given such a finished and dashing display. Schoolboys Fred Lambert and Thomas Spoors were injured and sent to the Infirmary. Gate receipts amount to almost £434.


02/05 - The Newcastle United Committee have secured the services of famous Darwen custodian, Matt Kingsley, who was sought after by many First Division clubs. He is 21 and about 6ft and is considered one of the smartest goalkeepers in the League.

03/05 - THE PLAYERS FOR NEXT SEASON - The executive have secured M Kingsley, a goalkeeper, from Darwen; Rodgers, an outside right forward, from Grimsby; Sandy Higgins, another sterling forward, of Bristol City, and late of Grimsby Town; Niblo, an outside left forward; and Joyce, a centre forward, who has been figuring conspicuously during the past season for Tottenham Hotspur. It is reported that the price paid to Grimsby for the transfer of Rodgers and Higgins was £200, with a benefit match to be played at the Fishing Metropolis. Of last season's team the following have been retained: Watts, goal; Jackson, Lindsay, and Lockey, backs; Stott, Ostler, and Ghee, half-backs; Wardrope, Aitken, Peddie, Campbell, and Harvie, forwards. Those who depart for fresh fields and pastures new, are White, back; Stewart, back; Lennox, forward; and Allen, forward. The latter goes to Chorley, and receives £2 10s a week in the off season, and £3 weekly for the playing season.

Jack Carr is going to Edinburgh University for the next two years. He is a first-class half-back who can also play in the forward line and has promised to play for Leith Athletic.

10/05 - The proposal to extend Division 1 by two teams is to be decided upon. There is some opposition from southern clubs and Woolwich in particular, who plan to put a counter proposal which will see the Second Division extended instead and split into North and South sections to save on travel costs.

10/05 - At a meeting of the Newcastle Town Moor Management Committee the club apply for permission to erect a new stand on the south side of the field, the side nearest the Barrack Road, in accordance with plans presented for approval. The proposal is carried, five voting in its favour and four against. The stand will have a height of 24ft. The centre portion will be covered in, and comprises an extensive box for the use of the press.

20/05 - NEWCASTLE UNITED PROMOTED - At the AGM of the Football League in Manchester it is decided to accept the proposal from Burnley to increase the size of both divisions to 18 clubs. Six clubs are nominated to fill the vacant positions in the First Division and a ballot sees Newcastle (18 votes) and Blackburn (27 votes) admitted.

Jack Carr signs for Kilmarnock. He was the recipient of a massive gold chain from his old clubmates previous to leaving the banks of the Tyne.

26/05 - Sunderland and Newcastle agree to pair at the League meeting to ensure that they don’t both play at home at the same time.