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Stuart Alderson (1965/66 to 1966/67)

Stuart Alderson
Bth 15/08/48 West Auckland Co. Durham
P/H/W Outside-Right
Jnd 16/08/65 Evenwood Juniors £50
Deb 10/09/66 Burnley D1
Left 06/67 York City Free
A/G 4

Stuart Alderson was a fast outside-right who showed slick movement and was capable of skinning defenders. He also had decent ball control and could centre the ball with accuracy.

Having just turned eighteen and with only 16 Reserve appearances (10 in 1965/66 and 6 in 1966/67) behind him, Stuart was handed his debut when Harvey made numerous changes following a humiliating defeat against West Brom.

Although he looked nervous during his debut Harvey kept him in for the League Cup tie at Leeds where he displayed a fine touch and skinned the experienced Willie Bell on numerous occasions. He made two more starts.

He was also a member of the Juniors side that beat Sheffield United in the Final of The Northern Intermediate League Cup.

However he was given a free at the end of the season (17th May) and joined York in June.


Painting by Piotr