George Hannah 1949/50 - 1957/58


A quick-silver ball player who came to Gallowgate from Linfield along with Alf McMichael and stayed for eight seasons.

Merseyside-born he signed for Everton at fifteen, and later gained his place in the Liverpool FA Youths' eleven. Served in Ireland with the Army and was allowed by Everton to play with Linfield for whom he signed as professional when he was demobbed.

George was a match winning type who could both be constructive as well as forceful. He could cleverly switch the point of attack and make the unexpected pass. Quick off the mark and with a bewildering body swerve he could glide past the opposition and on occasion struck a hard shot.

George had immaculate ball control and the delicate touch of a born footballer. He could kill a high ball better than most and then dash off with the ball seemingly glued to his feet.

But although full of clever football ideas his slight build meant he was often considered too lightweight. Consequently there were periods when he struggled to command a regular senior place.

Stat Box
Birth 11/12/1928 Liverpool
Joined09/49 (20) Linfield £16,500
Debut 17/09/1949 (20) Man City Div 1
Left 09/57 (28) Lincoln City £5,000
App/Gls 177 43


Portrait by Piotr Jozefowicz

Figure Drawing by Tommy Canning