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Newcastle in the FA Cup

Newcastle’s FA Cup Wins

1923/24Aston Villa2-0
1954/55Man City3-1

Newcastle have won the FA Cup six times. They first won the trophy in 1909/10 and last won it in 1954/55. Their other victories were in 1923/24, 1931/32, 1950/51 and 1951/52.

The first win in 1909/10 came after a replay.

When they won in consecutive years in 1950/51 and 1951/52 they were the first team to do so since the 1890’s.

The Final was first played at Wembley in 1923 and the Magpies won their first five Finals there, but have gone on to lose their last three.

When they reached the Final in 1954/55 they became the first team to reach ten Cup Finals.

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Newcastle’s FA Cup Final Defeats

1904/05Aston Villa0-2
1910/11Bradford C.0-1
1998/99Man United0-2

Newcastle have made it to the FA Cup Final thirteen times. Their first appearance was in 1904/05 and their last in 1998/99.

They have been defeated seven times although the defeat against Bradford in 1910/11 came after a replay. In the games where they have lost they only scored once in total.

The Final was originally played at Crystal Palace where the Magpies played four times in six seasons between 1904/05 and 1910/11. They only won once and that was after a replay at Goodison Park.

Newcastle’s FA Cup Firsts

Newcastle East End first took part in the FA Cup in the 1889/90 season when they entered in the first Qualifying Round. Their first opponents were South Bank who won the game.

East End made it through the Qualifying Rounds to the First Round for the first time in 1891/92 . They were beaten by Nottingham Forest.

East End changed their name to Newcastle United in 1892 and played their first competitive game under their new name in the Cup against Middlesbrough in 1893.

United’s first win in the FA Cup “proper” was against Sheffield United in the 1893/94 season.

The Magpies reached the FA Cup Final for the first time in 1904/05 when they were beaten by Aston Villa at Crystal Palace.

Newcastle won the FA Cup Final for the first time in 1909/10 when they beat Barnsley 2-0 in a replay at Goodison Park after a 1-1 draw at Crystal Palace.