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NUFC 1892/93 - Season Diary

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The visitors name the lady correctly and take advantage of the hill and a gusty wind. They take the lead with an illegal goal (the referee admitting his mistake after the match) and defend very well after half-time. The gate receipts amount to £147. Goal nets are used for the first time on the ground.

Celtic - SJP - 7,000

Scorers: Campbell

CAMPBELL scores after he charges Whitton before he plays the ball although the goal should have been disallowed under the new rules (0-1).

Half-time: East End 0 Celtic 1

Full-time: East End 0 Celtic 1

United have to play the first-half into the sun and a strong wind and after being pegged back twice it is all-square at the interval. The Magpies do all the pressing in the second-half, but suffer from faulty shooting.

Sunderland - SJP - 6,000

Scorers: Crate, Wallace - Hannah D, Gillespie

05m - CRATE sends in a beauty (1-0).

D HANNAH does the needful (1-1).

WALLACE (2-1).


Half-time: East End 2 Sunderland 2

Full-time: East End 2 Sunderland 2

It is a one-sided game throughout. Although East End have the wind and sun in their faces they lead 2-0 at the break. They score twice more with the Nops gaining a consolation just on time. Whitton is clever as usual.

Middlesbrough Ironopolis - SJP - 4,000

Scorers: Thompson (2), Collins, Oliver (og)

Half-time: East End 2 Middlesbrough Ironopolis 0

Full-time: East End 4 Middlesbrough Ironopolis 1

Many supporters of the Newcastle team travel down and witness a splendid match.

Middlesbrough Ironopolis - 4,000

Scorers: Sorley, Collins

Half-time: Ironopolis 0 East End 1

Full-time: Ironopolis 1 East End 2

East End are well on top in the first-half and after launching assault after assault on the Sheffield citadel they lead at the break. But in the second-half they go to pieces although In mitigation they had a lot of hard luck. Crate and Sorley are hurt and hard-working halfback Creilly injures his knee in the first-half and is carried off after a clash of heads with an opponent in the second. He was attended to by a doctor who said genial Bobby will be out for a month.

Sheff. Utd. - 5,000

Whitton, Jeffrey, Miller, Creilly, Graham, McKane, Collins, Crate, Thompson, Sorley, Wallace.

Scorers: Sorley - Drummond, Scott, Wallace, Hammond, Dobson

East End win the toss and choose the goal at the Brammal Lane end. This means they had the wind in their favour and a strong sun is shining into the eyes of the home side.

38m - SORLEY scores with a grand cross shot which gives the keeper no chance (1-0).

Half-time: Sheffield United 0 Newcastle 1

51m - DRUMMOND heads through from a splendid long pass by Wallace (1-1).

55m - SCOTT scores from the rebound after Whitton saves Dobson's shot (1-2).

60m - The home side are attacking continuously and WALLACE adds a third (1-3).

64m - HAMMOND nets with a capital shot to make it four goals in thirteen minutes (1-4).

Creilly (who injured his knee in the first-half) and Drummond suffer a clash of heads and Creilly has to leave the field suffering from a scalp wound.

87m DOBSON (5-1).

Full-time: Sheffield United 5 Newcastle 1

The game was not due to be played until Nov 5th, but as both teams were free they decided to bring forward the match. It is a poor game in which neither side impresses although both keepers are splendid.

Middlesbrough - SJP - 4,000

Whitton, Jeffrey, Miller, Crate, Graham, McKane, Reay, Collins, Thompson, Barker, Wallace.

Scorers: Wallace (2), Thompson

Half-time: East End 2 Middlesbrough 0

Full-time: East End 3 Middlesbrough 1

Position: 3rd

Sorley is back. Half-Back Kirkland is given a trial in the game but he isn’t of much service. Thompson has to retire.

Stockton - 3,500

Whitton, Jeffrey, Miller, Graham, Kirkland, McKane, Reay, Crate, Thompson, Collins, Wallace.

Scorers: Collins - McClung (2), Townley.

COLLINS secures with a beauty (1-0)

MCCLUNG (1-1).

Within a minute MCCLUNG heads a second (1-2).

TOWNLEY with A grand effort (1-3).

Half-time: Stockton 3 East End 1

Full-time: Stockton 3 East End 1

East End do most of the pressing in the first half and open the scoring, but after the turn around Middlesbrough are generally on the offensive with United defending well and attacking in quick rushes. The homesters are unlucky to hit the bar but cannot find a way through.

Middlesbrough - Linthorpe Road - 4,000

Whitton, Jeffrey, Miller, Creilly, Graham, McKane, Reay, Crate, Dixon, Collins, Coupar .

Scorers: Collins

Due to the injuries of Thompson, Wallace and Sorley two reserves play; centre-Forward Dixon and forward Coupar (late of Dundee). Coupar did well playing a good passing game.

Dixon feeds COLLINS (1-0).

Half-time: Middlesbrough 0 East End 1

Full-time: Middlesbrough 0 East End 1

The crowd are very disappointed that J Graham, who promised to be captain - did not travel down. With Wallace and Collins in rare form the Magpies are never distressed and play in a happy-go-lucky style.

South of Ayrshire - SJP - 3,000

Scorers: Collins (3), Crate (2), Reay, Creilly

Half-time: Newcastle 4 South of Ayrshire 0

Full-time: Newcastle 7 South of Ayrshire 0

Newcastle paid a £50 guarantee to bring Hearts to Tyneside and there are upwards of 3,000 in attendance. Although the Scots had promised to send their best eleven, this is clearly not the case.

Hearts - SJP - 3,000

Scorers Reay (2)

10m - REAY (1-0).

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Hearts 0

REAY (2-0).

Full-time: Newcastle 2 Hearts 0

A match of the tamest description - East End never distress themselves and indulged in lots of gallery play. Sorley scores all four and the home side also have 3 goals disallowed for offside.

Mossend Swifts - SJP - 1,500

Scorers Sorley (4) - Fairley

FAIRLEY (0-1).

Straight after SORLEY equalises (1-1).

SORLEY (2-1).

SORLEY (3-1).

Half-time: East End 3 Mossend Swifts 1

SORLEY (4-1).

Full-time: East End 4 Mossend Swifts 1

East End are late onto the field and when they appear several of their intimate friends failed to recognise them; they had all combed their hair and are photographed. Sheffield are missing a number of players through injury. There are about 4,000 spectators and it is a lively game full of fast and often rough play. The visitors have the advantage of the incline in the first period and lead 2-1 at the interval, but East End have nearly all the best of the second-half.

Sheffield United - SJP - 4,500

Scorers: Sorley, Wallace - tbc, Hammond.

10m - tbc with a free-kick which goes in off the crossbar (0-1).

HAMMOND with a high shot (0-2).

Just before the break SORLEY pulls one back (1-2).

Half-time: East End 1 Sheffield United 2

WALLACE equalises (2-2).

Full-time: East End 2 Sheffield United 2

The Darlingtonians get severely whacked.

Darlington - SJP - 2,000

Whitton, Jeffrey, Miller, Creilly, Graham, McKane, Reay, Crate, Thompson, Sorley, Collins

Scorers: Sorley (2), Graham, Thompson, Collins.

Half-time: East End 3 Darlington 0

Full-time: East End 5 Darlington 0

Position: 2nd

Middlesbrough Ironopolis - SJP - 5,000

Whitton, Watson, Miller, Creilly, Graham, McKane, Reay, Crate, Thompson, Sorley, Collins

Scorers: Thompson (2)

Half-time: Middlesbrough Ironopolis 1 East End 1

Full-time: Middlesbrough Ironopolis 3 East End 2

Position: 2nd

East End have the ball in the net thirteen times but six are penalised for offside.

Darlington - 1,500

Whitton, Watson, Miller, Creilly, Graham, Collins, Reay, Crate, Thompson, Sorley, Wallace.

Scorers: Wallace (3), Reay (2), Thompson, Sorley.

Half-time: Darlington 0 East End 4

Full-time: Darlington 0 East End 7

Position: 2nd

The weather is of a vile description but it is a fast game. Despite playing up the hill United are 2-0 up within 10 minutes before Stockton pull one back. In the second-half the East Enders are considerably handicapped by Thompson being hurt and therefore practically useless.

Stockton - SJP - 3,000

Whitton, Jeffrey, Miller, Creilly, Graham, Collins, Reay, Crate, Thompson, Sorley, Wallace.

Scorers: Graham, Creilly, Thompson, Sorley, Wallace

Half-time: East End 2 Stockton 1

Full-time: East End 5 Stockton 1

Position: 2nd

The game is played in a snowstorm and the ground is decidedly unfit for a true exposition of the game; both teams protest about it being counted as a League fixture. The match is played at a furious rate throughout, the Nops go 2-0 up and East End pull one back after a fierce struggle. The players and spectators are anything but satisfied with the way the referee performs his duties and several of his absurd decisions arouse the hilarity of the crowd. Despite the weather the "gate" reached £50 and it is hoped that the local public is finally starting to support the club.

Middlesbrough Ironopolis - SJP - 2,500

Whitton, Watson, Miller, Creilly, Graham, McKane, Reay, Crate, Sorley, Collins, Wallace

Scorers: Reay - tbc, tbc

Half-time: East End 0 Middlesbrough Ironopolis 1

Full-time: East End 1 Middlesbrough Ironopolis 2

Position: 2nd

The Stocktonians had great faith in their abilities, but the Tynesiders fairly beat them at all points. The homesters are handicapped by the fact that half-back Willocks has to retire early on, throwing them totally out of gear.


Whitton, Jeffrey, Miller, Creilly, Graham, McKane, Reay, Collins, Sorley, Crate, Wallace

THOMPSON heads in (0-1)

Stockton lose the services of Willocks after he twists his knee

Tbc (1-1).

Half-time: Stockton 1 East End 1

Tbc (2-1).

Tbc (3-1).

Tbc (4-1).

Tbc (5-1).

Tbc (5-2).

Full-time: Stockton 2 East End 5

Position: 2nd

The ground is as hard as iron and therefore the play is unreliable. East End take it very easy and do not distress themselves because of the important match at Sheffield. Although they have rather the best of the business, they have to wait until just before the break to open the scoring. Both sides net in the second-half and although there are lots of chances each custodian plays very well. A trial was given to Mclntosh of Dundee who did fairly well despite struggling to stay on his feet.

Middlesbrough - SJP - 1,500

Whitton, Jeffrey, Miller, Creilly, Graham, McKane, Reay, Collins, Thompson, Sorley, McIntosh

Scorers: McIntosh, Reay - tbc

MCINTOSH shoots a grand goal at close-quarters (1-0).

Half-time: East End 1 Middlesbrough 0

McKane is penalised and tbc equalises from the free-kick (1-1).

After a lively time in front of goal REAY sends through nicely (2-1).

Full-time: East End 2 Middlesbrough 1

Despite a heavy fog there is a good attendance and the match is a financial success.

The Wednesday - 6,000

Scorers: tbc

Half-time: The Wednesday 1 East End 0

Full-time: The Wednesday 1 East End 0

"Pa" Jackson had promised to send a strong team to Tyneside and no more popular team could have been secured as opposition than the famous Corinthians. However, their best team are playing Bolton Wanderers and it is their understudies who show up. in a game singularly free from fouls and ??? Newcastle could have scored a lot more and once it became clear that it is a very weak team that has been sent, the spectators are not over pleased.

Corinthians - SJP - 1,500

Whitton, Jeffrey,, Miller, Creilly, Graham, McKane, Reay, Collins, Thompson, Sorley, McIntosh.

Scorers: Thompson (3), Reay (2), McKane, Sorley, McIntosh

The visitors win the toss and opt to play down the incline.

Gosling makes a save but MCKANE returns a swift shot to notch the first point early on (1-0).

SALT equalises with a fine long shot (1-1).

After some scrimmaging REAY heads through (2-1).

It is all United now and some smart play from Sorley sets up MCINTOSH (3-1).

Sorley hits the bar.

Half-time: Newcastle 3 Corinthians 1

THOMPSON with a lightning shot (4-1)

Within a couple of minutes of the restart Thompson heads over the defence to allow SORLEY to net (5-1).

THOMPSON runs two-thirds of the pitch to score (6-1)

THOMPSON turns a neat pass from Sorley to effective account (7-1)

REAY (8-1)

Full-time: Newcastle 8 Corinthians 1

Everton include the former West End man Kelso. It is bitterly cold and the ground is very heavy due to a fall of snow just before the game. Newcastle opt to play down the hill in the first-half and secure a three-goal lead which proves decisive. A large number of boys are allowed to stand on forms in front of the press box partially blocking the view and with their shouting and swearing made it difficult for the press men to do their job. £79 was taken at the gate which is the best since the Celtic game.

Everton - SJP - 3,000-5,000

Whitton, Watson, Miller, Creilly, Graham, McKane, Reay, Collins, Thompson, Sorley, Wallace.

Scorers: Thompson, Reay, Sorley, Reay - Watson (og), Whitton og)

THOMPSON heads home Miller’s free-kick amidst great enthusiasm (1-0).

Although Jardine gets the ball away from THOMPSON (or REAY)’s effort the referee adjudges that the ball crossed the line (2-0).

Wallace sets up SORLEY (3-0).

Half-time: Newcastle 3 Everton 0

WATSON attempts to kick out Latts’ shot, but only succeeds in sending the ball between his own posts (3-1).

Sorley crosses for REAY to score (4-1).

When WHITTON attempts to fist out a shot from Holt the ball hits the underside of the bar and although he catches it the official deems that the ball crossed the line (4-2).

Full-time: Newcastle 4 Everton

The Scottish league leaders fulfil the last of their holiday fixtures. Although the ground is still covered in snow the weather is fine and there is a good attendance. Heavy snow starts to fall at the start of the second period which greatly affects the game and makes it impossible to see across the pitch. Newcastle score twice in each half.

Rangers - SJP - 3,000

Whitton, Jeffrey, Miller, Creilly, Graham, McKane, Reay, Collins, Thompson,, Sorley Wallace

Scorers: Reay, Creilly, Thompson, Sorley

The visitors win the toss and choose to play towards the town. After an even start United start to take control.

20m. - After Wallace hits the post, clever play by Collins and Thompson sets up REAY (1-0).

Just before the break Reay's corner is sent through in beautiful style by CREILLY (2-0).

Half-time: Newcastle 2 Rangers 0

Reay sends in THOMPSON who notches a magnificent goal (3-0).

Rangers make an effort to respond but Thompson sets up SORLEY(4-0) and play becomes very rough for a period.

Full-time: Newcastle 4 Rangers

The Trotters arrive almost half an hour late so the kick-off is delayed. The ground is covered in four inches of snow which impacts upon the numbers attending and makes play very difficult.

Bolton - SJP - 2,500

Whitton, Jeffrey, Miller, Creilly, Graham, McKane, Reay, Collins, Thompson, Wallace, Sorley.

Reay (2), Thompson - Munro

10m - United are playing down the slope in the first-half but it is the Lancastrians who are doing most of the pressing and score first through a splendid shot from MUNRO (0-1).

30m - United fight back and a fine overhead kick by Collins sets up REAY amidst great enthusiasm (1-1).

32m - Wallace dodges the backs and crosses for REAY to head in in beautiful style (2-1).

Half-time: Newcastle 2 Bolton 1

52m - THOMPSON rushes the ball through (3-1).

Both Wallace and Reay hit the post and the match finishes in near darkness.

Full-time: Newcastle 3 Bolton 1

The field has been well rolled and is in excellent condition, but it is cold and fine and as a result the ground is hard and slippy which prevents good play. United win the toss and start down the hill with the wind at their backs. lt is mostly United with Sorley and Wallace's smart dodging tactics troubling the Yorkshiremen, but their backs and half-backs are in splendid form. Play becomes rough and Mr. Campbell calls the players together to caution them. In the second half the players are struggling to keep their feet with the homesters facing a fierce blizzard.

Sheffield United - SJP - 2,500

Whitton, Jeffrey, Miller, Creilly, Graham, McKane, Reay, Collins, Thompson, Sorley, Wallace.

Cain og - Miller og

Reay hits the bar with a grand shot.

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Sheffield United 0

Reay strikes the bar.

Sheffield custodian Hewlett’s goal-kick hits CAIN on the head and rebounds into the goal (1-0).

Two minutes later Watson tries a long shot, MILLER slips in trying to head the ball out and puts it through his own goal (1-1).

Full-time: Newcastle 1 Sheffield United 1

Middlesbrough are a very sturdy lot and have been in great form recently. The day is fine and there is little. wind but the ground is very hard and greasy. Newcastle grievously disappoint their supporters as they throw away a two-goal lead when their play falls off lamentably in the second-half. Middlesbrough are the best team on the day, quick on the ball, shot and defended well and kept their feet better.

Middlesbrough - SJP - 4,000

Whitton, Jeffrey, Miller, Creilly, Graham, McKane, Reay, Collins, Thompson, Sorley, Wallace.

Scorers: Thompson, Reay - Blyth, McKnight, Lewis

The visitors opt to play downhill.

10m - Reay’s shot is returned feebly by Fall and THOMPSON rushes in to head through (1-0).

11m - Fall catches Graham's long-range effort, but stands with the ball under his arm and REAY rushes the custodian and the ball through (2-0).

43m - Middlesbrough go on the attack and although United defend well BLYTH’s high shot from midfield passes just under the bar giving Whitton no chance (1-2).

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Middlesbrough 2

Little time is cut to waste before Mr Ormerod calls the players together again and the visitors once again are on the offensive.

50m - Whitton gets his hand to MCKNIGHT’s magnificent long low shot, but he cannot prevent the sphere entering the corner of the net (2-2).

The equaliser fires up both sides and although both strive for the coveted winning point it is the visitors who succeed when LEWIS heads in a McCabe corner (2-3).

Full-time: Newcastle 2 Middlesbrough 3

Stockton - Victoria Ground - 2,000

Whitton, Jeffrey, Miller, Collins, Graham, McKane, Reay, Crate, Thompson, Sorley, Wallace.

Scorers: Sorley (2) - Townley (2), Jones

Stockton elect to play with the strong wind behind them.

The home side are on top and take the lead through a sharp shot from JONES which flies over Whitton' s head (0-1).

Half-time: Stockton 1 Newcastle 0

Newcastle start well after the restart and after a rush down the pitch SORLEY puts the ball through (1-1).

Stockton retaliate and TOWNLEY cleverly heads through (1-2).

Almost immediately TOWNLEY scores again with a splendid low shot (1-3).

SORLEY nets with a good kick just before the end (2-3).

Full-time: Stockton 3 Newcastle 2

Newcastle have the best of matters throughout most of the game with the visitors’ goal being severely assailed.

Stockton - SJP- 1,500

Whitton, Jeffrey, Miller, Creilly, Graham, McKane, Reay, Crate, Thompson, Collins, Sorley.

Scorers: Reay, Crate, tbc - Jones

After two grand shots by Sorley and Collins, REAY heads home splendidly (1-0).

Five minutes later the United forwards went down in a body and rushed the ball, goalkeeper and backs through (2-0).

Half-time: Newcastle 2 Stockton 0

CRATE shot in (3-0).

JONES scored easily (3-1).

Full-time: Newcastle 3 Stockton 1

United are very late arriving and the match kicks off forty-five minutes later than advertised. United only have ten men because McKane missed the train. Despite this they play a rattling good game in the first-half and it is goalless at the break. On resumption the play waxes exceedingly rough and the homesters score thrice in quick succession. Jeffrey picks up a bad injury.

Middlesbrough - Linthorpe Road - 4,000

Whitton, Jeffrey, Miller, Creilly, Graham, Reay, Crate, Thompson, Collins, Wallace

Scorers: McCabe (2), McKnight, Blyth.

Half-time: Middlesbrough 0 Newcastle 0

MCKNIGHT with a lightning shot (0-1).

Two minutes later MCCABE heads in (2-0). Three more minutes and MCCABE bangs the ball into the net once more (0-3).

BLYTH scores a magnificent goal with a terrible drive which seems to nonplus the men from the coaly town (0-4).

Full-time: Middlesbrough 4 Newcastle 0

Position: 2nd

The game is being played in an effort to give a stimulus to football in the colliery district. Although outclassed, the homesters played a very hard game.

Bedlington Wednesday - Holy Mount Field- 1,000

Scorers: Crate (3), Creilly, Miller, Reay, Wallace, tbc - tbc

Half-time: Bedlington Wednesday 0 Newcastle 5

Full-time: Bedlington Wednesday 1 Newcastle 9

lt is a capital game in which all the goals come before the break. United are on top for most of the second half and the visitors are beaten on their merits with visiting custodian Toone saving some hot shots in his well-known style. Rodgers plays a capital game and is a good man to have in case of an emergency.

Notts County - SJP - 3,000

Whitton, Rodger, Miller, Creilly, Graham, Reay, Wallace, Crate, Thompson, Sorley.

Scorers: Sorley (2), Thompson - Oswald, Burke

The weather is splendid. Jeffrey seriously injured himself against Middlesbrough and is replaced by Rodger.

08m - Reay centres and THOMPSON scores (1-0).

OSWALD with a well-directed shot (1-1).

United press severely and SORLEY scores (2-1).

SORLEY nets again (3-1).

BURKE secures an easy goal (3-2).

Half-time: Newcastle 3 Notts County 2

Full-time: Newcastle 3 Notts County 2

The weather is dull and cold and the turf is very greasy. Newcastle call the lady correctly and opt to play up the hill. Despite being a man short for most of the match Sunderland are much cleverer than their hosts and show excellent combination despite the slippery turf.

Sunderland - SJP - 7,000

Scorers: Graham - Campbell (4), D Graham, Gillespie

01m - D HANNAH shoots and the ball rolls through after Whitton falls (0-1).

lt is very comfortable for the visitors and CAMPBELL scores (0-2).

The Magpies try to fight back and they are helped by the fact that D Hannah has to go off injured after a collision reducing Sunderland to ten men.

However CAMPBELL converts a penalty (0-3).

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Sunderland 3

Newcastle attack at the start of the second half and GRAHAM heads through (3-1).

Sunderland are soon in control again and GILLESPIE scores (1-4).

CAMPBELL nets following a scrimmage (1-5).

CAMPBELL scores his fourth with a grand shot after clever play from Miller (1-6).

Full-time: Newcastle 1 Sunderland 6

A capital struggle and a keenly contested game from start to finish. Wallace made it 3-1 to United just after the break, but Stoke subsequently got the best of matters. Rowley and Clare both had a grand game and were repeatedly cheered. Ryder proved no efficient substitute for Whitton who has been decidedly off-colour in the last few weeks.

Stoke - SJP - 3-4,000

Ryder J, Jeffrey, Miller, Crate, Graham, McKane, Reay, Wallace, Thompson, Collins, Sorley.

Scorers: Graham, Reay, Wallace - Schofield, Evans, Clare, Edge

Reserve goalkeeper J Ryder is given a trial in goal. Crate comes in for Crielly whose knee has given again.

SCHOFIELD after a breakaway (0-1).

GRAHAM heads through from a scrimmage while Thompson is attending to the goalkeeper (1-1).

The ball sticks on the mud causing Clare to miss his kick and REAY dashes in to score the second point (2-1).

Half-time: Newcastle 2 Stoke 1

WALLACE met a clearance and sent through (3-1) .

EVANS (3-2).

A huge kick from midfield catches on the wind and with Ryder and Miller muffing it between them the ball sails in (3-3).

EDGE with a swift shot (4-3).

Full-time: Newcastle 3 Stoke 4

Only a small company witnesses a one-sided game against the Ayrshire champions, Reay scores five and has another two points disallowed for offside. A strong high wind spoils the play.

Annbank - SJP - 2,500

Whitton, Jeffrey, Miller, Creilly, Crate, McKane, Reay, Collins, Thompson, Sorley, Wallace.

Scorers: Reay (5), Thompson - Watson

W Graham is out with an injured foot.

05m - REAY heads through in grand style (1-0).

REAY lifts the ball through and the ball passes just under the bar (2-0).

WATSON (2-1).


Fitzsimmons fists out, but REAY catches the ball and sends it through (4-1).

Half-time: Newcastle 4 Annbank 1

REAY scores from a splendid Sorley centre (5-1).

REAY scores splendidly (6-1).

Full-time: Newcastle 6 Annbank 1

Although the first-half is quite even, United dominate after the break and deserve their victory, They show good combination and there is a “go” in their work which is absent from the County men.

Derby - SJP -

McCabe, Jeffrey, Miller, Creilly, Graham, McKane, Collins, Crate, Thompson, Sorley, Wallace.

Scorers: Robinson (og), Collins, Thompson - Southern

15m - Custodian ROBINSON rushes out but fails to get the ball and Methven’s attempted clearance hits him and rebounds into the net (1-0).

Towards the end of the first half SOUTHERN equalises (1-1).

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Derby 1

50m - COLLINS accepts a centre from Wallace and scores (2-1).

In a hot scrimmage under the visitors’ bar the custodian is toppled and although he throws out the referee deems that it crossed the line, THOMPSON (3-1).

Full-time: Newcastle 3 Derby 1

From the start to the finish United have the measure of the visitors, outplaying them in every division. Towards the end of the game some little unpleasantness drifts into the game and after inside-forward Higgins’ departure the crowd take up the quarrel and several of the Foresters have to be escorted from the field by the police.

Nottingham Forest - SJP - 2,500

McCabe, Jeffrey, Miller, Creilly, Graham, McKane, Reay, Crate, Collins, Sorley, Wallace.

Scorers: Reay (2), Sorley (2 - 1p) - Pike

03m - SORLEY shoots through (1-0).

REAY (2-0).

REAY heads through (3-0).

Half-time: Newcastle 3 Nottingham Forest 0

PIKE (3-1).

SORLEY penalty (4-1).

Full-time: Newcastle 4 Nottingham Forest 1

Blyth - Blagdon Terrace - 3,000

Scorers: Reay (2), Sorley (p) - tbc

Half-time: Blyth 1 Newcastle 1

Full-time: Blyth 2 Newcastle 3

The well-known London amateur team are embarking on an Easter Tour and this is their first game. United start against the incline and both sides play lovely football albeit a bit slow at times in the first-half. There is no score at the interval, but the Newcastle men carry all before them in the second half.

Casuals - SJP

Whitton, Jeffrey, Miller, Creilly, Crate, McKane, Reay, Collins, Thompson, Pattinson, Wallace.

Scorers: Collins (2), Pattinson, Crate, own-goal.

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Casuals 0

46m - Newcastle immediately rush down and a nice pass from Thompson sets up PATTINSON to score amidst great applause (1-0).

A couple of minutes later United get a free-kick a couple of yards from the goal and Collins scores off one of the Casuals (2-0).

50m - After another rush CRATE adds a third (3-0).

COLLINS scores twice (5-0).

Full-time: Newcastle 5 Casuals 0

The weather is splendid and both sides show good combination, particularly in the five-goal first half. After the break the attacks of both teams have less sting but the homesters grab an equaliser.

Stockton - Victoria Ground - 1,500

Whitton, Jeffrey, Miller, Creilly, Graham, McKane, Reay, Crate, Thompson, Quinn, Collins,

Scorers: Crate, Graham, Collins - McClung (2), Thompson

CRATE’s shot beats Ramsay (1-0).

Shortly afterwards GRAHAM nets with a strong, low shot which the keeper did not move for (2-0).

Stockton press and after a number of scrimmages THOMPSON pulls one back (2-1).

Stockton keep up the spirited attack, but a flying visit from COLLINS makes it (3-1).

MCCLUNG (3-2).

Half-time: Stockton 2 Newcastle 3

After a prolonged attack MCCLUNG heads the equaliser (3-3).

Full-time: Stockton 3 Newcastle 3

lt is the first time that Newcastle have played the Liverpool team. Ralph Carr (the well-known sculler) is well received as he kicks off for Newcastle. lt is a very even first-half with Liverpudlian custodian McQueen making a couple of excellent saves. Newcastle press hard in the second period but Liverpool defend magnificently even though they lose McBride to injury. United are unlucky not to win but Liverpool deserve praise for their magnificent defensive work.

Liverpool - SJP -2,500

Whitton, Jeffrey, Miller, McKane, Graham, Creilly, Reay, Crate, Thompson, Collins, Wallace.

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Liverpool 0

Full-time: Newcastle 0 Liverpool 0

Newcastle take on Sunderland for the third time this season, the game having been arranged solely at the request of the Newcastle players who were dissatisfied at their last defeat against their illustrious neighbours and they mean to do their utmost to place a win to their credit. The game kicks off at 6.15pm (which seems a bit late) and city councillor James Routledge (a keen enthusiast of the game) does the honours. The cream of the votaries of the code give an excellent exhibition which is warmly appreciated by the spectators.

Sunderland - SJP - 3,000

McCabe, Jeffrey, Miller, Creilly, Graham, McKane, Reay, Crate, Sorley, Collins, Pattinson.

Scorers: Hannah (2), Millar (2)

08m - Sunderland rush straight down and MILLAR scores with a long, sharp shot (0-1).

HANNAH puts through (0-2).

HANNAH fires in a grounder from the extreme left-wing which rebounds in off the inside of the far post (0-3).

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Sunderland 3

Due to the late kick-off no time is lost in restarting.

MILLAR (0-4).

Full-time: Newcastle 0 Sunderland 4

The visitors have the best of the matters before the break when they had the advantage of the hill and a strong wind, but United carry all before them after the break.

West Bromwich Albion - SJP - 2,000

Scorers: Sorley (4), Crate, Wallace, Reay - Boyd (2)

BOYD shoots strongly after running the length of the field at terrific pace (0-1).

Reay centres to SORLEY (1-1).

BOYD (1-2).

Half-time: Newcastle 1 West Bromwich Albion 2

SORLEY heads through (2-2).

Jeffrey’s free-kick is put between the posts by CRATE (3-2).

SORLEY (4-2).

WALLACE (5-2).

SORLEY (6-2).

REAY (7-2).

Full-time: Newcastle 7 West Bromwich Albion 2

Everton - Goodison Park

Scorers: Collins, Crate - Gordon (4), HARTLEY

GORDON (0-1).

HARTLEY (0-2).

GORDON (0-3).

GORDON heads in from a Parry free-kick (0-4).

Half-time: Everton 4 Newcastle 0

GORDON (0-5).

Full-time: Everton 5 Newcastle 2

The Accrington first-team are engaged in a League Test Match so it is the Reds’ second XI which comes to Tyneside.

Accrington XI - SJP - 2,000

Whitton, Jeffrey, Miller, Creilly, Graham, McKane, Thompson, Crate, Pattinson, Collins, Wallace.

Scorers: Collins (3), Crate, Pattinson

CRATE scores with Pattinson looking after the goalkeeper (1-0).

PATTINSON with a long swift shot (2-0).

A grand long shot from COLLINS (3-0).

Half-time: Newcastle 3 Accrington XI 0

COLLINS with a long shot (4-0).

COLLINS with Pattinson once more looking after the goalkeeper (5-0).

Full-time: Newcastle 5 Accrington XI 0

There is a thorough struggle for supremacy throughout the match against the Nops and Collins converts the successful point.

Middlesbrough Ironopolis - SJP - 2,000

Whitton, Jeffrey, Miller, Creilly, Graham, McKane, Collins, Crate, Thompson, Sorley, Wallace.

Scorers: Collins

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Middlesbrough Ironopolis 0

COLLINS (1-0).

Full-time: Newcastle 1 Middlesbrough Ironopolis 0

A testimonial for former East End player Alec McCurdie.

Heaton Junction


Half-time: District XI 1 Newcastle 4

Full-time: District XI 3 Newcastle 5

Newcastle dominate the game against the Lancastrians who appear fagged out. With the wind and sun in their favour United build a commanding lead by the interval.

Preston North End - SJP - 2,000

Scorers: Sorley (2), Collins (2), Crate

SORLEY (1-0).

10m - COLLINS (2-0).

44m - SORLEY (3-0).

Half-time: Newcastle 3 Preston North End 0

CRATE (4-0).

COLLINS (5-0).

Full-time: Newcastle 5 Preston North End 0