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Key Stats

Division 119th ManagerDirectors Committee > A Cunningham
FA CupQF TrainerJ McPherson
Attendance 32,463 CaptainJ Hill
ChairmanJ Lunn Top ScorerH Gallagher (34)

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newcastle 1929/30 programme

With sixteen minutes left of the campaign left United - who were being held at home by West ham – were on their way to Division 2. But a goal from Devine meant they finished one point ahead of Burnley.

It was a disastrous campaign due mainly to United’s atrocious away form. They lost 16 of the games (worst ever) and won only 2. it is the joint worst away record in the club’s history.

Newcastle had failed to build upon their Championship success of 1926/27 and despite continuing to invest heavily in new players the Novocastrian empire really crumbled during the last season of the 1920s

Gallagher once again requested a transfer before the campaign started and it looked as though he was on his way this time when United splashed out just over £4,000 to sign Dundee United's centre-forward Hutchinson.

But he stayed once again and got off to his usual flyer with 10 goals in the first 8 games. However after a reasonable start a 5 game losing run from mid October sent The Magpies tumbling down the table, a position from which they never fully recovered.

The club responded both in their traditional way and with a radical new approach.

They got their cheque books out and spent another £14,000 on 'keeper McInroy, centre-half Davidson, winger Cape and inside-forward Devine. But they also appointed Andy Cunningham as player-manager in January (although he only played himself five times)

The signings made no difference to the results and come the final day of the season United were in 19th and one of six clubs who could be relegated.

A single goal from one of those expensive imports - Devine - was enough to beat West Ham; a vital victory as in a crazy set of results all the other five clubs also won (6-2 5-1, 4-1, 3-1 and 1-0!)

At least there was a Cup Run as United struggled past lower league opposition before losing to Hull (who would be relegated from Division 2 that season) in the Quarter Finals.

The spirit amongst palyers and fans alike had reached a very low ebb and some of the supporters began to turn on the players especially Tommy Urwin who escaped to Sunderland in February.



D1 31/8/29 H Manchester Utd W 4 - 1
D1 04/9/29 H Blackburn W 5 - 1
D1 07/9/29 A Grimsby L 0 - 4
D1 09/9/29 A WHU L 1 - 5
D1 14/9/29 H Leicester W 2 - 1
D1 16/9/29 A Blackburn L 2 - 4
D1 21/9/29 A Birmingham L 1 - 5
D1 28/9/29 H Huddersfield W 5 - 2
D1 05/10/29 A Sheffield Utd L 0 - 1
D1 12/10/29 H Burnley W 2 - 1
D1 19/10/29 A Sunderland L 0 - 1
D1 26/10/29 H Bolton L 2 - 3
D1 02/11/29 A Everton L 2 - 5
D1 09/11/29 H Sheff Wed L 1 - 3
D1 16/11/29 A Man City L 0 - 3
D1 23/11/29 H Portsmouth W 4 - 1
D1 30/11/29 A Arsenal W 1 - 0
D1 07/12/29 H Aston Villa D 2 - 2
D1 14/12/29 A Leeds Utd L 2 - 5
D1 21/12/29 H Derby L 2 - 3
D1 25/12/29 H Middlesbrough W 3 - 2
D1 26/12/29 A Middlesbrough D 2 - 2
D1 28/12/29 A Manchester Utd L 0 - 5
D1 04/1/30 H Grimsby W 3 - 1
D1 18/1/30 A Leicester L 1 - 6
D1 01/2/30 A Huddersfield L 0 - 2
D1 08/2/30 H Sheffield Utd L 3 - 5
D1 22/2/30 H Sunderland W 3 - 0
D1 08/3/30 H Everton W 1 - 0
D1 11/3/30 A Burnley W 3 - 0
D1 15/3/30 A Sheff Wed L 2 - 4
D1 22/3/30 H Man City D 2 - 2
D1 29/3/30 A Portsmouth L 0 - 2
D1 02/4/30 H Birmingham D 1 - 1
D1 05/4/30 H Arsenal D 1 - 1
D1 09/4/30 A Bolton D 1 - 1
D1 12/4/30 A Aston Villa L 0 - 2
D1 18/4/30 H Liverpool W 3 - 1
D1 19/4/30 H Leeds Utd W 2 - 1
D1 21/4/30 A Liverpool D 0 - 0
D1 26/4/30 A Derby L 1 - 3
D1 03/5/30 H WHU W 1 - 0
Sheff. Wed 1-3 2-4
Derby 2-3 1-3
Man. City 2-2 0-3
Aston Villa 2-2 0-2
Leeds 2-1 2-5
Blackburn 5-1 2-4
West Ham 1-0 0-5
Leicester 2-1 1-6
Sunderland 3-0 0-1
Huddersfield 5-0 0-2
Birmingham 1-1 1-5
Liverpool 3-1 1-1
Portsmouth 4-1 0-2
Arsenal 1-1 0-1
Bolton 2-3 1-1
Middlesbrough 3-2 2-2
Man. United 4-1 0-5
Grimsby 3-1 0-4
Sheff. United 3-5 0-1
Burnley 2-1 3-0
Everton 1-0 2-5
Gallacher in action against Liverpool

With sixteen minutes left of the campaign left United - who were being held at home by West ham – were on their way to Division 2. But a goal from Devine meant they finished one point ahead of Burnley.

It was a disastrous campaign due mainly to United’s atrocious away form. They lost 16 of the games (worst ever) and won only 2. Along with 189 it is the worst away record in the club’s history.

FA Cup

R3 11/1/30 H York D 1 - 1
R3r 15/1/30 A York W 2 - 1
R4 25/1/30 H Leyton Orient W 3 - 1
R5 15/2/30 H Brighton and Hove Albion W 3 - 0
QF 01/3/30 H Hull D 1 - 1
QFr 06/3/30 A Hull L 0 - 1
Gallacher thwarted against Brighton

R3: On a snowbound pitch United were sensationally held to a draw by Division 3 York who defended superbly in a very cleanly contested game. And the replay was equally as tough with Newcastle having to come from behind.

R4: Teenager Richardson is the star with an excellent hat-trick in a comfortable win over Orient.

R5: The visitors have already knocked out two First Division clubs but they disappoint as they struggle to handle the irrepressible Gallacher who scores a hat-trick.

QF: Hull deservedly force a replay in a fierce cup-tie which tempers fray and there are a number of nasty incidents. The Yorkshire men win the replay after a tremendous display from custodian Gibson, who is carried from the field shoulder high at the end.


An inquiry was set up to investigate the Hungarian FA's complaints about United emanating from the disastrous summer tour. After hearing evidence from both sides the FA released the following statement.

"We are of the opinion from the indifferent displays given by Newcastle United during the tour that the Hungarian F.A. was justified in endeavouring to cancel the contract. The match, however, which was against Hungaria FC, having been played, the money retained - £165 - must be paid over to the Newcastle United club. We are further of the opinion that the referee's conduct of the game was not satisfactory. With regard to the reports as to Gallacher and Maitland being ordered off the field on the evidence, we make no order.

The Hungarian FA were not happy with the resolution and later stated that United would be banned from playing in their country until they have given entire satisfaction for an offending term alleged to have been used by a member of the United party during last summer’s visit.

A Cunningham

For the first time in their history United appointed a manager - albeit a playing one - with the highly experienced Andy Cunningham taking on the role in January. However, he only made four more playing appearances.

Three United directors passed away and as a result Dr. Rutherford of Wallsend was co-opted onto the Board.

Into Toon

Date Name Age From Fee
08/29A Fidler23 Gosforth BL Swifts £25
08/29D Hutchinson26 Dundee United£4,050
10/29A McInroy28 Sunderland£2,750
10/29A Jones Lancaster Town£350
11/29S Weaver20 Hull City£2,500
01/30J Cape18 Carlisle£1,750
01/30J Devine24 Burnley£5,575
01/30D Davidson24 Liverpool£4,000
05/30D Bell20 Wallyford Bluebell£150
05/30O Park25 Connah's QuayFree
05/30J Wilkinson21 Sheffield Wednesday£3,000
05/30R Starling20 Hull City£3,750
05/30D Lindsay27 Cowdenbeath£2,700
J Devine
D Hutchinson
A McInroy

Outta Toon

Date Name Age From Fee
06/29W Wilson28 Millwall £700
06/29W Gillespie25 Bristol RoversFree
07/29W Carlton21 Merthyr TydfilFree
07/29R Bradley22 Fulham£125
07/29O Park24 Connah's QuayFree
07/29Thompson Bristol CityFree
12/29L Nainby Blackpool£200
02/30T Urwin 33/4 Sunderland£525
04/30Dunmore Derby
05/30O Bowden Derby
05/30W Carr West Brom
05/30W Ryott Carlisle
05/30A Cunningham Retired
05/30H Gallacher Chelsea £10,000
05/30A Maitland Jarrow
05/30E Wood
Hughie Gallacher



Player A S G
Boyd J 17 1
Burns M 7
Cape J 10 1
Chalmers W 16 4
Cunningham A 5
Davidson D 2
Devine J 16 8
Fairhurst D 17
Fidler A 5
Gallacher H 44 34
Harris J 41
Hill J 37 2
Hutchison D 18 6
Lang T 32 5
MacKenzie R 18
Maitland A 28
Mathison G 13
McCurley J 14 1
McDonald T 34 5
McInroy A 36
Nevin G 6
Richardson JR 11 4
Richardson Joe 16
Scott G 10 2
Thomson B 29
Urwin T 20 2
Weaver S 21
Wilson J 1
Wood E 4
own goals 1


01: Burns > Mclnroy

02: Maitland > Richardson J

03: Thomson > Fairhurst

04: McKenzie or Harris

05: Hill

06: Harris or Weaver

07: Boyd or Urwin > Cape

08: Richardson or Chalmers > Devine

09: Gallacher

10: McDonald or McCurley

11: Lang

Player Picks

It was an open secret that personal differences existed both within the Newcastle team and between certain players and the club officials. This certainly impacted upon the team's performances and led to star players Gallacher and Hill both handing in transfer requests

in November, former United centre-forward Albert Shepherd passed away at the Crown and Cushion Hotel in Bolton where he was the licensee.

The body of former footballer Alfred Brown - who had a short spell on Tyneside - was discovered on a roadway adjacent to Largs beach. Empty bottles of lysol and aspirin were found by his side.


Some of Newcastle's hilarious supporters

A couple of shareholders were so concerned with the state of affairs at the club that they sent a letter to all other shareholders asking them to attend a special meeting to discuss two resolutions. A request that the directors called and EGM or for them to receive an elected shareholders deputation.

A number of players were barracked during the season including captain Hill (after he had requwated a transfer) and Urwin.

A Newcastle United Supporter Association was formed.

Strange but Toon

Schoolboy Edward Carr (14) broke his arm when he tripped on a broken terrace step at St James' and went to Court to try and get damages. The club claimed that as he was attending a schoolboy match United were technically not responsible. However, the Judge disagreed and ordered them to pay £250 damages.

T.H. Scott of Hexham devised a unique method of advertising the film "Four Feathers" which was showing at the City Hall, Newcastle. H e arranged for two 23-foot "kite banners" to be displayed over the heads of the spectators at a home match bearing the words "Four Feathers at the City Hall". It caused a great deal of attention and comment and excellent business resulted.

Due to a lack of support South Shields FC wanted to move "lock, stock and barrel" to the east end of Newcastle but the move was blocked by the Football League Management Committee after Newcastle objected. They then were given permission to move to Gateshead without Newcastle's blessing with the Management committee believing that as Gateshead was in a different County they wouldn’t mind. United did not appeal against the decision but a Newcastle director pointed out that the distances involved were virtually the same.

Being Hughie

Lucky to escape with minor injuries after overturning his motor-car.

Fined £5 by the FA for breaking regulations regarding the criticism of other players.

Arrested for fighting in the street.

A transfer request at the beginning of the season was turned down but he was sold at the end of the campaign.

Inadvertently kicked off a row between the English and Scottish FA when – after discussions with Newcastle officials - he withdrew from a Scotland squad to play for United against Arsenal.

Deliberately missed a controversially-awarded penalty in the home game against Burnley.


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