Newcastle United 1898/99 Season Diary

Summary Squad

31/05 - The balance-sheet and financial statement for last season is released and reveals that the club made a profit of £1,079 13s 9d. The total income amounted to £8,399 4s 2d; the bulk of which was derived from gate receipts of home league matches which were a record. The total expenditure for 1897-8 amounted to £6,050 11s 10d which included £470 10s for League team players' wages, and £670 for Alliance players. A large sum was also paid for player's transfers: nearly £500 more than in the 1896-7 season.


03/06 - At the annual meeting of the League club secretaries the number of clubs in the First Division is increased from 16 to 18 clubs, Blackburn Rovers and Newcastle United being included in next season's list. It is also agreed to adopt the Fletcher system of bringing the clubs into rivalry.

07/06 - Charlie Watts, United's clever custodian, is married. A few friends met together last Wednesday night and presented him with a handsome marble clock as a wedding present, and he deserved it; he is popular with all classes. He marries a sister of former Newcastle half-back George Adam, who played for Hebburn Argyle last year.

08/06 - The annual general meeting is held at the Hotel Metropole. Chairman Neasham says last season was their best so far and the players had given general satisfaction to the committee and directors. Mr Turnbull said that the barriers around the ground would be completely renewed, and the possibility of accidents like last year thereby obviated. The changes being made will increase the capacity to 30,000 with the new stands costing £1,500.

The Newcastle United Club Committee intend issuing the season-tickets at an early date. Prices this year will be 25s, 21s, and 15s for reserve portions and stands; ground, 10s. For ladies the prices will be 15s 6d and 7s 6d.

13/06 - Grimsby announce their squad and it includes right-back (George) Thomas Stewart formerly of Newcastle. Stewart joined the Magpies from Motherwell in December 1896 and took over at right full back. But last season he lost his place to White and the arrival of Lindsay further reduced his chances. He made 30 appearances for the club.

23/06 - Reserve left-back John Warburton (24) joins non-league Warmley. He re-joined United in January 1898 as a guest and made three consecutive appearances in place of the suspended Foyers. However, he has made no appearances in the first team since then.

Edward Birnie (19) arrives from Sunderland Seaburn. He was born in Sunderland and is 5' 10".

Newcastle United Club season tickets are issued. They may be purchased at "T. T. Mac's," 6a Pink Lane, and from officials of the club.


13/07 - The club are making extensive alterations to the enclosure. New covered stands accommodating 600 will be erected and a new exit will be created behind the bottom goal so players can enter and leave the field without passing spectators. The estimated cost is £1,800 and it will be opened, it is anticipated, in time for the first match.

Malcolm Lennox (24) moves to New Brompton. He joined United in October 1895 from Glasgow Perthshire and was a regular at outside or inside-right for a couple of seasons before losing his place in the side. He has made 49 appearances and scored 17 goals in total, but only appeared 4 times last season.


05/08 - The men retained from last season are: Watts, Jackson, Lockey, Lindsay, Ostler, Ghee, Stott, Harvey, Campbell, Peddie, Aitken, Wardrope, Niblo, and Smith. New men are: Kingsley (late Darwen), goal; Higgins (late Grimsby), centre half-back; Rogers (late Grimsby), outside right. The majority of the team are young men, steady and true to their club, and anxious for its welfare. Last year, the half-back line was voted to be equal to anything in either divisions of the League. The inclusion of Higgins this season will make it even stronger in that particular department. There has been an enormous demand for season tickets, and the supply is now exhausted. Practices commence on the 13th, when the crowds will roll up in their thousands to see the men in their trial spins. Everyone appears to be ready and eager for the commencement of the season, which from a pecuniary point of view (and playing point) should be the most successful ever known in the annals of Tyneside football.

08/08 - Newcastle and Sunderland have previously been approached about joining a proposed East of Scotland League. However, the idea is in a state suspended animation at present. It is felt that the odd number of clubs interested (five) does not make for a good combination and for the purpose of securing a sixth the Aberdeen Orion and East Stirlingshire clubs have been asked to name their terms. There is a rumour abroad that a gentleman is trying to engineer a scheme which would at least bring together the Heart of Midlothian, Hibernians, Sunderland and Newcastle United clubs into an end of season rivalry.

11/08 - The club is experiencing considerable bother regarding the tenancy of the ground. Not very long ago the club fought down opposition to the erection of a grandstand but now some of the adjoining tenants have a decided objection to the game and are threatening to take out an injunction for its prevention.

19/8 - A full practice match between players representing the first and second takes place before a big crowd of spectators at St. James's Park. The form exhibited by the new men pleased the knowing ones.

23/8 - There is another monstrous attendance of the public at the second practice match. Nothing like a free show to make the great British public rush up in their thousands.

27/8 - Another practice match. The form of the new men (Rogers, Higgins and Kingsley) (goalkeeper), is affording much satisfaction to the United adherents. Niblo, who joined the club at the end of last season, is also showing marked ability; and Johnny Campbell is still as clever and as tricky as ever.


The friendly is of a very keen nature and the players, carried away with excitement, use physical force unnecessarily at times. Both teams are equally to blame in this respect and the referee has trouble keeping them in hand.

Fr: Sunderland - 10,000

Kingsley, Lindsay, Jackson, Ghee, Higgins, Aitken, Rodgers, Niblo, Peddie, Smith, Wardrope.

Scorers: Peddie - Leslie

United win the toss and opt to play down the slope.

Gradually the visitors - exhibiting beautiful forward combination - take control and after a sweeping move LESLIE (or MORGAN) shoots the ball through Kingsley's legs and into the net [0-1].

Newcastle start to force the play but unnecessary heavy charging starts to take place amongst both sets of players and Rodgers is severely mauled. Referee Wardropper awards a penalty but Peddie shoots straight at Doig.

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Sunderland 1

Rough play continues after the break and Peddie is heavily brought down by McAllister as he races for goal.

PEDDIE equalises with a pretty oblique shot along the ground. [1-1]

The rest of the game degenerates into a succession of fouls with Peddie, Wardrope, Rodgers and Morgan all stretched out in turn following tripping and foul charging.

Full-time: Newcastle 1 Sunderland 1

The large stand at the low end is a perfect bank of faces punctuated with the odd bright scarlet coat of the Tommy Atkins and there is scarcely a yard of standing room on the banked up ground at the North End or the Strawberry Lane side. Wolves finished third last season and it is a baptism of fire for Newcastle who - although outclassed - play a good and plucky game.

D1: Wolves - 20,000

Kingsley, Lindsay, Higgins, Ghee, Ostler, Aitken, Harvey, Campbell, Peddie, Smith, Wardrope.

Scorers: Peddie (2) - Beats (2) Davies, Miller

Niblo, Jackson and Rogers are all out injured following the bruising encounter with Sunderland.

It is a hot day, Wolves win the toss so United start off playing up the hill and against a stiff breeze.

08m - After a smart run down the left BEATS hits a lightning shot which completely beats Kingsley and nestles in the corner of the net [0-1].

18m - From a corner there is a scrimmage in the United goalmouth and the ball ends up going in off BEATS' hip [0-2].

25m - DAVIES shoots the ball well out of Kingsley's reach from just inside the twelve-yard line [0-3].

Although the Magpies try to respond the visitors are in full control.

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Wolves 3

50m - United start to press and are rewarded when Higgins magnificent long shot strikes the bar and PEDDIE springs onto the ball and cleverly beats Baddeley [1-3].

Both sides are now as game as pebbles and when Wolves break MILLER - though crippled - sends in a beauty [1-4].

The Magpies don't give up though and just before time PEDDIE scores after a very warm scrimmage [2-4].

Full-time: Newcastle 2 Wolves 4

Position: 16th

The Magpies are altogether too good for Grimsby.

Fr: Grimsby

Scorers: Peddie, Aitken, Milne (2), Niblo 2 - Jenkinson, TBC

There is only a moderate company present.

15m - PEDDIE [1-0]

AITKEN [2-0]

Half-time: Newcastle 2 Grimsby 0

Full-time: Newcastle 6 Grimsby 2

08/09 - At a meeting of Newcastle City Council, Alderman T. Richardson asks if the erections upon the intake opposite West Leazes Terrace, commonly called St. James's Park, and the business carried on therein are in harmony with the conditions of the lease. And, if not, what steps the Town Clerk advises the Council take to enforce the observance of the terms of the lease ("Hear, hear"). The Town Clerk states that the erections and their use are not in harmony with the conditions of the lease. As the Council are aware, the matter has been referred by them to the Town Moor Management Committee, who were in communication with the lessees of the intake and the residents of Leazes Terrace, who attended the Council on July 20th on the subject. If the Corporation desires to take proceedings in the matter they ought to commence an action to obtain an injunction. Alderman Richardson moves the suspension of the standing orders to enable the Council to discuss the matter. The proposal is negatived, but Alderman Richardson states that he will bring the question again.

Although United are unlucky to see a couple of goals disallowed they are weak in front of goal throughout the game and it is an easy win for Everton who go top. The Magpies slump to the other end of the table.

D1: Everton [2nd] - 15,000

Kingsley, Lindsay, Jackson, Ghee, Higgins, Scott, Peddie, Aitken, Campbell, Smith, Niblo.

Scorers: Clarke, Owen, Higgins og

There is a 4pm kick-off at Goodison Park and the day is warm and fine. The home side win the toss and opt to play with the sun at their backs.

United start quite well and Campbell has the ball in the net but the referee penalises Peddie for a foul and consequently the chalk does not count.

15m - An Everton free-kick is blocked by Jackson but CLARKE meets it on the rebound with a beautiful shot [0-1].

Peddie has an effort disallowed for a questionable offside but although United battle well the homesters start to take control.

Following treatment OWEN returns with his head in bandages and almost immediately he hits an irresistible shot through a crowd of players [0-2].

Half-time: Everton 2 Newcastle 0

47m - HIGGINS unluckily heads into his own net from an Everton free-kick [0-3].

Full-time: Everton 3 Newcastle 0

Position: 18th

11/09 - MR P Stephen, mine host of the Darnell Hotel, a big resort of United's followers, dies very suddenly. No-one has put more enthusiasm into their support of the club. He was a genial, kind-hearted and well respected man whose early decease will be much regretted by his crowds of friends.

A benefit match for the transfer of Lindsay and Rodgers sees United bounce back from conceding an early goal to lead before the scores even out. Higgins picks up a leg injury.

Fr: Grimsby - 3,500

Scorers: Smith (2), Birnie, Harvey - Cockshutt, Jenkinson, Greenwood, Ratcliffe

Newcastle have the best of the game early on but Grimsby wake up and score [0-1].

United soon equalise [1-1]

Half-time: Grimsby 1 Newcastle 1

Full-time: Grimsby 4 Newcastle 4

County are also pointless so there is hope that The Magpies can get something from the game but referee's decisions go against them once again. United are as good as Notts in the open, and play as well as they do, but they dilly dally in front of goal.

D1: Notts. County [11th] - 18,000 or 25,000?

Kingsley, Lockey, Jackson, Ghee, Ostler, Scott, Peddie, Aitken, Birnie, Smith, Wardrope.

Scorers: Aitken - Macconnachie, Hedley or Hadley.

There are a number of changes to the side; most notably reserve back Birnie is selected at centre-forward after his magnificent display against Grimsby.

A strong north-westerly wind creates a cloud of dust from the clay wilderness between the railings and Barrack Road. Inside the ground there is another huge crowd and a displacement of spectators occurs in the large stand at the low end of the field caused by additional arrivals. It throws the whole sketch of humanity into a commotion, and it is only after a lot of good-natured jostling and climbing that footholds are regained.

The majesty of the law is embodied in the person of a solitary policeman who bandies jests with the crowd before the kick-off.

Newcastle press at the start and a splendid shot by Ghee hits the back of the net. But the referee disallows it as he adjudges that as the ball flew towards the goal Peddie - who was offside - deflected it in with his head.

25m - Kingsley saves a shot from Fraser and then fists out a follow up effort from MACCONNACHIE but the latter named returns it again to score. After consulting both linesman the goal is allowed to stand [0-1].

30m - HEDLEY (making his League debut for The Lacemen) scores with a splendid oblique shot from the right wing despite Kingsley's desperate dive [0-2].

United try to press but there is a lack of sting about their work and the Notts defenders are quite happy to boot the ball out of play at the first sign of danger.

44m - A teaser from AITKEN grazes Lewis' outstretched leg before it flies past Toone [1-2].

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Notts County 2

Both sides start in a vigorous fashion but play gradually slows in the sultry, overcast weather. There are also a number of stoppages due to windings.

Full-time: Newcastle 1 Notts County 2

Position: 18th.

19/09 - Charlie Watts won £600 after selecting every winner in the handicap list during Derby race week.

Only four games in and half-back Higgins becomes the fourth player tried at centre-forward. The game is ragged but quite even; although the though home side should probably have won. At least United have "broken their egg".

D1: Stoke [] - 12,000

Kingsley, Lindsay, Jackson, Ghee, Ostler, Scott, Rogers, Aitken, Higgins, Smith, Peddie.

It is delightfully fine with a slight cooling breeze making for much better playing conditions than last week.

The first half is pretty uneventful. The Potters come closest when Turner hits a tremendous drive against an upright.

Mellor is accidentally kicked and although he continues he is too lame to be of much use.

Half-time: Stoke 0 Newcastle 0

Play becomes scrappier and the game is littered with free-kicks. Stoke do most of the pressing but the Magpies defend very well and towards the end start to attack prominently.

Full-time: Stoke 0 Newcastle 0

Position: 18th.

After only seven minutes Newcastle are trailing by two goals to last season's Champions, but they fight back to level by the break. United hold their own in the second period but their occasionally dirty play is scarcely commendable.

D1: Sheff. United [7th] - 4,000

Kingsley, Lindsay, Jackson, Ghee, Ostler, Scott, Rogers, Aitken, Higgins, Niblo, Peddie.

Scorers: Peddie, Higgins - Priest, Bennett

Although the defending Champions are unbeaten so far they have drawn four of their five games. Niblo replaces the injured Smith

The weather is glorious again and Newcastle have the sun behind them.

05m - PRIEST scores a fine goal [0-1].

07m - BENNETT takes the ball on the bounce to beat Kingsley [0-2].

Despite the reverses United hold their own and a beautifully placed corner from PEDDIE glances through off custodian Bradshaw's hand [1-2].

35m - Thickett lets in HIGGINS who beats Bradshaw with a fine shot [2-2].

Half-time: Sheff. United 2 Newcastle 2

United give as good as they get even though Ghee gets injured and becomes a virtual passenger.

Full-time: Sheff. United 2 Newcastle 2

Position: 17th.

Outside-right Richard Hedley (25) returns for his third spell at the club having joined from Hebburn Argyle. His last appearance for the club was the final game of the 1894/95 season (the 9-0 hammering at Burton Wanderers).


This is the most eagerly awaited game ever played in the city and the directorate have made extraordinary preparations with excursions from all over the North. The ground is packed and some brave souls stand on the flat zinc roofs of the stand using the telephone wires to keep their balance. Even the press-box is overcrowded owing to non-pressmen taking up more room than those actually there on business. It is a thrilling game in which The Magpies take an early lead, but concede an equaliser ten minutes from time. A new record gate receipt of £780 is recorded but there are some slippings within the crowd during the game.

D1: Aston Villa [8th] - 25,000

Kingsley, Lindsay, Jackson, Ghee, Ostler, Scott, Rogers, Aitken, Higgins, Niblo, Peddie.

Scorers: Rogers - Devey

10m - United play against the wind and Villa start in menacing fashion but against the run of play Peddie expertly dribbles down the left before passing to ROGERS who with a deadly, lightning-like shot bangs the ball smash into the net. The excitement in the crowd will live long in the memory [1-0].

The visitors press hard and United are on the defensive for most of the half but the custodian, backs (particularly Jackson) and half-backs put in a splendid performance.

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Aston Villa 0

Soon after the half-time lemons the visitors inside-right Johnston sees his powerful shot rebound back off the bar.

60m - The Astonians maintain their pressure and when Kingsley saves Smith's shot at full length he only succeeds in pushing the ball to DEVEY who has the easiest of finishes [1-1].

Play becomes end-to-end and there are concerted rounds of applause from the crowd as this thrilling encounter continues to excite. But with both defences playing superbly there is no further score.

Full-time: Newcastle 1 Aston Villa 1

Position: 17th.

05/10 - The chief subject discussed by the Newcastle City Council is the legality of permitting football at the St. James's Park intake of the Town Moor. Alderman Richardson argues that as the ground is on land which was let for agricultural purposes and moves that the Town Clerk take immediate steps to enforce the observance of the conditions of the lease and the Act of Parliament relating to intakes. His motion is defeated 37 votes to 5, two members declining to vote.

The home side score at the end of each half to deny United any points in a poor but eagerly fought game.

D1: Burnley [16th] - 6,000

Kingsley, Lindsay, Jackson, Ghee, Ostler, Scott, Rogers, Aitken, Higgins, Smith, Peddie.

Scorers: Rogers - Barrow, Toman

Burnley were promoted along with Newcastle last season and are also finding life difficult.

The Magpies start down the hill at Turf Moor with the sun behind them, but against a moderate wind.

The homesters do most of the pressing and shortly before the interval from a scrimmage following a corner BARROW opens the scoring [0-1].

Half-time: Burnley 1 Newcastle 0

55m - ROGERS equalises with a grand shot [1-1] and Newcastle nearly go ahead following a tough scrimmage in which Higgins is hurt and has to leave the field for a while.

89m - TOMAN scores with a grand low shot following an exciting scrimmage [1-2].

Full-time: Burnley 2 Newcastle 1

Position: 18th.

11/10 - At a meeting of the Town Moor Management Committee a resolution is passed to the effect that it was absolutely necessary that the suggestions of the committee with respect to the alterations of the St James' football fields are carried out at once. The suggestions include setting back the embankment along the whole length of the wall in front of Leazes Terrace thereby reducing the height of the embankment so that it shall not exceed six feet. Also the erection of a close wooden fence five feet in height. This is to try and meet the objections of the residents and property owners in Leazes Terrace. By this arrangement it is hoped to end the present trouble, at any rate to the expiration of the lease.

14/10 - John Campbell is due to become the manager of the Darnell House on Barrack Road; a gargle establishment much frequented by footballing enthusiasts.

The visitors lead the League but a steady downpour all day has a massive impact on the attendance and a major impact on the pitch. The club have taken action to try and prevent the "human landslides" that have occurred from time to time in the imposing low end stand. They have erected short barricades at different intervals, parallel to the length of the stand. Newcastle start down the hill and take an early lead, but despite continuous attacking in the first-half they fail to add to their tally and The Cutlers come back to win.

D1: Sheff. United [1st] - 6,000

Kingsley, Lindsay, Jackson, Ghee, Ostler, Scott, Rogers, Harvey, Aitken, Wardrope, Peddie.

Scorers: Harvey - Priest, Bennett

Higgins and Smith are both injured and are replaced by Aitken and Wardrope.

The weather has been dry for a very long time meaning there are a lot of bare patches and the incessant rain makes it heavy and treacherous. There are puddles all over the pitch and at the low end a brush has to be requisitioned to remove some of the surface water.

Newcastle win the toss and opt to start down the hill.

09m - Stott's cross glances off Peddie's head and ends up with HARVEY who sends a fast shot just inside the upright [1-0].

It is continuous attacking from United who seem to have learnt the lessons from the past by shooting on sight.

There are a couple of lengthy stoppages when the ball has to be retrieved when it goes out the ground and down the hill.

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Sheff. United 0.

50m - The Cutlers draw level through PRIEST'S swift short shot [1-1].

The game becomes somewhat rough and the crowd believe that the referee is favouring the visitors; decisions in Newcastle's favour are greeted with ironical cheers.

65m - After a miss-kick by a Lindsay, BENNETT scores from a very acute angle [1-2] and although the home forwards try their best they find imposing custodian Foulkes in unbeatable form.

Full-time: Newcastle 1 Sheff. United 2

Position: 18th.

15/10 - Newcastle secure a new centre forward in the person of Alexander "Sandy" Macfarlane (20) who has acted as centre for the Airdrieonians for the past two seasons. He started with Baillieston Juniors and comes from a well-to-do family. He is 5' 8", 11st. 5lb. and cost £30. He was a signed player for Woolwich Arsenal for a time but never figured in their ranks. He comes with a big reputation.

21/10 - Centre-forward Johnny Campbell's lengthy and brilliant football career appears to have reached its close despite the fact that he is only 28-years-old. He has been appointed manager of the Darnell Hotel, Newcastle, and his association with Newcastle United lapses, by reason of an old standing rule that none of the players shall hold berths in the liquor traffic. Since signing from Sunderland Harvey has made 29 appearances scoring 12 goals. He played in the first two games of this season but has not played since.

21/10 - Higgins has been ordered not to play for three weeks, as the muscles of his knee are badly strained.

Bury are also struggling and missing a number of players through injury. The weather is wretched and makes the turf very slippery. With the wind behind them United deservedly take the lead in the first period, but Bury equalise when Kingsley catches the ball but is bundled through.

D1: Bury [15th] - 6,000

Kingsley, Lindsay, Jackson, Ghee, Ostler, Scott, Rogers, Harvey, Peddie, Aitken, Wardrope.

Scorers: Rogers - Sagar

Newcastle travelled on Friday and stayed overnight at the Queens Hotel. An excursion left Newcastle at 6 O'clock this morning and there is a fair contingent of Novocastrians in the ground.

United call the lady correctly and choose to start with the gale behind them.

10m - ROGERS scores with a cross-shot [1-0].

Half-time: Bury 0 Newcastle 1

65m - Kingsley catches the ball but is then bundled through by SAGAR [1-1].

Full-time: Bury 1 Newcastle 1

Position: 18th.

26/10 - The directors engage James Stevenson (21), inside-forward of the Derby County Club. For the past four years Stevenson has rendered conspicuous service for Derby (scoring 32 goals in 84 games) and has gained the reputation of being one of the cleverest forwards in the League. A wizard with the leather, he is 5' 8" and the fee is believed to be £225.

Newcastle play just as well as the Prestonians, but although defensively sound they are still weak up front.

D1: Preston [16th] - 5,000

Kingsley, Lindsay, Jackson, Ghee, Ostler, Scott, Rogers, Peddie, MacFarlane, Aitken, Wardrope.

Scorers: Pratt

New signing MacFarlane makes his debut replacing Harvey.

Twenty-four hours of rain has left the ground in a very bad state although it is fine but dull. Newcastle start downhill.

18m - United compete well but PRATT scores with a slinging shot that gives Kingsley not a ghost of a chance [0-1].

Half-time: Preston 1 Newcastle 0

Newcastle play well and are unlucky not to equalise; scoring is still the major weakness.

Full-time: Preston 1 Newcastle 0

Position: 18th.


St James' is packed out once again. Soon after the break Peddie scores the opening goal and - with United playing like Trojans - MacFarlane and Peddie with his second secure United's first ever top-level victory. The crowd is happy to applaud smart play by the visitors in direct opposition to certain remarks made lately in another provincial town about the conduct of Novocastrian supporters.

D1: Liverpool [9th]- 20,000

Kingsley, Lindsay, Jackson, Ghee, Ostler, Scott, Rogers, Stevenson, MacFarlane, Wardrope, Peddie.

Scorers: Peddie (2), MacFarlane

Stevenson makes his debut (replacing Aitken) as the forward line is rejigged once more. St James' is packed out once again; the mass of flesh colour being relieved only by the presence of military men in scarlet uniforms and the white collars and white team sheets that nearly everyone possessed. Thankfully Frank Watt has ensured that the press box is reserved for pressmen only.

The Dunston Temperance band provide the pre-match entertainment.

The Pudlians win the toss and the game kicks off ten minutes before the appointed time with the home side playing up the incline.

Both sides are playing fast football and are unlucky not to score. Peddie does put the ball in the net but it is disallowed. The cries of "goal!" are soon changed to ridiculous booing, which is altogether uncalled for because the header was palpably offside.

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Liverpool 0

48m - PEDDIE beats Storer with a grand shot [1-0].

United are now playing like Trojans and MACFARLANE nets with a truly magnificent drive [2-0].

85m - With The Magpies firmly in control play slows but PEDDIE converts a fine high shot from a corner [3-0].

Full-time: Newcastle 1 Liverpool 0

Position: 18th.

The Foresters take the lead in the first minute and although play is fairly even the Trent Bridge men score a controversial second just before the end.

D1: Nottm. Forest [13th] - 8,000

Kingsley, Aitken, Jackson, Ghee, Ostler, Scott, Rogers, Stevenson, MacFarlane, Wardrope, Peddie.

Scorers: Suddick, Benbow

Lindsay has strained his leg and his place is taken by Aitken.

01m - A cross by Mclnnes is headed in off the underside of the bar by SUDDICK [0-1].

Play is fairly even although Forest create more chances. Forman hits the post for the home side and Peddie repeats the feat for United.

Half-time: Nottm. Forest 1 Newcastle 0

A heavy challenge by Jackson sees Mclnnes carried off and the homesters are down to ten men.

A shot from Capes rolls right along the bar.

Rogers gets clean through and has an open goal but hits the inside of the post.

Forest begin to tire but United cannot pierce their defensive wall and just before the end Capes connects and although it may already have crossed the line BENBOW makes sure, the referee ignoring heated appeals from the United defenders [0-2].

Full-time: Nottm. Forest 2 Newcastle 0

Position: 18th.

17/11 - The Edinburgh Evening News claims that the players are on a £2 bonus for a win.

Bolton make the long journey in the morning and probably wish they hadn't. The score line flatters Newcastle somewhat as the superb Kingsley clears numerous shots from all quarters. Wanderers make the better start and take the lead but United equalise before the break and playing down the hill in the second half they take control.

Bolton [16th] - 20,000

Kingsley, Lindsay, Jackson, Ghee, Ostler, Scott, Rogers, Stevenson, MacFarlane, Wardrope, Peddie.

Scorers: Rogers, Peddie (2), MacFarlane - Gilligan

Bolton make the trip in the morning and arrive late. So although - with the skies leaden - the kick-off is brought forward the players are not ready so there is a slight delay. Ghee opts to play up the hill having won the toss.

13m - The Wanderers start well and after hitting the bar twice GILLIGAN's shot goes in off the underside of the bar [0-1].

Bolton press hard and Kingsley has to be at his best.

25m - Gradually United began to get into their stride and ROGERS equalises with a real stinger [1-1].

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Bolton 1

Due to the fading light only three minutes is allowed for a rest and the half-time lemons. To compound matters, the ball is kicked over the director's stand and when it is returned it presents the shape of a sucked orange. This necessitates a new ball which takes almost fifteen minutes to requisition.

70m - From a throw-in near the centre of the field PEDDIE secures the ball and races away dodging past three backs before beating Sutcliffe with a low drive from a long way out [2-1].

72m - Wardrope completes a fine dribble and sets up MACFARLANE [3-1]. Newcastle go at it merrily and Sutcliffe has a warm time.

87m - It is very dark now; PEDDIE nets after a mazy dribble [4-1].

Full-time: Newcastle 4 Bolton 1

Position: 18th.

22/11 - Left-full-back Edward Graham's transfer from Lanemark (Ayrshire) is confirmed. He is the younger brother of Willie Graham, of Lanemark, who for many years ably played for the Tyneside team. He is said to be young, energetic, and a capable player; all excellent qualities in a football player.

Derby are much the better side and although Kingsley saves Bloomer's penalty they score three without reply. But brave United do not give up and Macfarlane and Wardrope both hit the bar before Wardrope scores a consolation. Newcastle once more had much the worst of the refereeing and the players are very wroth at some of the decisions of the man with the whistle.

D1: Derby [14th] - 7,000

Kingsley, Lindsay, Jackson, Ghee, Ostler, Scott, Rogers, Stevenson, MacFarlane, Wardrope, Peddie.

Scorers: Wardrope - Bloomer (2), Arkenden

The weather is dismal and cheerless on The Magpies first visit to The Baseball Ground. They travelled down on Friday and stayed at Chesterfield. Midweek snow followed by heavy rain has left the pitch in a dreadful state.

The homesters are on top and when Lindsay brings down McQueen the referee awards a penalty. Kingsley saves Bloomer's effort and raises loud cheers from the Novocastrian contingent in the crowd.

From a Peddie centre Fryer appears to put through his own net but the referee (who is a long way from play) says no goal.

25m - BLOOMER scores with a lightning shot into the meshes far out of Kingsley's reach [0-1].

28m - ARKENDEN scores with a low shot from close quarters [0-2].

Half-time: Derby 2 Newcastle 0

Derby are still doing most of the pressing and BLOOMER wriggles past two defenders and drives in with Kingsley staring at him [0-3].

Brave United do not give up and Macfarlane and Wardrope both hit the bar before WARDROPE shoots through a Rogers cross [1-3].

Full-time: Derby 3 Newcastle 1

Position: 18th.


The Magpies give a brilliant display in all departments against the Throstles and also had two "good" goals disallowed.

D1: WBA [10th] - 16,000

Kingsley, Lindsay, Jackson, Ghee, Ostler, Scott, Rogers, Stevenson, Peddie, Aitken, Wardrope.

Scorers: Peddie, Rogers, Aitken

Aitken replaces the injured MacFarlane. West Bromwich have not won away from home this season. Captain Scott leads the team out in a change kit of white shirts on a mild, cloudy day. He wins the toss and chooses the upward trek.

05m - A misunderstanding between the visiting backs and their goalkeeper allows PEDDIE to run through and place the ball safely placed beyond Reader's reach [1-0]

Lindsay affects a clearance after frightening his man with a loud "HELLO!"

17m - ROGERS sends in a lofty shot from forty yards out, which Reader has no chance with [2-0].

The game is very pacey and the referee controversially disallows a couple of Newcastle efforts. The spectators freely express their dissatisfaction with the standard hooting.

Half-time: Newcastle 2 WBA 0

Due to the waning light the interval is kept very short. There are probably 2,000 more fans present now than there was at the start.

With the Magpies content to sit on their lead the defence has to work hard to prevent them from "breaking their egg".

80m - After a splendid move AITKEN scores with a superb swift, low shot [3-0].

Full-time: Newcastle 3 WBA 0

Position: 17th.

It is a ding-dong battle from commencement and United concede twice in the first seven minutes. Although Stevenson scores a brace the homesters also score twice more.

D1: Blackburn [9th] - 7,000

Kingsley, Lindsay, Jackson, Ghee, Ostler, Scott, Rogers, Stevenson, MacFarlane, Wardrope, Peddie.

Scorers: Stevenson (2) - Hulse, Hirst (2), Moreland

Wardrope hits the post with a lightning grounder.

05m - Kingsley weakly fists away a shot and HULSE applies his cranium [0-1].

07m - HIRST whacks the ball in off the underside of the crossbar [0-2].

MORELAND nets with a fine shot [0-3].

38m - United fight back spiritedly and STEVENSON scores with a smart low shot [1-3].

Half-time: Blackburn 3 Newcastle 1

50m - Newcastle now have the wind behind them and launch attack after attack and STEVENSON scores from close quarters [2-3].

HIRST beats Kingsley at the second attempt [2-4].

Full-time: Blackburn 4 Newcastle 2

Position: 17th.

United come from behind twice; with the second equaliser two minutes from time. The Blades continually kick the ball out of play after the interval and the crowd (which is not in the best of moods throughout) show their disappropriation of their tactics.

17/12 - D1: Wednesday [16th] - 15,000

Kingsley, Lindsay, Jackson, Ghee, Aitken, Scott, Mowatt, Stevenson, MacFarlane, Wardrope, Peddie.

Scorers: MacFarlane, Peddie - Wright, Spikesley (pen)

The kick-off is brought forward and a lot of supporters arrive late, for before the working man gets his dinner and a wash and makes his way to the park by 2 O'clock he has not a deal of time to waste end route.

Mowatt makes his debut in place of the injured Rogers and United are once again in their change kit of white shirts.

Stott wins the toss so it is uphill for the first forty-five. The light is poor from the start.

15m - Wednesday make the better start and Kingsley has to be at his best. But he cannot prevent WRIGHT opening the scoring [0-1].

The game becomes very scrappy with lots of players (particularly the visitors) requiring treatment. The crowd seems thoroughly out of patience and hoots and boos in the stupid fashion to which we have become accustomed.

30m - Peddie sets up MACFARLANE for an easy chance a couple of yards out [1-1].

32m - Wright goes down under a challenge provoking a perfect storm of booing from the home fans who thought he was "foxing". The penalty is converted by SPIKESLEY [1-2]

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Wednesday 2

United attack incessantly but they are unlucky in their finishing. Stott starts playing as an additional forward.

88m - PEDDIE equalises after a scramble.

Full-time: Newcastle 2 Wednesday 2

Position: 17th.

17/12 - During the match between Sunderland Nomads and Newcastle United "A" thieves enter the clubhouse and steal the referee's topcoat and money from the player's clothes. There are officials in the clubhouse at the time but they are watching the match out the window.

21/12 - Special rail arrangements are being put in place for Saturday's game at Roker Park. There will be a continuous service running between Central Station and Monkwearmouth from 11.30 until 1.30. The rail company have raised the price of a return from 1s to 1s 8d. Sunderland have also doubled the admission price to sixpence for all areas except behind the goals.

The local rivals have met numerous times in friendlies but this is the first competitive match between the two. There are alarming reports of eighth thousand supporters gathering at Central Station with many others waiting en route. Between 11am and 2pm eighteen trains leave at ten minute intervals. The 4,659 bookings taken is a record. There are also innumerable private brake parties.

Admission prices have been raised in certain parts of the field and although scores refused to pay the majority paid the difference cheerfully. The Newcastle team (also travelling by train) take eighty minutes to make the short journey and only arrive at 1.30pm.

The Magpies go behind but hit back to lead at the break. Peddie scores a third and although Leslie pulls one back United deservedly win their first away match of the season. United fairly excelled themselves.

D1: Sunderland [10th] - 25,000

Kingsley, Lindsay, Jackson, Ghee, Ostler, Scott, Rogers, Stevenson, Peddie, Aitken, Wardrope.

Scorers: Wardrope, Ferguson og, Peddie - Leslie (2)

Sunderland have lost three in a row but are still 6/4 on against a United side yet to win on their travels.

There is a lot of good natured banter before the game starts and one or two amateur cornetists add to the carnival-like atmosphere. Despite the traffic chaos the match kicks-off only a couple of minutes late.

15m - Following a misunderstanding in the Newcastle defence a fine pass from McLatchie sets up LESLIE [0-1].

18m - An excellent move along the forwards is finished off by WARDROPE who superbly hooks the ball in from barely a foot out [1-1].

28m - Peddie beats Ferguson and Bach and as FERGUSON runs back to try and retrieve the situation he heads into his own net [2-1]

Half-time: Sunderland 2 Newcastle 1

50m - PEDDIE scores with a grand shot [3-1]

70m - Crawford's shot is locked but LESLIE pounces [3-2]

Full-time: Sunderland 2 Newcastle 3

Position: 17th.

The Novocastrians take on the league leaders and although they lose to a first minute goal they match their illustrious opponents throughout the game and there is a general feeling that the side will soon be climbing away from danger. Almost two thousand travelled south in four special trains.

D1: Aston Villa [1st] - 26,998

Kingsley, Lindsay, Jackson, Ghee, Ostler, Scott, Rogers, Stevenson, Peddie, Aitken, Wardrope.

Scorers: Arrowsmith

A pitiless drizzle has left the ground in a heavy state but there is still a good turnout at Aston Lower Grounds.

01m - ARROWSMITH screws in a high shot out of Kingsley's reach [0-1].

United are the equal of their opponents in a stubbornly fought game.

Half-time: Aston Villa 1 Newcastle 0.

The game continues in a similar vein with the Tynesiders giving as good as they get.

Full-time: Aston Villa 1 Newcastle 0.

Position: 17th.

26/12 - A scratch side plays Leith Athletic.

Despite their very difficult Christmas schedule the Novocastrians take part in a comfortable friendly victory.

Kingsley, Lindsay, Jackson, Ghee, Ostler, Scott, Rogers, Stevenson, MacFarlane, Aitken, Wardrope.

Scorers: Wardrope, Stevenson

Macfarlane comes in for Peddie.

After only a few minutes WARDROPE finds the net [1-0].

STEVENSON heads in a second [2-0].

Half-time: Coventry 0 Newcastle 2.

Newcastle take it very easy and coast home.

Full-time: Coventry 0 Newcastle 2.

The pluvial deity was much in evidence in the morning and the pitch is dreadfully heavy. United are poor but the home side are not much better; home forward Blackett is guilty of missing a penalty.

D1: Wolves [8th] - 6,000

Kingsley, Lindsay, Jackson, Ghee, Scott, Ostler, Rogers, Stevenson, MacFarlane, Aitken, Wardrope.

United have spent the week at Colwick Park Hall which overlooks Nottingham Racecourse. Peddie is still out with an eye injury.

The ground is dreadfully heavy after persistent rain in the morning and the heaviness of the pitch mitigates against good football.

The hosts are certainly the better side but their shooting is poor.

Half-time: Wolves 0 Newcastle 0.

Play becomes faster and more even.

Blackett is held by Lindsay within the twelve-yard limit but misses the target from the resultant penalty.

Full-time: Wolves 0 Newcastle 0.

Position: 16th.


The Newcastle team is greatly altered and although Stevenson puts them ahead they are comprehensively beaten in the end.

Fr: Burnley - 8,000

Scorers: Stevenson - Ross (2), Toman, Barron (pen)

lt is cold and the ground is heavy; United play a much altered side.

Newcastle start down the slope and STEVENSON opens the scoring [1-0].

ROSS equalises and then puts the visitors ahead [1-2].

TOMAN [1-3]

BARRON scores from the spot [1-4].

Full-time: Newcastle 1 Burnley 4.

A comfortable victory against the Scots

Fr: Hearts - 4,000

Scorers: Stevenson, Rogers, MacFarlane (2) - Livingstone or Thomson (pen)

The visitors attack the Town end.

30m - STEVENSON scores with a fortuitous effort [1-0].

45m - ROGERS scores with a grand shot [2-0].

Half-time: Newcastle 2 Hearts 0.

MACFARLANE scores an easy goal [3-0].

The Scots improve and LIVINGSTONE (or THOMSON) scores with a penalty [3-1].

MACFARLANE scores again [4-1].

Full-time: Newcastle 4 Hearts 1.

The Magpies are outclassed for much of the opening period and find themselves two goals behind at the break against the second placed team. But soon after the restart Stevenson pulls one back and United are transformed. The visiting keeper keeps them out with some brilliant saves but Balmer puts through his own net.

D1: Everton [2nd] 15,000]

Kingsley, Lindsay, Jackson, Ghee, Ostler, Scott, Rogers, Stevenson, MacFarlane, Aitken, Wardrope.

Scorers: Stevenson, Balmer og - Proudfoot (2)

It is dull and miserable; Stott wins the toss and opts to play down the hill.

In an even start Lindsay hits the crossbar.

30m - The visitors start to take control and Kingsley cannot stop PROUDFOOT's 30-yard shot [0-1]

33m - Kingsley fists out Chadwick's shot but PROUDFOOT is there again [0-2]

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Everton 2.

50m - STEVENSON'S low shot bounces over Muir's outstretched hand [1-2].

The goal transforms United who attack strongly but find visiting 'keeper Muir in fine form. However, they are very unlucky when Stevenson's shot appears to be well over the line before Muir stops it but after consulting a linesman the referee says no goal!

82m - BALMER attempts to clear Aitken's shot but only succeeds in slicing it past Muir [2-2].

Full-time: Newcastle 0 Everton 2.

Position: 17th.

13/01 - The Newcastle party leaves for the Midlands on the 17.05 train and will stay overnight at Colwick Hall before driving to Nottingham in the morning.

A poor performance at Old Trent Bridge sees United comfortably beaten despite the ridiculously bad shooting of the home side. Despite their recent improvement they are still hovering around queer-street corner.

D1: Notts. County [5th] - 12,000

Kingsley, Higgins, Jackson, Aitken, Ostler, Scott, Rogers, Stevenson, Peddie, MacFarlane, Wardrope.

Scorers: Peddie - Logan, Macconnachie, Fletcher

Delightful weather greets United at Old Trent Bridge. Lindsay and Ghee are out but Peddie is back.

The Lambs are well on top but their shooting is ridiculously bad.

36m - Fraser centres and LOGAN heads through in a scrimmage [0-1].

Half-time: Notts County 1 Newcastle 0.

50m - County start strongly and MACCONNOCHIE hits a brilliant long shot past Kingsley [0-2].

57m - The home side are well on top but PEDDIE scores from an acute angle following a United breakaway [1-2]. The Magpies have a spell of attacking.

68m - FLETCHER scores a third [1 -3].

Full-time: Notts County 3 Newcastle 1.

Position: 17th.

It is fair to say that The Magpies have not had the best of luck this season but although they have occasionally risen to the occasion (notably against the better sides) they have not always come up to expectation (particularly against the lesser sides). The Potters have not won on their travels this season so this is the sort of game that really should be won. Although the pitch is heavy United show greater dash, determination and pace.

Stoke [12th] - 12,000

Kingsley, Higgins, Jackson, Ghee, Ostler, Scott, Rogers, Stevenson, Peddie, MacFarlane, Wardrope.

Scorers: Peddie (2 - 1 pen) Rogers

Newcastle have been training at Gisland Spa; heavy rain before the game has reduced the gate and created a heavy pitch. Stott is successful at the coin toss and - as usual - chooses to attack the Park end first.

30m - United show the greater dash, determination and pace but need a penalty (awarded for hands against Eccles) to take the lead. The custodian doesn't touch it but PEDDIE hits it with such power it is unlikely that it would have made any difference if he had [1-0].

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Stoke 0

65m - PEDDIE - who is some twenty-yards out - lets his right leg go at the ball with all its force and his low shot whistles into the net. MacFarlane and Wardrope nearly jerk his hand off with their congratulatory handshakes. [2-0].

Soon after Peddie is in agony after being badly winded but returns after being walked around the field by Messrs Watts and Dodds.

Peddie hits a stinging drive which Clawley catches and scoops away but it goes straight to ROGERS who beats the custodian with a beautiful curled shot from a very difficult angle [3-0].

Full-time: Newcastle 3 Stoke 0

Position: 17th.

The Second Divisioners make a good start but United take control and Peddie scores brilliantly. Glossop go all out for an equaliser in the last thirty minutes and United are slightly fortunate to come away with a victory.

FA R1: Glossop [D2: 7th] - 7,000

Kingsley, Higgins, Jackson, Ghee, Ostler, Scott, Rogers, Stevenson, Peddie, Aitken, Wardrope.

Scorers: Peddie

Newcastle have been training again at Gisland Spa but stayed at Stockport overnight. There is a large contingent from Tyneside at the ground.

It is cold but fine and although pitch is in good condition it is slippery underfoot.

The homesters attack from the start and put the Magpies under severe pressure; however PEDDIE scores after Williams fails to hold the ball [1-0].

Half-time: Glossop 0 Newcastle 1

Newcastle are content to hang on to their lead and the game becomes devoid of incident.

Full-time: Glossop 0 Newcastle 1

Rutherford College player Colin Veitch (17) signs on as an amateur. He is 5' 6" and is highly regarded in the region.


01/02 - "Goldie" White has gone to Dundee - he has been playing for Galston but Newcastle held his League papers. Newcastle do not regard negotiations as complete as they want £100 for him.

United give a dashing display from start to finish and are too good for high-flying Burnley on the treacherous snow covered pitch. Lindsay scores with a remarkable shot from twelve yards inside his own half and United have full measure of their opponents after the break.

Burnley [4th] - 20,000

Kingsley, Lindsay, Higgins, Ghee, Ostler, Scott, Rogers, Stevenson, Peddie, Aitken, Wardrope.

Scorers: Peddie, Lindsay, Rogers (2) - Bowes

Jackson - United's best back this season - is unfit and Lindsay replaces him.

The pitch is covered in snow for the first time and in some parts is pretty treacherous. The lines are marked in red. Having won the toss United shoot towards the Park End first.

10m - Having just missed an open goal PEDDIE makes amends with a lightning shot [1-0].

17m - BOWES equalises after Kingsley slips when he comes out to challenge him [1-1].

30m - LINDSAY restores United's lead with a remarkable shot from twelve yards inside his own half [2-1].

Half-time: Newcastle 2 Burnley 1

The second half kicks off to the accompaniment of a bugle.

51m - Aitken's powerful shot bounces back off the bar and ROGERS scores with a quick drive [3-1].

ROGERS sets off on an excellent dribbling run before hitting a grand shot.

It's all United now but there is no further scoring.

Full-time: Newcastle 4 Burnley 1

Position: 16th.

06/02 - Newcastle have granted "Tyke" White a free transfer to Dundee for the rest of the season.

10/02 - It is reported in some newspapers that the club have secured a new ground which is five minutes walk from the current ground and alongside Barrack Road. The site is 12 acres (compared with the current 7 acres) and the ground is level. Arrangements have allegedly been completed and they only need the Freeman's sanction. The club expect to open the new field next season and their plans cater for a 40,000 capacity with most of the stands covered. The existing ground will be retained until the lease expires (in four or five years time).

The short-passing Pudlians play much the better football and thoroughly outplay the hugely disappointing Tynesiders.

FA R2: Liverpool [2nd] - 7,000

Kingsley, Higgins, Lindsay, Ghee, Ostler, Scott, Rogers, Stevenson, Peddie, Aitken, Wardrope.

Scorers: Peddie - Morgan, Raisbeck, Higgins

United are still based at Gisland Hydro and travelled to Lancaster yesterday before coming to Liverpool this morning. Newcastle have a brilliant sun shining in their faces in the first period.

05m - The Pudlians start really well and when Dunlop's shot comes back off the post MORGAN makes no mistake [0-1].

The home side are playing a short, low passing game and are much more impressive; however, The Magpies are defending well.

Half-time: Liverpool 1 Newcastle 0

Stott is injured but soldiers on.

RAISBECK scores with a lightning shot from thirty yards [0-2] and now Liverpool are dominating the play.

Cox centres and HIGGINS directs the ball through [0-3].

PEDDIE scores from a scrimmage [1-3].

Full-time: Liverpool 3 Newcastle 1

An entertaining Shrove Tuesday friendly.

14/02 - Fr: Sunderland (A) - Won 4-3 - 5,000

05m - JACKSON nets an easy one [1-0].

23m - FULLER [1-1]


Half-time: Sunderland 2 Newcastle 1

PEDDIE equalises soon after the restart [2-2].

FULLER [2-3].


PEDDIE [4-3].

With United still based at Gisland they arrive late for the match at St. James' and the kick-off has to be delayed. Bury have the better chances in the first period but United outclass them after the break. After the game the team return to Gisland Hydropathic where they are set to remain until they have ensured their survival in the top division.

D1: Bury [8th] - 16,000

Kingsley, Lindsay, Jackson, Ghee, Ostler, Scott, Rogers, Stevenson, Peddie, MacFarlane, Wardrope.

Peddie (2)

The ground is very slippery. Bury win the toss and opt to play up the incline.

Newcastle start well but The Shakers gradually gain the ascendancy. Bury are guilty of missing some good opportunities, particularly when Sagar shoots loftily when presented with an open goal from close range.

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Bury 0.

48m - PEDDIE finishes off some excellent combination with one of his trademark lightning, low drives [1-0].

65m -United are starting to outclass the visitors and after good work from Rogers and Macfarlane PEDDIE hits another quick-fire shot from nearly thirty yards [2-0] prompting ringing cheers.

Full-time: Newcastle 2 Bury 0.

Position: 16th.

Andy Aitken is to make a temporary move to Kilmarnock to help them in their Cup matches.

United have arranged to play Celtic (on a good guarantee) on March 4th.

24/02 - United sign AF (Freddie) Kennedy on League forms. He played for Jarrow last season but has not had a club during this campaign. He has a fine turn of speed (he is the quarter-mile amateur champion) but that is about all that can be said in his favour. He is only likely to turn out for the "A" Team.

25/02 - The North East correspondent of the Lancashire Evening Post states that Newcastle's new ground "only lives in the imagination of some energetic scribe". He says that the club are still looking for a new ground but if they are not successful they will try and get permission from Newcastle Council to bank up the bottom end of the pitch to level up the playing surface as long as they don't get the "order of the knock" from the First League.

In a fast and furious game United's early goal is equalised and their combination becomes very ragged after the break. However, a controversially awarded penalty - five minutes from time - is converted by Peddie to win the game.

Preston [13th] - 15,000

Kingsley, Lindsay, Higgins, Ghee, Ostler, Scott, Rogers, Stevenson, Peddie, MacFarlane, Wardrope.

Scorers: MacFarlane, Peddie (pen) - Sanders

There are counter-attractions of the North verses South rugby game and a sweepstake but they do not seem to have had too much impact on the attendance.

The kick-off is delayed as the Preston team are late arriving but the Dunston Brass Band keeps the crowd entertained with some lively numbers. There is a further delay as they need to get a new ball.

Winning the toss, Stott makes the standard decision to attack the Park End first; the ground appears to be in a much better state than last week.

05m - Rogers shoots and although McBride claws the ball out he fails to clear and MACFARLANE runs the ball through [1-0].

It is end to end but The Magpies finishing is much better than the visitors and Peddie is unlucky to see his shot hit the top of the bar.

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Preston 0

55m - With the ball bouncing Moses SANDERS performs the balloon trick and his dropping shot from all of thirty yards is misjudged by Kingsley; the ball sailing over his head [1-1].

85m - The referee judges that Tait handled the ball within the 12-yards-line and PEDDIE puts the sphere into the net [2-1].

Full-time: Newcastle 2 Preston 1

Position: 13th.

Due to Cup commitments Celtic will not be able to play the previously arranged friendly; Liverpool will take their place.

27/02 -The FA Council have sanctioned a benefit for Stott and it will be in the home game against Derby. He will get all of the ticket money and 25% of the gate receipts.


01/03 or 13/3 - Grimsby sign reserve right-full-back James Lockey (24) on a free transfer until the end of the season. Lockey has made 3 appearances in total but has only played once in the first team this season.

02/03 - Every player scores as the Magpies beat Brampton Athletic

03/03 - Darwen are in danger of going out of business and they reveal that they have received a letter of support and a £10 cheque from Newcastle to help them out.

03/03 - Vice-President Turnbull attends a public meeting at the Co-operative Hall in Middlesbrough held to discuss whether Middlesbrough should go professional. Turnbull states that Newcastle will give them every assistance possible.

Allen scores a hat-trick for the visitors in a low-key friendly which is largely devoid of interest.

Fr: Liverpool - 4,000

Kingsley, Lindsay, Higgins, Ghee, Veitch, Scott, Rogers, Stevenson/ Peddie, MacFarlane, Wardrope.

Scorers: MacFarlane - Allen (3)

Both teams are out the Cup, but many Liverpool supporters cannot understand why the club wants to make the long trip to coaly Newcastle. t is cold and fine and United start up the hill.

ALLEN opens the scoring [0-1].

MACFARLANE equalises soon after [1-1]

ALLEN scores again just before the break.

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Liverpool 2

ALLEN completes his hat-trick [1-3].

Full-time: Newcastle 1 Liverpool 3

07/03 - Plans for projected alterations to St James' Park are put before the Newcastle Town Moor Management Committee. They want to reduce the gradient of the pitch (the drop in height between the two goals is currently 10' 4") by taking four feet of earth off at the top and adding two feet at the bottom. In tandem with this they want to move the playing area a few yards towards the Park End and carry forward the Stand at the Town End accordingly.

The Magpies make a thrilling start but on the half hour total silence meets the notching of a point by the Foresters. United continue to press but as the game wears on their shooting is of a wild and fearful nature at times. A decidedly disappointing performance.

Nottm. Forest [9th] - 16,090

Kingsley, Lindsay, Jackson, Ghee, Ostler, Scott, Rogers, Stevenson, Peddie, MacFarlane, Wardrope.

Scorers: Spencer

The weather is dull but favourable. The Reds start up the hill.

The Magpies make a thrilling start with almost continuous attacking but Forest's scientific football and impregnable defence keeps them at bay. There is a somewhat lengthy delay in proceedings when Rogers shoots wide and the ball goes out of play on the Leazes Terrace side.

30m - As the attacks wave in the sound from the stands resembles the roar of a stormy sea, but on the half hour total silence meets the notching of a point by SPENCER with a smart shot [0-1].

The Magpies search for an equaliser and an effort from the half-way line by Lindsay has to be fisted away.

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Nottm. Forest 1

United continue to press after the break but as the game wears they become more desperate and less accurate.

The referee also has occasion at one point to caution some spectators.

Full-time: Newcastle 0 Nottm. Forest 1

Position: 14th.

The referee in charge of the Preston game at the end of February has reported the Preston captain and one of the directors (MR Houghton) for unseemly conduct before and after the match.

In what is a crucial game against the bottom placed Wanderers a strong wind blowing across the pitch makes it very difficult to shoot with any accuracy. And when Peddie beats a number of opponents before shooting from about six yards out the referee gets in the way of the goal-bound effort.

D1: Bolton [18th] - 5,000

There is a strong wind blowing across the pitch which is going to make play difficult.

Early in the game Rogers has to be carried off leaving United with ten men.

Bolton are on top but a mixture of inaccurate shooting and excellent custodianship from Kingsley (including a penalty save from Morgan) prevents them scoring.

Half-time: Bolton 0 Newcastle 0.

Rogers returns to the fray and United start to take control of the game.

Peddie has a lot of shots but his accuracy is lacking today. Then when he blasts the ball goalwards from six-yards out the referee gets in the way to block a certain goal.

Full-time: Bolton 0 Newcastle 0.

Position: 15th.

19/03 - Inside/outside-left William Reid (22) signs from Kilmarnock on loan. He is 5' 6", and 11st 121b. He has been in brilliant form this season (scoring 12 goals in 16 games) and played a meritous game in the Scotland trial games. He is said to be the best left-wing in the Land O'Cakes with a wonderful finish in his footwork and the ability to shoot with deadly effect.

19/03 - Haverton Hill right-back Albert Crookes is signed; he is reputed to be a powerful kicker and tackler.

The pitch is cleared of snow but is inevitably heavy. United gradually gain the ascendancy against the Cup Finalists and go on to win in what is widely regarded as the team's best performance of the season. The Magpies are now four points ahead of 17th placed Wednesday who have only four games left. It is also captain Stott's benefit and he will get all the ticket money and 25% of the gate receipts.

D1: Derby [11th] - 14,000

Scorers: Stevenson, Reid

After the recent snowfall Frank Watt engaged several men to clear the pitch, although (especially due to the additional rain and snow this morning) it is inevitably on the heavy side and slippy in places.

Reid makes his first appearance. The game has been designated as a benefit for popular captain Stott who wins the toss and opts to attack the Park End.

25m - It is an even game but United gradually gain the ascendancy and STEVENSON hits a terrific shot which strikes Peddie on the leg as it flies into the net [1-0].

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Derby 0.

Derby are getting on top and having most of the game.

70m - REID coolly beats Fryer with a good shot [2-0].

Position: 15th.

28/03 - Under inclement weather auspices Ghee, Wardrope and Peddie all feature in the Anglo-Scots v Home-Scots trial game at Cathkin Park. Much is expected of Peddie but he has a disappointing game.

29/03 - The Sunderland Daily Echo reports that there is no foundation whatever in the persistent rumours that both Sunderland and Newcastle have made formal applications to join the Scottish League.

30/03 - It is revealed that Reid has only been signed until the end of the season with Killie allowing his temporary move in return for past favours.

A very tame affair and a game that contains many ludicrous refereeing decisions to which the crowd gives vent to much good-humoured banter.

Fr: Everton - 2,000

Scorers: Rogers, Aitken (pen) - Proudfoot

Heavy rain falls before and during the game.

Everton start well and PROUDFOOT opens the scoring [0-1].

30m - ROGERS equalises despite looking yards offside [1-1].

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Everton 1

United are pressing more now and after Rogers is fouled AITKEN scores from the spot-kick [2-1].

Full-time: Newcastle 2 Everton 1


- Despite being much weakened due to accidents and insubordination the inexperienced homesters win fairly comfortably against a jaded United.

D1: West Bromwich [11th] - 2,304

Scorers: Smith, Bassett

It is a beautiful day and the hottest day of the year so far, but much too sultry for football. The home side are much weakened due to a number of players being suspended for disobeying training orders.

10m - The homesters attack from the start and SMITH scores after a warm scrimmage.

Half-time: West Brom 1 Newcastle 0

The Magpies men appear to be completely tired out as the second half progresses and BASSETT scores easily when he finds himself with only Kingsley to beat. [2-0]

Full-time: West Brom 2 Newcastle 0

Position: 15th.

02/04 - Peddie is diagnosed with a severe attack of influenza and quinsy.

Liverpool are in the race for the Title and United give a decent account of themselves in a very entertaining game. A lot of Toon fans take a special excursion to the game.

D1: Liverpool [2nd] - 12,000

Scorers: Higgins, Stevenson - Cox, Walker, Allan

Liverpool are still in the running for the Title.

After a few minutes Liverpool's Allan has to retire injured.

12m - HIGGINS dashes up to bustle the ball through [1-0].

20m - COX beats the backs and then hits a splendid shot past Kingsley [1-1].

21m - WALKER heads in from a corner [1-2].

Allan returns to the fray; his nasal organ covered with a bandage.

Half-time: Liverpool 2 Newcastle 1

Newcastle attack strongly and when Liverpool keeper Perkins mulls a couple of shots the United players claim the ball is over the line before it is cleared. Then Wardrope's stinging shot crashes against the bar.

A foul is given to United just under the goal posts and STEVENSON scrimmages it in [2-2].

Raisbeck's free-kick is banged home by ALLAN [2-3].

Full-time: Liverpool 3 Newcastle 2

Position: 15th.

07/04 - This is the last day on which tenders can be submitted for the proposed work at St James' park. The Town Improvement Committee have already sanctioned the plans which include moving the stands, increasing the accommodation and levelling the playing area. Work is due to commence in early May.

United are safe following a narrow victory. Wintry weather returns for the visit of third placed Blackburn but the Dunston Brass Band cheer up the half-frozen spectators with some lively selections. United dominate the game and should have won by more than MacFarlane's solitary effort.

D1: Blackburn [3rd] - 12,000

Scorers: MacFarlane

Peddie has a cold and Lindsay is incapacitated. The County cricket match at Jesmond with Devon has some impact on the gate. Wintry weather has returned with a boisterous cold wind blowing from the top end to the bottom end and cutting showers of hail and rain.

Stott wins the toss and - not surprisingly considering the wind - chooses to play down the hill first for a change.

The first three minutes is the most exciting of the season as the Magpies bombard the visitor's citadel with shot after shot. The continuous attacking continues for the first ten minutes and it is beyond comprehension how the Novocastrians failed to net.

United continue to dominate the attacking and although a number of shots look like score producers their finishing is generally poor and at the break they have gained no advantage from the hill and wind.

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Blackburn 0

The Rovers would have been expected to dominate after the break but Newcastle more than match them.

65m - Stevenson puts well into the goal, custodian Thompson handles the ball but he is rushed and drops it again and MACFARLANE, quick as a thought, sends the ball home [1-0].

Soon after a Rogers' shot appears to go over the line but after consulting with his linesmen referee Mr Cox says "no goal!".

Full-time: Newcastle 1 Blackburn 0

Position: 15th.

Reid - who is an indentured apprentice and anxious to finish his time - has returned to Kilmarnock.

11/04 - Tom Lacey signs professional forms but will remain with his current club (Burradon) until the end of the season.

This will be the last match played at the Olive Grove as the Midland Railways needs the ground and Wednesday will be moving to new quarters. The home side make the better start and take an early lead but United bounce back to win. Wednesday's defeat means they are relegated.

D1: Sheff. Wed [17th] - 4,000

Scorers: Stevenson (2), Aitken - Hutton

Heavy rain during the week has left the pitch in a frightful state and more heavy rain today has led to a very poor gate.

05m - The home side make the better start and HUTTON gives them an early lead [0-1].

25m - United start to get into the game and STEVENSON equalises with a slow shot from close quarters [1-1].

Half-time: Sheff. Wed 1 Newcastle 1

Both sides are finding it very difficult to keep their feet.

Half-time: Sheff. Wed 1 Newcastle 3

A free-kick from just outside the penalty line comes to AITKEN who nets from close range [2-1].

Soon after STEVENSON puts through [3-1].

Position: 13th.

17/04 - It is reported that Kingsley, Lindsay, Ghee, Higgins, Aitken, Niblo, Macfarlane and Stevenson have all been signed on for next season. Peddie, Rogers and Watts are also expected to re-sign whilst the club expect to sign two or three Scottish players.

22/04 - Jock Peddie has allegedly been approached by another club. If he it is true it would be against FA Rules which state that clubs cannot approach players from other clubs during April.

United make the better start in this holiday friendly and Rogers hits the bar but the Scotsmen go on to win. It is a poor display, but understandable considering the game coming up.

17/04 - Fr: Hibernians - 3,000

Kingsley, Birnie, Jackson, Ghee, Ostler, Aitken, Rogers, Stevenson, MacFarlane, Niblo, Wardrope.

Scorers: Breslin, McGuigan

United are stronger at the start and Rogers rattles the bar.

BRESLIN gives Hibernians the lead from a corner (0-1).

MCGUIGAN shoots in a second (0-2).

Full-time: Hibernians 2 Newcastle 0

- Sunderland deservedly beat United in the last game of the season

D1: Sunderland [9th]- 22,000

Scorers: McLatchie

A vast crowd descends on St James' and every vantage point inside and outside of the enclosure is taken. The ground is full an hour before kick-off and there are fans on the roof of the Director's Stand and on the balconies of Leazes Terrace.

Sunderland start down the hill and dominate at first before the game becomes more even; there are quite a lot of free-kicks.

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Sunderland 0.

75m - Sunderland are showing the better form and when Kingsley has to leave his charge to clear he cannot get back in time to prevent MCLATCHIE netting an easy goal [0-1].

Full-time: Newcastle 0 Sunderland 1

Position: 13th.

24/04 - Peddie has still not re-signed and it appears that the value he sets upon his services is greater than the executive can see. He is believed to want £6 a week all through the year.

- In the return friendly the visitors take the lead and although MacFarlane and Aitken net the Scots equalise.

Fr: Hibernians - 2,000

Scorers: Aitken, MacFarlane - Douglas, Porter

There is not much vigour in the play and it is almost half-time before DOUGLAS breaks the deadlock [0-1].

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Hibernians 1.

United up their game and AITKEN nets with a splendid shot [1-1].

A couple of minutes later MACFARLANE cleverly tips the ball through [2-1].

PORTER's fine shot equals the scoring [2-2].

Full-time: Newcastle 2 Hibernians 2.

27/04 - United have allowed Woolwich Arsenal to approach Jackson and they are thought to be willing to allow Stott, Ostler, Smith and Harvey to leave. Wardrope has re-signed but Peddie still has not.

In wretched weather United seem to be a lot more motivated than their visitors and win comfortably.

Fr: Derby - 2,000

Scorers: Wardrope, Stevenson, Aitken, Peddie - Allan

The weather is vile and the ground is heavy. United are trialling two new local players at the back.

Newcastle appear to be far more motivated than their visitors and score through AITKEN, STEVENSON and WARDROPE [3-0].

Half-time: Newcastle 3 Derby 0.

Bloomer sets up ALLAN to pull one back [3-1] but PEDDIE heads in a fourth [4-1].

Full-time: Newcastle 4 Derby 1.

28/04 - Newcastle sign Third Lanark left-back DR Gardner (22) for £200 or £500. He has won two Scottish caps and was regarded as one of the best backs in Scotland last year. He is 5' 9" and has played over 60 games for the Scots.

29/04 - Peddie and Ostler sign on again.

Well-built right-half James Lindsay (18) signs amateur forms. He is 5' 10" played for Jarrow this season. A sturdy fellow he is employed as a blacksmith.


01/05 - Work commences at St James'. The pitch will be levelled and drained and other improvements will be made to the enclosure.

02/05 - James Jackson (23) moves to Woolwich Arsenal for £40. The Scot joined United from Rangers at the end of the 1896/97 season and has been the regular left-back for the last two seasons. The arrival of Gardner would appear to have precipitated the move. A strict tee-totaller, Jackson made 68 appearances and scored 3 goals.

08/05 - Colin Veitch - one of the cleverest half-backs unearthed in the district - is secured. He has been on trial since January and previously refused an offer of £3 10s all year round from a Lancashire club.

10/05 - Dundee have had right-back John White (28) on loan and have now signed him permanently. A strong and sturdy back he was a regular fixture in the side for a couple of seasons and appeared 53 times, scoring once.

Right-back James Lockey (25) returns from his loan spell with Grimsby.

15/05 - Newcastle release their Financial Statement which will be submitted to the AGM and as expected it makes for very good reading. Gross receipts amounted to almost £11,300 and a profit of almost £2,900 has been recorded. Some of the money in the bank will be used to fund the ground redevelopment and for the acquisition of new players.

15/05 - The AGM is held at the Hotel Metrepole and is characterized by harmony and good feeling. Mr William Neasham occupies the chair, and in the course of his remarks he claims they will one of the best, if not the best, football grounds in the country next season. Messrs G.G. Archibald, J. Bell, Louis Zollner, and James Lunn are elected directors. Mr Neasham announced that it had been decided to raise the price of the season tickets for next season but after a long discussion the subject is allowed to drop. Mr Watt, in reply to a question, said that the players signed on for next season are: Matt Kingsley, Billy Lindsay, Alex Gardner (Third Lanark), Thomas Ghee, John Ostler, Willie Higgins, Andy Aitken, Joe Rogers, Jimmy Stevenson, Jack Peddie, Sandy Macfarlane, Tom Niblo, Willie Wardrope, Charles Watts, Ted Birnie, Tommy Lacey, Proctor, Colin Veitch, Jack Carr, Kelly, Smoult, William Simm, William Milne, Thomas Lamb, John Harvey and Jimmy Collins. Mr Turnbull advised that he was almost sure that before another season began they would have signed on more than one first-class man whom they thought they needed, and whom he thought they could secure. There was some discussion on the subject of stand accommodation, but the meeting accepted the assurance of the chairman and directors that the alterations at present being made would meet with general satisfaction.

John Harvey (32) retires. He joined Newcastle from Sunderland in May 1897 and played a major part during the promotion season but the arrival of Stevenson saw him limited to only 3 appearances during 1898/99. In all he scored 10 goals in 35 appearances.

The new men are: Kingsley (goal), comes from Darwen, weighs 13st. 41bs., 22 years of age, and is sft. 10iin. W. H. Higgins (centre half-back), played for Grimsby five years, stands sft. 104 in., weighs 11 stones, and is 25 years old. J. Rogers (outside right), for the last two seasons was with Grimsby. He owns up to 22 years, his height is sft. 10 1 in., and he turns the scale at 12st. Gibs.