Newcastle United 1929/30 Season Diary

NUFC 1929/30 Squad

05/06 - The FA reveal that they have received a £165 cheque from the Hungarian FA, but without any covering letter supporting the charges made. “The money belongs to Newcastle United" said FA secretary Mr. Wall. “It is their guarantee, and we have no right to withhold it from them on the strength of vague foreign allegations of unfair play. Newcastle United strenuously deny the charges, and they have said quite openly that they are ready to meet any investigation we may hold, but we shall certainly not hold any such inquiry unless the Hungarian football authorities make definite charges in writing".

Monty Wilkinson:

07/06 - Reserve centre-forward J. "Monty" Wilkinson moves to Everton. A native of Esh Winning he made 16 appearances last season scoring a creditable 9 goals.

08/06 - A journalist from the Berliner Tageblatt who attended the match in Milan supports United’s case. He states that both the Italian team and the linesmen lost their heads and that the referee allowed them to hold, push and punch the Newcastle players. He also says that the referee blew for offside whenever Newcastle got into a dangerous position and made lots of other unfair decisions.

10/06 - The Athletic News contains a letter from a couple of ex-patriots who are critical of the way Newcastle played in Milan stating that they "are very sorry indeed to have to confess that a display of football such as that, witnessed by Newcastle in the match in question does anything but further the British prestige of football on the Continent".

11/06 - Frank Wall (FA Secretary) has received a cable from the Hungarian FA stating that they have posted a report to him. He has seen the press reports and reveals that he met three United directors last Tuesday who were very concerned and are adamant that there is "not the slightest foundation for the allegations". Wall explains that until the report has been received "nothing more can be said".

Walter Wilson

13/06 - Walter Wilson signs for Millwall for £600. He joined from Peeble Rovers in 1925 and in four seasons has played 134 games. He took over as first-choice from Bradley in the 1925/26 season and retained the shirt until Burns replaced him during the last campaign.

15/06 - Mr Wall announces that the report has now been received and a copy has been sent to the club. The Hungarians are asking for an enquiry to be carried out.

19/06 - The United Board will meet tomorrow to discuss the report. The FA have invited Newcastle to make any comments/corrections and then they will decide what action to take. Wall says that in 34 years as an official at the FA he has never come across such allegations against an English football team on the continent.

20/06 - The Board meet for three hours and secretary Watt states that they have framed a lengthy reply for the FA which completely denies the charges. They have also stated that if a commission is to be held they want the Hungarian Report and their official reply to be published in full.

25/06 - The accounts are released and they reveal that the club made a loss of £9,962 last year, due in main to the large sums laid out on transfer fees. The total revenue was £48,386, gate receipts were £43,000 and wages/transfer fees/other expenses amounted to £27,373.

Walter Gillespie

28/06 - Left-back Walter Gillespie (25) moves to Bristol Rovers. He joined from East Fife two years ago and although some of his North-Eastern League performances have been excellent he has not been as successful as hoped. He is 5' 8" and 11st 4lb. He made 9 appearances in total, but only appeared twice last season following Thomson's arrival from Sunderland.

29/06 - The FA inform the press that United's formal reply has been received by the FA and will be communicated immediately to the Hungarian FA for their observations. Once these are received they will decide whether any further action is required.

29/06 - William Carlton (who was listed at £500) appealed against the fee and the League Transfer Fee Committee agree to allow him to move for nothing.


08/07 - Hughie Gallacher is extremely lucky to suffer only a bruised shoulder when his car overturns in an incident involving another vehicle. His car is practically wrecked.

10/07 - The organisers of the North-East Coast Exhibition are pressing hard to get Sunderland to reconsider their refusal to take part in the proposed football tournament in September and October. Leeds and Newcastle are thought to have accepted, but Middlesbrough are waiting on Sunderland's decision.

11/07 - The Western Morning News previously published a story stating that the well-known Plymouth masseur and trainer - Fred Axworthy - was joining Newcastle but have now stated this is not true. The original story came from someone purporting to be Fred and was published in good faith.

15/07 - At a special meeting the Sunderland directors once again decline to enter the North-East Coast Exhibition Football Tournament.

W Carlton

22/07 - Merthyr Tydfil sign centre-half-back W Carlton (22). His fee was removed on appeal and he is 5' 9" and 12st 7lb. He came to Tyneside in September 1926 from Washington Colliery Welfare and has made 6 appearances and scored 1 goal

24/07 - Organisers of the North-East Coast Exhibition announce that Newcastle have dropped out of the football tournament and it will now be abandoned. United stated that they only agreed to take part on the basis of Sunderland and Middlesbrough's involvement.

Bob Bradley

26/07 - Fulham have signed reserve right-back Robert Bradley (22) for £125. He joined United from Bishop Auckland as an amateur in November 1926 and turned professional four months later. His only appearance for the first eleven came in the 5-1 home defeat by Leicester in April 1928.

Ossy Park

26/07 - "Ossy" Park (24) has joined Welsh club Connah's Quay. Park joined from Darlington Railway Athletic in November 1924 for a £125 fee. He was able deputy for Spencer and then Hill and made 65 appearances in total.

31/07 - Inside-right Thompson moves to Bristol City.


08/08 - Stan Seymour denies rumours that he has agreed to play for Blyth Spartans in the North-Eastern League next season; he says he has no definite plans yet.

09/08 - The club - perturbed about the state of his groin muscles - send Andy Cunningham to see a specialist.

11/08 - Swindon sign F. McCartney. An outside-left, he is 5' 7" and 11st.

11/08 - United are believed to be concerned about their strength in reserve, they have sold/released a number of players and a lot of the reserves left are young and inexperienced.

11/08 - Hughie Gallacher and two other men are arrested for fighting in Half Moon Lane in Gateshead.

17/08 - Andy Cunningham has had to pull out of today's practice game because he has appendicitis. He will go into a nursing home tomorrow for an operation and is likely to be out of action for a few months.

19/08 - Both Gallacher (address Stirling House, Saltwell Road, Gateshead) and Robert Anderson (a barman who resides in Leazes Terrace) plead not guilty at Gateshead Police Court. The fight ensued after the pair argued about Anderson's sister. She has been missing for a couple of weeks and was last seen with Gallacher (who is married but separated from his wife). Gallacher denies being drunk or head butting him and also claims "my language to Anderson was perfectly candid, not foul". They are both found guilty and bound over for six months for the sum of £5.

24/08 - United sign a new keeper named Siddley following today's practice game.

24/08 - Director Jack Graham and United's Scottish representative (former player) Jimmy Hay watch Dundee United centre-forward Duncan Hutchinson in the game against Greenock Morton. He pleases them exceedingly; however, it is believed that the Scots do not want to part with him.

25/08 - United director Robert William McKenzie has passed away. He has been on the Board for thirty years and is one of the most travelled committee members in the country having scouted scores of players over the years.

26/08 - Hughie Gallacher faces more problems as he is set to be fined £5 by the FA. In 1920 the FA Council decreed that players contributing signed reports, articles or interviews which criticise other players should cease. Sheffield Wednesday made a complaint about Gallacher in relation to this dictive and their complaint has been upheld.

Duncan Hutchinson

27/08 - After lengthy negotiations in Edinburgh, United sign Duncan Hutchinson (24) from Dundee United for a fee believed to be around £4,000. A Fifeshire miner he started as an outside-right but was converted into a centre-forward and was the second top scorer in Division 2 as Dundee won promotion last season. He is a player of the dashing type with a good turn of speed and is clever and whole-hearted. A native of Kelty, he is 5' 9" (in his boots) and 12 stone. This is an interesting acquisition as although Hutchinson will help replace the void caused by Cunningham's absence he is a pivot and Gallacher has previously made it clear that he only wants to play at centre-forward.

28/08 - Rumours circulate that Gallacher will be placed on the open-to-transfer list.

29/08 - Hutchinson arrives in Newcastle to a welcome party of directors (Graham and Oliver), trainer (McPherson) and players (Gallacher, Maitland and Lang); he is a bit shy and refuses to have his photograph taken. But he was soon in earnest conversation with Gallacher. Shortly after Hutchinson's arrival Gallacher makes a request to secretary Frank Watt to be placed on the open-to-transfer list.

Steward blocks from Hutchinson

Gallagher is moved to inside-right to accommodate Hutchinson but Hughie is still the centre of attraction with a brilliant performance and a typical hat-trick. The first period is fairly even but United score just before half-time and dominate after the break.

D1: Newcastle 4 Man. United 1 - 45,000

Burns, Maitland, Thomson, Mackenzie, Hill, Harris, Urwin, Gallacher, Hutchison, McDonald, Lang

Scorers: Gallacher 3, McDonald - Spence

37m - McKenzie plays GALLACHER in with an adroit pass and his shot is too hard and quick for Steward [1-0].

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Man. United 0

48m - Urwin and McDonald work the ball to GALLACHER. It appears impossible to score, but somehow he gets a spin on the ball which allows him to hook it through an avenue of players [2-0].

67m - Urwin passes to MCDONALD to volley in at great pace [3-0].

78m - A mix-up in the United defence allows an unmarked SPENCE to score whilst Maitland lies knocked-out on the turf [3-1].

89m - Steward can only tip a corner to GALLACHER who - with great skill - half-hooks the ball in from close range [4-1].

Full-time: Newcastle 4 Man. United 1


Hughie Gallacher

31/08 - Immediately after the game the directors discuss Gallacher’s request and decide they cannot accede to it and will not entertain any enquiries. Gallacher (laden with golf clubs) takes the train to Scotland. Before he departs he is asked if he has changed his mind: "No! The sooner I leave Tyneside district the better it will be for all concerned". He also (implying that factors other than football are involved) states a move would be beneficial for him as "a person and a player".


03/09 - The directors discuss Gallacher’s request again and their official stance is that they have not reached a decision. With Hutchinson unavailable because he wrenched his knee last Saturday Gallacher reverts to centre-forward.

Gallacher is superb once more and all five forwards score as United play amazingly good football, particularly in the second-half. The game is often more robust than necessary.

D1: Newcastle 5 Blackburn 1 - 40,000

Burns, Maitland, Thomson, Mackenzie, Hill, Harris, Urwin, Richardson JR, Gallacher, McDonald, Lang

Scorers: Gallacher, Lang, McDonald, Richardson, Urwin - Keating

Debutant JR Richardson replaces the injured Hutchinson.

07m - Gallacher pushes the ball to the edge of the box and RICHARDSON gets there just before the defence to score with a great cross drive [1-0].

13m - KEATING scores from twenty-yards [1-1].

Hill's free-kick is headed just under the bar by MCDONALD [2-1].

Campbell drives against the post for Rovers.

Half-time: Newcastle 2 Blackburn 1

60m - Keating is carried off.

66m - GALLACHER's shot deflects off Jones' foot and screws past deceived 'keeper Crawford [3-1].

76m - LANG cuts inside and hits a great out-swinger [4-1].

88m - Gallacher sets up URWIN to smack the ball into the roof of the net [5-1].

Full-time: Newcastle 5 Blackburn 1

Position: 2nd

Newly promoted Grimsby have started in fine form and are well worth their thumping victory in broiling hot weather. Gallacher is subdued by youngster Swaby and misses a penalty.

D1: Grimsby 4 Newcastle 0 - 22,000

Burns, Maitland, Thomson, Mackenzie, Hill, Harris, Urwin, Richardson JR, Gallacher, McDonald, Lang

Scorers: Robson, Coglin (pen), Priestly, Swaby.

12m - Coleman crosses to ROBSON to walk the ball in [0-1].

Coleman breaks through and Hill unceremoniously drops him. COGLIN scores the penalty [0-2].

Jacobsen is injured in a collision with Urwin and departs.

Priestly grasses McDonald but Gallacher shoots his penalty wide.

Half-time: Grimsby 2 Newcastle 0

There is a melee following a corner which ends in PRIESTLY hitting a fine long shot [0-3].

Burns is unsighted as SWABY hits a hard rising drive [0-4].

Full-time: Grimsby 4 Newcastle 0

Position: 6th

On another oppressive day United start impressively and take an early lead, but once the Londoners equalise United crumble far too easily against their direct methods. Gallacher was annoyed by an early decision and spent most of the match arguing instead of trying to win the match.

D1: West Ham 5 Newcastle 1 - 20,000

Fidler, Maitland, Nevin, Mackenzie, Hill, Harris, Urwin, McCurley, Gallacher, McDonald, Lang

Scorers: Gallacher - Yews (2), Ball (2), Watson

Debutant Fidler replaces Burns who was injured at Grimsby and Nevin replaces Thomson who had a bit of a nightmare in the same game.

02m - A free-kick is played to GALLACHER who scores with an excellent left-footed volley [1-0].

23m - YEWS hits a brilliant left-footed shot [1-1].

45m - Fidler fists out and with Maitland knocked out BALL scores [1-2].

Half-time: West Ham 2 Newcastle 1

BALL scores at the end of a clever movement [1-3].

Fidler attempts to turn YEWS' centre over the bar but only succeeds on pushing it into the back of the net [1-4].

Fidler is out-of-position and WATSON takes advantage [1-5].

Full-time: West Ham 5 Newcastle 1

Position: 7th

12/09 - Captain Hill strains a thigh muscle in training to add to United's injury woes.

The weather is dull and it is a poor game in which both sides play below their normal standards. United are inept upfront and Leicester lead until the last twenty minutes when Gallacher scores twice; the second just before time.

D1: Newcastle 2 Leicester 1 - 30,000

Fidler, Maitland, Nevin, Mackenzie, Harris, McCurley, Urwin, Richardson JR, Gallacher, McDonald, Lang

Scorers: Gallacher 2 (1 pen)

Richardson is recalled in place of Hill with McCurley dropping back into the half-back line.

HINE finishes smartly to give the visitors a deserved lead [0-1].

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Leicester 1

70m - GALLACHER scores from a penalty [1-1].

88m - GALLACHER gains possession in the middle of the park, swerves past an opponent and hits a shot of such power that it is in the net before the keeper has time to react [2-1].

Full-time: Newcastle 2 Leicester 1

Position: 7th

United concede three times in seven first-half minutes. Gallacher pulls one back and United dominate after the break for thirty minutes before conceding again.

D1: Blackburn 4 Newcastle 2 - 29,000

Fidler, Maitland, Nevin, Mathison, Harris, McCurley, Boyd, Richardson JR, Gallacher, McDonald, Lang

Scorers: Gallacher, O'Dowd og - Groves, Crompton, Bruton (2)

Mathison replaces Mackenzie (who injured his leg in the last game) and Boyd comes in for Urwin.

18m - With the defence in a tangle the ball falls at GROVES' feet and he drives the ball home [0-1].

20m - CROMPTON finishes off another Blackburn rush [0-2].

25m - BRUTON scores after a great solo run [0-3].

Rankin and McCurley have a disagreement, but they shake hands after the referee gives them a talking to.

44m - GALLACHER speeds away to score a lovely goal [1-3].

Half-time: Blackburn 3 Newcastle 1

United dominate for thirty minutes but cannot score. Gallacher comes closest when he hits the framework.

BRUTON scores after a sudden breakaway [1-4].

O'DOWD puts through his own net in an attempt to foil Boyd [2-4].

Full-time: Blackburn 4 Newcastle 2

Position: 9th

McKenzie will undergo treatment for his leg injury at a nursing home; Burns and Hutchinson should be fit soon.

Birmingham thoroughly deserve to win and they pulverise United in the last 30 minutes

D1: Birmingham 5 Newcastle 1 - 35,000

Fidler, Maitland, Nevin, Harris, Hill, McCurley, Urwin, Boyd, Gallacher, McDonald, Lang

Scorers: Lang - Bradford (3), Curtis, Crosbie

Hill and Urwin (damaged heel) both return.

01m - BRADFORD heads in a Firth cross [0-1] and the home side play with a rare spirit.

16m - The keeper has LANG's shot covered but it deflects off Randle and goes in, some reports credit the goal to the defender [1-1].

27m - CURTIS beats the defence single-handedly and his shot beats Fidler all the way [1-2].

Half-time: Birmingham 2 Newcastle 1

58m - Bradford gets through and even though Hill holds him back so ferociously that his jersey is torn he still manages to score. But the referee has already blown for a free-kick; a decision which causes much resentment amongst the home crowd.

59m - Not to be denied, BRADFORD races onto a Hicks cross [1-3].

82m - It is a hat-trick for BRADFORD as he blasts home [1-4].

85m - CROSBIE heads in from a corner [1-5].

Full-time: Birmingham 5 Newcastle 1

Position: 13th

27/09 - With Fidler proving to be a bit unsteady United approach Sunderland to see if they would be willing to sell one of their keepers. Their first choice is McInroy but they have two promising young keepers in Bell and Robinson. It is believed that Newcastle were interested in signing either of the youngsters but a fee could not be agreed.

The superior team at all points, United delight their supporters. Well-balanced, with the forwards (inspired by Gallacher) demonstrating excellent combination; it is a well-deserved victory and the margin in their favour in no-way exaggerates their superiority.

D1: Newcastle 5 Huddersfield 2 - 30,000

Fidler, Maitland, Thomson, Mathison, Wood, Harris, Urwin, Chalmers, Gallacher, McCurley, Lang

Scorers: Chalmers, Gallacher 2, McCurley, Urwin – Dent, Davies

Thomson is recalled and Chalmers makes his first start of the season; Wood comes in for (the injured) Hill.

14m - GALLACHER nets with a brilliant effort [1-0].

30m - MCCURLEY scrambles the ball through [2-0]

Half-time: Newcastle 2 Huddersfield 0

47m - DENT [2-1].

54m - GALLACHER heads through [3-1].

56m - DAVIES [3-2]

URWIN [4-2]

83m - CHALMERS [5-2]

Full-time: Newcastle 5 Huddersfield 2

Position: 12th

30/09 - Rumours have been circulating in recent weeks that Jack Hill is unsettled at the club and these were exacerbated when the captain was missing again on Saturday. Secretary Frank Watt denies there are any issues: "I know of no trouble. A lot of these stories get about, but Hill is resting because of groin trouble"


02/10 - Sunderland reject United's offer of £1,000 for first-team 'keeper Albert McInroy.

A McInroy

04/10 - United return with a bid of £2,750 and Sunderland accept; it is the record fee paid for a goalkeeper. McInroy is a native of Walton-le-Dale and joined Sunderland from Leyland in 1923. In seven seasons at the club he has made over 200 appearances and he played for England against Ireland in 1927. He is 5' 11" and 12st 11lb.

Although it is an undistinguished game both sides have lots of chances. United are totally reliant on Gallacher and although he is excellent he can't find a goal that counts. United have three offside goals disallowed and when Gallacher's effort is incorrectly disallowed it causes much amusement amongst the home supporters.

D1: Sheff. Utd. 1 Newcastle 0 - 20,000

McInroy, Maitland, Thomson, Mathison, Wood, Harris, Urwin, Chalmers, Gallacher, McDonald, Lang

Scorers: Phillipson

The weather is not as hot as it has been but the ground is still hard and there is a troublesome wind. McInroy makes his debut and McDonald returns for McCurley who has influenza.

23m - Tunstall centres and as McInroy advances PHILLIPSON cleverly heads the ball past him [0-1].

Gallacher bursts through but the referee pulls him back for a free-kick in his favour; the fiery Scot picks up the ball and angrily flings it back to where the infringement took place.

Wharton's poor punch goes to Mathison who is unlucky to see his shot rebound off the underside of the bar onto the line before it is cleared.

Half-time: Sheff. Utd. 1 Newcastle 0

Full-time: Sheff. Utd. 1 Newcastle 0

Position: 15th

Burnley control the first-half and McInroy has to be at his best. But United totally dominate after the break and with Hill and Gallacher outstanding they go on to secure a narrow victory. Gallacher misses a penalty, deliberately.

D1: Newcastle 2 Burnley 1 - 30,000

McInroy, Maitland, Thomson, Mathison, Hill, Harris, Urwin, Chalmers, Gallacher, McDonald, Lang

Scorers: Chalmers, Gallacher - Wallace

17m - WALLACE [0-1].

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Burnley 1

62m - CHALMERS [1-1].

75m GALLACHER scores a goal which brings the house down. Due to the hampering attentions of Waterfield Gallacher has the irreducible minimum of space in which to work his foot magic, but he pushes the ball through in a space seemingly little more than its circumference [2-1].

United are awarded a highly questionable penalty and taker Gallacher magnanimously sends the ball high over the bar. He is immediately surrounded by Burnley players who manifest their appreciation of his "failure" in no uncertain fashion, much to his embarrassment.

Full-time: Newcastle 2 Burnley 1

Position: 14th

15/10 - Directors Rutherford, Nevin, Oliver and Oates, secretary Watt and trainer McCombie travel down to 42, Russell Square to attend the FA Commission meeting regarding their summer tour. They are joined by players Maitland, Hill and Gallacher and Huddersfield director Barlow (who had also been with the touring party). The Hungarian FA are represented by Dr. Nandon Fodor. After hearing evidence from the both sides the commission adjourns and then issued a statement. "We are of the opinion from the indifferent displays given by Newcastle United during the tour that the Hungarian F.A. was justified in endeavouring to cancel the contract. The match, however, which was against Hungaria FC, having been played, the money retained - £165 - must be paid over to the Newcastle United club. We are further of the opinion that the referee's conduct of the game was not satisfactory. With regard to the reports as to Gallacher and Maitland being ordered off the field on the evidence, we make no order.

Wood comes a cropper as Hill heads away

The Roker Park attendance record is broken and they witness a poor quality but incident-packed and often ill-tempered victory in which players are bowled over without ceremony, often going down in pairs. The ball is in the net five times (Sunderland 3, Newcastle 2) but four of the efforts are disallowed.

D1: Sunderland 1 Newcastle 0 - 58,519 or 58,175?

McInroy, Maitland, Thomson, Mackenzie, Hill, Harris, Urwin, Chalmers, Gallacher, McCurley, Lang

Scorers: Gunson

McKenzie returns from injury and McCurley returns after illness.

13m - GUNSON scores cleverly with a fast, oblique shot [0-1].

Half-time: Sunderland 1 Newcastle 0

McKenzie's knee is suffering under the strain forcing United to reorganise.

A lot of feeling creeps into the game and several players are talked too by the official.

Full-time: Sunderland 1 Newcastle 0

Position: 14th

21/10 - The Hungarian FA are not altogether satisfied with some of the findings of the FA Commission and are to ask for a full investigation by the International FA; a step which is unprecedented in the annals of English football. Their grievances are against the team in general and two players in particular.

23/10 - McKenzie displaced his cartilage during the Sunderland match and has had it removed.

United have the wind behind them in the first-half, but with Gallacher being badly missed they fail to take advantage and succumb to their first home defeat of the season.

D1: Newcastle 2 Bolton 3 - 30,000

McInroy, Maitland, Thomson, Harris, Hill, McCurley, Boyd, Chalmers, Hutchison, McDonald, Urwin

Scorers: McDonald 2 - Blackmore (2), Gibson

Gallacher is playing for Scotland at Cardiff so Hutchinson (now recovered from injury) returns.

02m - A poor clearance from Gill allows MCDONALD to give United a great start [1-0].

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Bolton 0

59m - BLACKMORE nets with a rather soft free-kick from the edge of the penalty-line [1-1].

74m - McInroy's attempted clearance is poor and BLACKMORE takes advantage [1-2].


84m - United's players protest furiously when GIBSON scores from what seems to be an offside position, but the referee states that the pass to him deflected off a defender [2-3].

Full-time: Newcastle 2 Bolton 3

Position: 19th

28/10 - United sign centre-forward, Alfred Jones, from Lancaster Town. Previously with Oldham Athletic he scored 26 goals for Lancaster last season. The fee is believed to be about £350.

28/10 - The Football League Management Committee reduces the fees for Gibson, Maitland and Flannigan.


Gallacher and Hill are outstanding in what is a classic game full of enterprising football and wonderful goals, but it is another defeat.

D1: Everton 5 Newcastle 2 - 30,000

McInroy, Maitland, Thomson, Mathison, Hill, Harris, Urwin, Hutchison, Gallacher, McDonald, Lang

Scorers: Gallacher 2 - Martin (2), White, Deans, Critchley

17m - GALLACHER controls Lang's centre and whips it into the net before the ball touches the ground [1-0].

27m - MARTIN cleverly hooks in a centre from Critchley [1-1].

41m - MARTIN's header deflects in off Maitland taking it out of McInroy's reach [1-2].

Half-time: Everton 2 Newcastle 1

The players do not leave the field as the light is so bad.

52m - WHITE heads in [1-3].

61m - DEANS brilliantly glances in a header from a very acute angle [1-4].

76m - CRITCHLEY - like a streak of lighting - cuts in towards goal, dribbles past McInroy, and nets easily. [1-5].

80m - GALLACHER scores with another remarkable shot. The speed, with which he accepts the forward pass and shoots, so astonishes Davies that he allows the ball to slip through his hands and legs [2-5].

Full-time: Everton 5 Newcastle 2

Position: 19th

08/11 - Former centre-forward Albert Shepherd passes away (at the young age of 44) at the Crown and Cushion Hotel in Bolton where he was the licensee.

Wednesday are much too good for United who are dispirited and disorganised by the end of the game. It is a game where there was far too much "man" and too little of the ball by both sides. Needless to say Hughie was in the thick of the action and was spoken to on more than one occasion.

D1: Newcastle 1 Sheff. Wed 3 - 30,000

McInroy, Maitland, Thomson, Harris, Hill, McCurley, Urwin, Hutchison, Gallacher, McDonald, Lang

Scorers: McDonald - Rimmer, Allen (2)

Wednesday have the best away record in the league. In an interesting contrast all Sheffield's team are English whilst United have 8 Scots.

28m - From a corner RIMMER heads in just inside the post [0-1].

29m - Strange draws the entire defence towards him and then passes to ALLEN to put the ball into the empty net [0-2].

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Sheff. Wed 2

57m - ALLEN's shot is straight at McInroy but he lets the ball slip through his arms and legs [0-3].

59m - Seed's shot hits the top of the bar.

70m - Allen is carried off with a bad injury, but returns after ten minutes.

81m - MCDONALD's low fast shot goes just inside the post [1-3].

Full-time: Newcastle 1 Sheff. Wed 3

Position: 20th

14/11 - A veritable bombshell as the Directors state that at the weekly meeting last night a written request from captain Jack Hill - to be placed on the open-to-transfer list - was acceded to. No reasons are provided for the request and Hill only says a move is in his "best interests".

Second-placed City generally overplay the Tynesiders in what could easily have been a much heavier defeat. This fifth reverse in a row sees Newcastle drop into the relegation positions.

D1: Man. City 3 Newcastle 0 - 30,000

McInroy, Maitland, Thomson, Hill, Wood, Harris, Boyd, Hutchison, Gallacher, Chalmers, Urwin

Scorers: Marshall, Brook, Tait

25m - McInroy dives full-length to save from Brook but the ball rebounds to MARSHALL who scores easily [0-1].

42m - Toseland crosses for BROOK to net [0-2].

Half-time: Man. City 2 Newcastle 0

TAIT [0-3].

Full-time: Man. City 3 Newcastle 0

Position: 21st

18/11 - It is reported that the Hungarian FA have stated that United will be banned from playing in their country until they have given entire satisfaction for an offending term alleged to have been used by a member of the United party during last summer’s visit.

21/11 - The players and officials have had a "round table" to try and resolve some of their issues. Tottenham have made an enquiry for Hill and it is believed that the asking price is about £5,000.

23/11 - Stoke are also said to be interested in Hill.

Gilfillan saves a shot from Boyd

In heavy rain the Magpies are indebted once more to Hughie who performs sensationally and scores all the goals in United's first win since mid-October. His outwitting of defenders at close-quarters and marvellous trick of hooking the ball through the smallest possible openings has Portsmouth manager Jack Tinn calling him "the greatest forward I have seen".

D1: Newcastle 4 Portsmouth 1 - 15,000

McInroy, Maitland, Thomson, Mathison, Hill, Harris, Boyd, Richardson JR, Gallacher, Chalmers, Urwin

Thompson, Wood and Hutchinson are dropped.

Scorers: Gallacher (4) - Easson

13m - GALLACHER scores with a very clever effort [1-0].

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Portsmouth 0

49m - A brilliant shot from GALLACHER [2-0].

58m - EASSON takes advantage of a defensive lapse [2-1.

67m - Mathison departs injured.


88m - GALLACHER's long-range shot is blocked by Gilfillan but the Scot is onto the rebound in a flash [4-1].

Full-time: Newcastle 4 Portsmouth 1

Position: 20th

25/11 - Newcastle sign versatile half-back Sam Weaver (20) from Hull City. The fee of £2,000 is a record for someone so young. He joined from Sutton Junction in April 1928 and has made 50 appearances for Hull. He comes from Pilsley (Derbyshire) is 5' 10" and 11st 10lb.

In a match broadcast on the radio United finally win on the road after 8 successive defeats. The conditions are not conducive to scientific football but it is a thrilling game in which Hill and McInroy are superb.

D1: Arsenal 0 Newcastle 1 - 25,000

McInroy, Maitland, Thomson, Harris, Hill, Weaver, Boyd, Chalmers, Gallacher, McCurley, Urwin

Scorers: Weaver

Weaver makes his debut (replacing the injured Mathison) and McCurley comes in for Richardson who is on the sick list.

The home side have the advantage of the wind and rain behind them and have United penned back for long periods

Half-time: Arsenal 0 Newcastle 0

The wind has dropped and the rain has died off.

60m - Baker is injured and is lame for the rest of the game.

88m - Weaver feigns to pass and then sends in a long, low shot which deflects off a defender and wrong-foots the keeper [1-0].

Full-time: Arsenal 0 Newcastle 1

Position: 19th


02/12 - Reserve wing-half Louis Nainby (19) moves to Blackpool for about £200. A very promising player he joined United from Seaton Sluice at the beginning of the year.

05/12 - Former director Mr Bates passes away.

A mix-up in the Villa goalmouth

Despite a difficult high wind thrills abound as leaders Villa and United play a remarkably good game, this is particularly true of the second-half in which thrills abound.

D1: Newcastle 2 Aston Villa 2 - 35,000

McInroy, Maitland, Thomson, Harris, Wilson, Weaver, Boyd, Chalmers, Gallacher, McCurley, Urwin

Scorers: Gallacher (pen), Weaver - Chester, Brown or Maitland og

Hill picked up a thigh injury at Highbury and Wilson is handed his debut in his stead. United have a strong wind behind them in the first period.

05m - WEAVER dribbles to the edge of the area and then takes a shot which takes Olney by surprise [1-0].

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Aston Villa 0

48m - CHESTER equalises with a good a raking shot as you are likely to see [1-1].

50m - The referee controversially awards a penalty when Talbot challenges GALLACHER who scores from the kick [2-1].

64m - McInroy goes to his knees to gather a BROWN shoot but it goes over his head [2-2].

Full-time: Newcastle 2 Aston Villa 2

Position: 19th

07/12 - Wood is not happy that Wilson was chosen instead of him and he requests a transfer which is not acceded to.

11/12 - The Board decide to allow Wood to be placed on the open-to-transfer list.

Normal service returns away from home as United lose despite playing their part in a splendid tussle. As the interval approaches a certain amount of feeling creeps into the game particularly when Hart is floored by a foot in the face. And after the break there are disgraceful proceedings in what is thought to be the most notorious game for unseemly incidents that has been witnessed in the top division for many seasons. Amongst the many incidents two players stand up to each other in approved fighting attitude and Chalmers and Maitland have to step in to stop McCurley coming to blows with a home player.

D1: Leeds 5 Newcastle 2 - 12,000

McInroy, Maitland, Thomson, Harris, Hill, Weaver, Boyd, Chalmers, Gallacher, McCurley, Urwin

Scorers: Gallacher 2 - Wainscoat, Longden (2), Jennings (2)

03m - WAINSCOAT heads in Turnbull's centre [0-1].

22m- LONGDEN with a nice shot [0-2].

40m - GALLACHER scores with a characteristic individual effort [1-2].

42m - JENNINGS [1-3].

Half-time: Leeds 3 Newcastle 1

48m- LONGDEN [1-4].

49m - GALLACHER scores in inimitable fashion with a long dash down the field right through the opposition [2-4].

76m - JENNINGS [2-5].

Full-time: Leeds 5 Newcastle 2

Position: 19th

United attack constantly before the break without reward and then - hampered by an injury to Hill - concede three goals in 14 second-half minutes. They pull two back to set up a storming finish, but an equaliser cannot be found. United are guilty of persisting with short-passing which didn't work against Derby's "packing system" in defence.

D1: Newcastle 2 Derby 3 - 20,000

Burns, Maitland, Thomson, Harris, Hill, Weaver, Boyd, Richardson JR, Gallacher, McCurley, Chalmers, Lang

Scorers: Chalmers, Hill – Bedford (2), Crooks

McInroy, McCurley and Urwin are dropped.

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Derby 0

48m - After a defensive mix-up BEDFORD shoots high into the empty net [0-1].

60m - Mee centres to the far post and CROOKS runs in to beat Burns [0-2].

62m - Burns leaves his charge to try and intercept a centre but BEDFORD gets there first [0-3].

73m - HILL cleverly heads home a corner [1-3].

74m - CHALMERS runs in to head in Boyd's free-kick [2-3].

Full-time: Newcastle 2 Derby 3

Position: 20th

Despite heavy rain in the first period which precludes against quality football the game has a good many thrills.

D1: Newcastle 3 Middlesbrough 2 - 40,000

Burns, Maitland, Thomson, Harris, Hill, Weaver, Hutchison, Chalmers, Gallacher, McDonald, Scott

Scorers: Chalmers, Gallacher, Weaver - Bruce, Pease

BRUCE hits a speculative but fast shot from long-distance [0-1].

44m - WEAVER nets with a great ground shot from 30-yards [1-1].

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Middlesbrough 1

53m - CHALMERS hooks through from Hutchinson's corner-kick [2-1].

75m - PEASE [2-2].

82m - Following a scramble GALLACHER nets which incenses the visitors who believe he was offside [3-2].

Full-time: Newcastle 3 Middlesbrough 2

Position: 20th

A thrilling draw which pulsates with incidents.

D1: Middlesbrough 2 Newcastle 2 - 45,000

Burns, Maitland, Nevin, Mathison, Hill, Harris, Urwin, Chalmers, Hutchison, McDonald, Scott

Scorers: Scott, Hutchison - Bruce (pen), Camsell

Gallacher is out with a knee injury so Hutchinson leads the line.

23m - BRUCE scores a penalty with a low shot following Hill's foul on McKay [0-1]

Chalmers hits the inside of an upright with a great shot.

Half-time: Middlesbrough 1 Newcastle 0

SCOTT rams in a beautiful oblique shot [1-1].

CAMSELL heads in from a corner-kick [1-2].

Scott's cross causes confusion and HUTCHINSON nets [2-2].

Full-time: Middlesbrough 2 Newcastle 2

Position: 19th

In atrocious conditions Newcastle are jaded and Manchester are dashing in a first period which sees United concede five goals. After the break (with the pitch a quagmire) the match is scrappy and drab. The referee is very unsympathetic to the conditions and whistles freely. At one stage Gallacher has to depart the field to change his kit.

D1: Man. United 5 Newcastle 0 - 10,000

Burns, Fairhurst, Nevin, Harris, Hill, Weaver, Hutchison, Chalmers, Gallacher, McDonald, Scott

Scorers: Rowley, Boyle (2), McLachlan, Spence

06m - ROWLEY scores after a mud medley under the bar in which Burns repels three strikes before he is finally beaten [0-1].

28m - BOYLE hits a twice-taken free-kick through a crowd of players [0-2].

Shortly afterwards MCLACHLAN traps and sweeps the ball in in one movement [0-3].

Two minutes later Hill is harshly penalised and a penalty is awarded which BOYLE converts [0-4].

SPENCE scores after a melee [0-5].

Half-time: Man. United 5 Newcastle 0

Full-time: Man. United 5 Newcastle 0

Position: 20th


The going is heavy but the sides still manage to play some clever football in an entertaining friendly. The crowd also enjoy the unorthodox custodianship of amateur keeper Baker (38-years-old and well-sized) who also astonishes the crowd with the length of his kicks. The attendance is hampered by the rain and counter-attractions.

Fr: Newcastle 4 Corinthians 4 - 3,000

advertised: McInroy, Richardson, Fairhurst, Mathison, Wilson, Keen, Boyd, Richardson JR, Hutchison, McCurley, Lang

Scorers: McCurley, Hutchinson (2), Richardson - Ashton (2), Hegan, Creek

22m - MCCURLEY hooks the ball in [1-0].

HUTCHINSON pulls a shot across [2-0].

A couple of minutes later RICHARDSON's hard shot goes in off the underside of the bar [3-0].

Half-time: Newcastle 3 Corinthians 0

49m - ASHTON scores a fine goal [3-1].

HEGAN runs onto the ball and shoots first-time [3-2].

United's defenders are claiming offside but CREEK equalises in the closing minutes [3-3].

From a narrow angle HUTCHINSON nets with great force [4-3].

ASHTON looks well offside when he beats the advancing McInroy [4-4].

Full-time: Newcastle 4 Corinthians 4

Cunningham makes his first start of the season and he dominates the game against the wooden-spoonists despite their very robust play. The first period is very poor from an attacking perspective but United dominate after the break.

D1: Newcastle 3 Grimsby 1 - 20,000

McInroy, Maitland, Thomson, Harris, Hill, Weaver, Hutchison, Cunningham, Gallacher, McCurley, Scott

Scorers: Gallacher, Hutchison, Scott - Coleman

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Grimsby 0

48m - A deft pass from Cunningham sets up HUTCHINSON whose shot from near the touchline goes in off the far post [1-0].

70m - Cunningham is the provider again for SCOTT who beats three defenders in amazingly cool fashion before smashing the ball into the far corner [2-0].

76m - With a backward twist of his head GALLACHER heads in from a corner [3-0].

82m - A defensive lapse lets in COLEMAN to score from close-quarters.

Full-time: Newcastle 3 Grimsby 1

Position: 20th

09/01 - Newcastle announce that Andy Cunningham has been installed as player-manager.

Urwin shoots, but Farmery will block

On a snowbound pitch United are sensationally held to a draw by Division 3 York who defend superbly in a very cleanly contested game. Newcastle once again make the mistake of sticking to close methods in attack.

FAC R3: Newcastle 1 York 1 - 38,674

McInroy, Fairhurst, Thomson, Harris, Hill, Weaver, Urwin, Cunningham, Gallacher, McDonald, Scott

Scorers: Gallacher - Gardner

Heavy snow is falling as the game commences.

43m - Keeper Farmery seems to have Weaver's cross covered but GALLACHER throws himself forward to head home [1-0].

Half-time: Newcastle 1 York 0

61m - After sustained attacking from United, GARDNER scores a surprise equaliser when a hefty clearance from York back Thompson rebounds to him off Fairhurst [1-1].

Full-time: Newcastle 1 York 1

Jackie Cape

14/01 - United sign clever young winger Jackie Cape (17) from Carlisle. He is a native of Carlisle and won his place in the senior side in October. The fee of more than £1,500 represents a record for the Cumbrians.

There are unprecedented scenes at Fulfordgate where many thousands are locked out when the gates are closed an hour before kick-off. The York side - which cost less than £100 in total - are unbeaten since mid-October and United have to come from behind in another tough game,

FAC R3r: York 1 Newcastle 2 - 12,583

McInroy, Fairhurst, Thomson, Mackenzie, Hill, Weaver, Hutchison, Cunningham, Gallacher, Chalmers, Scott

Scorers: Gallacher, Hutchison - Evans

28m - EVANS turns in a centre [0-1].

36m - GALLACHER cleverly heads in a free-kick [1-1].

Half-time: York 1 Newcastle 1

Chalmers shot hits the angle.

Gallacher is fouled but Farmery blocks his cannonball penalty and saves again from the Scot's follow-up effort.

Gallagher dribbles through and then sets up HUTCHINSON [2-1].

Full-time: York 1 Newcastle 2

17/01 - Three Newcastle representatives travel to Burnley to negotiate for the transfer of Scottish inside-forward Joe Devine. Agreement cannot be reached as the Turfites allegedly want £7,500 for him.

Joe Devine

18/01 - United and Burnley reach agreement on a fee for Devine and the deal is completed in the early afternoon. The Scot is a native of Motherwell and joined Burnley from Bathgate in 1925 for £250. He played in every game last season and scored 11 times. At his best he is a typical Scottish inside-forward and is crafty to a degree.

Another disastrous performance in which the defence is riddled with a lack of understanding. United are 3-0 down after only 17 minutes and Leicester could easily have scored more goals. United are out-paced and out-generalled for the most part.

D1: Leicester 6 Newcastle 1 - 15,000

McInroy, Fairhurst, Thomson, Mackenzie, Hill, Weaver, Cape, Hutchison, Gallacher, McDonald, Scott

Scorers: Hutchison - Chandler (3), Hine (2), Langford

Cape makes his debut.

05m - CHANDLER is given plenty of time to take deliberate aim and shoot just inside the post [0-1].

A few minutes later HINE heads through from a flag-kick [0-2].

17m - Adcock goes on a solo dribble which takes him the length of the pitch and sets up CHANDLER whose cross-shot swerves in [0-3].

Half-time: Leicester 3 Newcastle 0

When Chandler loses control of the ball HINE nips in to give McInroy no chance [0-4].

Six minutes later a glorious dribble by Barry sets up CHANDLER to net with ease [0-5].

With what is the best goal of the game HUTCHINSON hits a first-time shot from 18-yards [1-5].

87m - Adcock puts in LANGFORD [1-6].

Full-time: Leicester 6 Newcastle 1

Position: 21st

23/01 - Third Division South Shields are still struggling to attract support to their Horsley Hill Ground and at a Board meeting they decide to apply to the League Management Committee for permission to move the club lock, stock and barrel into the Newcastle district. Manager Mr. Douglas states "we must move to Newcastle or seriously consider the question of closing down". They plan to ask Newcastle for their support and he argues that "we have no desire to compete with Newcastle United with whom South Shields are on the best of terms".

McInroy claims a Clapton centre

Teenager Richardson is the star with an excellent hat-trick in an incident-packed tie. The game lacks quality and is often crude; captain Hill is barracked during the game.

FAC R4: Newcastle 3 Clapton Orient 1 - 48,141

McInroy, Maitland, Thomson, Mackenzie, Hill, Weaver, Hutchison, Richardson JR, Gallacher, McDonald, Scott

Scorers: Richardson (3)

06m - Scott centres and RICHARDSON heads in coolly and cleverly [1-0].

39m - A corner is only partially cleared allowing MILLS to equalise [1-1].

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Clapton Orient 1

RICHARDSON's effort deflects in off Grimsdell [2-1].

79m - A rocket-like shot from RICHARDSON gives Wood no chance [3-1].

Full-time: Newcastle 3 Clapton Orient 1

27/01 - It is believed that Newcastle will not support South Shields desired move to Newcastle.

David Davidson

30/01 - Centre-half-back David Davidson (24) signs from Liverpool for what is said to be a big fee. Davidson signed from Forfar Athletic and has been at Anfield for two seasons. The arrival of a new notable pivot may spell the end for Jack Hill's time on Tyneside.


In a hard-fought game which is not free from roughness United are well beaten and slump to the bottom of the table. Their first-half display is deplorable with United barely getting out of their own half for a thirty-minute period; the home side could easily have scored half a dozen. A good deal of feeling creeps into the game and Gallacher and Goodall get involved in a hacking match at one point with Hughie coming off the worse. With twenty minutes left it looks all Lombard Street to a china orange of the game being drawn but Mangnall scores twice.

D1: Huddersfield 2 Newcastle 0 - 15,000

McInroy, Maitland, Thomson, Mackenzie, Davidson, Harris, Hutchison, Richardson JR, Gallacher, Devine, Scott

Scorers: Mangnall (2)

Davidson and Devine both make their debuts

Half-time: Huddersfield 0 Newcastle 0

75m - McInroy saves Jackson's shot but MANGNALL nets promptly [0-1].

80m - Confusion reigns in the United defence and MANGNALL takes McInroy by surprise when he shoots [0-2].

Full-time: Huddersfield 2 Newcastle 0

Position: 22nd

Tom Urwin

07/02 - Urwin moves to Sunderland.

07/02 - Newcastle Chairman David Crawford (85) passes away. He joined the Board in 1904.

The players wear black armlets and the flag is at half-mast in memory of Mr Crawford. Both sides go at it hammer and tongs at the start but United's play is anxious and soon becomes disjointed and eventually they degenerate into a team of individual units. Once again United's defending is abject with the half-back line (as has often been the case) struggling in particular.

D1: Newcastle 3 Sheff. Utd. 5 - 35,000

McInroy, Maitland, Thomson, Mackenzie, Davidson, Weaver, Hutchison, Cunningham, Gallacher, Devine, Lang

Scorers: Hutchison, Gallacher, Devine - Dunne (3), Tunstall, Gillespie

10m - McInroy misjudges Tunstall's centre and although it might have gone in anyway DUNNE heads it in from a yard out to make sure [0-1].

11m - HUTCHINSON taps in from close range [1-1].

Dunne heads against the bar.

31m - TUNSTALL finds the billet with a daisy-cutter [1-2].

43m - GALLACHER heads in Lang's free-kick [2-2].

Half-time: Newcastle 2 Sheff. Utd. 2

51m - McInroy can only punch a centre to GILLESPIE who shoots home despite Maitland’s best efforts on the line [2-3].

60m McInroy saves from DUNNE but the ball goes back to him to tap in [2-4].

72m - The referee awards a penalty for a foul on Hutchinson but Cunningham's tame effort is saved.

87m - DUNNE completes his hat-trick with a brilliant flying header [2-5].

88m - DEVINE scrambles the ball in from close-range [3-5].

Full-time: Newcastle 3 Sheff. Utd. 5

Position: 22nd

11/02 - Newcastle return to Saltburn (for the second week running) for their Cup preparations and once again Hill is left behind.

13/02 - A couple of shareholders are so concerned with the current state of affairs they have sent a letter to all other shareholders asking them to attend a meeting on 20th February. They want to discuss two resolutions: to request the directors to either call an EGM or to receive a deputation of seven shareholders to be elected at the meeting.

15/02 - United were in negotiations to sign Wolves' left-winger Harold Shaw yesterday but he joins Sunderland instead.

Gallachers second goal

More than 3,000 Brightonians travel to Newcastle; mainly on five special trains. The Mayor and other leading citizens are amongst them. Third-Division (South) Brighton have already knocked out two Division 1 clubs in Portsmouth and Grimsby. However, the visitors disappoint and they simply cannot cope with the irrepressible Gallacher whose brilliance and opportunism carries the Magpies though.

FAC R5: Newcastle 3 Brighton 0 - 56,469

McInroy, Richardson J, Thomson, Mathison, Harris, Weaver, Boyd, Cunningham, Gallacher, McDonald, Lang

Scorers: Gallacher (3)

Maitland has pulled a thigh muscle and Joe Richardson is handed his first start in a much changed side.

21m - A corner-kick produces a goalmouth scramble and - despite the fact he is virtually sitting on the ground - GALLACHER astonishes the crowd by hooking the ball home [1-0].

35m - GALLACHER picks up the ball half-way between the midfield and penalty lines, sets off on a delightful dribble through the Albion lines and beats Webb with a swift low shot from an acute angle [2-0].

Half-time: Newcastle 2 Brighton 0

Weaver fails to take advantage of a foul on Gallacher as he drives his penalty wide of the goal.

75m - Lang and GALLACHER exchange headers and the latter scores with a header from a seemingly impossible position on the goal-line [3-0].

Full-time: Newcastle 3 Brighton 0

17/02 - South Shields Football Club have been considering a move to Newcastle due to their poor gates. They asked for United’s support for the move, but it was not forthcoming. Consequently, the League Management Committee (who considered South Shields proposal today) state that "in view of the protest and opposition of the Newcastle United club the management Committee do not feel justified in granting permission".

19/02 - The tickets for the FA Cup match with Hull go on sale and there are remarkable scenes at St James' where there is an unprecedented rush for tickets. All are sold within a couple of hours and many postal applications have to be refused. Secretary Watt admits that he has never known such a remarkable and quick demand.

20/02 - A special shareholders meeting - presided over by Tom Edgell passes the resolutions proposed a week ago.

Bell punches clear over a Sunderland back's head

A deserved victory in every respect with every member of the team concentrating fully and giving their all for ninety minutes. The first-half is fairly even, but United take control after the break; youngster Richardson shows incredible confidence.

D1: Newcastle 3 Sunderland 0 - 60,000

McInroy, Richardson J, Thomson, Mathison, Harris, Weaver, Boyd, Devine, Hutchison, McDonald, Lang

Scorers: Boyd, Hutchison, Lang

Gallacher has opted to play for Scotland against Ireland so Hutchinson leads the attack.

25m - HUTCHINSON heads home from a corner-kick [1-0].

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Sunderland 0

60m - LANG [2-0].

63m - BOYD [3-0].

Full-time: Newcastle 3 Sunderland 0

Position: 21st

27/02 - Sunderland have enquired upon Gallacher’s availability but have been given a firm rebuttal. United have bid for Aberdeen's right-wing pair Love and Cheyne.


A hot shot from Gallacher

Hull deservedly force a replay in a fierce cup-tie during which tempers fray and there are a number of nasty incidents. United opt to play Hutchinson at centre-forward and it is only when (in the last 20 minutes) he and Gallacher swop places that any concerted pressure is exerted.

FAC R6: D1: Newcastle 1 Hull 1 - 63,486

McInroy, Richardson J, Thomson, Mathison, Harris, Weaver, Boyd, Gallacher, Hutchison, McDonald, Lang

Scorers: Lang - Alexander

Newcastle prepared during the week at Scarborough. Hutchinson retains the centre-forward position with Gallacher asked to play at inside-right. The ground is fairly hard and it is slippery underfoot.

26m - Boyd centres from the goal-line and LANG throws himself with a flying leap to head into the far corner of the goal [1-0].

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Hull 0

Lang and Walsh come to blows but the referee is following the ball and misses it.

57m - McInroy mistakenly advances and ALEXANDER heads in Duncan's centre [1-1].

Full-time: Newcastle 1 Hull 1

03/03 - The United party return to Scarborough to prepare for the replay.

04/03 - The newly formed Newcastle United Supporters Association hold a successful meeting at the Roma Cafe presided over by Mr. J. Walker. The number of attendees is three times the amount who came to last Thursday's initial meeting. In enterprising fashion they have negotiated with London and North Eastern Railway Company to run a special train of saloon carriages to Hull for the replay. Tickets are 7s 6d each.

05/03 - The Newcastle team have been getting plenty of relaxation and are in the pink of condition. Hill and the directors are once more on friendly terms therefore there is no reason for him to be excluded anymore. He will return in his favoured centre-half position.

06/03 - There is huge interest in the Replay in Hull and extra accommodation has been provided for 1,000 inside the enclosure. A half-day holiday has been granted and the ground is full over an hour before kick-off with thousands still outside. Included in the throng are the members of the City Council who supported a motion by Hull director Mr. Shepherd to adjourn their regular meeting; sixty seats had been reserved for their accommodation. An estimated 3,000 have travelled down from the North-East by train and many more have travelled down by motor and charabanc.

Hull reach the FA Cup Semi-Final for the first time. United are guilty of some poor finishing, but are also denied by a simply amazing display from custodian Gibson. Before and during the game ambulances have to deal with many supporters suffering from the pressure within the stands. At the end thousands of fans rush on to the pitch and Gordon is carried shoulder high. Gallacher describes the keeper as a "superman" and Cunningham replies to local reporters by simply saying “we lost, you have a very good keeper".

FAC R6r: Hull 1 Newcastle 0 - 32,930

McInroy, Maitland, Thomson, Mackenzie, Hill, Weaver, Hutchison, Richardson JR, Gallacher, McDonald, Lang

Scorers: Howieson

Newcastle make six changes.

Half-time: Hull 0 Newcastle 0

46m - HOWIESON hits a hard chest-high drive from thirty yards and although McInroy has it covered he fumbles it and the ball goes into the net [0-1].

Full-time: Hull 1 Newcastle 0

A bad game of numerous missed chances between two admirably weak sides; many view it as one of the worst games seen at St James' for a very long time. Gallacher is the difference between the two struggling sides.

D1: Newcastle 1 Everton 0 - 44,000

McInroy, Richardson J, Maitland, Mathison, Harris, Weaver, Boyd, Devine, Gallacher, McDonald, Scott

Scorers: Gallacher

Thomson and Hutchinson both picked up injuries at Hull and there are other changes as United try and beat the fatigue brought on by the Cup ties.

21m - GALLACHER picks up the ball just in the Everton half and swerves delightfully through the Everton defence with Williams hanging on to him like the Old Man of the Sea. It seems impossible for Hughie to find room for a shot but with the help of a deflection off Williams he smacks the ball over Sagar’s shoulder. It is a goal that only Gallacher could have obtained as he single-handedly threw down the gage to the whole Everton defence and triumphed [1-0].

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Everton 0

Full-time: Newcastle 1 Everton 0

Position: 22nd

Hill is back to his best against his former club and United - playing fast and clever football - are superior in every phase of the game. It is a well-deserved victory.

D1: Burnley 0 Newcastle 3 - 10,000

McInroy, Richardson J, Fairhurst, Harris, Hill, Weaver, Cape, Devine, Gallacher, McDonald, Lang

Scorers: Cape, Devine, Lang

01m - CAPE cleverly heads in from a corner [1-0].

36m - DEVINE side-steps a defender then bamboozles 'keeper Somerville before nonchalantly walking the ball into the back of the net [2-0].

Half-time: Burnley 0 Newcastle 2

50m - LANG's cross-shot goes in off the far post [3-0].

Full-time: Burnley 0 Newcastle 3

Position: 21st

14/03 - The League Management Committee give South Shields permission to move to Gateshead. As it is in a different County (Durham) the Committee did not think Newcastle would need to be consulted. Although there is no official response a United director confirms that they were not asked and makes the point that the new location is virtually the same distance from St James' as Shields' originally proposed site in the East End of Newcastle.

United's mini-revival comes to an end at snowy Sheffield. United face a mini-blizzard in the first-half and they are overwhelmed with their short-passing and lightweight team being ill-suited to the wintry conditions. United only come into the game in the last half-hour when Wednesday ease up.

D1: Sheffield W 4 Newcastle 2 - 10,000

McInroy, Richardson J, Fairhurst, Harris, Hill, Weaver, Cape, Devine, Gallacher, McDonald, Lang

Scorers: Devine, Weaver - Rimmer (2), Allen, Burgess

There is about 2" of snow and the lines are being cleared right up to kick-off. United are facing a mini-blizzard.

20m - RIMMER's powerful centre slips through McInroy’s hands onto the post and seems to spin over the line. Although McInroy claws it out the well-positioned official gives a goal despite United's vehement protests [0-1].

35m - RIMMER hits a beautiful left-footed shot which goes just under the angle [0-2].

45m - ALLEN scores from short-range [0-3].

Half-time: Sheffield W 3 Newcastle 0

United started to lose their tempers in the first-half and Weaver and Hooper have a tiff which requires the referee's intervention.

56m - BURGESS beats three defenders to score a great goal [4-0].

67m - MCDONALD drives the ball home from a corner [1-4].

75m - DEVINE goes on a sinuous run and finishes well [2-4].

Full-time: Sheffield W 4 Newcastle 2

Position: 21st

22/03 - Dr. R. Rutherford of Wallsend has been co-opted onto the Newcastle Board. He is the second appointee within the last couple of weeks as a result of the death of three directors since the last Annual Meeting in June.

Busby gives City the lead

Hard, robust football is the order of the day as the two struggling sides put on a poor display. United come from two-goals down, but although they totally dominate after the break they cannot find a winner. United have neither the craft or the method of the old team. However, they are also unlucky in that the referee refuses a couple of strong penalty appeals.

D1: Newcastle 2 Man. City 2 - 30,000

McInroy, Fairhurst, Thomson, Harris, Hill, Weaver, Cape, Devine, Gallacher, McDonald, Lang

Scorers: Devine, Gallacher - Busby, Tait

United are facing a bright sun and a stiff breeze.

14m - BUSBY's shot glances in off Hill [0-1].

27m - TAIT is left unmarked [0-2].

43m - After an exciting dust-up around City's citadel DEVINE nets [1-2].

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Man. City 2

47m - GALLACHER runs through to score [2-2].

Full-time: Newcastle 2 Man. City 2

Position: 20th

26/03 - Scotland play England on the 5th April and although United asked the Scottish FA to take into account their perilous position Gallacher has been included in the team for the game. The club will leave the decision to the player.

Despite having the advantage of a strong wind in the first-half and attacking with great determination United cannot find the net and it is the home side who score before adding a second after the break. Teams know that if they stop Gallacher they stop United; the team is built around and too reliant upon him.

D1: Portsmouth 2 Newcastle 0 - 18,000

McInroy, Richardson J, Fairhurst, Mathison, Hill, Harris, Cape, Devine, Gallacher, McDonald, Lang

Scorers: Smith, Easson

Thomson is dropped after a poor performance in the last game.

15m - McInroy fists out a shot from Forward but SMITH, running at full tilt, hits a really magnificent shot off the base of the bar [0-1].

Half-time: Portsmouth 1 Newcastle 0

Gallagher hits an out-swerving shot which Gilfillan palms onto an upright and the ball takes an extraordinary spinning circuit across the goal and past the other upright.

77m - EASSON heads in [0-2].

Full-time: Portsmouth 2 Newcastle 0

Position: 20th


01/04 - The directors meet with Gallacher to discuss his call-up for the international on Saturday; no statement is released.

Although Birmingham have a considerably weakened team out United need a scrambled effort from Devine just before the end to earn a point.

D1: Newcastle 1 Birmingham 1 - 30,000

McInroy, Richardson J, Fairhurst, Mathison, Hill, Wood, Cape, Devine, Boyd, Chalmers, Lang

Scorers: Devine

With Gallacher absent and Hutchinson suffering from a muscle wrench in his back Boyd is asked to lead the line. Chalmers comes in for the dropped McDonald.

Horseman hits the outside of the upright with a fast shot on the run.

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Birmingham 0

46m - MORRELL heads through following a corner [0-1].

81m - DEVINE scores after a goalmouth scramble [1-1].

Full-time: Newcastle 1 Birmingham 1

Position: 20th

03/04 - Gallacher takes the largely unprecedented step of putting club before country and withdraws from the Scotland team for Saturday's game. Gallacher says "I play for my club and especially for the man who pays his bob".

Despite Gallacher's appearance United's forward play leaves much to be desired and they are indebted once more to Devine who scores another late equaliser. Arsenal were hampered by the loss of their keeper for the last twenty minutes, but the increasingly nervy Novocastrians could only beat his replacement once.

D1: Newcastle 1 Arsenal 1 - 30,000

McInroy, Richardson J, Fairhurst, Mackenzie, Hill, Harris, Cape, Devine, Gallacher, McDonald, Lang

Scorers: Devine - Halliday

04m - Although Hulme nets the goal is disallowed following a linesman's intervention.

07m - The Metropolitans take the lead through HALLIDAY [0-1].

Lang nets but the goal is disallowed as the ball glanced off the offside Gallacher.

Half-time: Newcastle 0 Arsenal 1

70m - Arsenal custodian Lewis is injured and has to leave the field with Johnstone taking over in goal. Williams is a limper too.

85m - John makes a very moderate attempt at a clearance and DEVINE scores [1-1].

Full-time: Newcastle 1 Arsenal 1

Position: 20th

A hard and poor game played in heavy rain. Gallacher heads United in front and then misses a penalty before the homesters equalise.

D1: Bolton 1 Newcastle 1 - 6,000

McInroy, Richardson J, Fairhurst, Mackenzie, Hill, Harris, Boyd, Richardson JR, Gallacher, McDonald, Lang

Scorers: Gallacher - Milsom

Half-time: Bolton 0 Newcastle 0

GALLACHER header [1-0].

Gallacher is felled by Haworth; he takes the penalty himself and misses the target.

MILSOM heads an equaliser [1-1].

Full-time: Bolton 1 Newcastle 1

Position: 20th

10/04 - The body of former footballer Alfred Brown - who had a short spell on Tyneside - is discovered on a roadway adjacent to Largs beach. Empty bottles of lysol and aspirin are found by his side.

10/04 - The directors and players are interested spectators at Brandon Speedway.

Newcastle strive desperately hard and match the home side in many departments however they are outpointed by Villa whose forward work is much superior. United edge the first-half in what is a fine exhibition of football, but it is Villa who score twice after the break as the increasingly rattled Magpies give away a lot of free-kicks.

D1: Aston Villa 2 Newcastle 0 - 35,000

McInroy, Richardson J, Fairhurst, Mackenzie, Hill, Harris, Boyd, Richardson JR, Gallacher, Devine, Lang

Scorers: Houghton, Brown

Half-time: Aston Villa 0 Newcastle 0

46m - HOUGHTON hits a fast shot into the top corner [0-1].

58m - BROWN breaks through and scores with a well-paced drive [0-2].

Full-time: Aston Villa 2 Newcastle 0

Position: 20th

Liverpool's Lucas tries a trick kick

United win their first game for a month and it is a thoroughly deserved victory. It is very important particularly as fellow strugglers Everton, Grimsby and Manchester United all win too.

D1: Newcastle 3 Liverpool 1 - 40,000

McInroy, Richardson J, Fairhurst, Mackenzie, Hill, Weaver, Cape, Devine, Gallacher, McDonald, Lang

Scorers: Gallacher, Hill, Weaver - Smith

08m - With wind advantage United dominate in the first-half and HILL scores from a free-kick [1-0].

SMITH equalises from a breakaway [1-1].

WEAVER - who has been limping since the 10th minute - puts United back ahead [2-1].

Half-time: Newcastle 2 Liverpool 1

49m - GALLACHER [3-1].

Full-time: Newcastle 3 Liverpool 1

Position: 20th

McDonald relieves in clever fashion

Leeds failed to take advantage of a great wind in their favour in the first-half and Newcastle - who show the better fighting spirit - deservedly win. Hill gives a towering performance.

D1: Newcastle 2 Leeds 1- 40,000

McInroy, Richardson J, Fairhurst, Mackenzie, Hill, Harris, Cape, Devine, Gallacher, McDonald, Lang

Scorers: Gallacher (2) - Keetley

13m - Devine sends GALLACHER through who beats both backs and his shot deflects off Menzies to leave Johnson puzzled [1-0].

Half-time: Newcastle 1 Leeds 0

58m - KEETLEY equalises with a grand shot [1-1].

67m – GALLACHER’s uncanny positional play and superb control of Devine's through ball give him the opportunity to slot home [2-1].

Full-time: Newcastle 2 Leeds 1

Position: 19th

Liverpool's legendary 'keeper Elisha Scott makes his first appearance for some time but he suffers a bad injury in a collision with Devine. It is a close game and the Magpies are happy to settle for a point.

D1: Liverpool 0 Newcastle 0 - 40,000

McInroy, Richardson J, Fairhurst, Harris, Hill, McDonald, Cape, Devine, Gallacher, McCurley, Lang

Gunson hits the angle with a centre which McInroy chooses not to try and intercept.

Liverpool 'keeper Scott takes a heavy knock in a challenge with Devine and the United player rushes across to the spectators to get an overcoat to place under the Irishman.

Half-time: Liverpool 0 Newcastle 0

Full-time: Liverpool 0 Newcastle 0

Position: 18th

24/04 - Outside-right Dunmore has been signed on professional terms by Derby. The youngster was on amateur terms at Newcastle and has played for the Juniors and Swifts. United objected to the move at first but have withdrawn their rejection.


Heavy rain (accompanied by thunder and lightning) throughout the game results in farcical conditions; the ground is in a shocking condition and there are lakes of water in various parts of the field. The conditions render United's intricate playing style impossible and they stand accused of failing to adapt their style.

D1: Derby 3 Newcastle 1 - 10,093

McInroy, Richardson J, Fairhurst, Harris, Hill, McDonald, Boyd, Devine, Gallacher, McCurley, Lang

Scorers: Devine - Robson (2), Ruddy

04m - With Derby's defence standing still expecting offside to be given DEVINE races through to beat debutant Kirby [1-0].

19m - With rain falling heavily ROBSON heads in smartly [1-1]. The game starts to become farcical as the surface water build up; several misses cause much amusement.

Half-time: Derby 1 Newcastle 1

72m - ROBSON [1-2].

RUDDY [1-3].

Full-time: Derby 3 Newcastle 1

Position: 19th


02/05 - United have left the re-signing of players to the last minute and they get a shock. Gallacher is one of the first to sign but big-money signings Hill, Devine and Davison have all refused at this point.

02/05 - Newcastle sign right-back David Bell from Wallyford Bluebell. Andy Cunningham believes that he could be another Bill McCracken. he is 5' 11" and 12st

03/05 - It is strongly rumoured that Newcastle offered Gallacher to Sunderland during the week. Gallacher says "I have had no official word from the club, but if they desire me to go to another club I shall certainly let them know my views about the matter".

A poor game

D1: Newcastle 1 West Ham 0 - 50,000

McInroy, Richardson J, Fairhurst, Mackenzie, Hill, Harris, Hutchison, Devine, Gallacher, McDonald, Lang

Scorers: Devine

Half-time: Newcastle 0 West Ham 0

DEVINE [1-0].

Full-time: Newcastle 1 West Ham 0

Position: 19th

05/05 - Devine re-signs but Hill still has not; there are rumours that Gallacher is on his way to Chelsea.

05/05 - Derby snap up another United youngster as inside-right Oswald Bowden (17) moves South. He has done well for the Swifts but is rather frail.

Ossie Park

07/05 - Newcastle re-sign "Ossy" Park from Welsh club Connah’s Quay. There is no transfer fee involved as he was kept on United's retained list. He has shown very good form in the Welsh combination.

Jack Wilkinson

08/05 - Sheffield Wednesday outside-left Jack Wilkinson (23) signs. He joined Wednesday in 1925 after rising to prominence as a schoolboy and was a regular in the side until the arrival of Ellis Rimmer. He is on the light side and of modest build (5' 5" and 10st), but is speedy, tricky and good with both feet.

08/05 - Hill states that "as I feel now, I am practically determined not to have another season at St. James' Park.

Ron Starling

14/05 - Hull forward Ronald Starling joins United. A native of Pelaw he turned down both Newcastle and Sunderland as a youngster. He joined Hull three and a half years ago from Washington Colliery and has made 87 appearances and scored 14 goals. He was keen to leave after being barracked by the Yorkshire crowd. he is 5' 10" and 11st 4lb.

14/05 - Reserve half-back Wilfred Carr (21) moves to West Bromwich Albion. Born in Burradon he has shown some promise.

14/05 - Newcastle Swifts centre-forward W Ryott (19) who scored almost 80 goals last season moves to Carlisle.

18/05 - Hill is the only player who United wish to retain who has still not re-signed. He claims that "recent developments" have caused him to withhold his signature.

20/05 - The club announces that Hill has re-signed.

Duncan Lindsay

23/05 - Newcastle sign Cowdenbeath centre-forward Duncan Lindsay. He has played 129 successive games for the club. He has been a regular scorer in his four seasons at the club. he is 5' 8" and 11st 7lb.

24/05 - Hughie Gallacher signs for Chelsea in Glasgow. The fee of £10,750 is the highest ever paid for a single player. He will get an accrued share of benefit and it is believed has been well treated in other directions.