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Andy Aitken (1895/96 to 1907/08)

Andy Aitken

Andy Aitken
Birth 27/04/77 Ayr Scotland
P/H/W Inside-forward, Half-Back 5-08.5 11-08 - 11-09
Jnd. 06/95 (18) Ayr Parkhouse
Deb. 07/09/95 (18) Loughborough (H) D2
Left 10/06 (29) Middlesbrough (p/m) £500
App/Gls 349 39

Andy Aitken came from the Land of Burns, being a native of Ayr, and represented Scotland for ten years in succession, a higher tribute to his ability could not be paid. He exhibited the best traditions of a country which had produced some of the greatest players the game had known and was one of their cleverest ever right-half-backs up until the First World War.

An extremely versatile player Andy played in every position at one time apart from left-full-back and goalkeeper. his talents were greatly developed at Newcastle and he rendered yeoman service as player and captain.

”Daddler” was a great tactician in defence and a splendid spoiler of opposing forwards; partly by virtue of his quickness in grasping a situation and to his immediate decisions as to his action.

A bustling type who was sharp on the ball, he seemed to get far more kicks than most of the players. He was a grand tackler, good placer, had awesome heading power and exhibited a capital shot.

Possessing all-round athleticism, he was an untiring worker who was here, there and everywhere.

Andy was not a ‘showy’ half; he was a hard, plodding player, who depended more on anticipating a player’s movements than on pace.

He won 14 Scottish caps in total and captained Scotland on the fatal field at Ibrox Park in 1902.

Season by Season

Andy Aitken

Andy Aitken

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1895/96 (32 - 12) (10, 9, 11) (18)

Although he was only eighteen Andy established himself at inside-left following his arrival during the summer. Scored a hat-trick against Notts County in his third game.

1896/97 (31 - 11) (10, 9, 8, 7) (19)
1897/98 (31 - 9) (10, 8, 4) (20)

Following the arrival of Smith, Andy moved to the inside-right position and was also experimented with in the half-back line.

1898/99 (28 - 4) (28 - 2) (8, 10, 6, 2, 4, 5, 9)

Appeared in seven different positions during the season. Had a short loan period at Kilmarnock where he helped them out in the Scottish Cup games.

1899/00 (36) (2,4,5,6)
1900/01 (33-2) (5, 4)
1901/02 (34)
1902/03 (33)
1903/04 (33)
1904/05 (36)
1905/06 (19)
1906/07 (3)


Painting by Piotr

Illustrations taken directly from contemporary newspapers at Newcastle Library Local Studies department.