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James Low (1921/22 to 1927/28)

James Low
Bth 09/03/94Kilbirnie
P/H Outside-Right5ft 7in11st 6lb
Jnd 10/21Rangers£1,300
Dep 05/28 Retired

James Low was a man fra' Caledonia who had all the skill and artistry of the school. He arrived with the reputation of being a speedy and clever outside-right.

Low found his way to Newcastle in 1921 when he was 27 and neither he nor the club ever regretted the step. He became the third wing-forward to be signed from Rangers in the last couple of seasons, following in the footsteps of Aitken and McDonald.

Controlled the ball to a nicety and despite his small build was not easily knocked off the ball or purpose. Travelled up the line with exhilarating speed and left opposing half-backs standing still. He had an intriguingly devious way of foraging through.

Short in stature. but big in heart, he was a dapper little outside right whose pluck and skill was out of all proportion to his inches. A clever dribbler with a fine turn of speed and a good shot in either foot.

A combination of pace, pluck and persistence enabled him to match his skill against players with a super physique. And he could take any amount of hard knocks and still usually get there.

In Cowan he had a partner after his own liking, and the pair formed a right wing whose capabilities and possibilities were unlimited.

He retired at the end of the 1927/28 season aged 34 and went to work with his father’s net manufacturing business at Elgin. His father, Malcolm, had also played for Glasgow Rangers and it was his wont to delight spectators with his corkscrew-like manoeuvering.

Season by Season

James Low

Pre Toon

James was cradled in the game with Elgin City, Heart of Midlothian, and Glasgow Rangers. At Rangers he was acting as an understudy to Archibald since his arrival from Hearts in 1920/21

1921/22 (26 - 2)

1922/23 (39 - 2)

1923/24 (29 - 2)

1924/25 (17 - 2)

1925/26 (4)

1926/27 (2 - 1)

1927/28 (4)


Painting by Piotr