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NUFC 1893/94 - Season Diary

WIP - more details to follow


WJ Burke of Notts. County is signed, he formerly played for Third Lanark.

In the last week of the month reports are circulating in the City that the club may not be able to put out a team for their first season in the Football League due to the level of debts that they have. It is believed that their appeal for funds has had little effect.


12/07 - Newcastle's accounts reveal a loss of over £300 on the past year’s working.

13/07 - NEWCASTLE UNITED FOOTBALL CLUB ANNUAL MEETING - The annual meeting of the shareholders is held at Mr W. Turnbull’s East End Hotel, Chillingham Road, Heaton. Chairman Mr Alex Turnbull presides over a fairly large attendance and Secretary Golding reads the annual report of the committee, which states that with regard to the playing of the team he could not congratulate the members upon consistent play during the season. He hoped that next season the committee would see that their players went through a proper course of training. The club has signed on: Ramsay (late of Stockton), J Miller, J McKain, W Graham and H Jeffrey. For the position of outside left the committee had settled W J Burke, of Notts County, and formerly of Third Lanark. There are several good men open for the remaining positions. With respect to the financial aspect, he regretted to state that the result of the season's working had been a loss of £384 8s 9d, the deficit being due to the heavy guarantees given to the visiting teams, bad weather, and the poor support they had received through bad trade. The total receipts had been £2,185 19s 5d, and expenditure £2,570 8s 2d. As he (Mr Golding) had served as secretary for three years, and owing to increased business engagements, he had to tender his resignation. thanked the members for the way in which he had been treated by them, and could only express his regret that his efforts had not been more successful. After some discussion, it was decided to hold a meeting on Tuesday, the 25th inst, when the directors wish all those who took lists at the last meeting will give in their accounts of success or otherwise which has attended their labours.

25/07 - A meeting is held at Northumberland Hall, High Friar Street, Newcastle, to consider the best means to promote the interests of the club, and enable the directors to get out of their club’s financial difficulties. Mr Alec Turnbull addresses the attendees. It was no use to beat about the bush, for he would tell them that if they could not raise £200, professional football, so far as Newcastle was concerned, would be at an end. It was for them to say whether the club should continue or not. It was necessary that they should decide that point at once. If the money was forthcoming they could procure sufficient first-class men to fill the present vacancies, and enable the club to put on the field a better team than had ever represented the city. If they could show that they were determined to make the affair a success, they would then get sufficient outside support to enable them to gain that success. They need to have the money question settled at once, for they would have to arrange for their team which would have to have, at least, three weeks' training. In reply to a question, he states that they had signed on so far: Jeffrey, Graham, Miller, McKane and Sorley, of last year's team, and Ramsay, late of Stockton. If they wanted higher class football, they would have to pay a higher ratio, and it depended upon them to show, by their visits to the secretary's office within the next seven days, whether they would like the club to go on or not. They have hopes that before a very few months were over they would have several eminent local gentlemen at the head of the club, who would not only be ornaments, but be useful as well. During the evening a number of shares are taken up, and a good list of shares, already subscribed for, is handed in.

Press rumours talk of a "number of gentlemen who have offered substantial monetary amounts" to the club, but they remain rumours.


07/08 - An FA Sub-committee is dealing with a complaint from West Bromwich against the club for non-payment of guarantees promised. They are one of a number of clubs owed money. It is possible that Newcastle will not be able to play in the League until the situation is resolved.

J Barr

Grantham Rovers captain John Barr is signed.

John Bowman is signed from Dundee East End. He is adjudged to be one of the best forwards in Dundee.

United sign McFarlane, captain of Perth St Johnstone, who is reckoned the best forward in Perth.

10/08 - Several of the players arrive in Newcastle including Bowman and McFarlane.

11/08 - United announce their squad: Ramsay ( Goalkeeper), Jeffrey and Miller (backs), Barr, Graham and McKane (half-backs), Bowman, Crate, Pattinson, Thompson, Sorley, Wallace and McFarlane (forwards).

29/08 - A full practice takes place in the evening, all players are asked to attend.

31/08 - The Final practice game takes place, there are some season-tickets still left which could be purchased from the reporter’s cabin during the game.


01/09 - The Committee make it known that they are very disappointed at the apathy shown to the club by the Newcastle public and that it has only been through personal sacrifices of the directorate that they have been able to fulfil their opening fixture. They urgently need people to subscribe to shares and buy season-tickets. As a result the players have to make the eight-hour journey to London through the night because an overnight stay is out of the question.

02/09 - D2: Woolwich Arsenal 2 Newcastle 2 - A DRAWN GAME AT NEW GROUND- lt is oppressively warm, but with a stiff breeze which favours the home side in the first half. United look weary and when Arsenal go 2-0 ahead immediately after the break the signs are ominous. But, against all the odds, the Londoners begin to tire whilst Newcastle still have plenty of dash. Crate or Graham score United's first goal and five minutes before the end Sorley heads in an equaliser. It is judged that the players on either side are far from fit.

04/09 - Fr: Trafalgar 0 Newcastle 2 - Trafalgar have taken over the old East End ground and the United Committee agreed to boost their finances with a friendly. It is a bit of a disaster with a disappointing crowd turning up for an evening kick off. United score twice in the first half, but by the time the second half starts the pitch is in semi-darkness, so much so that the Newcastle Daily Chronicle reporter states that he can’t explain any more of the game because he can’t see it.

06/09 - Fr: Newcastle 1 Sunderland 3 - United take on local rivals and League Champions, Sunderland, in an effort to boost the coffers. The match is played in heavy rain but a decent crowd line the wooden barriers. Sunderland have the hill in their favour in the first half and score three times without reply. United fight back well in the second-half and Thompson pulls one back.

09/09 - Fr: Middlesbrough 2 Newcastle 2 - It was anticipated that the Novocastrians would not fulfil the engagement owing to one of the League rules prohibiting a club affiliated to that body from playing in a town where another League club exists until after the League engagement has been fulfilled. However, the Reds chance their luck by appearing, and so kept their engagement, much to the delight of the Middlesbrough spectators. The United brought their strongest team, but they did not seem to play their usual game, apparently holding their adversaries too cheap.

15/09 - A directors meeting is held at Yielder’s Cafe on New Bridge Street and the question under consideration is the curtailment of expense. After lengthy discussions it is decided to reduce the strength of the professional element and replace them with amateurs. Also they will ask the professional players to accept a greatly reduced wage. It is estimated that savings of £600 could be made for the rest of the season in wages alone. Also Mr J Neylon is to take over as secretary following Mr Robertson' s resignation.

J Sorley

15/09 - Sorley, who during his residence on Tyneside has become very popular, is transferred to Blackburn.

A Ramsay

Bowman and Ramsay return home to Dundee.

18/09 - It is reported in the Athletic News that on Tuesday 12th the directors sacked all the players after they were not happy with their performance against Middlesbrough. Three players have left and the rest have agreed to stay at the club with reduced wages as the club cannot afford to pay them all £2 a week. All the reserves have been signed up and are eligible to play. It is expected that United will play a mix of professionals and amateurs in the future.

20/09 - GENEROUS PROFESSIONALS - There are reports that the Newcastle directorate were allegedly prepared to use only amateur players and it was the professional players who offered to play for less.

23/09 - D2: Burton Swifts 3 Newcastle 1- Possession-wise it is an even contest, however the Swifts score twice early on. In the second period United - now meteorologically favoured - take control, but it is Burton who score again before United pull one back just before the end. Overall it is a disappointing performance.


Famous local amateur goalkeeper Lowery - of Trafalgar - has thrown his lot in with the professionals and joined United.

30/09 - D2: Newcastle 6 Woolwich Arsenal 0 - It is a fine day and unlike United, Arsenal travelled up the day before. A disappointing crowd turn up to witness this historic home match. The Novocastrians are dominant throughout with the visitors playing like the veriest novices. Wallace and Thompson both score hat-tricks. After the game the Arsenal team complain about the conduct of both the referee and the home supporters.

Woolwich Arsenal (7th) - SJP - 2,000

Lowery, Jeffrey, Miller, Creilly, Graham, McKane, Crate, Quinn, Thompson, I Ryder, Wallace,

Scorers: Wallace (3), Thompson (3)

Third game, third custodian as new signing Lowery makes his debut, Isaac Ryder also gets a first game. Arsenal win the toss and elect to play downhill.

05m - WALLACE scores a splendid goal (1-0) and United are guilty of frittering away numerous subsequent chances.

THOMPSON scores a beauty from a grand overhead centre by Wallace (2-0).

Half-time: Newcastle 2 Woolwich Arsenal 0

The Arsenal custodian attempts and fails to catch a clinking drag shot from WALLACE using his right hand only (3-0).

THOMPSON after a clever run (4-0).


85m - WALLACE (6-0).

Full-time: Newcastle 6 Woolwich Arsenal 0

Position: 9th

T Bartlett
T Gilhespy

Thomas Bartlett and Thomas Gilhespy sign following the disbandment of Arthurs Hill.


M Keir
J Inglis

06/10 - United give a trial to forwards Matthew Kier and John Inglis from Dalmuir Thistle (near Clydebank).

07/10 - D2: Lincoln 2 Newcastle 1 - A fiercely contested game.

11/10 - United are fined £1 1s for playing at Middlesbrough.

14/10 - D2: Notts County 3 Newcastle 1 - New recruits Keir and Inglis make their debuts against a County side that were relegated at the end of the 1892/93 season. The home side start very strongly and are two goals to the good after only ten minutes, a start from which Newcastle cannot recover despite playing much better after half-time. Notts also hit the woodwork twice and United’s defence made numerous blocks occasionally with force strong enough to dislodge parts of their organism.

Miller, though lacking something in speed showed a very high capacity at fb, kicking with remarkable power and excellent direction.

21/10 - D2: Ardwick 2 Newcastle 3 - United's fifth away game in six matches. It is a fairly even first half, but again United leak a couple of goals. The second period sees United bounce back in style to record their first ever away win. If their shooting had been less erratic they would have scored more.

23/10 - Newcastle are fined £2 2s for playing unregistered player Davies.

United are allegedly in negotiations with some players of repute to strengthen the side.

W Simm

William Simm is signed from Trafalgar.

28/10 - D2: Newcastle 0 Small Heath 2 - United are back on home soil at last and hopes are high after the victory over Ardwick, but third placed Small Heath are a strong side. The Heathens win the toss and play downhill with the strong wind in the first-half but fail to score. In the second-half United are unlucky to hit the post and have a Wallace effort chalked off for offside, but they are beaten all round in cleverness.

The Club are unhappy about the lack of paragraphs devoted to them in the local newspapers and refuse to send in their team sheet. The Daily Chronicle retorts by saying "We don't run this paper for the purpose of giving free advertisements to the Newcastle United Football Club or anybody else.”


United inform Liverpool that they cannot afford to travel to Lancashire for the match on Saturday.

04/11 - D2: Liverpool 5 Newcastle 1 - The trip to leaders Liverpool is once again made on the morning of the match. Thompson equalises an early goal from Stott but the Liverpudlians score twice more in the first half. Only an inspired display of custodianship from Lowery keeps the scoring down in the second half. United start to rough it up a bit and when the referee allows the fifth goal to count. Several players lost complete control of themselves and, it is not to their credit, that Matt McQueen. was not more seriously injured

11/11 - Fr: Newcastle 5 Sheffield United 1 - First Division Sheffield United arrive for a friendly "for the sake of auld lang syne”, that is they will be paid for their travelling expenses only and will not receive any of the gate money. However they are only sending the Scotch members of the team North. The Sheffield Daily Telegraph states that even though it is not their best side they "ought to account for the Novocastrians with ease". Such is the interest in the match that special excursions have run from Blyth, Bebside, Bedlington and Sunderland. The Tynesiders score four goals without reply in the second half.

16/11 - United are fined one guinea for non-payment of subscriptions.

18/11 - D2: Northwich Victoria 5 Newcastle 3 - Despite their heavy defeat on Merseyside the directorate stick with the same eleven for their return to the North West to take on bottom of the table Victoria. Only 400 people turn up. It is a stormy day and United start with the gale, which makes it very difficult for both sides, behind them. They dominate proceedings, but struggle to find a way past custodian Horne until Crate scores just before half-time. ln the second period (with the gale worsening) United lead 3-1 before collapsing completely.

Miller is disciplined and suspended by the club after he declares that he doesn't like training.

25/11 - D2: Newcastle 0 Liverpool 0 - A poor crowd turns up to see the unbeaten League leaders despite a special train running from Blyth. United have put in some strict training in the week before the match and the result is a much better performance and they are only thwarted by the magnificent Liverpool defence. lt is a hard fought game and at times it is rife in roughness on the part of the visitors who use their weight unnecessarily on many occasions. The 'Pool's clean sheet is more impressive because a lack of 'keepers means that versatile half-back McQueen plays the full match in the visitor's citadel.

29/11 - United sign centre-forward John Law from Glasgow Rangers. He has just completed a short spell with Everton and comes with a big reputation.


02/12 - Fr: Dipton Wanderers 0 Newcastle 2 - First half goals from Thompson and Quinn produce an unspectacular win in front of a sparse crowd.

02/12 - W. Macfarlane, the old West End player, loses his fingers in a factory accident.

09/12 - D2: Newcastle 3 Notts County 0 - Newcastle end their miserable run of four games without a win with a shock victory over the Lambs who are second in the table. After a slow start Thompson puts United ahead and they proceed to dominate the game.

Willis joins from Shankhouse/Blyth as an amateur (tbc).

15/12 - The decent attendance against Notts County means that there is enough money available to allow the team to travel down to the Midlands for the game with Small Heath the night before and stay in a hotel.

16/12 - D2: Small Heath 1 Newcastle 4 - The Heathens are in second place and have won seven of their previous eight home games. United romp to a 4-1 victory. and the travelling directors Black and Bell are so pleased with the result that they buy all the players an (undisclosed) present.

23/12 - Fr: Newcastle 3 Royal Scots Regiment 0 - The well-known army team are stationed in York and all their members have previously played for Scottish clubs. However, they are missing a number of their best players and although United take it easy they still run out very comfortable winners.

25/12 - D2: Middlesbrough Ironopolis 1 Newcastle 1 - United make the journey to Paradise Park on a cold and miserable Christmas Day to play "The Irons " who are in an even more perilous financial state than Newcastle. In a gale of wind and rain neither team plays particularly well and a draw is a fair result.

26/12 - D2: Walsall Town Swifts 1 Newcastle 2 - United's Christmas tour moves to the Midlands where they are half an hour late arriving. The Townies score first, but the Novocastrians storm back to lead at half time. Walsall dominate the second forty-five, but weak finishing and a brilliant display of custodianship from Lowery (including a penalty save) enable United to record their third win in four games. So impressed are the locals with the visitors that at the end of the game they break onto the field of play and give the United team an ovation.

27/12 - D2: Crewe 1 Newcastle 1 - It is a closely fought first half with some excellent play from both sides. The homesters take the lead, but once again United fight back to equalise. Newcastle press well in the Second Half but can't find a winner

30/12 - D2: Newcastle 2 Burslem Port Vale 1 - Back at home for the first time in three weeks, the visitors are third placed Burslem Port Vale. As they, like United, play in red shirts, Newcastle decide to play in the county colours kindly lent for the occasion. The first half is keenly contested and the sides are level at the interval. United are the better side in the Second Half and a goal from Crate secures a deserved victory. It is an excellent game and one reporter believes that no finer exhibition of the Association game had ever been seen at St James' Park.


01/01 - D2: Newcastle 5 Lincoln 1 - lt is a cold and showery New Year's Day and a decent crowd have turned up anticipating another victory. United concede the first goal in an unexciting first half in which Graham chose to play uphill. In the second period they have the terrain advantage but take a while to get into gear before they go nap with Bartlett, playing only his second game, becoming the fourth player to grab a hat-trick this season.

02/01 - United turn down a £100 offer from Sheffield United to switch the venue of their FA Cup tie.

02/01 - D2: Newcastle 7 Middlesbrough Ironopolis 2 -The "Nops " have a number of players out injured. The weather is not of a pleasant description and consequently it is very slippery underfoot. Graham goes for the downhill first and It proves to be a wise decision as United romp to a 4-1 half-time lead despite the fact that it takes a Boro goal to wake them up. United grab three more in the second period before Ironopolis get a late consolation.

06/01 - D2: Newcastle 2 Ardwick 1 - Wallace returns from injury. Entertainment is provided before the match by the boys of the Workhouse Band as a thank you to the directors who are letting them attend matches for free. The visitors start down the hill. It is a bitterly cold day and on a snow covered ground it is not a great match. United concede first for the seventh game in a row before once again bouncing back to win.

08/01 - A protest by Walsall regarding United's late arrival for the Boxing Day fixture is dismissed by the League as it is considered that the Newcastle team (who were half an hour late) had done their best to get there on time and the referee reported that the match was played in good light.

J Laverick

Full-back Laverick is signed from Trafalgar

13/01 - D2: Newcastle 3 Northwich Victoria 0 - All-change at the back as Jeffrey returns from illness and debutant Laverick replaces the unwell Rodgers for bottom placed Victoria's first visit to St. James’. The weather is fine, but it is slippery underfoot which mitigates against skilful play. The Lancastrians have the prevailing wind in the first half but cannot take advantage. Crate's second hat-trick of the season makes it eight wins and two draws in the last ten games.

It is reported that several Division 2 clubs are considering forming an organisation to play games during April rather than paying large guarantees for friendlies.

The club turn down an improved offer from Sheffield United of £125 in addition to the standard half the gate.

20/01 - D2: Rotherham Town 2 Newcastle 1 - Rotherham (who are second bottom) are against the wind and after an excellent performance, United go into the break ahead. lt is a different story in the Second Half as the Yorkshiremen take control after Wallace has to retire after suffering a severe blow to the stomach from the ball. They score twice to become the first team to beat United for two months.

27/01 - FA R1: Newcastle 2 Sheff. United 0 - The Blades were promoted to Division 1 last year and have acquitted themselves well in the top league. The match has generated huge interest and a big crowd is expected despite the fact that admission prices have been doubled. To reduce congestion it was announced that the gates would open 90 minutes before kick-off at 1.00pm. The visitors stay at The Crown Hotel and make the short journey to the ground in a wagonette. The weather is miserable in the extreme and the very heavy ground makes it difficult for both teams who nevertheless play a grand game. Having won the toss Graham decides to play downhill and with the wind and pouring rain. It is a good decision that allows United to take a decisive two-goal lead. After the first goal the pressure of the crowd results in many spilling onto the pitch although order is soon restored. Both sides change their kit at half-time and the visitors are now wearing white shirts. The enthusiasm of the spectators is intense as the Yorkshiremen fight back hard, but they are reduced to ten men due to the retirement of Drummond. They cannot find a way past Lowery who even saves a penalty kick from Needham which brings him ringing cheers. The victory is hailed with cheers which could have been heard at a great distance. Gate receipts amount to £172.

29/01 - The Sheffield Daily Telegraph reporter is scathing in his comments. " The ground is not a beauty" and " is devoid of the slightest trace of verdure in the lower half. It is a terrible bit of what is facetiously and figuratively called 'turf'. There is no covered stand accommodation whatever upon the ground, and what stands there are, are of the most primitive order.”

It is reported that Newcastle, Sunderland and Middlesbrough Ironopolis have all consented to the proposed formation of a second league for the month of April.

J Miller

The club accept an offer of £12 for Miller from Ironopolis. Miller was suspended a short time ago for refusing to train. However 114 supporters of the club have signed a petition calling on the directorate to reinstate him as they believe it is in the interests of the club; the requisition is agreed to.


03/02 - At noon the threat of a suspension on the club is lifted when a number of directors pay £5 to pay off a guarantee.

03/02 - D2: Burslem Port Vale 1 Newcastle 1 - The weather is fine but there is a strong wind which Graham chooses to use to United's advantage in the first half. Both teams wear red shirts which causes some confusion. It looks like United have failed to make use of the breeze, but Wallace scores seconds before the interval. The second period sees United penned back in their own half but a combination of sound defending and weak Valeires shooting keeps United ahead. The defending is sometimes desperate and the ball is kicked out the playing area twice and one of the Novocastrians is cautioned for roughness. With five minutes left Wood equalises for Burslem.

07/02 - United previously turned down a substantial offer from Bolton to forfeit their home advantage which led to the Lancastrians lodging an official complaint which stated that the slope of the ground is unfair to the visitors. The FA (after an inspection of the ground) have dismissed the claim.

The players and some directors will be going to the Royal Theatre to see Dick Whittington. Popular manager Mr J Shaw has let them have a private box and they anticipate spending an enjoyable evening.

10/02 - FA R2: Newcastle 1 Bolton 2 - Before the match local photographer Mr R Barras photographs the players in their resplendent red jerseys. Conditions are not good; there is a howling gale and the ground has been made slippery underfoot by way of precipitation. Despite the inclement weather the match attracts United's first five figure gate. In anticipation of a big turnout the club have requisitioned the help of police and infantrymen from the barracks, however the crowd are well behaved and they have very little to do. The toss goes to the Trotters and they take the wind and topographical advantage. The play is relatively even, until the visitors score twice just before the break. Agonisingly both goals are of the soft variety. With the conditions reversed United throw everything they can at the Lancastrians and end up having three times as many shots. Crate heads one in but Bolton keeper Sutcliffe gives the best display of custodianship ever seen at Gallowgate and prevents further scoring. Quinn also has two efforts disallowed. Despite the awful conditions the game is strong, fast and exciting and United emerge from it with a great deal of credit as well as a healthy boost to their bank balance ( £197 receipts).

The United Committee make their own protest about Bolton. They claim that Tannahill allegedly played in a 5-a-side competition in Ayrshire in August and therefore was not eligible to play for Bolton.

Bolton are ordered to pay the expenses of the FA Inspection of St. James’ and Newcastle withdraw their own protest.

17/02 - D2: Newcastle 4 Rotherham Town 0 - United still have a chance of reaching the play offs and a decent crowd turns up for the visit of struggling Rotherham. Almost continuous rain has left the pitch in a most disgraceful state and right up to kick-off the game is in doubt. In the end referee Mr Stacey ignores the players' protests and the match takes place. Despite playing uphill, United score twice. During the break all the supporters move round to the lower end of the field in anticipation of more home goals whilst the pitch now resembles a ploughed field. Play is even but it is United who double their lead though Graham and Quinn. During the latter stages the weather deteriorates further and the crowd shout to keep themselves warm as the wind hurls sleet in their faces.

24/02 - D2: Newcastle 4 Grimsby 1 - The weather presents its smiling face for the Fisherman's first visit to Tyneside. Grimsby are two points and two places behind United. The visitors start downhill with the wind at their backs and go in at the interval 1-0 ahead. It is against the run of play but despite a number of warm and hot shots erratic shooting lets the homesters down. United dominate the second period and once again find the net four times.


10/03 - D2: Newcastle 2 Walsall Town Swifts 0 - The weather is grand, if a little blowy and the turf is in unusually excellent condition. There are only about one thousand there at the start although the crowd doubles by half-time. It is a fairly even game and Lowery is in brilliant form. United are within a point of the Test Match places although third placed Small Heath and second placed Notts County both have two games in hand.

17/03 - Fr: Newcastle 6 Burslem Port Vale 1 - United and Burslem played an excellent match in the League and the United directorate figured they would provide attractive friendly opposition. Captain Graham is rested (first game he has missed in two years) but in very warm weather United canter home.

23/03 - D2: Newcastle 2 Crewe 1 - Good Friday brings struggling Crewe, who have lost eight out of nine on their travels, to Tyneside. They are regarded as one of the heaviest teams in the League and despite their problems the Alexandra supporters are very proud of the fact that their eleven are all English and all amateurs. It is a sultry day and a bumper crowd turns up even though there are many alternative attractions within the vicinity. Indeed, throughout the match, the strains of a lively brass band can be easily heard. Due to the masses of people turning up the kick-off is delayed to 3.30. United - once again sporting the county colours opt to play up the incline in the first half. Play is even, but at half-time Alexandra are surprise leaders. Playing down the slope the homesters gradually gain the ascendancy although it is a while before they finally turn the tables. Unfortunately both the teams directly above United (Small Heath and Notts County) also win leaving them three points behind a play-off place with only two games left. As their goal difference is also inferior it means they are almost certainly out of contention.

24/03 - D2: Newcastle 4 Burton Swifts 1 - United play their fifth home game in a row and their final one of the season. The dramatic slump in the attendance is a reflection of the fact that promotion is well-nigh impossible. It is a poor game, but is still United's eleventh home victory in a row in the League. Small Heath and Notts County both win and therefore a play-off place is now mathematically impossible. However there is still some hope as there is talk that the First Division might be increased from sixteen to twenty teams allowing more teams to be promoted.

25/03 - Fr: Leicester Fosse 2 Newcastle 0 - A defeat against the Midland League side

31/03 - Fr: Newcastle 3 Middlesbrough Ironopolis 0 - lt is Cup Final day and the weather is of a glorious description for "The Ishers" second visit to Tyneside this season. However there are other attractions that keep the crowds away. It is not an exciting game, but it is a comfortable victory and the margin could have been much greater but for the capital play of Ord between the sticks.


League runners up Sunderland will be back again to commemorate the visit of The Duke of York. There is some dissatisfaction that Sunderland have demanded half the gate or a considerable guarantee.

05/04 - Fr: Newcastle 1 Sunderland 2 - The rivals meet to commemorate the visit of The Duke of York, the kick-off being arranged so as not to clash with the Royal procession. The game turns out to be a poor exposition, but there are a host of controversial moments including the following penalty. Wallace strikes a penalty high over the bar but the referee orders a retake as Wilson has charged at him as he is taking it. Some disputing takes place and Sunderland decline to defend their goal (withdrew their keeper) allowing Graham to score the retake. This little display aroused a lot of feeling amongst the crowd.

07/04 - Fr: Dundee 8 Newcastle 2 - The Tynesiders make the long journey to "Auld Reekie" on the morning of the match so it is no great surprise that they are beaten although the margin of defeat is still a shock. United have the wind in their favour in the first period and as a result have more of the play and at half-time the score is even. The second period sees United under almost constant siege and they concede a round half dozen.

14/04 - D2: Grimsby 0 Newcastle 0 - The League season is wrapped up in windy Grimsby with a goalless draw in a drab game against the fifth placed Fishermen. Both sides have chances but custodians Lowery and Whitehouse are in top form. United finish one place (and three points) below the Test Match places.

21/04 - Fr: Newcastle 4 Sunderland 1 - Despite the alternative attraction of an important rugby game in Jesmond the beautiful weather helps to attract an excellent gate. The ground seems to be filled with excursionists and there is a large representation from Sunderland. The white shirted visitors enter the field just after three but the red shirted United team don't turn up until almost half-past. Playing with the incline Quinn puts United ahead within thirty seconds of the game's commencement and the Wearsiders pull level before the break. ln the second period United score three without reply, the fourth goal bringing deafening applause with the home fans delighted in the extreme. It is a momentous occasion, the first ever victory over Sunderland.

23/04 - Ben: Newcastle 2 Willington 0 - A benefit for assistant foreman Mr W Steele, from Swan Hunters, who has been incapacitated by injury.

25/04 - Ben: Shankhouse 1 Newcastle 1 - A benefit match for the widow and children of the late George Matthews.

28/04 - Fr: Middlesbrough 0 Newcastle 0 - Although both sides hit the woodwork on more than one occasion, neither can find a goal.

30/04 - Fr: Sunderland 3 Newcastle 1 - A late cancellation gives Sunderland the chance to regain some of their shattered pride. It is another fine day and the Newcastle Road ground is filled with some 6,000 spectators to witness United's first ever game on Wearside. Right from the start the revenge seeking homesters tear into United and at half-time deservedly lead by two goals. Crate pulls one back in the second half but Scott adds a third to seal the victory for Sunderland.


T Campbell

01/05 - United sign T Campbell of Linthouse. W Graham signs on for next season.