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NUFC 1980/81 - Match Details

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NO JOY FOR DRAB UNITED - A poor game in which United miss a host of chances highlights the need for new faces.

Hearts - Tynecastle - 3,334

Carr (Hardwick), Brownlie, Davies, Cartwright, Boam, Carney, Kelly, Wharton, Rafferty, Clarke, Shinton (Nicholson), Hibbitt

36m - Hearts offside attempt goes awry and SHINTON chips Brough (1-0).

Half-time: Hearts 0 Newcastle 1

56m - ROBERTSON looks clearly offside but the goal stands (1-1).

Full-time: Hearts 1 Newcastle 1

Newcastle match their First Division opponents in a low-key friendly. Triallist Koenan impresses.

Carr, Kelly, Davies, Cartwright, Boam, Carney, Rafferty, Shinton, Clarke, Wharton, Koenen

Scorers: Davies (pen), Rafferty - Graham (2)

22m - Clarke is fouled and DAVIES scores the penalty (1-0).

32m - GRAHAM (1-1).

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Leeds 1

59m- GRAHAM after a deflection from Walker leaves Carr stranded (1-2).

74m - RAFFERTY (2-2).

90m - Rafferty hits a post.

Full-time: Newcastle 2 Leeds 2

United give a characterless and uninspiring display and the match is dominated by Jackie Charlton's newly promoted club. Kevin Carr's acrobatics keep them in the game but after Steve Carney is sent off on the hour the Owls score twice. Both managers criticise the Carney dismissal; "if that was a sending off offence I'm my aunt's uncle and we'll change our name to 'handbags United’” says McGarry. Even the referee Ken Walmsley thinks the decision is unfair and "has nothing but sympathy for the lad". He blames the fact that the disciplinary rules are now too rigid.

Sheff Wed - Hillsborough - 26,164

Carr, Kelly, Davies, Cartwright, Boam, Carney, Rafferty, Shinton, Clarke, Wharton, Koenen

Scorers: McCulloch, Taylor

Koenen gets the nod ahead of Hibbltt and makes his debut along with Ray Clarke. Five months after being advised to retire by a specialist, Peter Kelly is giving it another go.

Half-time: Sheff. Wed. 0 Newcastle 0

60m - Steve Carney is sent off for a second bookable offence.

67m - MCCULLOCH easily beats Boam to run in and head Wednesday in front (0-1).

76m - TAYLOR scores with a twenty-yard half-volley (0-2).

Full-time: Sheff. Wed. 2 Newcastle 0

Position: 21st

SHOULDER IS UNITED HERO - In driving rain United are indebted to Carr who is once again at his best to thwart a County side prompted expertly by the veteran Don Masson. The attendance is a post-war low for a season-opener.

Notts. County (6th) - SJP - 17,272

Carr, Kelly, Davies, Shoulder, Boam, Barton, Rafferty, Shinton (Cartwright), Clarke, Wharton, Koenen

Scorers: Shoulder - Masson

Shoulder has recovered from a broken toe and returns in place of Cartwright. Barton comes in for the suspended Carney.

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Notts. County 0

52m - MASSON cooly takes the ball around Carr before slotting home. (0-1).

72m - Peter Kelly makes good progress down the wing before expertly chipping to SHOULDER who nips in to head home (1-1).

Full-time: Newcastle 1 Notts. County 1

Position: 21st

THE AWFUL TRUTH - A criminally inept performance in which Brian Kidd scores a twenty-minute hat-trick. Bolton control the game throughout and after the second goal the United supporters sit down in protest for the rest of the game. United hit bottom spot and although McGarry claims that all that is lacking is confidence, he is under serious pressure.

Bolton (20th) - Burnden Park - 11,835

Carr, Kelly, Davies, Shoulder, Boam, Barton, Rafferty, Shinton, Clarke, Wharton, Koenen (Cartwright)

Scorers: Kidd (3), Whatmore

Alan Gowling hits the bar.

29m - Carr is penalised for taking too many steps and from the free-kick Cantello lays the ball to KIDD who blasts the ball through the disintegrating wall (0-1).

33m - KIDD makes sure Burke’s shot goes in (0-2).

Half-time: Bolton 2 Newcastle 0

48m - KIDD swivels to score (0-3).

80m - WHATMORE beats Carr from the edge of the box (0-4).

Full-time: Bolton 4 Newcastle 0

Position: 22nd

REPRIEVE - BUT UNITED SHAKY - Fourth Division Bury are managed by former United captain Jim Iley and include former players Pat Howard and Keith Kennedy in the side. United - who are taunted by the paltry home crowd - struggle to overcome the Lancastrians who attack with venom. Iley offers a damning appraisal of the team: "I could have cried when I saw the size of the crowd. Newcastle's standards have slipped so badly in the last few years.... this place used to be alive and now it's dead".

Bury (D4 - 16th) - SJP - 9,073

Carr, Kelly, Davies, Barton, Boam, Leaver (Cartwright), Koenen, Hibbitt, Shoulder, Rafferty, Nicholson

Scorers: Rafferty (2), Shoulder (pen) - Butler, Johnson.

25m - United start badly, but RAFFERTY scores with a belter into the roof of the net (1-0).

31m - United fail to clear a corner and BUTLER rams the ball home (1-1).

41m - Shoulder hits an upright.

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Bury 1

47m - Rafferty is fouled in the box and SHOULDER sends the keeper the wrong way from the penalty (2-1).

55m - former United player Keith Kennedy crosses to JOHNSON who bullets in a header (2-2).

66m - RAFFERTY heads home (3-2).

Full-time: Newcastle 3 Bury 2

LUCK AND COURAGE - Another poor performance in which the Hatters take an early lead and could easily have scored more before United pull themselves back into the game. Harvey tells the directors to get a new manager in quickly and states three new players are required.

Luton (6th) - SJP - 13,175

Hardwick, Carney, Davies, Walker, Boam, Barton (Wharton), Shoulder, Nicholson, Rafferty, Hibbitt, Koenen

Scorers: Hibbitt, Koenen - Stein

Carr and Kelly are out injured.

08m - STEIN scores with a simple chance from close-range (0-1).

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Luton 1

60m - HIBBITT scores from close in after a couple of lucky rebounds (1-1).

72m - Luton are down to ten men when KOENEN sends in a hard drive (2-1).

Full-time: Newcastle 2 Luton 1

Position: 21st

PATHETIC, NEWCASTLE - Fourth Division Bury have lost 4 of their 5 games this season and Harvey tells the players "you are playing for your pride." Debutant Bradley scores the only goal of the game after half an hour, Newcastle failing to score even with 30 minutes extra time being available. As a result United are out on the "away goals" rule. It is a shocking performance in which the Magpies hardly create a decent opportunity.

Bury (D4 - 18th) - Gigg Lane - 4,348

Hardwick, Carney, Davies, Walker,Boam, Wharton (Mitchell), Shoulder, Shinton, Rafferty, Hibbitt, Koenen

31m - A corner is flicked on to BRADLEY who heads past Hardwick (0-1).

Half-time: Bury 1 Newcastle 0

Full-time: Bury 1 Newcastle 0

Extra-time: Bury 1 Newcastle 0

Newcastle 2 Cardiff 1 - In his last game as caretaker manager Harvey secures another home win. Both United's goals have an element of controversy about them and it is a very nervy second-half display.

Cardiff (11th) - SJP - 15,787

Hardwick, Carney, Davies, Walker, Boam, Mltchell, Shoulder, Rafferty, Clarke, Hlbbltt, Koenen

Scorers: Clarke, Shoulder (pen) - Kitchen

Shinton is dropped and Clarke is recalled.

05m - Bishop shoots against an upright.

19m - CLARKE heads in from Hibbitt’s well-flighted free-kick (1-0).

32m - The referee gives a “soft” penalty for a challenge on Hibbitt and SHOULDER scores (2-0).

Half-time: Newcastle 2 Cardiff 0

46m - KITCHEN narrows the margin with a slow motion header (2-1).

Full-time: Newcastle 2 Cardiff 1

Position: 14th

United play reasonably well in the first period and take the lead, but after QPR equalise they start to struggle and are put under intense pressure. However Hibbitt grabs an unlikely winner. Cox is full of praise for the couple of hundred travelling fans: "they made more noise than the home crowd". It is United's first win away from home for ten months.


QPR (15th) - Loftus Road - 10,865

27m - BOAM heads home (1-0).

Half-time: QPR 0 Newcastle 1

55m - HAZELL (1-1).

HIBBITT (who Is just about to be subbed) notches the winner after a misunderstanding In the home defence (2-1).

Full-time: QPR 1 Newcastle 2

Position: 8th

In the programme Cox promises that "I will never give you less than one hundred per cent in effort and commitment" and says "I am very proud to be your manager and I hope tthat one day you will be just as proud of me". Unfortunately United are desperate in the first half and despite great support from the terraces they cannot add a finish to their decent approach play in the second period. Oldham manager Frizzel comments: "I wish we had a crowd like that. I was never worried until they got behind the team and tried to win the match for them". The stars of the game are the Norwegian band. Cox pays tribute to the Newcastle's fans and states: "It's our responsibility to give them more to shout about."

Oldham (5th) - SJP - 19,786

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Oldham 0

Full-time: Newcastle 0 Oldham 0

Position: 9th

United put in a laboured performance against their equally goal-shy hosts and Cox admits that "there is an awful lot of hard work to do yet before anyone at this club can even start to think in promotion terms".

Bristol Rovers (21st) - Eastville - 5,171

Carr (who has recovered from his thigh strain) returns due to Hardwlck badly wrenching his knee in training and Kelly makes a welcome return in place of the shingles afflicted Mitchell.

Half-time: Bristol Rovers 0 Newcastle 0

Full-time: Bristol Rovers 0 Newcastle 0

Position: 8th

United record a third "all-blanker" in a row in a game in which the players clearly show more fighting spirit, but precious little else. Sixty arrests are made, mainly for threatening behaviour and drunkenness.

West Ham (2nd) - SJP - 24,866

Carr Kelly, Davies, Walker, Boam, Mitchell, Shoulder, Hibbitt, Shinton, Rafferty, Koenen

Shinton replaces the dropped Clarke

Half-time: Newcastle 0 West Ham 0

Full-time: Newcastle 0 West Ham 0

Position: 10th

Shinton scores twice as the return of long term absentee Mick Martin to the side inspires United to victory in the torrential rain at Preston. Cox is “still not happy”.

Preston (18th) - Deepdale - 5,301

Carr, Kelly, Davles, Walker, Boam, Mltchell, Shoulder, Martin, Shlnton, Rafferty, Hibbitt

Scorers: Shinton (2), Rafferty - Coleman, Bruce

Mick Martin replaces Koenen who drops to the bench.

05m - Rafferty shoots against an upright and Shinton’s follow-up is wastefully wide.

Elliot hits an upright for Preston.

28m Shoulder's shot is blocked but he recovers to tee up RAFFERTY (1-0).

32m - Rafferty unselfishly sets up SHINTON (2-0).

Half-time: Preston 0 Newcastle 2.

48m COLEMAN scrambles the ball home at the far-post (1-2).

62m - United make a mess of the offside-trap allowing former United player Alex BRUCE to equalise (2-2).

83m Carr’s long clearance is flicked on by Rafferty and hits SHINTON thus wrong-footing Tunks (3-2).

Full-time: Preston 2 Newcastle 3

Position: 7th

Cox suffers his first reverse when United concede twice In the last 20 minutes against the struggling home side.

Bristol City (21st) - Ashton Gate - 10,539

Carr, Kelly, Davles, Martin, Boam, Mltchell, Shoulder (Cartwrlght), Wharton, Shlnton, Rafferty, Hlbbitt

Scorers: Ritchie (2 - 1 pen)

Half-time: Bristol City 0 Newcastle 0

70m - RITCHIE runs twenty yards to crash In a header which skims off Boam’s head and goes In off the underside of the bar (0-1).

90m - RITCHIE adds a second with a penalty (0-2).

Full-time: Bristol City 2 Newcastle 0

Position: 9th

The fans have been very supportive since Cox's appointment but slow handclaps and chants of "what a load of rubbish" reverberate around the stadium again as United are destroyed by Chris Waddle's Newcastle supporting cousin Alan. An unhappy Arthur warns the players; "I will give Individuals the chance to redeem themselves, but If they can't, they can have no comeback at all. They can move on".

Swansea (5th) - SJP - 16,278

Carr, Kelly, Davies, Martin, Boam, Mitchell, Shoulder, Wharton, Shinton, Rafferty, Hibbitt

Scorers: Rafferty - Atlee, Waddle

A low cross is converted by ATLEE (0-1).

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Swansea 1

WADDLE has a simple tap-in at the near post from another cross along the deck (0-2).

90m - RAFFERTY scrambles a consolation after Wharton's shot is parried (1-2).

Full-time: Newcastle 1 Swansea 2

Position: 10th

Shoulder, Kelly and Davies all get the chop and Cox hands debuts to Waddle and Withe. It is a dismal wet and foggy night and the football is often as bleak as the weather. Cox says of Waddle: "he was competent....but I'm sure he is capable of far more".

Shrewsbury (20th) - SJP - 11,985

Carr, Carney, Withe, Martin, Boam, Mitchell, Shinton, Wharton, Waddle, Rafferty, Hibbitt

Scorers: Shinton

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Shrewsbury 0

46m - SHINTON scrambles in after The Shews failed to clear a corner (1-0).

Atkins hits a post for the Visitors.

Full-time: Newcastle 1 Shrewsbury 0

Position: 7th

Central defender Bruce Halliday (19) is the latest youngster to be handed a debut. "If he has a weakness then so far I haven't spotted what it is" says Cox. Unfortunately the Match of the Day cameras are there to see United's inexperienced back four ripped to shreds in what is the heaviest League defeat since 1967. It is believed that there is money to spend and Cox says "I won't panic. There will be new faces at St. James' in time, but my time".


Chelsea (5th) - Stamford Bridge - 22,916

Carr, Carney, Withe, Martin, Boam, Halliday, Shinton, Cartwright, Waddle (Koenen), Rafferty, Wharton

Scorers: Lee (3), Fillery, Walker, Chivers

Half-time: Chelsea 3 Newcastle 0

Full-time: Chelsea 6 Newcastle 0

Position: 9th

Only five players keep their place in the team and Johnson performs well on his debut. United (with a strong wind behind them) start well and score twice but concede just before half-time. The setback knocks them completely out their stride and they struggle badly in the second period.

Watford (13th) - SJP - 14,590

Carr, Carney, Johnson, Martin,Boam, Mitchell, Shinton, Wharton, Clarke, Shoulder, Hibbitt

Scorers: Hibbitt, Shinton - Poskett

Half-time: Newcastle 2 Watford 1

Full-time: Newcastle 2 Watford 1

Position: 8th

Newcastle are deservedly beaten at Cambridge where they lack ruthlessness upfront and (as Cox suggests) "ran about like ants in the sun instead of trying to control the game".

Cambridge (14th) - Abbey Stadium - 5,684

Carr, Carney, Johnson, Martin, Boam, Mitchell, Shinton, Wharton, Clarke, Shoulder, Hibbitt

Scorers: Shinton - Gibbins, Sprlggs

16m - GIBBINS heads the home side in front (0-1).

Half-time: Cambridge 1 Newcastle 0

53m - SHINTON equalises (1-1).

60m - SPRIGGS scores from twenty yards (1-2).

Full-time: Cambridge 2 Newcastle 1

Position: 9th

United get a deserved point against the nervy League leaders after a battling display in which both sides are guilty of squandering good chances.

Notts County (1st) - Meadow Lane - 8,093

Carr, Carney, Johnson, Martin, Boam, Mitchell, Shinton, Wharton, Clarke, Shoulder, Hibbitt

Half-time: Notts County 0 Newcastle 0

Full-time: Notts County 0 Newcastle 0

Position: 9th

BOBBY’S DAZZLER SETS UP UNITED - Fuelled by two noisy sets of supporters it is a full-blooded match played more like a cup-tie. Shinton nets the only goal.

Sheff. Wed. (4th) - SJP - 19,145

Carr, Carney, Johnson, Martin, Boam, Mitchell, Shinton, Wharton, Clarke, Shoulder, Hibbitt

Scorers: Shinton

31m - Shoulder crosses to the far-post and SHINTON’s thumping header goes on off the bar (1-0).

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Sheff. Wed. 0

Full-time: Newcastle 1 Sheff. Wed. 0

Position: 9th

The Magpies are outplayed and only a superb performance from Carr prevents a much heavier defeat. It is a disgraceful performance with the players lacking in drive and confidence. They are booed off at the end of each half and one fan stages a sit-down protest in the centre-circle during the second period. Cox admits “I’m angry about it and the players have had a rollicking”.

Wrexham (18th) - SJP - 15,941

Carr, Carney, Johnson, Martin, Boam, Mitchell, Shinton, Wharton, Clarke, Shoulder, Hibbitt

Scorers: McNeil

23m - Mitchell leaves a long ball, having been given a shout, and MCNEIL nips in (0-1).

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Wrexham 1

65m - Shoulder’s penalty is straight at Davies.

Full-time: Newcastle 0 Wrexham 1

Position: 10th

A mistake by Boam gifts the home side an equaliser just before the end. Cox is buoyed by the fact that it is "the best we have played all season," but annoyed with the late leveller.

Orient (6th) - 5,800

Carr, Carney, Johnson, Martin, Boam, Mitchell, Shinton, Wharton, Rafferty, Shoulder, Koenen

Scorers: Shinton - Taylor

Rafferty replaces the transfer-listed Clarke in attack and Koenan comes in for the injured Hibbitt.

Half-time: Orient 0 Newcastle 0

58m - Wharton expertly sets up SHINTON (1-0).

84m - A poor Stuart Boam back-pass allows Parsons in and although his cross-cum-shot hits the bar TAYLOR converts the rebound (1-1).

Full-time: Orient 1 Newcastle 1

Position: 10th

A drubbing for United at the Vetch Field. "I don't think we played too badly" is Cox's unexpected response to a result which leaves United only two points above the drop zone.


Swansea (4th) - Vetch Field - 11,672

Carr, Carney, Johnson, Martin, Boam, Mitchell, Shinton, Wharton, Cartwright, Shoulder, Koenen (Nicholson)

Scorers: James L, James R (2), Charles

Half-time: Swansea 3 Newcastle 0

Full-time: Swansea 4 Newcastle 0

Position: 14th

Trewick makes his debut and Chris Waddle is given the chance to lead the line against the team one off the bottom. But it is quite obvious that the attack is too lightweight .

Bristol City (21st) - SJP - 14,131

Carr, Carney, Johnson, Martin, Boam, Mitchell, Shinton, Trewick, Waddle, Shoulder, Wharton

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Bristol City 0

Full-time: Newcastle 0 Bristol City 0

Position: 13th

Debutant Harford replaces the dropped Shoulder. Both sides lack the killer punch despite playing some reasonable football although the home side are unlucky to hit the bar and have a goal chalked off for a marginal offside.

Grimsby (11th) - Blundell Park - 17,623

Carr, Carney, Johnson, Martin, Boam, Mitchell, Shinton, Trewick, Harford, Wharton, Waddle

Half-time: Grimsby 0 Newcastle 0

Full-time: Grimsby 0 Newcastle 0

Position: 14th

United never recover from conceding an own goal within 2 minutes and are beaten with embarrassing ease.

Derby (7th) - SJP - 20,886

Carr, Carney, Johnson, Martin, Boam, Mitchell (Hibbitt), Shinton, Trewick, Harford, Wharton, Waddle

Scorers: Boam (og), McFarland

02m - BOAM heads into his own net (0-1).

Mitchell tears his ankle ligaments.

29m - MCFARLAND (0-2).

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Derby 2

Full-time: Newcastle 0 Derby 2

Position: 16th

Waddle is the star of the show scoring his first two senior goals. Wednesday manager Jackie Charlton is - as ever - gracious in defeat "lucky b******s, they'll never get away with that again". Cox on the other hand says, "I thought we just about snatched it, you couldn't question anybody's effort and honesty out there and I think we deserved to win."

Sheff. Wed. (D2 - 6th) - SJP - 22,458

Carr, Carney, Johnson, Martin, Boam, Mitchell (Hibbitt), Shinton, Trewick, Harford, Wharton, Waddle

Scorers: Waddle (2)

WADDLE hits a perfectly stuck low angled drive (1-0).

Martin’s free-kick is headed home by WADDLE (2-0).

Half-time: Newcastle 2 Sheff. Wed. 1

Full-time: Newcastle 2 Sheff. Wed. 1

Bad finishing - especially by Shlnton on his return to his former club - proves to be United’s downfall again. They have now gone five games without scoring a goal In the League and have the worst scoring record In all four divisions. Mick Martin says, "Don't put the blame on the strikers, we've all got to accept responsibility."

Wrexham (13th) - Racecourse Ground - 6,437

Carr, Carney, Johnson, Martin, Boam, Halliday, Shinton, Trewick, Harford, Wharton, Waddle

Half-time: Wrexham 0 Newcastle 0

Full-time: Wrexham 0 Newcastle 0

Position: 15th

United bag a League goal at last as Mick Harford scores his first for the Club and United's first in 491 minutes of League football. Cox says, "We battled and battled, but we did it with composure. We've got it all to do again next week." Carr saves a penalty.

Luton (13th) - Kenilworth Road - 10,774

Carr, Carney, Johnson, Martin, Boam, Halliday, Shinton, Trewick, Harford, Wharton, Waddle

Scorers: Harford

9m - HARFORD (1-0).

Half-time: Luton 0 Newcastle 1

Full-time: Luton 0 Newcastle 1

Position: 13th

Luton manager David Pleat is full of praise for the "passion" of the United players and the fervour of the crowd, Cox offers his normal unique take on the match. "They came at us like Red Indians In the second half but we refused to surrender." And describing the frantic defending towards the end Cox claims that United "were clearing the ball so high it was coming down with altitude poisoning on it".

Luton (D2 - 7th) - SJP - 29,211

Carr, Carney, Johnson, Martin, Boam, Halliday, Shinton, Trewick, Clarke, Wharton, Waddle

Scorers: Clarke, Martin - Ingram

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Luton 0

Full-time: Newcastle 2 Luton 1

Cox rewards Clarke's efforts In the Luton cup game by retaining him In the side suggesting that he could stay if he continued to perform well. Chairman Bob Rutherford in one of his rare interviews says that he is "absolutely delighted" with Arthur Cox.

Bolton (14th) - SJP - 19,143

Carr, Carney, Johnson, Martin, Boam, Halliday, Shinton, Trewick, Clarke, Wharton, Waddle

Scorers: Clarke, Martin - Bennett

45m - CLARKE drills in from an acute angle in injury time (1-0).

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Bolton 0

BENNETT (1-1).

MARTIN seizes on a loose ball and drives through before dispatching a crisp shot (2-1).

Full-time: Newcastle 2 Bolton 1

Position: 13th

Although QPR outplay a nervy United, Waddle's first goal In the League secures an unlikely victory. Martin suffers a knee injury.

QPR (8th) - SJP - 20,404

Carr, Carney, Johnson, Martin (Harford), Boam, Halliday, Shinton, Trewick, Clarke, Wharton, Waddle

Scorers: Waddle

Half-time: Newcastle 0 QPR 0

WADDLE scores with a looping header after QPR fall to clear a long free-klck from Halllday (1-0).

Full-time: Newcastle 1 QPR 0

Position: 13th

Third Division Exeter City arrive at St. James’ on the back of a 5-0 hammering at Portsmouth, but they put up a spirited performance and deservedly equalise just before the end. Now United face the 370 mile journey to the other St James' Park. Cox says, "The trip doesn't worry us at all."

Exeter (D3 - 9th) - SJP - 36,984

Carr, Carney, Johnson, Walker, Boam, Halliday, Shinton (Shoulder), Trewick, Clarke, Wharton, Waddle

Scorers: Shoulder - Roberts

Walker is drafted in for MARTIN (knee).

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Exeter 0

57m - SHOULDER (1-0).

85m - ROBERTS scores a flukey equaliser (1-1).

Full-time: Newcastle 1 Exeter 1

United put in a disastrous performance in front of the Sportsnight cameras and are 3-0 down at the interval, the first goal coming direct from a corner. Exeter's coach says, "Newcastle United are not the Newcastle United of old, and after Saturday’s game my players believed me." Respected journalist David Miller lambasts the club in his newspaper column. "Newcastle are little short of a music hall joke" and "are an insult to the most loyal supporters in English football". Not the team but "the Board of Directors which over twenty years or so has allowed this great club to rot".

Exeter (D3 - 10th) - SJP - 4,348

Carr, Carney, Johnson, Walker, Boam, Halliday, Shoulder, Trewick, Clarke, Wharton (Brownlie), Waddle

Scorers: Hatch, Pearson, Rogers P, Rogers M

14m - HATCH’s inswinging corner deceives Carr and the ball rebounds off his shoulder and the post before crossing the line (0-1).

20m - PEARSON (0-2).

42m - P. ROGERS with a side-footer (0-3).

Half-time: Exeter 3 Newcastle 0

87m - M. ROGERS (0-4).

Full-time: Exeter 4 Newcastle 0

It is a desperately poor game against bottom of the table Rovers. Randall executes two amazing misses whilst Wharton and Shoulder both fail when one-on-one against the 'keeper. Cox refuses to be downbeat and claims his side are still in the promotion hunt. But he admits "this team Is very much In the infancy stage. I am putting together a team that will take us back in time". Bristol player-manager Terry Cooper sees things differently: "Newcastle is a tragedy. I remember it on big match days not so long ago, yet when I came here before the match this morning it was a graveyard. The atmosphere’s gone".

Bristol Rovers (22nd) - SJP - 14,364

Carr, Brownlie, Johnson, Carney, Boam, Halliday, Shoulder, Trewick, Harford, Wharton, Waddle

Ray Clarke and Nigel Walker are dropped.

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Bristol Rovers 0

Full-time: Newcastle 0 Bristol Rovers 0

Position: 13th

Struggling Cardiff have lost their last four games, but Newcastle fail to register a shot on target after the break. Cox admits: "We never really threatened their goal".

Cardiff (20th) - Ninian Park - 4,235

Carr, Brownlie, Johnson, Cartwright, Boam, Halliday, Davies, Trewick, Harford, Wharton (Walker), Waddle

Scorers: Kitchen

42m - A long pass splits the United defence and KITCHEN slots past the advancing Carr (0-1).

Half-time: Cardiff 1 Newcastle 0

Full-time: Cardiff 1 Newcastle 0

Position: 13th

Oldham manager Frlzzell's damning verdict sums up the game: "we didn't lose because they were so bad". It is a turgid game with United failing to muster a shot on target until ten minutes from time and even that effort was blocked before it reached its goal.

Oldham (20th) - Boundary Park - 5,887

Carr, Brownlie, Davies, Martin, Boam, Halliday, Shoulder, Trewick, Harford, Wharton, Waddle (Carney)


Half-time: Oldham 0 Newcastle 0

Full-time: Oldham 0 Newcastle 0

Position: 13th

WHAT A CROSS TO BEAR, NEWCASTLE - Although David Cross puts the runaway leaders ahead after only two minutes the Magpies battle them all the way.

West Ham (1st) - Upton Park - 26,274

Carr, Brownlie, Davies, Martin, Barton, Halliday, Shoulder, Trewick, Harford, Wharton, Waddle (Carney)

Scorers: Cross

Long term injury victim Barton returns to the side in place of the suspended Boam.

02m - CROSS powers in a header from Brooking’s free-kick (0-1).

Half-time: West Ham 1 Newcastle 0

Full-time: West Ham 1 Newcastle 0

Position: 14th

The attendance takes another dip as supporters continue to vote with their feet; United just about deserve their victory over the struggling Lancastrians.

Preston (18th) - SJP - 12,015

Carr, Brownlie, Davies, Martin, Barton, Halliday, Shoulder, Trewick, Harford, Wharton, Walker

Scorers: Harford (2)


Half-time: Newcastle 1 Preston 0


Full-time: Newcastle 2 Preston 0

Position: 12th

The struggling Shrews graft overcomes the Magpies craft.

Shrewsbury (20th) - Gay Meadow - 4,975

Carr, Brownlie, Davies, Martin, Barton (Carney), Halliday, Shoulder, Trewick, Harford, Wharton, Walker

Scorers: Turner

Half-time: Shrewsbury 0 Newcastle 0

TURNER (0-1).

Full-time: Shrewsbury 1 Newcastle 0

Position: 13th

Bruce Halliday notches his first goal for the club to help wipe out some of the memories from his disastrous debut at Stamford Bridge. Cox Is delighted with the "maximum effort" from the team.

Chelsea (5th) - SJP - 17,297

Carr, Brownlie, Davies, Martin (Carney), Barton, Halliday, Shoulder, Trewick, Harford, Wharton, Walker

Scorers: Halliday

32m - HALLIDAY (1-0).

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Chelsea 0

Full-time: Newcastle 1 Chelsea 0

Position: 12th

A terrible game in which the ball is in the air more than on the ground and the frustration amongst the players is reflected on the terraces where fighting breaks out.

Watford (14th) - Vicarage Road - 10,986

Carr, Brownlie, Davies, Martin, Barton, Halliday, Shoulder, Trewick, Harford, Wharton, Walker


Half-time: Watford 0 Newcastle 0

Full-time: Watford 0 Newcastle 0

Position: 13th

The lowest home crowd so far turns up to watch United struggle to beat humble Cambridge; the only bright spot being a cracker of a goal from Shoulder.

Cambridge (11th) - SJP - 11,013

Carr, Brownlie, Davies, Martin, Barton, Halliday, Shoulder, Trewick, Harford, Wharton, Walker

Scorers: Shoulder, Turner (og) - Goldsmith

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Cambridge 1

Full-time: Newcastle 2 Cambridge 1

Position: 12th

UNITED FAIL TO END GOAL FAMINE - Struggling Blackburn adopt ultra-defensive tactics particularly in a turgid first-half and despite a late flurry of pressure Newcastle draw a blank once more.

Blackburn (11th) - SJP - 13,128

Carr, Brownlie, Davies, Martin, Barton, Halliday, Shoulder, Trewick, Harford, Wharton, Walker


Half-time: Newcastle 0 Blackburn 0

Full-time: Newcastle 0 Blackburn 0

Position: 12th

Veteran defender Roy McFarland has no problem holding United's blunt attack at bay and defensive errors cost United.

Derby (11th) - Baseball Ground - 14,139

Carr, Brownlie, Davies, Martin, Barton, Halliday, Shoulder, Trewick, Harford, Wharton, Walker

Scorers: Wilson, McFarland

Half-time: Derby 2 Newcastle 0

Full-time: Derby 2 Newcastle 0

Position: 12th

The visitors dominate the first half and deservedly go ahead on the stroke of half-time. United improve after the break but spurn a number of opportunities before Shoulder grabs an equaliser 13 minutes before the end.

Blackburn (11th) - SJP - 13,170

Carr, Brownlie, Davies, Martin, Barton, Halliday, Shoulder, Trewick, Harford, Wharton, Walker

Scorers: Shoulder - Ford

44m - FORD (0-1).

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Grimsby 1

77m - SHOULDER (1-1).

Full-time: Newcastle 1 Grimsby 1

Position: 12th

Promotion hopefuls Blackburn could easily have doubled their score as they outplay United who are shocking; they are disorganised at the back and show an embarrassing lack of penetration upfront. Most of the travelling fans miss the majority of the game because of freak snowstorms crossing the Pennines.

Blackburn (11th) - Ewood Park - 10,609

Carr, Brownlie, Davies, Martin, Barton, Halliday, Shoulder, Trewick, Harford, Wharton, Walker

Scorers: Lowey (pen), Burke, Speight

Half-time: Blackburn 2 Newcastle 0

Full-time: Blackburn 3 Newcastle 0

Position: 12th

02/05 - D2: Newcastle 3 Orient 1 - LETS BE THANKFUL FOR THE GOALS - An open and reasonably entertaining game to finish the season

Orient - SJP - 11,639

Carr, Brownlie, Davies, Martin, Barton, Halliday, Shoulder, Trewick, Harford, Wharton, Walker

Scorers: Walker, Harford, Trewick - Mayo

24m - WALKER’s shot takes a big deflection which beats the keeper (1-0).

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Orient 0

46m - TREWICK nudges in Wharton’s cross at the far post (2-0).

73m - MAYO (2-1).

83m - A good header from HARFORD (3-1).

Full-time: Newcastle 3 Orient 1

Position: 12th