NUFC 1918/19 - Diary


--/05 - On the suggestion of the Football League and Football Association a set of friendlies is to be played between Newcastle, Sunderland and Middlesbrough in aid of the National Football War Fund. The first game will be played against Sunderland on Saturday.

There are several juniors and guests in each team but Sunderland cleverly outplay the Tynesiders.

Fr: Sunderland - 6,000

Scorers: Phillipson - Holley, Buchan (2)

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Sunderland 2

Full-time: Newcastle 1 Sunderland 3

An entertaining and topsy-turvy draw

Fr: Middlesbrough - 4,000+

Scorers: Chambers (2-1 pen), Low - Stage, Turnbull, Thompson

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Middlesbrough 2

Full-time: Newcastle 3 Middlesbrough 3

13/05 - An athletics festival will be held at St James' on Whit Monday featuring a competition between military and munition workers. The proceeds will go to the Lord Mayor's War Relief Fund.

18/05 - A couple of charity matches take place at St James'. A match between lady munition workers in aid of the Newcastle Eye Infirmary is followed by a match between Scotswood Works and Elswick works which features many League players.

20/05 - Mayoress Miss A. Anderson kicks off as a Newcastle (McCracken) XI take on South Shields at Horsley Hill Road.

31/05 - The Annual Report reveals a loss of £812 last year. Income was £730 and expenditure was £l,542. The matches against Middlesbrough and Sunderland were not as well attended as hoped but (after expenses were deducted) still raised £l40.


07/06 - The Annual Meeting is held under the presidency of Mr Graham. Mr Watt advises that "notwithstanding repeated applications Bradford City have not yet paid the £l,200 agreed upon the transfer of Albert Shepherd". Chelsea are also in debt to the club. Dr Simpson is elected to the Board to fill the vacancy left by the unfortunate death of Mr Milne.

08/06 - A friendly international (in aid of charity) takes place between Scotland and England at Celtic Park. United keeper Lawrence was the main force behind assembling the England side and Bill McCracken played at right-back.


15/07 - Frank Watt is one of four officials awarded a long service medal by the Football League. United director Mr P Oliver is re-elected to the League Management Committee.

19/07 - Mr Oliver is appointed as United's new Chairman.


04/08 - Frank Hudspeth is one of 27 naval instructors who take part in a clever gymnastics display at the second Nottingham Patriotic Fair.

12/08 - Former player Findlay Speedie is awarded a military medal.

14/08 - Colin Veitch (who is currently a Lieutenant in the British Army) is one of the candidates (for MP) whom the British Workers League are proposing to adopt as anti-pacifists in the Northumberland and Durham constituencies.

17/08 - The first practice game is held for the Newcastle Swifts. Several of last season's players have been called up but there have been numerous applications to fill their places. Sergeant Paisley scores twice as the Stripes beat the Plains 2-1 .

A continuation of the matches in aid of the National Football War Fund. The match should have been played at Sunderland but the Roker Park pitch and stadium is not in a fit state. Sunderland win comfortably.

Fr: Sunderland - 4,000

Lawrence, McCracken, English, Curry, Milne, tbc, Donnelly, Thornley, Chambers, Hall, Hibbert.

Scorers: Holley, Leonard, Williams, tbc

HOLLEY [0-1]

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Sunderland 1


Full-time: Newcastle 0 Sunderland 4


07/09 - Bill McCracken is going to take a team of internationals across the water to meet a representative Irish side on October 12th.

16/09 - The game against Sunderland raised £142 11sh

27/09 - The FA have refused to allow McCracken to take a team to Ireland as it would be a breach of travelling restrictions.

30/09 - After receiving an application from the Irish FA, the FA agree to give permission for what is being dubbed the "British War Team verses the Irish War Team". Proceeds will go to local hospitals and the Prisoner of War Fund.


11/10 - Colin Veitch has accepted an invitation (from the British Workers League) to stand for parliament in the General Election in the Newcastle East constituency.

The British and Irish "War" Teams meet at Windsor Park Belfast. The English team includes McCracken, Hibbert and Lawrence and the latter is in superb form to keep a clean sheet in a goalless draw. Lord and Lady Londonderry offer their patronage and present the players with handsome mementos. Yesterday the English team were dinner guests of the High Sherriff of Belfast before going to the Hippodrome.


21/11 - The Sunderland Board hold a meeting to discuss whether to resume playing and they unanimously agree to do so at the earliest convenience. It is believed that there is a proposal on the table to form a district combination involving a number of local clubs.


06/12 - At a meeting in Sunderland, officials from Newcastle, Sunderland, Middlesbrough, Durham, South Shields and Scotswood agree to form a Northern Victory League. The competition will start in the New Year and West Hartlepool and Darlington will also be invited to join. Another meeting is planned for the 19th.

14/12 - Hudspeth plays for the Royal Naval Division (Crystal Palace) team in a match against the RAF.

14/12 - United outside-right Angus Douglas dies from pneumonia only five days after his wife passed away. Douglas (a native of Lochmaken, Dumfriesshire) signed from Chelsea.

19/12 - Officials from Newcastle, Middlesbrough, Sunderland, Hartlepools, Durham, Scotswood and South Shields meet to firm up details of the Northern Victory League. Darlington Forge Albion have also been invited and are keen to join but their ground is currently being used by the cricket club. They will be given until the end of the year to confirm. Amongst the decisions made it is agreed to draw up a list of referees who will be paid 7s 6d per game plus the third class railway fare.

A match in aid of "Comrades of the Great War" in which both sides contain numerous guest players and Newcastle include the recently repatriated prisoner of war and famous international Steve Bloomer. The match is set in motion by the Lord Mayor of Newcastle who is a warm sympathiser with all manly, clean sports. He kicks off with such a virility and direction that it surprises the Wearsiders, but they soon clear their penalty area. Sunderland are the best combination before the break but Newcastle take control thereafter. The receipts are €460.

Fr: Sunderland - 19,000

Lawrence, McCracken, English (Sheff. U.), Wake, Finlay, Curry, Harvey (St Mirren), Curtis, Bloomer (Derby), Cooper, Higgins, Clarke (Cardiff)

Scorers: Cooper (2), Clarke Bloomer

Sunderland monopolise the honours and Hakefost hits an upright but with Lawrence in excellent form they can't find a goal.

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Sunderland 0

55m - COOPER (who was only demobolised yesterday) scores with a swift, low shot [1-0].

57m - The ball comes across and without hesitation CLARKE nets just inside the post; it is a magnificent effort [2-0].

71m - BLOOMER delights the onlookers with a left-footed drive [3-0].

86m - COOPER grabs his second [4-0].

Full-time: Newcastle 4 Sunderland 0

Roker Park reopens for the first time since April 1915 and the home side win in a keenly contested eighty-minute game in which both defences play expertly.

Fr: Sunderland - 18,000 (12,400)

Robson, McCracken, Bell, Finlay, Curry, Harvey, Farrier, Dixon, Cooper, Booth, Clarke.

Scorers: Philips

10m - Sunderland start well and when Best's cross-shot is only partially cleared PHILIPS is on hand [0-1].

Half-time: Sunderland 1 Newcastle 0

Full-time: Sunderland 1 Newcastle 0

26/12 - 27,000 fans attend St James' to see the Newcastle Ladies team beat Whitehaven.

28/12 - Lawrence plays for Glentoran against Linfield and it is thought that Linfield will protest against his appearance claiming that it violated his professional status.


03/01 - A meeting is held at the Grand Hotel Sunderland of the Northern Victory League members. Darlington have send they can join and although Bishop Auckland have also made an approach Darlington win a vote to decide which club should be admitted.

There a fine attendance to witness the meeting of Newcastle United and Hartlepool United at Newcastle in the new "Victory" League Competition. United attack vigorously and although the Hartlepool goal has some marvellous escapes their old weakness in front of goal lets them down.

NVL: Newcastle 0 Hartlepools 0 - 18,000 or 15,000

Lawrence, McCracken, Hudspeth, Wake, Finlay, Hunter, Farrier, Dixon, Cooper, Booth, Best

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Hartlepools 0

Full-time: Newcastle 0 Hartlepools 0

The wasteful Magpies just edge out Scotswood in a keenly contested match.

NVL: Scotswood 2 Newcastle 3 - 10,000

Lawrence, McCracken, Hudspeth, Curry, Low, Finlay, Farrier, Cooper, Brown, Fulthorpe, Donnelly.

Scorers: Donnelly, Fulthorpe, Brown - Henderson (2)


Soon after HENDERSON equalises [1-1].



Half-time: Scotswood 2 Newcastle 2

Newcastle are guilty of wasting numerous chances before BROWN scores the winner [3-2].

Full-time: Scotswood 2 Newcastle 3

Despite the bad weather there is a decent crowd and they saw a football exhibition worthy of the two clubs.

NVL: Newcastle 4 Sunderland 3 - 12,000 or 18,000

Lawrence, McCracken, Hudspeth, Curry, Reed, Finlay, Farrier, Dixon, Booth, Fulthorpe, Donnelly.

Scorers: Booth (2), Finlay, Hudspeth (pen) - Mordue (3 - 1 pen)

Newcastle start well but are weak in front of goal and MORDUE scores twice (including a penalty) [0-2].

BOOTH [1-2].

MORDUE [1-3].

FINLAY [2-3].

Half-time: Newcastle 2 Sunderland 3

BOOTH [3-3].

HUDSPETH penalty [4-3].

Full-time: Newcastle 4 Sunderland 3

27/01 - Wilf Low - who has been assisting Fulham - has returned to Tyneside.


The Dean of Durham (Bishop Welldon) kicks off and a couple of goals from Booth secure victory in a capital game.

NVL: Durham City 0 Newcastle 2 - 9,000 or 10,000

Lawrence, McCracken, Hudspeth, Curry, Reed, Finlay, Farrier, Dixon, Booth, Fulthorpe, Donnelly.

Scorers: Booth (2)

Half-time: Durham City 0 Newcastle 0

BOOTH [1-0].

BOOTH [2-0].

Full-time: Durham City 0 Newcastle 2


United concede 3 times after the break and lose for the first time in the Northern Victory League.

NVL: Middlesbrough 3 Newcastle 0 - 20,000

Lawrence, McCracken, Hudspeth, Curry, Low, Finlay, Farrier, Wall, Booth, Fulthorpe, Donnelly.

Scorers: Elliot (2), tbc

Half-time: Middlesbrough 0 Newcastle 0

Full-time: Middlesbrough 3 Newcastle 0

12/02 — Leut. Colin Veitch - who is still in France - has resigned his position as Chairman of the Players Union. However, it has not been accepted and the Union hope to persuade him to change his mind.

On a foggy day at Horsley Hill the sides play out a competitive game on a heavy ground.

NVL: South Shields 1 Newcastle 1 - 10,000

Lawrence, McCracken, Hudspeth, Curry, Low, Finlay, Farrier, Dixon, Booth, Fulthorpe, Cooper.

Scorers: Cooper - Sibbald

20m - COOPER [1-0].

Half-time: South Shields 0 Newcastle 1

46m - SIBBALD nets after a brilliant dribble [1-1].

80m - Shields' centre-forward Thornley is carried off after suffering a bad injury.

Full-time: South Shields 1 Newcastle 1


Darlington record their first win in the Victory League in a surprise win at St. James'.

NVL: Newcastle 0 Darlington Forge Albion 2 - 8,000

Lawrence, McCracken, Hudspeth, Curry, Low, Finlay, Farrier, Dixon, Booth, Fulthorpe, Smith.

Scorers: tbc

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Darlington F. Albion 1

Full-time: Newcastle 0 Darlington F .Albion 2

08/03 - Newcastle United Ladies team suffer their first defeat when they are beaten at Deepdale by Dick Keir's Preston side.

Scotswood come from behind twice to secure a draw.

NVL: Newcastle 2 Scotswood 2 - 12,000

Lawrence, McCracken, Little, Curry, Low, Finlay, Gibson, Hutchinson, Cooper, Booth, Wilson W.

Scorers: Booth, Cooper - Spence (2)

BOOTH converts a Gibson centre [1-0].

SPENCE [1-1].

COOPER nets with a fine run and shot [2-1].

Half-time: Newcastle 2 Scotswood 1

SPENCE [2-2].

Full-time: Newcastle 2 Scotswood 2

Scotswood come from behind twice to secure a draw.

22/03 - NVL: Sunderland 2 Newcastle 1 - 20,000

Lawrence, Hudspeth, Bell, Curry, Low, Finlay, Cooper, Dixon, Doran, Booth, Cummings.

Scorers: Doran - tbc

Half-time: Sunderland 1 Newcastle 1

Full-time: Sunderland 2 Newcastle 1

22/03 - Bill McCracken is in the Irish side that meets Scotland in Glasgow. McCracken last played for his country in 1907 after which his international career was brought to a halt due to his disagreements with the Irish FA about match payments. They finally patched up their differences a couple of years ago.

Middlesbrough beat the Magpies again.

NVL: Newcastle 0 Middlesbrough 1 - 35,000

Bradley, McCracken, Hudspeth, Curry, Low, Wilson W, Cooper, Dixon, Doran, Cook, Ramsay.

Scorers: tbc

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Middlesbrough 1

Full-time: Newcastle 0 Middlesbrough 1


Play on the whole is quiet and uninteresting. United take the lead through a Hudspeth penalty but the home side bounce back to win comfortably.

Fr: Middlesbrough 4 Newcastle 1 - 6,000

Scorers: Hudspeth (pen) - Fanshaw, Storer, G. Carr (2)

HUDSPETH converts a penalty [1-0].

FANSHAW equalises with a clever shot [1-1].

Half-time: Middlesbrough 1 Newcastle 1

STORER and G. CARR (2) [1-4].

Full-time: Newcastle 0 Middlesbrough 1

07/04 - McCracken is selected for the Irish team to play Scotland in Belfast on April 19th.

11/04 - The special general meeting of the North-Eastern League is held in Newcastle and it is decided to restart the League with eighteen clubs including Newcastle Reserves.

United win a very poor game in which the forward line - in particular - failed to shine again.

NVL: Newcastle 2 Durham City 0 - 15,000

Mellor, McCracken, Hudspeth, Curry, Low, Finlay, Cooper, Hagan, Doran, Hibbert, Ramsay.

Scorers: Hagan, Dobson or Musgrove og

10m - Holmes' clearance rebounds into the net off DOBSON for a very lucky goal. [1-0].

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Durham City 0

New recruit HAGAN scores a second [2-0].

Full-time: Newcastle 2 Durham City 0

Fr: Scotswood 0 Newcastle 1 - 12,000 or 30,000

Scorers: Low

LOW [1-0].

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Scotswood 0

Full-time: Newcastle 1 Scotswood 0

The football is keen rather than brilliant on a fine day in front of a huge crowd.

NVL: Newcastle 1 South Shields 1 - 38,000

Bradley, Little, Bell, Dixon, Low, Curry, Cooper, Hagan, Doran, Hibbert, Ramsay.

Scorers: Little (pen) - Rogerson

12m - Hibbert is fouled in the area and LITTLE scores from the penalty [1-0].

Shields have the advantage of the wind and slope but although they attack spiritedly United defend well.

Half-time: Newcastle 1 South Shields 0


Full-time: Newcastle 1 South Shields 1

In beautiful weather a relatively inexperienced United side suffer a thrashing.

NVL: Hartlepools 6 Newcastle 1 - 5,000

Bradley, Little, Bell, Curry, Low, Finlay, Cooper, Hagan, Wilson J, Hibbert, Ramsay.

Scorers: Hibbert - Hewitt (2), Butler (2), Cook, Toward

15m - HEWITT dashes up and heads nicely through from a rebound [0-1].

A rasping shot from BUTLER goes just inside the upright [0-2].

BUTLER beautifully lobs the ball over Bradley [0-3].

Half-time: Hartlepools 3 Newcastle 0

COOK hits a fast one [0-4].

From the restart HIBBERT races through to score [1-4].

A minute later HEWITT scores his second [1-5].

TOWARD scores the goal of the match with a shot from an acute angle from the extreme wing [1-6].

Full-time: Hartlepools 6 Newcastle 1

22/04 - There are 35,000 in St James' (with many others failing to get in because of the crush) as a Ladies team from Newcastle and District play out a goalless draw with Dick Keir's Preston side.

24/04 - Robert Hewison the splendid, versatile half-back has been appointed as secretary-manager Leeds City; the club that he has been assisting during war-time.

NVL: Darlington F Albion 0 Newcastle 4 - 4,000

Bradley, Little, Donnelly, Curry, Low, Finlay, Cooper, Hagan, Wilson, Hibbert, Ramsay.

Scorers: Ramsay (2), Wilson J, Cook (og)

Half-time: Darlington F. Albion 0 Newcastle 3

Full-time: Darlington F. Albion 0 Newcastle 4

Fr: South Shields 0 Newcastle 1 - 5,000

Scorers: Hibbert

HIBBERT [1-0].

Half-time: South Shields 0 Newcastle 1

Full-time: South Shields 0 Newcastle 1

Fr: Wallsend 0 Newcastle 2/3 - 3,000

Scorers: Hibbert, Johnson

Full-time: Wallsend 0 Newcastle 3


02/05 - The FA have sanctioned the presentation of scarf-pins or medals to the players who take part in the War Fund match between Sunderland and Newcastle on the 17th. However, they stipulate that the gate money should not be used so Sunderland approach Mr Storer who is happy to hand over a £15 cheque.

National Football War Fund match

Fr: Newcastle 2 Middlesbrough 2 - 18,000

Scorers: Cox, Hagan - tbc

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Middlesbrough 0

Full-time: Newcastle 2 Middlesbrough 2

10/05 - In a charity game at South Shields,McCracken and Low play for South Shields and District against a Players Union side.

entire proceeds benefit of Footballer's National War Fund - players gold scarf pins courtesy Mr S. Storer who is present. Wearmouth Colliery Band

Fr: Sunderland 3 Newcastle 2 - 16,000

Scorers: Hagan (2) - tbc

Half-time: Sunderland 2 Newcastle 0

Full-time: Sunderland 3 Newcastle 2

Henderson, the old Cardiff City player, signs on for United.