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Charles Burgess (1900/01)

Charles Burgess
Bth 1874 Montrose Scotland
P/H/W Right-Back 5ft 10in
Jnd 05/00 Millwall Ath.
Deb 01/09/00 Nottm. Forest D1
Dep 06/05/01 Portsmouth
A/G 31 0

Burgess was signed in May 1900 from Millwall Athletic where he had given yeoman service over the previous two seasons. He was brought in to replace Lindsay who had gone to Luton.

He made his debut in the opening day draw with Nottingham Forest, but struggled in the first few games and some North country expletives were freely vented on him. He performed better with his old Millwall partner Allen.

In many ways he was a capital back; tall in stature and powerful in physique. He often used his weight well and had a capital kick. He could be secure in his placing and went off on some strong rushes.

Conversely he was too heavy to be a really fast back and also struggled against tricky forwards who danced around him. Therefore although he showed some improvement he was seen as a weak link and sold to Portsmouth at the end of the season.

It was clear he had only been moderately successful with Newcastle and his style of play was hardly up to the standard of First League football.

Before he departed numerous footballers gathered at the Darnell Hotel for a special "leaving" presentation for him. Former forward Johnny Campbell did the honours, with Charles getting a gold albert and his wife a handsome gold brooch.


Painting by Piotr