NUFC 1899/00 - Season Diary



02/06 - The AGM is held at the Hotel Metropole on Clayton Street; United made a profit of £2,859 10s 1d last season. In order to help finance the ground improvements which are underway; season tickets will be put on sale earlier this year. They will go on sale next week and will be available from WH Yates (100 Westgate Road), TT Mac's (Pink Lane) and the club offices (3 St. James’ Street). Prices will be held with the exception of the "director's reserve" which will be raised to 30 shillings.

A Mowatt

02/06 - Arthur Mowatt (24/25) signs for Lincoln City. The Hebburn lad has been at the club for 7 seasons.

J Fraser

05/06 - United negotiate the transfer of J Fraser from Notts County. Fraser hails from Motherwell and joined County 12 months ago. He played a conspicuous game last season at outside left wing forward and is expected to fill this "problem" position for the Magpies. He is a tall, well-built young chap of great promise; very speedy and with a great shot on goal.

09/06 - Middlesbrough would like to sign Lockey and Stott, however up to now they have not agreed to pay the necessary fee.

11/06 - Bristol City have signed promising young keeper J. Watts from United.

W Smith

23/06 - Centre-forward W Smith (25) moves to Swindon Town. He joined United (in February 1898) from Hibernians where he spent 5 seasons.

30/06 - Arrangements have been made for the Kaffir Association team to play a number of teams - including Newcastle - in this country. They are due to play around forty matches in total. The dusky players are reputed to possess remarkable staying powers.


10/07 - Tom Young - who for many seasons has been playing full-back for North Durham Rugby Club Second XI - has signed on for the United Alliance team as a goalkeeper.

29/07 - The turfing of the new pitch is completed.

There are reports that United have signed Williams from West Brom.


03/08 - United are still after a full-back and a forward, but claims that they have signed Williams from West Brom are unfounded.

04/08 - Fixture cards for the new season will be available from TT Mac's from tomorrow.

07/08 - The players report back for training.

J Lockey

07/08 - Lockey has gone to New Brompton.

11/08 - Some 17,000 descend on St. James’ to see the first practice game between the Whites and the Stripes in a match which amounts to an exercise-canter.

18/08 - J Forster has gone to Seghill.

18/08 - The second practice match takes place at the County Cycling Grounds in Gosforth in order to protect the new turf at St. James'. About 5,000 see a game of two thirty-minute halves which finishes 2-2. Former rugby player Young is in goal for the the Stripes and - all things considered - gives a creditable display. The game finishes in a 2-2 draw. Fraser picks up an injury during the game.

23/08 - The third practice takes place at St James' and 15,000 attend.

26/08 - Despite the tropical heat the players demonstrate excellent stamina and ability in an 80-minute exhibition game at Gallowgate. The game ends 3-3 and 7-8,000 attend.

W Lindsay

William Lindsay is signed from Grimsby.

Despite the cost of the ground improvements only Aston Villa made a greater profit last season.


01/09 - United open the season at West Brom tomorrow and travel down on the 1.47pm train to Birmingham. A huge crowd sees them off at Central Station. The players all look in the best of condition and appear sanguine as to the result of the match.

The game at Stoney Lane is not of a high class character by any means and it is positively dull and uninteresting at times. Many players look out of condition. The Albonites crowd are not impressed with the referee and they make a hostile demonstration at the end of the ninety minutes.

West Brom - Stoney Lane - 6,135

Kingsley, Lindsay, Gardner D, Ghee, Higgins, Aitken, Rogers, Stevenson, Peddie, Macfarlane, Wardrope

Scorers: Peddie (pen) - Simmonds

Brilliant sunshine prevails; United win the toss and play downhill with the wind in their favour.

Dunn trips Wardrope within the twelve-yard line and a penalty is awarded. Peddie's kick hits an upright, but the official rules that he was interfered with and orders a retake. Peddie shoots straight at Reader who clears amid great cheers.

Peddie's daisy-cutter hits an upright.

A terrific shot from Aitken strikes the bar.

Half-time: West Brom 0 Newcastle 0

56m - Newcastle start slowly and when Garfield sends the ball skimming along the bar SIMMONDS is on hand to force the sphere home (0-1).

Half-back Jones fists down a shot from Rogers in the prescribed area and (this time) PEDDIE makes no mistake as he blasts the ball into the centre of the goal (1-1).

Full-time: West Brom 1 Newcastle 1

Position: 10th

03/09 - The Kaffirs team were due to arrive in England a couple of weeks ago, but due to a problem with the ship booking they did not arrive until today. They will play their first game at St James' on Tuesday.

04/09 - The Kaffirs arrive in Newcastle and although there is only a small crowd to greet them at Central Station they receive a cordial welcome. They are a fine-looking lot of fellows and allegedly a terribly active lot who will take some holding. They will put up overnight at the Alliance Temperance Hotel.

The match against the tourists is full of amusement and serious football is out of the question. The Africans are palpably unfit (following their long journey) and their antics are very peculiar. Although they have plenty of pace they are completely outplayed in footwork.

Kaffirs - SJP - 6,000

Scorers: Stevenson, Botloko og, Ghee, Niblo 2, Wardrope - Twasi, Thoka, Martin

05m - STEVENSON opens the scoring (1-0).

20m - In trying to save BOTLOKO scores an own goal (2-0).

TWAYI breaks through (2-1).

GHEE (3-1).

THOKA (3-2).

Half-time: Newcastle 3 Kaffirs 2

NlBLO scores twice and WARDROPE also nets (6-2). MARTINS scores for Kaffirs (6-3).

Full-time: Newcastle 6 Kaffirs 3

Excursions travel from all over the district and the ground is full fifteen minutes before kick-off with hundreds still outside. It’s a ding-dong tussle in which United demonstrate a higher standard of play in all departments and secure a famous victory with a brilliant display. The combination and pace of United's experimental attack is truly surprising. United score twice in a first-half of storm and stress and after the break play is much becalmed. The game is contested in the most pleasant spirit, though (in the second-half) it is rather unsportsmanlike of the Magpies to regularly allow the ball to roll down the slope and out of play when there is absolutely no danger of loss. Higgins is in great form and “Higgins again!” is an oft heard cry.

Everton (6th) - SJP - 23,679

Kingsley, Lindsay, Gardner D, Ghee, Higgins, Aitken, Wardrope, Niblo, Peddie, Macfarlane, Fraser

Scorers: Niblo, Peddie

With Stevenson and Rogers both injured the selection committee spring a surprise by moving normal left-siders Wardrope and Niblo over to the right. Fraser makes his debut. It is hot, but there is a cooling breeze.

United win the toss and opt to play towards the town; with a strong breeze and sun at their backs they force the pace from the start.

Wardrope hits an upright after some tricky play.

22m - Peddie's shot hits Balmer and rebounds to NIBLO and he blasts through with a rocket-like shot which goes straight through Muir's hands (1-0).

40m - Keeper Muir weakly pushes out Aitken's long-range grounder and PEDDIE is down like a deer to crown Andy’s well meant effort (2-0).

Half-time: Newcastle 2 Everton 0

Everton attempt to come back but United defend superbly and gradually regain the ascendancy.

Full-time: Newcastle 2 Everton 0

Position: 4th

11/09 - United have secured the signature of George MacDonald, a forward who had shown good form for Clachnacudden. He arrives in Tyneside today and the terms to the Scotsman are a two months' trial, £3 a week.

15/09 Middlesbrough acquire Todd and inside-forward Lamb.

The football is not very scientific, but in a fast game played on a hard ground both sides demonstrate determination and earnestness. United are pegged back twice before Peddie scores the winner. Having struggled so badly away from Tyneside last season they have made a very promising start to their travels. However the crowd resented United's tactics of continually kicking the ball out towards the end of the game.

Blackburn (11th) - Ewood Park - 8,000

Kingsley, Lindsay, Gardner D, Ghee, Higgins, Aitken, Wardrope, Niblo, Peddie, Macfarlane, Fraser

Scorers: Wardrope, Fraser, Peddie - Blackburn, Hulse

The turf is on the soft side following heavy overnight rain.

15m - United once again have the advantages of wind and sun at their backs and make a great start. WARDROPE picks the ball up in midfield before racing for goal and hitting a terrifically fast shot in off an upright (1-0).

25m - From near the goal BLACKBURN pounces and gives Kingsley no possible chance (1-1).

Half-time: Blackburn 1 Newcastle 1

65m - The home side are on top then concede in amazing fashion. Blackburn have a free-kick deep in the United half. Houlker plays it back to Brandon, but he is unprepared and FRASER nips in and runs almost the length of the field to score with a clinking oblique drive (2-1).

67m - HULSE heads in from a corner (2-2).

PEDDIE shoots from 25-yards and for no apparent reason 'keeper Thompson makes no effort to save it for a very soft goal (3-2).

Full-time: Blackburn 2 Newcastle 3

Position: 4th

21/09- Driver Edward Hesmond Halgh is fined 20s plus costs for driving four horses in a stage coach. The occupants of the coach were the Newcastle United football team and his defence was that he was trying to get them to the station in time for the Newcastle train.

J Stott

22/09 - James Stott moves to Middlesbrough. He took a £250 benefit last season and had been about to retire and take up the management of a Public House.

Although the wind calms before kick-off it’s been a terribly stormy day which keeps the attendance down. The Peakites are pointless and goalless so far. Newcastle open in strong fashion and soon score twice. They ease off after the break when their efforts are miserable in the extreme; Fraser, in particular, wretchedly missing two easy chances. It is fair to say that there is great room for improvement in the behaviour of the fans. In one notable example a free-kick was given against United and an angry yell arose from the high and low end of the ground. Their conduct was far worse that of the players whose actions were the cause if it.

Derby (22nd) - 19,000 (incl 1,800 st holders)

Scorers: Peddie, Wardrope

01m - Wardrope heads to PEDDIE who beautifully turns to avoid Paterson and hits a grasser; the spherical orb going through at the far corner (1-0).

35m - United start to dominate and WARDROPE sends in a long slanting shot from the extreme wing which hits an upright and goes through (2-0).

Half-time: Newcastle 2 Derby 0

Bloomer and Aitken collide and the former is cautioned; he appears to somewhat resent the censure.

Full-time: Newcastle 2 Derby 0

24/09 - United sign on two new players. Outside-right William Rae comes with excellent credentials from Scotch club Douglas Wanderers and will be tried out in the reserves next Saturday. J Pollard is a half-back from Nottingham who has signed as an amateur.

United's excellent start has put their followers into the happiest and most sanguine frame of mind and they are confident of victory over the Shakers and a fair few make the trip to Lancashire to cheer the team on. Though Newcastle's play is pretty and scientific, too much finicking means they are a dramatic failure from the effective viewpoint. Bury's go-ahead style and sheer energy and determination sees them home. At one point the referee has to "interfere" due to the roughness of the play from both sides.

Bury (13th) - Gigg Lane - 3,568

Kingsley, Lindsay, Gardner D, Ghee, Higgins, Aitken, Wardrope, Niblo, Peddie, MacFarlane, Fraser

Scorers: Wardrope? - McLuckie (2)

01m - On a cold and wet day, Bury have a strong breeze behind them and WOOD scores with a splendid shot (0-1).

11m - MCLUCKIE scores again (0-2).

Half-time: Bury 2 Newcastle 0

PEDDIE? sets off on a long run and clean beats the opposition before scoring with a rasping shot (1-2).

Full-time: Bury 2 Newcastle 1

Position: 6th

The Bury defeat has knocked the wind out of United's sails and some of the press suggest that they need to add a bit more dash to complement their strictly scientific football; especially when playing "kick and rush" teams.


The game is fairly even at the start and Kingsley pulls off some excellent saves but after Suter's howler gives United the lead the Lambs are slaughtered. Newcastle's strong and decisive attack is simply irresistible in aII departments. It is United's biggest ever win and the crowd become disgusted with the Trentsiders lamentable exhibition. After the match finishes the cornetist treats the red-coated infantry men sprinkled around the ground to a rendition of “The Soldiers of the Queen".

Notts County (9th) - SJP - 18,086

Kingsley, Lindsay, Gardner D, Ghee, Higgins, Aitken, Wardrope, Stevenson, Peddie, MacFarlane, Fraser

Scorers: Fraser (2), Wardrope, Peddie, MacFarlane, Stevenson

As the teams enter the field a gentleman with a lusty comet plays "Cock 0' the North" and after a spirited performance he is warmly applauded.

15m - FRASER breaks from the half-way line and sends in a slow dropping shot from the extreme right. Suter has ample time to clear but completely misses his kick and the ball bounces into the net prompting ironical criticism from the crowd (1-0).

20m - WARDROPE hits a spanking, long, straight shot from wide on the right wing, Suter gets his hand to it, but it has too much pace for him (2-0).

Fraser centres and although PEDDIE's shot is saved by Suter the ball comes back to United's centre and he bangs the ball through (3-0).

Half-time: Newcastle 3 Notts County 0

During the customary five minute interval the crowd is treated to a balloon ascent advertising a local firm.

52m - The crowd are temporarily delirious after FRASER scores from close-up following a scrimmage (4-0).

71m - But when MACFARLANE scores from close in (5-0) it is the prompt for many spectators to start leaving.

85m - STEVENSON plunders the final goal from a corner-kick (6-0).

Full-time: Newcastle 6 Notts County 0

Position: 4th

09/10 - Among the players given permission to practice on grounds of clubs other than those that they are registered with are Stott and Lamb, who both transferred to Middlesbrough recently.

10/10 - The directors and players (on invitation) attend the Grand Theatre to witness a performance of the farce "Our Irish-Visitors" which stars Tom E. Murray, one of the funniest comedians entertaining the public at present.

An excursion train left the coal metropolis at 5.55am (fare: 5s 6d) and has brought a goodly number of ardent supporters to cheer United on at Hyde Park. It is a hard tussle and a remarkably keen game although it is more exciting than high-class. Although City are on top in the first period and unlucky not to score the game seems to be heading for a draw until the Cotton Kings score five minutes from time.

Man. City (6th) - Hyde Road - 25,000

Kingsley, Lindsay, Gardner D, Ghee, Higgins, Aitken, Wardrope, Niblo, Peddie, MacFarlane, Fraser

Scorers: Ross

Half-time: Man City 0 Newcastle 0

46m - Peddie's hot shot strikes the crossbar.

85m - Williams centres in magnificent style and ROSS puts the finishing touch to it with a low, swift shot (0-1).

Full-time: Man City 1 Newcastle 0

Position: 4th

19/10 - Newcastle are to make a contribution of twenty guineas to the Mayor of Newcastle's fund for the purpose of assisting the wives and families of the Reservists who have been called upon to serve their country in the crisis which has arisen between England and the Transvaal.

There is a huge amount of interest in the visit of the League Leaders (who have won seven games and drawn the other) and the gates have to be closed early to avert any accidents leaving thousands locked out. Hundreds of fans assemble on the roof of the reserved stand and the Press Box is also invaded. It is a brilliant tussle full of stirring incidents and the play of both combinations reaches a high watermark. Newcastle match their illustrious visitors with indomitable pluck and smartness. Towards the end of the game the Blades indulge in some deliberate rough play and when Boyle makes a very heavy challenge on Peddie the crowd gives vent to its feelings in no uncertain manner. It is a magnificent game in which fast, scientific thrusts are thwarted by superb defence.

Sheff. United (1st) - 30,000

Kingsley, Lindsay, Gardner D, Ghee, Higgins, Aitken, Rogers, Wardrope, Peddie, MacFarlane, Fraser

United win the toss and opt to play up the hill and when the match kicks off there is a veritable roar, ear splitting, almost fierce, in its character. The large stand is a sea of humanity and the banks of men and women at each side actually sway like waves of the seas at times.

Peddie comes closest to scoring when he is denied by a brilliant clearance from Foulkes.

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Sheff. United 0

A Thickett challenge sends Wardrope right over his head bringing very strong signs of disapproval from the crowd.

Sheffield start playing even more aggressively and a viscous charge in the back of Peddie leaves the striker incapacitated for some minutes. The crowd is not now in the sweetest of tempers and gives repeated ridiculations of its ruffled feelings by continued booing.

Full-time: Newcastle 0 Sheff. United 0

Position: 5th

28/10 - Inside-left MacDonald joins Lincoln City.

A major disappointment for United's followers as they concede their first home goal and lose their first game against mid-table Wolves. The visitors are complete masters of the game before the break and although the Magpies monopolise possession after half-time they fail to make any appreciable headway against a magnificent defence until a terrific, sustained ten-minute attack towards the end of the game. Poor shooting and a weak half-back line are United's undoing. Hugely disappointed, many fans leave early. Colin Veitch makes his debut at right-half.

Wolverhampton (11th) - SJP - 19,058

Kingsley, Lindsay, Gardner D, Veitch, Ostler, Aitken, Wardrope, Niblo, Peddie, MacFarlane, Fraser

Scorers: Owen

Half-backs Ghee and Higgins were both injured in the last game so Veitch (making his debut) and Ostler are drafted in.

20m- Beats hits the bar with a capital shot and OWEN heads the rebound neatly through (0-1)

Fraser misses a couple of capital openings.

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Wolves 1

United try all they can to find an equaliser, but they are frustrated and so absent was hope in the breasts of the crowd that many left the ground.

Full-time: Newcastle 0 Wolves 1

Position: 5th


Trains from the North were heavily laden and from the demonstration of enthusiasm on the ground, it is clear that the Newcastle brigade has a strong following at the Aston Park ground. Villa have the wind in their favour in the first half and it is not long before they are 2-0 ahead. United - now wind-aided - attack with more purpose after the break and reduce the deficit. Fouls became increasingly frequent and the referee is soundly hooted at times from the cheaper parts of the ground. At one point Lindsay is hit by a stone and the referee invites the assistance of a policeman to try and restore order. Although defeated, United had more than held their own against the Champions.

Aston Villa (2nd) - Aston Park - 18,000

Kingsley, Lindsay, Gardner D, Ghee, Higgins, Aitken, Rogers, Wardrope, Niblo, MacFarlane,

Scorers: Ghee - Devey, Wheldon

Peddie is unable to accompany the team to the hardware capital as he has suffered a partial breakdown under the severe strain of the recent heavy games. Niblo plays as the experimental centre.

The weather at Aston Lower grounds is rather boisterous and the recent heavy rain has made the ground rather soft.

Just before the match begins Newcastle’s cornetist plays Cock O’ The North and when the Villa band strikes up there are calls of “Let ‘em all come!”

04m - Smith's centre is not cleared and DEVEY volleys into the corner of the net (0-1).

WHELDON nets and although United players make strong appeals for offside the point is allowed (0-2).

Half-time: Aston Villa 2 Newcastle 0

GHEE (1-2).

Full-time: Aston Villa 2 Newcastle 1

Position: 7th

11/11 - Rogers looks like being chosen for the England tour of Germany.

The table-footers have the wind advantage in the first half and take the lead, but just before the break Newcastle equalise. Liverpool defend resolutely against United's attack in the second period and at one stage the referee has to step in to stop Waller and Higgins from coming to blows. There is some unpleasantness caused by the crowd hooting a disallowed goal.

Liverpool (18th) - SJP - 12,000

Kingsley, Lindsay, Gardner D, Ghee, Higgins, Aitken, Rogers, Wardrope, Niblo, MacFarlane, Fraser

Scorers: MacFarlane - Walker

10m - WALKER scores easily after Kingsley slips in the treacherous going (0-1).

Strains of "Cock O’ The North waft on the breeze as the homesters search for an equaliser and when Rogers requires treatment after a heavy challenge the crowd - in its usual petulant manner - hoot heartily.

Just before the break Wardrope plays a free-kick to MACFARLANE who equalises (1-1) ; the cornetist in the South Stand has a musical innings.

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Liverpool 1

Full-time: Newcastle 1 Liverpool 1

Position: 9th

Secretary Frank Watt has taken exception to remarks made by the Midlands correspondent of the Athletic News who claimed that the incident involving the Villa supporters and Lindsay (who was hit on the head by a stone) was just “harmless chaff”. He says the United fans got a lot of criticism last year when they played the Villains, but have never behaved as badly as that.

14/11 - J Harvie is solemnised at St Bede’s; the best man is Sunderland captain R. McNeill.

A Gardner

15/11 - United sign Alex Gardner of Leith Athletic. He has been much sought after by a number of clubs which has rather unsettled him. He is reckoned the smartest outside-right forward in Scotland.

J White

17/11 - When White moved to Dundee in the summer there was no fee involved; he has now moved to Leicester Fossee and a payment has been made. Although the deal has been sanctioned, Newcastle are not happy and are claiming they still have ownership.

The meteorological disposition is again unfavourable with fog being the problem this week; thankfully it gradually lifts as the game progresses. Although they get a bit of luck Newcastle are in one of their rollicking moods and are generally smarter than the Turfites in every department and particularly in defence, where they excel. It is the first time this season that Burnley have been beaten on their own ground.

Burnley (12th) - Turf Moor - 5,000

Kingsley, Birnie, Gardner D, Ghee, Higgins, Aitken, Rogers, Wardrope, Niblo, MacFarlane, Fraser

Scorers: Fraser, Wardrope, Rogers

Birnie is recalled due to Lindsay’s lameness.

35m - FRASER with a fine shot (1-0).

Half-time: Burnley 0 Newcastle 1

Although Hillman defiantly saves Fraser's shot, ROGERS is on hand and the sphere is safely ensconced in the corner of the goal (2-0).

Kingsley claws the ball out, but Burnley appeal that the ball had already crossed the line. The referee consults his linesman and decides that it is no goal.

75m - WARDROPE scores with a good shot (3-0).

85m - JENKINSON (3-1).

Full-time: Burnley 1 Newcastle 3

Position: 5th

Did it cross the line?

The Prestonians are at the foot of the table. Both sides feel aggrieved with the referee appearing to falsely disallow a valid effort for each of them. The home supporters repeatedly call for United to "play the game" as United give a lamentably weak performance in the first-half and the loss of Ghee just before the break does not help their cause.

Preston (18th) - SJP - 17,000

Kingsley, Birnie, Gardner D, Ghee, Higgins, Aitken, Gardner A, Wardrope, Niblo, MacFarlane, Fraser

For once it is an extremely pleasant, mild day for the time of year. Alex Gardner makes his debut, replacing Rogers.

McIntyre's shot strikes an upright.

38m - Following a heavy challenge Ghee suffers a broken rib and the crowd boo McIntyre fiercely.

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Preston 0

50m - Ghee had come back on for the second-half but he is clearly not right and has to retire again.

Gardner shoots into the net after a goalmouth bully, but the referee controversially disallows the goal for offside against provider Niblo. The crowd protest loudly.

Kingsley fists out Atherton's shot and although most observers thought it had already crossed the line - and hit the back of the net just below the crossbar - the referee says no goal.

Full-time: Newcastle 0 Preston 0

Position: 5th


A game played at a rare pace from start to finish. Newcastle play a remarkably fine game, combining excellent passing with stubborn defence, but it is the Reds attack which proves more effective. The match is settled by a penalty.

Nottm. Forest 1 - City Ground - 9,000

Kingsley, Birnie, Gardner D, Aitken, Higgins, Carr, Gardner A, Stevenson, Peddie, MacFarlane, Fraser

Scorers: Forman (pen)

Half-time: Nottm. Forest 0 Newcastle 0

67m - Morris is in the act of shooting when he is pulled down by Birnie within the penalty limit. Forest appeal and after consulting the linesman the referee gives a penalty from which FORMAN beats Kingsley with a fast shot (0-1).

Full-time: Nottm. Forest 1 Newcastle 0

Position: 8th

A pleasant game played in a really friendly spirit in which United come from behind twice. The crowd is disappointing and with a £50 guarantee being paid to the Scots United are out-of-pocket.

Dundee United - 2,000

Scorers: Stevenson, Peddie - Mcdermid, Steven (p)

15m - MCDERMID (0-1).

44m - PEDDIE (1-1).

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Dundee United 1

Niblo handles and STEVEN scores from the penalty (1-2).


Full-time: Newcastle 2 Dundee United 2

The Potters employed a large staff of men to clear the snow from the pitch, and it is a raw but fine day. Stoke are the better side and take a two-goal lead with Kingsley having to be at his best to keep the Magpies in the game. Then, in the last ten minutes United score twice to share the spoils.

Stoke (5th) - Victoria Ground - 3,000

Kingsley, Birnie, Gardner D, Aitken, Higgins, Carr, Rogers, Stevenson, Gardner A, MacFarlane, Fraser

Scorers: Gardner A, Higgins? - Turner, Higginson

Gardner is experimented at centre.

24m - TURNER scores with a well-placed free-kick (0-1).

Half-time: Stoke 1 Newcastle 0

53m - HIGGINSON nets a smart goal (0-2).

81m - From a free-kick close to the posts HIGGINS? scores smartly (1-2).

85m - Kennedy suffers an ugly gash to the forehead and has to go off leaving Stoke with ten men.

88m - GARDNER breaks through the backs and gives Wilkes no chance (2-2).

Full-time: Stoke 2 Newcastle 2

Position: 9th

There is a large crowd despite the wintry conditions and the early (2pm) kick-off. The ground is covered in a light covering of partially frozen snow which makes good football difficult. United adopt commendably aggressive tactics in the first-half, exhibit better football and lead 2-1. But after the break their defensive ranks suffer an utter and inexplicable collapse allowing the Wearsiders to storm to victory.

Sunderland (3rd) - SJP - 22,129

Kingsley, Lindsay, Gardner D, Aitken, Higgins, Carr, Rogers, Stevenson, Gardner A, MacFarlane, Fraser

Scorers: MacFarlane, Gardner A - Hogg (3), Becton

12m - United start strongly and are guilty of missing numerous chances before HOGG scores with a capital shot (0-1).

20m - Ferguson mis-kicks and quick as lightning MACFARLANE darts on the ball and equalises with a grand shot (1-1).

43m - Rogers drops the ball in from the wing and GARDNER charges the ball into the net (2-1).

Half-time: Newcastle 2 Sunderland 1

HOGG takes a free-kick; if Kingsley had left it it would have gone harmlessly into the net but he mishandles it (2-2).

A couple of minutes later Kingsley is at fault again as he lets in a soft dropping shot from BECTON (2-3).

Becton's pass is cleverly headed through by HOGG (2-4).

Full-time: Newcastle 2 Sunderland 4

Position: 10th

In a pretty game United are very pertinacious and win rather easily..

Kilmarnock - SJP - 1,200

Kingsley, Snowball, Gardner D, Carr, Higgins, Aitken, Rogers, Stevenson, Peddie, Wardrope, Fraser

Scorers: Fraser, Rogers (2), Wardrope - Finlay

Peddie rattles the bar with a good, strong shot.

Peddie passes to FRASER who although close to the line puts in a beautiful, dropping shot (1-0).

ROGERS beats Craig with a first-rate shot from a Fraser pass (2-0).

ROGERS hits a good shot from the wing (3-0).

Despite looking offside FINDLAY puts the leather past Kingsley (3-1).

Half-time: Newcastle 3 Kilmarnock 1

Wardrope's straight fast shot catches the top of BUSBY's cranium and finds the net (4-1).

Full-time: Newcastle 4 Kilmarnock 1

Snowball of Shankhouse (who played against Kilmarnock) had an unsuccessful trial at Newcastle last season. United want him for the Alliance team but Shankhouse don't want to let him go. Newcastle have taken matters to the English Association.

In the first-half the Scots play down the hill, have decidedly the better of matters and lead at the break. In the second forty-five it is more even with play becoming of an exhibition character.

Third Lanark - SJP - 1,000

Scorers: Peddie - Speedie

SPEEDIE (0-1).

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Third Lanark 1

PEDDIE equalises prettily (1-1).

Full-time: Newcastle 1 Third Lanark 1

United play in white due to the colour clash. The proceeds of the match go to the reservist's fund and the club flag is replaced with a Union Jack. Newcastle win an exciting game.

West Brom. (11th) - SJP - 10,887

Kingsley, Birnie, Gardner D, Ghee, Aitken, Carr, Rogers, Stevenson, Peddie, MacFarlane, Fraser

Scorers: Fraser, Peddie, Stevenson (2) - Simmons (2)

25m - The Throstles break away and SIMMONS scores after tricking the backs (0-1).

33m - STEVENSON (1-1).

38m - PEDDIE heads through (2-1).

45m - FRASER (3-1).

Half-time: Newcastle 3 West Brom 1

62m - From a free-kick SIMMONS rushes the ball through for a soft goal (3-2).

87m - STEVENSON (4-2).

Full-time: Newcastle 4 West Brom 2

Position: 10th


The match is played in fairly dense fog and on a hard, slippery ground. Reporters cannot see who scores the goals and have to ask the players. The referee abandons the game with only fifteen minutes remaining. It is hard luck on the wooden-spoonist Glossopians who have lost 9 and drawn 1 of their 10 away matches this season.

Glossop (18th) - SJP - 15,000

Scorers: MacFarlane, Peddie - Monks, Gallacher, Goddard

3m - MONKS puts Glossop in front (0-1).

5m - United are awarded a penalty but Peddie misses by yards.

MACFARLANE equalises (1-1) with the press men requiring the players to tell them who’s scored as they pass the press box.


GODDARD (1-3).

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Glossop 3

PEDDIE pulls one back (2-3).

75m - The referee abandons the game.

Position: 10th

J Collins

Former player James Collins passes away aged 27. He suffered a fearful injury playing for Chatham on Boxing Day, falling on sharp flint. Although he was sent home after being stitched and dressed in hospital, lockjaw set in. He has no relatives at all and the club are to pay for his funeral.

02/01 - The friendly with Southampton which was due to be played this afternoon is cancelled due to the state of the ground following this morning’s heavy rainfall.

The weather is awful and the ground is heavy, but both teams set off at a pace and there is a flurry of goals in the first-half. The referee stops the game at one stage to remonstrate with a section of the crowd.

Everton (9th) - Goodson Park - 5,000

Kingsley, Birnie, Gardner D, Ghee, Aitken, Carr, Rogers, Gardner A, Peddie, MacFarlane, Fraser

Scorers: Peddie, Fraser (pen) - Settle, Proudfoot (2)

Balmer’s free-kick is netted by SETTLE (0-1).

Fraser centres smartly and PEDDIE heads past Muir (1-1).

PROUDFOOT scores with a fast rising shot (1-2).

PROUDFOOT’s excellent shot completely beats Kingsley (1-3).

FRASER pulls one back from the penalty spot after he had been brought down by Eccles (2-3).

Half-time Everton 3 Newcastle 2

Full-time Everton 3 Newcastle 2

Position: 11th

13/01 - At a recent meeting of the directorate it was decided to subscribe £100 to the Football Association Special Transvaal War Fund. Together with the £21 already given to the Reservists fund, United have subscribed the largest money of any club to our soldiers.

13/01 - From next Monday United will commence special training in preparation for the Cup tie with Reading. They will be based at the salubrious Gosforth Park Hotel.

Newcastle start in half-hearted fashion and go behind, but they then play with more determination and win comfortably. At one point the referee - Mr Strawson - gives a decision which the crowd do not like. The result being a storm of hooting and hissing which at length proves too much for the gentleman in charge, play thereupon being suspended until the crowd behave themselves.

Blackburn (15th) - SJP - 15,000

Kingsley, Aitken, Gardner D, Ghee, Higgins, Carr; Rogers, Stevenson, Peddie, MacFarlane, Fraser

Scorers: MacFarlane, Peddie (2), Carr.

Birnie is deposed with Aitken dropping back and Higgins, who is now fit and strong, coming in.

8m WHITTAKER smartly drives obliquely into the net (0-1).

PEDDIE equalises with a magnificent long hard drive (1-1).

CARR essays a shot which cannons in off McClure (2-1).

Half-time Newcastle 2 Blackburn 1

MACFARLANE hits the bar with a rattler.

PEDDIE with a clinking shot (3-1)

Briercliffe hits the foot of an upright.

Fraser dashes down the wing and centres to MACFARLANE who nets with a swift drive (4-1).

Full-time: Newcastle 2 Blackburn 1

Position: 10th

G Mole

19/01 - George Mole of Stockton St John's has signed on as an amateur. He is 22, 5’ 10” and weighs between 11 and 12st. He is stated to be the best centre-forward on Teesside with a deadly shot at goal.

In miserable weather play is even in the first period and it is 1-1 at the break. The second half is of the poorest class and Derby score just before the end.

Derby (9th) - Baseball Ground - 10,000

Kingsley, Aitken, Gardner D, Ghee, Higgins, Carr, Rogers, Stevenson, Peddie, MacFarlane, Fraser

Scorers: Stevenson - Bloomer, Boag

30m - Kingsley falls in dealing with McFarlane’s shot and BLOOMER takes advantage of his indisposition to head home (0-1).

45m - STEVENSON sends in a teaser which Fryer throws out only for the aforementioned to return (1-1).

Half-time: Derby 1 Newcastle 1

90m - BOAG rushes in (1-2).

Full-time: Derby 2 Newcastle 1

Position: 11th

Clever inside-right Goldie is suspended “sine die” for a breach of club discipline on Saturday night; it is his second offence. Nelson and O’Brien are fined for serious misconduct.

23/01 - United are to lodge a protest abput the game at Derby owing to the time limit being exceeded by three minutes during which time the Peakites scored the winner.

it is generally accepted that leading clubs in the Southern League are on a par - at least - with those in Division 2. United take an early lead but the Biscuit Boys fight their way back into the game with their bustling tactics. They are on course for a replay until Rogers sends in a beauty ten minutes from time. It is a deserved victory, but it is a stubborn contest and a merited effort from the plucky amateurs.

Reading (SL) - 11,259

Watts, Aitken, Gardner D, Ghee, Higgins, Carr, Rogers, Stevenson, Gardner A, Peddie, Fraser

Scorers: Stevenson, Rogers - Barlow

Kingsley has had an attack of quinsy and influenza so Watts is drafted in.

10m - STEVENSON heads home Fraser’s cross (1-0).

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Reading 0

67m - Carr mulls in an attempt to clear and BARLOW puts the ball past Watts who hardly saw the leather so ….. was it’s flight. The effort brings forth unanimous expressions of admiration from the spectators (1-1).

80m - The goal spurs United into renewed vigour and ftrom Fraser’s pass ROGERS sends in a beauty to put Newcastle through (2-1).

Full-time: Newcastle 2 Reading 1

Lindsay has come into conflict with the directorate after a breach of training regulations and has been suspended.

J Peddie

31/01 - at a meeting of the directors the subject of Peddie’s non-appearance at Gosforth Park is considered. It transpires that he was granted leave of absence until 5.30 but had failed to adhere to the arrangement and had not since appeared. He has been suspended “sine die.”


It is end-to-end and although United win the crowd are very caustic in their criticism and remark freely on the performances of each player.

Bury (5th) - SJP - 10,000

Kingsley, Aitken, Gardner D, Ghee, Higgins, Carr, Rogers, Stevenson, Gardner A, Wardrope, Fraser

Scorers: Darrock og, Stevenson - Sagar

10m - Despite playing up the hill and against the wind United get off to a great start. Bury back DARROCK attempts to play the ball back towards Thompson, but the custodian slips and the ball rolls into the net (1-0).

15m - Bury fail to clear and STEVENSON puts in with the gentlest of touches (2-0).

The match is full of interest and go and SAGAR or PLANT reduces the arrears with an excellent shot (2-1).

Half-time: Newcastle 2 Bury 1

During the break the cornet soloist (who is present at every home match) plays "Cock O' The North”

Peddie hits an upright with a clinker.

Full-time: Newcastle 2 Bury 1

Position: 10th

06/02 - At the weekly meeting Peddie’s suspension is lifted as he has apologised.

08/02 - At a meeting of the Football League, Newcastle’s protest about the Derby (away) result being allowed to stand is dismissed. United claimed that the referee had allowed the match to go two and a half minutes overtime during which period the home side scored the winner.

It’s bitterly cold on the South Coast and snow falls heavily throughout the first-half. The ground is very slippy making the game a lottery and Farrell departs with a broken collar-bone. Soon after the break the snow starts falling even more heavily and the players run for shelter. With it showing no sign of ceasing, the referee declares the match abandoned.

Southampton (SL) - 10,000

Kingsley, Aitken, Birnie, Ghee, Higgins, Carr, Gardner A, Stevenson, Peddie, MacFarlane, Fraser

D. Gardner has been suffering from a bad cold for a while and has deteriorated earning Birnie a recall.

15/02 Newcastle’s train to Winchester is delayed by thirty minutes due to the arrival of a distinguished Chinaman alighting from the train at Newcastle. During the journey they are snowed up for several hours. The club’s medical advisor Dr Vickery reveals that Dave Gardner is very bad with a severe throat and chest infection and is unable to get out of bed.

In a grandly contested match the Sotons recover from conceding early to win convincingly and they also have two goals disallowed for offside. United's performance contains too much dally and fiddling business which fails to come off on a heavy ground. As the game wears on the Cherry Stripes redouble their efforts whilst United’s play falls off considerably.

Southampton (SL) - 8,000

Kingsley, Aitken, Birnie, Ghee, Higgins, Carr, Gardner A, Stevenson, Peddie, MacFarlane, Fraser

Scorers: Peddie - Turner, McLeod (2), Yates

05m - A defensive slip allows PEDDIE to beat Robinson (1-0).

06m - A grand shot from TURNER (1-1).

30m - MCLEOD finishes off a splendid move (1-2).

Half-time: Southampton 2 Newcastle 1

49m - MCLEOD scores a magnificent goal (1-3).

Another Brilliant goal from YATES (1-4).

Full-time: Southampton 4 Newcastle 1


Both sides play a short passing game and have chances, but United's shooting is wretched. Towards the end of the game the Wolves captain Griffiths receives a terrific blow on the forehead from the ball. He falls down unconscious and up to late on Saturday night remained so, the injury resulting apparently in serious concussion of the brain.

Wolverhampton (3rd) - Molineux - 8,000

Kingsley, Lindsay, Gardner D, Ghee, Aitken, Carr, Rogers, Gardner A, Peddie, MacFarIane, Fraser

Scorers: Peddie - Beats

William Lindsay is recalled and Dave Gardner is back.

It is cold and dull and in the first half Wolves have the breeze behind them.

25m - BEATS opens the scoring after an interesting scrimmage in front of goal (0-1).

Half-time: Wolves 1 Newcastle 0

88m - Despite Wolverhampton being well on top, PEDDIE breaks away to equalise (1-1).

Full-time: Wolves 1 Newcastle 1

Position: 10th

04/03- Griffiths thankfully regains consciousness.

Games against the Villans are second only to the "derby" games in terms of the anticipation level and with Villa heading the table the enthusiasm is even greater. Excursions are run from as far away as Berwick and Darlington and the gates are opened two hours before kick-off. Before the game the band treats the supporters to a rendition of "The Soldiers of the Queen" and they are stirred to join in heartily with the chorus. The stands embody a shifting mass of humanity which seems to be perpetually on the move, but always in the best of temper. It is a ding-dong tussle and the finest game seen at St. James’ this season.

Aston Villa (1st) - SJP - 21,549

Kingsley, Lindsay, Gardner D, Ghee, Aitken, Carr, Rogers, Gardner A, Peddie, MacFarlane, Wardrope

Scorers: Peddie (2), Gardner A - Devey, Garritty

Wardrope replaces Fraser who is too unwell to play.

08m - United have the sun and the wind at their backs and start in determined mood. PEDDIE scores with a swift, low shot which sends the crowd delirious for fully a couple of minutes (1-0).

22m - DEVEY equalises after Kingsley fisted out Garritty's effort (1-1).

43m - Gardner takes a free-kick and the ball (with the Villa custodian appearing to be impeded) goes into the net. Villa claim it went straight in, but the referee judges that PEDDIE’s cranium got a touch (2-1).

Half-time: Newcastle 2 Aston Villa 1

53m - The game is even, fast and full of dash and GARDNER adds a third soon after the break (3-1).

86m - GARRITTY (3-2).

Full-time: Newcastle 3 Aston Villa 2

Position: 9th

Struggling Glossop play the kick and rush game magnified tenfold and United’s play is very scrappy. There is a lot of erratic shooting including a third penalty miss from Peddie. Throughout the season United have shaped up very indifferently when placed against teams occupying a lowly position. It would appear at times that the weaker the opposition the poorer the exertions of the home side.

Glossop (18th) - SJP - 7,000

Kingsley, Lindsay, Gardner D, Ghee, Aitken, Carr, Rogers, Gardner A, Peddie, MacFarlane, tbc

Scorers: Peddie

United get a penalty, but Peddie shoots straight at the goalkeeper's legs.

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Glossop 0

PEDDlE makes amends with a lightning shot (1-0).

Full-time: Newcastle 1 Glossop 0

Full-time: Newcastle 1 Glossop 0

Position: 7th

In a well contested match United's shooting does not match the slickness of their passing and they are beaten by two well executed goals. Informalities naturally happen while the game is intense, but there is an astonishingly hostile reception given to Lindsay. It is unkind, unwarrantable and unsportsmanlike. And when he leaves the field he is fairly mobbed, the crowd booing unceasingly. It is thought that the reaction may be a result of what happened in a previous game when Lindsay was playing for Grimsby against Liverpool

Liverpool (13th) - Anfield - 18,000

Kingsley, Lindsay, Gardner D, Ghee, Aitken, Carr, Rogers, Gardner A, Peddie, Niblo, Wardrope

Scorers: Robertson, Walker

Half-time: Liverpool 0 Newcastle 0

Cox runs half the length of the field and sends in a centre which ROBERTSON facilitates by a timely kick (0-1).

Great individual play from WALKER (0-2).

Position: 7th

21/03 - Dave Gardner, Alec Gardner and Jock Peddle all play in the Scots verses Anglo-Scots trial in Glasgow. Aitken should have played too, but the selection committee thought he was unavailable. Peddie Scores.

Playing down the hill United shade the play and with the defenders making Kingsley's position a positive sinecure they build up a two goal lead. United dominate the second-half with the highlight being a great dribble by Alec Gardner which takes him the length of the field before he loses possession to Woolfail.

Burnley (15th) - SJP - 12,000

Kingsley, Lindsay, Gardner D, Ghee, Aitken, Carr, Rogers, Gardner A, Peddie, MacFarlane, Fraser

Scorers: Rogers, Fraser

A rather poor crowd is partially explained by the dull and uncertain weather. Burnley win the toss and opt to play uphill first.

14m - Receiving from a Fraser, ROGERS runs into the centre and hits a superb goal unleashing a storm of cheering (1-0).

29m - FRASER finds the net in grand style (2-0)

Half-time: Newcastle 2 Burnley 0

The interval brings patriotic solos from an instrumentalist and a singer in the stands.

Full-time: Newcastle 2 Burnley 0

Position: 6th

Snow before the game affects both the gate and the ground. The homesters are the better side and score twice before the break. United try to get back into the game but the Cutlerytown defence holds firm.

Sheffield United (2nd) - 3,000

Kingsley, Lindsay, Gardner D, Ghee, Aitken, Carr, Rogers, Gardner A, Peddie, MacFarlane, Fraser

Scorers: Gardner A - Brawn, Bennett (2)

23m - The homesters are the better side and BRAWN nets (0-1).

25m - BENNETT (0-2).

Half-time: Sheff. United 2 Newcastle 0

73m - BENNETT notches a third after the referee consults the linesman (0-3).

Alex GARDNER grabs a consolation (1-3).

Full-time: Sheff. United 3 Newcastle 1

Although Kingsley is in superb form, United are overplayed by the struggling Prestonians.

Preston (17th) - Deepdale - 4,000

Kingsley, Lindsay, Gardner D, Ghee, Aitken, Carr, Rogers, Gardner A, Mole, Peddie, Fraser

Scorers: Mole - Henderson, Lindsay (og), Whittle, Murray

Mole - who has been performing very well for the “A” Team is made centre-forward with Peddie partnering Fraser on the left.

35m - HENDERSON gives Kingsley no chance (0-1)

Half-time: Preston 1 Newcastle 0

A Murray shot cannons in off LINDSAY’s head (0-2),

MOLE replies soon after (1-2).

it is constant attacking by Preston and WHITTLE nets (1-3)

MURRAY hits a splendid shot from the touch-line (1-4).

Full-time: Preston 4 Newcastle 1

Position: 6th


A designated benefit match for Aitken and Wardrope in which United are much the better side. At one stage in the second-half a thick cloud of smoke (from a chimney fire) comes over the ground .

Nottm. Forest (5th) - SJP - 14,224

Kingsley, Lindsay, Gardner D, Ghee.Aitken, Carr, Gardner A, Wardrope, Peddie, MacFarlane, Fraser

Scorers: Gardner D (pen), Peddie, Macfarlane - Calvey

A designated benefit match for Aitken and Wardrope.

25m - Dave GARDNER scores a penalty after Iremonger handles MacFarlane’s shot.

33m - A very soft goal as PEDDIE hits a long, low shot which Linacre misjudges badly (2-0).

McPherson raises a laugh with a shot which goes out by the corner flag.

Half-time: Newcastle 2 Nottm. Forest 0

48m - CALVEY pulls one back with a capital shot (2-1).

58m - After a grand scrimmage MACFARLANE scores a capital goal (3-1).

Full-time: Newcastle 3 Nottm. Forest 1

Position: 7th

W Wardrope
T Niblo
J Ostler

09/04 - To assist Middlesbrough in their present troubles Wardrope, Niblo and Ostler all head for Teesside.

13/04 - It is rumoured that the Middlesbrough signings are temporary until the end of the season only.

Good Friday brings sunshine, but hopes for a scientific game are ruined by the gusty and puzzling wind.

Man. City (9th) - SJP - 16,000

Kingsley, Lindsay, Gardner D, Ghee, Aitken; Carr, Rogers, Gardner A, Peddie, MacFarlane, Fraser

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Man. City 0

Full-time: Newcastle 0 Man. City 0

Position: 6th

The Magpies make the journey to the somewhat outlandish Glossop who are doomed. It is a disappointing game in boisterous weather which proves uninteresting

Glossop (18th) - North Road - 2,000

Kingsley, Lindsay J, Gardner D, Ghee, Aitken, Carr, Rogers, Gardner A, Peddie, MacFarlane, Fraser

Lindsay junior takes his brother's place at right-back. It is a bright day and United start against the wind and sun.

Half-time: Glossop 0 Newcastle 0

Full-time: Glossop 0 Newcastle 0

Position: 6th

A third goalless game in a row and although it is a good game the shooting is poorly judged.

Notts County (14th) - City Ground - 10,000

Kingsley, Lindsay W, Gardner D, Ghee, Aitken, Carr, Rogers, Gardner A, Peddie, MacFarlane, Fraser

Half-time: Notts County 0 Newcastle 0

Full-time : Notts County 0 Newcastle 0

Position: 6th

A very comfortable victory against the amateurs.

Coventry City - 1,000

Scorers: Peddie (3), Rogers, Kingsley (pen) - Walker (pen) /p>

KINGSLEY penalty (1-0).

PEDDIE (2-0).

PEDDIE (3-0).

ROGERS (4-0).

PEDDIE Following a tussle in front of goal (5-0).

WALKER penalty (5-1).

19/04 - The standard weekly wage for first-teasers is £3 10sh and it is rumoured that some of the players are agitating for £5.

The solar rays are too scorching for football, but it is mildly interesting with the Magpies scoring twice late on to save a point. Happy-go-lucky Newcastle’s display is full of lackadaisical movement and unprofitable finessing which raises the ire of their supporters.

Stoke (7th) - SJP - 12,000

Kingsley, Lindsay J, Gardner D, Carr, Birnie, Aitken, Rogers, Gardner A, Peddie, MacFarlane, Fraser

Scorers: Peddie, Gardner A - Jones (2)

05m - JONES races clear down the right wing, threads his way past a couple of opponents and nets from close-in (0-1).

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Stoke 1

65m - Kingsley can only partially clear from JONES who follows through to score easily (0-2).

80m - Fraser sets up GARDNER (1-2).

88m - Fraser sets PEDDIE away and he runs in and shoots past an idly standing Wilkes (2-2).

Fraser shots against the underside of the bar from close-in.

Full-time: Newcastle 2 Stoke 2

Position: 6th

23/04 - The financial question which had threatened to cause a serious difficulty in the re-engagement of the principal players has been satisfactorily resolved. The players will get a substantial wage and substantive bonuses.

28/04 - The Wear-Tyne derby brings the usual mass migration of supporters with numerous trains travelling to Monkwearmouth Station, many of the carriages are so full that they take some minutes to empty. Non-train travellers commandeer every kind of contraption on four wheels with vehicle proprietors making rich pickings. Fifteen turnstiles are open, but there are chaotic scrimmages at the entrances.

the match is completely tame after the break.

Sunderland (3rd)- Roker Park - 22,000

Kingsley, Lindsay W, Gardner D, Ghee, Aitken, Carr, Rogers, Gardner A, Peddie, MacFarlane, Fraser

Scorers: Fraser, Gardner A

On entering the field of play the cornetist performs "periodic outbursts of ????? music". It is possibly the last game in custodianship of the whistle for famous referee John Lewis.

10m - FRASER (1-0).

30m - GARDNER (2-0).

43m - FULTON (2-1).

Half-time: Sunderland 1 Newcastle 2

Full-time: Sunderland 1 Newcastle 2

Position: 5th

During the match supporter William Rutherford (57) dies due to failure of the heart brought on by over-excitement.

There are rumours that Newcastle and Sunderland have been asked to join the Scottish League.

C Burgess

01/05 United sign Charles Burgess, right full back of Millwall Athletic and late of Dundee.

The players get a bonus of £10 for finishing 5th.

04/05 - The transfer back from Middlesbrough of Wardrope, Stott and Niblo is not passed by the Football League and the clubs have been ordered to attend the next League meeting.

S Higgins

04/05- Higgins moves to Middlesbrough

09/05 At a special meeting of the Football League, representatives of Newcastle and Middlesbrough are asked to explain the position of the Newcastle players. Following their deliberations the transfers of Ostler and Wardrope are refused, but the transfer of Niblo is granted.

Mozart and Lamb.

E Allan

12/05 - The services of left full back Edward Allan have been secured from Millwall Athletic.

30/05 - The balance-sheet is issued, showing total income of about £11,000. There is a deficit of £1,700, but it must be remembered the club spent £3,200 on ground improvements last summer.