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NUFC - 1894/95 Diary

WIP version 0a - 15/10/23


11/06 - United’s smart little forward, “Joey” Wallace is married.

18/06 - United have signed on Ross from the Airdrie Fruitfield club. Last season he played centre-half-back in the junior international against Ireland. The club have retained twenty-five of last season’s players, including reserves.

25/06 - The Scottish Referee put out a request to their readers on behalf of United secretary Golding, to ask if any of them know the address of McKeown, the old Blackburn Rovers back. He is wishful of joining the club and they desire him to come to Tyneside, but unfortunately they have mislaid his address.


06/07 - The Scottish Referee states that Golding thanks the correspondents who supplied him with the address of McKeown.

10/07 - The club’s balance sheet is released for 1893/94 and shows that United were one of the few clubs that made a profit.

12/07 - NEWCASTLE UNITED CLUB ANNUAL MEETING - The meeting of the shareholders takes place in Lockharts Cafe on Grainger Street.

14/07 - Arrangements are being made between Newcastle and Blyth to play a match for the purpose of raising funds to, in some way, perpetuate the memory of Blyth forward, John Todd. Todd drowned recently when he got cramp whilst the players were bathing at North Blyth.

McKeown will not be joining the Tynesiders after all. He is now a full private in the army and is living in Kent, too far away for the club’s liking.

John Smith is signed from Sheffield Wednesday. Smith can play any forward position except outside-left. He was one of the first imported Scotchmen taken to East End by Tom Watson, a swift player with an excellent shot at goal.

24/07 - Right-winger T Campbell is signed from Linthouse. He is well spoken of for his grand play in combination


02/08 - United officially changed their colours to black and white shirts with two-inch stripes and dark knickers.

11/08 - The Reds take on the Stripes in the first practice game at St James’ with about 1,000 watching.

13/08 - Season Tickets are now on sale priced 10s 6d for the reserved portions of the field and 7s 6d for other parts. “Tam” Crate is still on his holidays.

14/08 - There are considerably more than one thousand to watch the second practice “scratch” game.

20/08 - A testimonial of a substantial amount is to be is presented to secretary Golding on Monday first.

22/08 - Left-back Rogers has strained a tendon in his right leg and is likely to be on the shelf for some time. The player he replaced, Miller, is refusing to resign.

24/08 - Left-back Thomas Rendell, decides to “go for the metal” and sign as a professional from Shankhouse Black Watch. He can also play centre-forward.

27/08 - Mr. Black has withdrawn from the Committee and will no longer be treasurer after a falling out.

31/08 - United travel down on the 4 O'Clock express to Blackburn in a saloon attached for their convenience.


01/09 - D2: Darwen 5 Newcastle 0 - New signings Smith, Rendell, and Campbell all make their debuts and United are expected to be much too strong for their opponents. The match is played in broiling heat. Although the first-half is fairly even the Newcastle shooting is execrable with the forwards appearing too anxious. Darwen lead by a single goal at the break and then, with the wind behind them, completely overplay the visitors from the “coaly town”. United work hard but seem to lack fitness.

05/09 - Fr: Sunderland 4 Newcastle 1 - United field a triallist, J Ward, in goal, a veritable giant, at 6' 2, and 13 stone. The crowd is about 3,000 at the start (6.10 kick off), but increases to about 4,000 by half-time. United have the benefit of the wind and hill in the first half but still cannot match the home side, which is almost a reserve eleven, who score twice. Both halves are shortened due to the failing light and by the end of the game it is almost impossible to see the players. Although United pull one back Sunderland score twice more towards the end.

08/09 - D2: Newcastle 6 Burton Swifts 3 - The very strong North-East wind impacts upon the attendance and makes it impossible for any combination to be shown by either set of forwards. United kick with the wind and the hill in the first half and score twice. And when Smith adds a third point soon after the break, it looks like United are going to win comfortably. Burton rally and pull the score back to 3-3, only for Newcastle’s initial trio of scorers to each net again.

12/09 - Fr: Newcastle 1 Edinburgh Hibernians 3 - United officials organise a number of excursions from Alnwick, Darlington, Stockton and many other places for the visit of the celebrated Scottish team, who are making their first visit to Tyneside and are unbeaten this season. There are also a large number of red-coated infantrymen in attendance who stand out prominently amongst the dusky rows of civillians. The military men have been much in evidence at Newcastle matches of late and it would seem that footballing enthusiasm has invaded the army as it has undoubtedly done all other classes of life. Two 40-minute halves are played. There are loud calls to play up, but it is an apathetic performance from the Tynesiders.

14/09 - Having used two different goalkeepers in the first two League games Newcastle sign another, with Ward, joining from Loughborough after a successful trial. He is a strapping fellow.

15/09 - D2: Newcastle 0 Grimsby 3 - The clubs were due to play at Grimsby today, but the FA allowed the two teams to switch their fixtures, however United's "A" team are also due to play Trafalgar so the game starts at 2.30 and the reserve team fixture follows straight after. Ward makes his debut on what is a boiling hot day. The Fishers, as they are known to their supporters, win with ease and United have seldom been seen to less advantage. They seem to put no heart into their work, the forwards' attempts to score are painful to witness, while the half-backs, which last season were the mainstay of the team, are practically useless. Their tackling is very feeble, and their placing of the ball is done without judgment.

20/09 - The directors hold a meeting to discuss the performance and they are determined at all cost to see the players do their duty for the club. As a result two players are suspended and it is also agreed to secure some new men at once. The leading Scottish agent has provided the names of three forwards. T Campbell has been released.

Wallace is suffering severely from rheumatism on the ankle joints and is likely to be missing for some time.

22/09 - D2: Newcastle 2 Notts County 2 - GREAT MATCH IN NEWCASTLE - United are decked out in red shirts so as not to clash with the black and white striped attire of the Lacemen. In the first half, with hill advantage, United are well on top and open the scoring only for the visitors to equalise just before the interval. Notts then take the lead with United only squaring the match right near the end.

The directorate decidedly mean business. Dickson, the outside left of the Dundee club, is signed on, United have heard excellent accounts of the Scot, and expect big things from him. United are also negotiating for the services of a new centre-forward who played in a leading Second League team last season.

United sign forward McNee, late of the Bolton Wanderers team, from Renton. He is a thoroughly competent player.

An English League club are after Miller, at present a member of the Hurlford team. Miller played for United last season, and before he can arrange with the League club in question he must be released by United.

Creilly is reinstated, the directors generously curtailing the length of his suspension after an apology.

29/09 - D2: Newcastle 2 Leicester Fosse 0 - The visitors are a sturdy lot and have the advantage of weight and height. The crowd is disappointing and is perhaps partially due to the counter-attraction of Captain Boyton’s water show. Although Fosse, start down the hill and are on top at first they fail to take advantage of any of the chances that they create. It is not a good game and the crowd urge United to “play up”. Thompson scores in each half.

United are having some trouble with one of their backs (Jeffrey) at present. He was suspended two weeks ago by the committee for neglect of duty, and as he is not at present training, has been told by the directorate that he will not be again included in the team until he does train. The player in question is acting foolishly in disobeying orders; he is the sufferer, as he does not receive any pay during his term of suspension. United have the offer of a Scottish back and it is probable that he will be given a trial in one of the forthcoming matches. A very large number of Scottish players appear to be anxious to join English clubs just now.


02/10 - Dickson and McNee arrive in Newcastle. A couple of full scale practice matches will be played on Wednesday and Thursday to test the new men.

Miller is released by Newcastle and joins Burnley.

Things have now been arranged between Jeffrey and the directorate and he will return to the side on Saturday.

06/10 - D2: Burslem PV 4 Newcastle 4 - New signings Dickson and McNee make their debuts and both score. The first half is brimful of excitement. The home side make a lightning start, taking the lead within three minutes and United are three goals to one to the bad at the interval. United gain the upper hand after the break

W. Low, the old Cambuslang forward, is now in Newcastle, and is anxious to again don the knickers. He will probably be given a trial in the United Reserve team.

Crate, the United forward, will be unable to play for his club for some time in consequence of an accident he had whilst training last week.

United are after another forward. He is a first-class man, and is at present located at a club in the North of England. He is an English player, and Liverpool and Grimsby were after him at the beginning of the season.

Bna to here

13/10 - D2: Newcastle 3 Darwen 2 - A most exciting game is witnessed. The Darwen men play capitally in the first half, and keep United from scoring until two minutes from time, On crossing over United go off in romping style, and score twice in quick succession. United ease up, under the impression that they have won and their loose play allows the Darweners back into the game. Dickson and McNee are once more on the job in the scoring line, and both players have at once established themselves as big favourites with the crowd. Dundee people are perhaps not of the opinion that Dickson is a clever player, but he fairly made rings round Darwen at times. Smith also did well in the front rank, and, in fact, the whole team meant business.

15/10 - The Newcastle United Club have decided to bring the question of the refereeing in their recent match against Burslem Port Vale before the League, and request that body to ask the referee in question to give an explanation of, to say the least of it, his peculiar rulings. One of his decisions, in particular, raised the ire of the United players. In allowing a foul near goal he ruled that the kick must not be taken before the whistle blew. In spite of this, the kick was taken, and the ball went through without the whistle being heard. United protested against a goal being allowed, but the referee awarded Burslem a goal, and threatened to order Graham, captain of the team, off the field for pointing out the unfairness of his decision.

19/10 - The club state that the reserve team struck for pay this week. An offer was made to them by the directorate, which, with three exceptions, they refused. Consequently the officials have disbanded them from today, and will play a new team.

The United amateur team are out on strike! The 66 amateurs demanded payment for their services, but the United committee refused to pay unless they signed professional forms, which they agreed to do, and then wanted as much payment as several of the Second League team players of Scotland are receiving. The committee refused their terms, and as a consequence eight of the eleven refused to play. United, however, secured fresh players, and managed to draw an Alliance game with Rendel on Saturday, the score being 3 goals each.

United take Sullivan (late of Dundee Celtic), a back, on trial. He will play for the reserves on Saturday against Rendal.

20/10 - D2: Leicester F 4 Newcastle 4 - United play a "forcing game" from the start and are 4-0 up with only a quarter of the game gone, but Leicester pull two back before half-time. Fossee play a rare dashing game in the second-half and Miller scores twice late on to complete the comeback.

"Jock" Smith was so badly injured in the Leicester Fosse match at Leicester that he will be unable to play for United against Manchester City on Saturday.

T. Sullivan was not a success and has returned home to Dundee.

27/10 - D2: Newcastle 5 Man C 4 - United are weakened by the absence of forward Smith and their regular goalkeeper Ward. Heavy rain spoils the gate with the attendance never exceeding 3,000 spectators, but those who brave the conditions are treated to a thrilling ding-dong struggle in which both sides play for all they are worth. The Magpies come from behind four times and then take the lead for the first time in the last couple of minutes. City had to play the last 35 minutes with ten men after McReddie went off injured. They report the referee to both the League and the FA complaining that a Sharples "goal" from a free kick was unfairly disallowed and that Thompson was "palpably offside” when he scored the winner.

29/10 - As a sequence of the recent strike by the the United "A" players, the local directorate have discharged all the malcontents, who have accordingly sought "fresh fields and pastures new”. Three of the players have been secured by the Hebburn Argyle club, and another three have gone to the new Jarrow club. United have arranged with the local Science and Art club to take the places of the last ones, and in future they will play as the United "A team” and fulfill all the engagements entered into in what is a satisfactory arrangement for both parties.


01/11 - As a result of recent negotiations R. McDermidd, at present a member of the Dundee Wanderers club, has been secured by Newcastle United, and will play in their reserve team on Saturday against Jarrow. In addition to paying the Wanderers for his transfer, United have also had to give Lincoln City £7 10s for his clearance, as McDermidd was on their list of players retained by that club, having signed for them last season. McDermidd is no stranger to Tyneside. The now defunct West End club first tempted Robert from the paths of amateurism years ago, and he played here for a season as a pro. He then left for Sunderland, and after that threw in his "little lot " with Sunderland Albion, and after playing for other clubs once more returns to Newcastle, where he is sure of hearty reception, as he is a big favourite in this district.

During the week United have had an offer from Watts, the Blackburn Rovers' goalkeeper. Watts is a native of this part of the country, and was "discovered" by Middlesbro' Ironopolis. He made a big name for himself in that club, and was then lifted by the Rovers. He considers he is not receiving fair play at Blackburn, and is therefore anxious to change his quarters. As, however, Blackburn want £30 for his transfer United are not ‘aving enny.'

In consequence of the gentle attention of Manchester City last Saturday, Willis, one of United's forwards, is now laid up with a broken rib.

The United players have been promised an extra 10s each if they beat Bury tomorrow.

03/11 - D2: Bury 4 Newcastle 1 - Crielly is injured early in the game. In the first period Newcastle have the wind advantage, play with splendid combination and open the scoring through Thompson. Bury then liven up and score three times before the break. The result is tough on United who were quicker on the ball and exhibited smarter combination against the home side’s dash and determination.

D Hannah is released by Sunderland and joins Liverpool. United are annoyed that they were not informed of his availability as they would have made a good offer for him.

United are on the look out for another keeper as cover for Ward who was badly kicked at Bury but will keep on playing.

10/11 - D2: Newcastle 3 Burton W 1 - M'Dermid plays his first League match for Newcastle against the Beershifters and scores the opening goal with a beautiful shot from near the half-way line. His play throughout gives great satisfaction to both the committee of the club and the spectators. The rest of the team give an excellent show, and United are steadily mounting upwards in the League table.

13/11 - United are fined 1 guinea for fielding an unregistered player.

16/11 - Newcastle have approached Sunderland with a view to releasing a couple of their players who are anxious to come to Tyneside. The players in question are allegedly: Dunlop, Harvie, and Scott. However, the Wearsiders state that they are not willing to sell any of their players and that it is not true that any of their men are wishful to leave them. 17/11 - D2: Lincoln 3 Newcastle 1 - With a strong wind in their favour, United score in the first minute. But Flewitt prompts shouts of "Good old Flewitt" by scoring twice to make it 1-2 at half time. finished the game off. United greviously disappointed their supporters although they had the ball through the City goal four times, but they were only allowed one goal. The United committee intend to bring several of his decisions before the League.

24/11 - D2: Newcastle 2 Woolwich A 4 - In the build up to the game posters advertised the match as a "North v South" battle however United meekly surrender. With a big crowd expected the gates are opened an hour before kick off. Dickson got a consolation just before the end.


01/12 - D2: Newcastle 1 Grimsby 4 - From the start to the finish United are completely outclassed with only custodian Hynd, and the backs emerging with any credit. It is the seventh time (in only 14 games) that United have conceded four or more times in a match.

05/12 - D2: Bedlington Turks 2 Newcastle 4 15/12 - D2: Newcastle 5 Rotherham 2 - Play is even and scoreless for the first half hour and then United hit three. After the break both sides score twice.

22/12 - D2: Newcastle 7 Walsall TS 2 - In the first-half United have a gale force wind behind them and they take full advantage by scoring five times without reply.

25/12 - D2: Newcastle 6 Crewe 0 - In fine weather, playing downhill, the Magpies rattle in three goals in the first ten minutes and score three more in the second-half. It is their first clean sheet of the season and United are up to fifth. However, nine of their remaining thirteen League matches are away from home where they’ve only managed one point from six games so far.

26/12 - D2: Rotherham 1 Newcastle 0 - The home side have a fairly strong wind behind them in the first half and open the scoring after fifteen minutes.

29/12 - D2: Walsall TS 1 Newcastle 0 - On a windy day in Walsall there is trouble afoot with the Swifts players refusing to get changed due to a financial disagreement. They eventually relent and the match kicks off thirty minutes late. The home players show a marked lack of effort and are 3-0 down at half-time. Walsall fight back in the second forty-five and Copeland scores twice to make it 3-2 only for the game to be abandoned after 79 minutes due to a violent storm of sleet and hail.

The Walsall officials wanted the unfinished match to be replayed, but the Football League deem that the result should stand due to the fact that the home team were over half an hour late arriving at their own ground.


01/01 - D2: Newcastle 4 Lincoln 2 - It is exceedingly cold and the ground is covered with snow. The first half is fairly even with United guilty of some weak shooting. After Crewe take the lead Thompson scores twice? to put United ahead and then the visitors score thrice. An O'Brien shot sent completely over his head evokes great applause. Towards the end some unpleasantness seems to take place and the Lincoln keeper Roberts is sent off.

04/01 - Newcastle travel down on the 4 O'Clock train.

05/01 - D2: Burton Swifts 5 Newcastle 3 - In grand weather the play is of a ding-dong nature from the off and both sides score in the first-half. In the second period United start to dominate and net with a couple of stingers. A disastrous mistake gives Burton a lifeline. Custodian Hynd has the ball at his feet for 20-30 seconds (apparently wasting time) and Campbell (who is 30 yards away) races up to him and kicks the ball in to make it 3-2. Soon it is 3-3 and in the last 10 minutes United go all to pieces and concede twice more.

09/01 - The Edinburgh Evening News reports that a great deal of dissatisfaction exists among the Newcastle United club players on the wages question, and as the committee have been seriously troubled with some of their demands one or two have been offered their papers. It seems the men are not all paid at a uniform rate, and this is the cause of the squabbling.

12/01 - D2: Woolwich A 3 Newcastle 2 - It is terribly cold and the pitch is rock hard, despite a covering of chaff, after a severe all-week frost. Dickson sprains his ankle in the warm up and is replaced by O'Brien (records incorrect for this). Crate is replaced by Crielly and the attack reorganised. Arsenal, who have a strong wind behind them in the first half, are the better side and take a three-goal lead. United pull a couple back through Thompson, but it is not enough in a game that is rather rough with lots of fouls.

Woolwich A - Manor ground - 5,000

Hynd, Jeffrey, McDermidd, Crielly, Graham, Rendell, Thompson, Willis, McNee, O'Brien, Wallace

15/01 - It is reported that United wrote to Burnley asking them how much they would pay to switch the venue for the FA Cup tie to Turf Moor.

16/01 - Reported that Burnley made a handsome offer, the figure nearly reaching three figures.

Allegedly, Burnley offered £75 to change venue.

19/01 - Fr: Newcastle 1 Sunderland 4 - The match attracts great interest with both sides playing their strongest elevens and the attendance is boosted further by the cancellation of the rugger match between Northumberland and Durham. Mr Fitzroy Norris, the well-known authority on the game, is specifically engaged to referee the game. The gates open an hour before kick-off with loads of special excursions organised for "trippers". Although there are 4 or 5 lines of people at each gate, the utmost order is maintained. The ground has been covered with sand and chaff, but is hard and slippery with rain falling on the frostbound pitch. Both teams come out early and amuse themselves in frolicking with the ball to the merry tunes of the Gateshead Brass Band. Sunderland win the toss, opt to play downhill and lead 3-1 at the break. Jeffrey is carried off, Beattie being allowed by Sunderland to replace him. United battle hard in the second period but it is Sunderland who notch again and run out comfortable winners. Post match the players dine together at The Crown Hotel on Clayton Street before attending the pantomime at The Tyne Theatre.

23/01 - The Directors offer the players a massive £5 to beat Burnley and also state that the players “have been put on practically level financial terms for the match”.

28/01 - Fr: Newcastle 6 Hulford Combination 1 - On a hard, slippery ground both sides are rather tentative in their play and it is even at the break. Then in the second-half United's superior class tells against their Scottish visitors.


02/02 - FA R1: Newcastle 2 Burnley 1

The players have been at their favourite resort to prepare. Jeffrey is out, but all the players are in peak condition thanks to the efforts of trainer Harry Kirk. The snow has been cleared off the pitch and straw put down leaving the pitch sodden and heavy. The referee was meant to be Mr Brodie, but he has had to be replaced because he is suffering severely from the injuries inflicted upon him last week by the Woolwich crowd. United start well. but miss two decent chances before Bowes heads the Lancastrians in front. Rendell, equalises with a clinking long shot as United continue to force the game whilst they play down the hill. Quicker to the ball the Magpies are still on top in the second period and Willis wins the game with a pretty shot. Although the gate receipts total £192, the club find themselves out of pocket after giving half the money to Burnley, paying for the work done to protect the ground and honouring the win bonus to the players.

James Gordon is suspended for two months for striking an opponent on December 29th.

1200 - ladies as footballers 09/02 - D2: Man C 4 Newcastle 0 - To cut costs Newcastle travel on the morning of the game leaving at 7.30am for the five and a half hour journey to Manchester. They suffer a comprehensive defeat with the home team being dominant throughout.

1203 - FA warning over behaviour 15/02 - A large crowd of supporters turn up at Central Station to cheer the team off on their journey to Birmingham. 16/02 - FA R2: Aston Villa 7 Newcastle 1 Admission prices have been doubled for the match at the Perry Barr. Although O'Brien, Crielly, McDermid and Graham all play, they are not in the best of health. In the first period United play downhill and with a strong sun at their backs. Dorrell opens the scoring, but Thompson equalises almost immediately. Dorell adds a seventh just after the interval,but thankfully for the Magpies the home side ease up.

21/02 - Crate and McKane are transferred to Blyth.

23/02 - Fr: Blyth 2 Newcastle 2 - A sticky turf spoils the game which exhibits a great deal of rough and tumble. Willis has to retire having received a very nasty kick.


02/03 - Fr: Newcastle 6 East Stirling 1 - Smith puts United ahead after only five minutes and playing downhill United steamroller the Scottish visitors to lead by five goals at the break.

09/03 - D2: Crewe 2 Newcastle 1 - Amateurs Crewe are bottom of the table. They take the lead and Hedley replies. Heavy rain makes play difficult in the second half; in which Crewe grab a winner.

16/03 - D2: Newcastle 1 Bury 0 - Playing downhill in the first-half, United press hard but came up against the stout rearguard of the table leaders which keeps them out until 15 minutes before the break. After 55 minutes Bury are reduced to ten men when Wylie retires injured, but they give as good as they get in an evenly contested half.

23/03 - D2: Notts County 2 Newcastle 1 - With only twenty minutes gone Graham collides with Donnelly and the Notts man's leg is broken. Despite their numerical disadvantage Bruce puts them ahead. Thompson equalises before the break but Bull grabs a second for the home side.

30/03 - Fr: Newcastle 2 Glasgow Rangers 5 - Smith puts United ahead after only five minutes and playing downhill United steamroller the Scottish visitors to to lead by five goals at the break.


01 - A meeting "in support of the scheme for getting a first class team in Newcastle" is held at the Hotel Metrepole with Mr Cameron in the chair. It is announced that subscriptions amounting to £170 have been given or promised and that as well as the concerts and match between the commercial travellers and the police the officers of the Newcastle Garrison are to promote a grand military tournament (to be held on Whit Tuesday) to help the club in their endeavours. see 1234

06/04 - D2: Newton Heath 5 Newcastle 1 - United play their first game against Newton Heath at Clayton. They win the toss and opt to play with the brisk wind behind them. Dickson/Thompson gives them the lead but the Heathens are level by the break. The home side, with the wind now in their favour, dominate in the second-half.

12/04 - D2: Newcastle 1 Burslem PV 2 - After an evenly contested first period the visitors take control when playing downhill and score twice before McNee pulls one back.

1242 - ladies match

13/04 - D2: Newcastle 3 Newton Heath 0 - The start of the match is delayed as Graham receives a telegraph just as the game is about to start which states that his father has died in an accident. He is replaced by O'Brien. The visitors have a weakened side out. Despite playing uphill in the first half United are well in control and scored thrice without reply.

15/04 - D2: Burton W 9 Newcastle 0 - Burton have the benefit of the wind in the first-half and dominate from start to finish with Arthur Capes, Ade Capes (2) and Moore scoring. It is just the same after the break and by the end the Capes brothers have notched 7 goals between them.

16/04 - Fr: Newcastle 1 Bolton 6 - The visitors have most of the play during the first period and are 3-0 up at the break. More of the same in the second period with United only having a grand goal from McNee to show for their efforts. The visitors deserve their victory being a much smarter set of players.

21/04 - Newcastle appoint Mr Ferguson (previously of Motherwell and the Lanarkshire FA) as new full-time secretary. There were numerous applicants.

22/04 - Fr: Newcastle 1 Sunderland 0 - A full strength Sunderland side suffered their first ever defeat? against the Tynesiders. Newcastle 1246 - 1248 1249 - reconstruction scheme 1250 concert

26/04 - Blyth and Shankhouse meet for the Tyne Charity Shield promoted annually by the Northumberland FA. Newcastle United A were the holders, but in an unprecedented move, they have not been given the opportunity to defend their holdership. As a result they have refused to return the Shield and say they will not do so unless ordered to by the English Association.

27/04 - Fr: Newcastle 5 Preston 3 -

30/04 - Fr: Jarrow 0 Newcastle 1 - United secure a narrow victory in a thoroughly well contested and exciting game.


02/05 - It is reported that the directorate only want to retain McNee, Graham and McDermidd, with McNee also being asked to coach the reserves. They are said to be communicating with several well known players about joining.

04/05 - The club announce that Thompson, McDermidd, and Clements (the well known Rotherham full back) have been signed on and that, with one possible exception, no more of last season's team will be retained. United are searching Scotland for new signings.

15/05 - Henderson, the clever goalkeeper of the Clyde club, is signed.

20/05 - Celebrated left-back Robert Foyer arrives from Edinburgh St Bernards. He is reckoned one of the finest backs in Scotland and played for Scotland against Wales during the previous campaign and at the selection for English caps he was only beaten in the ballot by a single point by Dan Doyle, the famous Evertonian. He is a strong scientific kicker, and has plenty of experience. Graham is signed on again.